30 November 2006 @ 10:07 am
Archiving on Walking the Plank  

Original poster: aliciamasters

Dear Champions:

We know life is busy, and it's hard to remember to take the time to archive on Walking the Plank.  After a conversation with [info]djin7 last night, we have put together a stunning, one time offer!   Therefore, we declare this to be:


For this week only, I will upload art that either gives permission in the credits, or stories and art where the creator comments to this post.  You won't have to do the work:  it will all be done for you.  I can't guarantee I will get to everyone, so first come, first served!

(If any fellow mods from Walking the Plank are reading this, feel free to google talk me at aliciamasters, or just join in the fun!  Please? Pretty Please?)

ETA:  I know some of you needed accounts, which I created at WTP.  Comment to this post if you want the account released to you, so that you can continue to post and comment at WTP!  Thanks so much, everyone!

ETA 2:  Just for clarification:  WTP is a moderated site.  The mods will still be approving the fic/art on SPAG guidelines, and could reject a fic for Spelling, Punctuation or Grammar. If that's the case, you would receive a letter explaining the reason.  Instead of the fic being sent back to you, it would never be uploaded.  Thanks again!