02 June 2006 @ 03:09 pm
CUT! That's a WRAP!  

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Hey, everybody!

Snarry Games Mod here. I have some final things to wrap up, and then we go on a short hiatus before we begin again in the late summer for the Snarry Art Games.

♥ The stories will remain here unless otherwise requested by the authors, we can link directly to your sites and/or journals in lieu, just let us know the link you wish us to use.

♥ Also, I think that [info]teamangst has a special thing planned, to commemorate the Games. When it is ready, I will post/host it here. /cryptic.

♥ I really hope everyone enjoyed this inaugural run, and I'd like to thank, once again, everyone who participated, from my Champions and mods, to the fans and judges. Thank you all so much!

♥ Before we take down the banners, I'd like to again point everyone to our fabulous Medal Award Ceremony, so you can look at the lovely art by [info]lizardspots!

♥ I'd also like to remind any author who wishes their individual poll totals to direct it to snarry DOT Games AT gmail DOT com.

♥ Some links for bookmarking, as well:
Stories can be found in :
Games Memories
or by TAG:
Submissions (All stories)
Team Angst
Team Romance

[info]tayefeth did a Master List by prompt as well. Thank you!

♥ And don't forget the Drabbles, featuring future Champions! (which I will be reviewing shortly *g*)

♥ We had a fan inspired ficlet sent to us, [info]vampyreangel drabbled the prompt Proving His Independence here. Thank you!

♥ I have an interview left by one of our alternates that we ran out of time to post, [info]madsciencechick, who was a Team Romance Alternate who was not called upon to write this time, and so will automatically be invited to our next Winter Games, next February/March. We look very much forward to working with her. Check it out here!

♥ ♥ I'd also like to point you all to a community that Team Romance Co-Captain [info]bethbethbeth put together for ♥ME♥ called [info]so_mod_love which feature MORE FIC AND SNARRY LOVE! Artses! Laughs! SO MUCH LOVE! *ahem* Do go check it out.♥ Thank you all, once again.

♥ If there is anyone or anything I've forgotten, please to be reminding me here. Otherwise, if you need me, I'll be in the Room of Requirement with Harry and Severus. *g*


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02 June 2006 @ 04:10 pm
INTERVIEW #40, Mad Science Chick!  

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Interview # 40, MadScienceChick! )