23 October 2006 @ 09:58 am
Snarry Games Tribute Video  

Original poster: chaeche

Attention all Snarry Games artists and spectators,

I was so impresseed by all the incredible art that came from both teams this year that I had to do something to commemorate the Games in one of the few ways I know to do that sort of thing: vidding. My fellow admirers of all things Snarry, I present the Snarry Games Tribute video...

Pairing: Snarry
File Size: 60 MB
File Type: .WMV
Song: "Chasing Cars" & "Adagio for Strings"
Artist: Snow Patrol & Samuel Barber
Notes: This is the video I made to commemorate the Snarry Games. I requested permission to use art here so if your art isn't included it is because I didn't get your permission in time. I also couldn't use everything from everyone (there was too much Snarry!) so if you had a piece that was a series, I may have only used one or two frames. Enjoy!

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