25 October 2006 @ 03:51 pm
CUT! That's a WRAP!  

Original poster: djin7

Well, this is it, folks. I sincerely hope everyone had a good time, enjoying all the outstanding art for the first ever Summer Art Snarry Games. We sure did. Thank you, Champions!

Some final notices for this round, before we go on hiatus until the next Games, scheduled for February, 2007. This comm will not be completely silent, however, as we will be pimping some affiliates and some new communities fashioned after ours, that we are very excited about. /cryptic

Firstly, some links of note:

  • Master list of 2006 Snarry Games Summer Art. All the art will remain here, unless otherwise linked by the artists. Should you want your art to be housed somewhere other than here, please let us know which link you wish to use, thank you!

  • 2006 Summer Art Snarry Games Medal Ceremony for those who haven't yet seen the gorgeous medals, banners and icons made and donated by the most excellent and talented [info]mizbean.

  • Go see the hilarious [info]lolz_4_djin community, in which the Champions do cracktastic variations on their prompts! Hee ♥!

  • Check out the most excellent Closing Games Commemorative Video by Team Angst artist and Vidder, [info]chaeche. It's incredible, spotlighting most of the art from this round! Thank you, [info]chaeche!

  • [info]teamangst_art also did a cracktastic Closing Games Haikus and Limericks post, which are awesome. Do check it out!

  • Team Romance ([info]teamromance_art) wanted me to make an announcement on their behalf. While the Snarry Games were in progress, they wanted to show Team Angst ([info]teamangst_art) how much they appreciated the fabulous wealth of excellent art that they shared with everyone, so they held private polls (lead by [info]chrysos) for every Team Angst entry, and voted on them. The final tally came in just before the medal round, and the results were thus:

    Games MVP for Team Angst, as voted upon by all the artists in Team Romance:

    First: [info]anoiro, for Stealing My Heart Away.

    First Runner-Up: [info]_odella_, for Song For The Dead.

    Second Runner-Up: [info]ponderosa121, for What Shapes Us.

    How fabulous is that?

  • Speaking of Most Valuable Players, the mods all agree that [info]glockgal was a stellar example of one during these Games, supplying not one, but two excellent entries for her Team ([info]teamromance_art), but also working hard to help beta her teammates over at their comm, and still commenting on every entry during these last 4 weeks, for both Teams. This kind of participation, support and dedication to Snarry is exactly what we are trying to promote with these Games, and to that end, we have invited [info]glockgal to be our official Artist for the 2007 Games! We have asked her to do the 2007 community art, which features [info]lizardspots most excellent art this year. We look forward to inveiling it after New Year's. Thank you, [info]glockgal!

  • A special thank you goes out to the pinch-hitters who came through in the last minute. Some were exhibited as team entries; others only after the Games, as the Champions sent in their entries. We will see you all at the next Artist Games, thank you all so much! ♥♥♥

  • Don't forget to include your Art (and fics, Winter Champions!) over at the Walking The Plank Snarry Games Series! Here, the most fabulous mod [info]aliciamasters tells you how. ♥

  • Reminder to Champions: Anyone wanting their individual poll vote tallies can request them privately through the Snarry Games Gmail account. ♥

Most entries, stories, art, and FAQs can be found via the side link table on the Comm Page, or in the Snarry Games Memories, including all the wonderful Champions Interviews.

I think that's all for now, but keep an eye open here for the earlier things I mentioned, as well as a poll to help gauge the success of this Games, and for concrit on how we can make it better! Thank you all, once again.