Aug. 5th, 2006



Original poster: tayefeth

Title: Catwalk
Author: Tayefeth
Challenge: Through Other People's Eyes
Characters: Minerva, Severus/Harry
Word Count: 100
Warnings: None
Author's Note: Set in the future of the TSFE-verse.

She watches them, when they think she's not looking.

Their affection is subtle, but somehow familiar. It's in the quick touch of Harry's hand on Severus's arm at breakfast, the softening around Severus's eyes when Harry smiles at him before they separate in the Quidditch stands. She is sure their bickering deceives the students.

At night, she sees them hold hands in the corridors, standing close. They cannot share more. She cannot allow that sort of scandal. Harry is quite scandalous enough on his own. And yet…

When she watches them together, she remembers her own school days and Theodosia.

Jul. 29th, 2006


Original poster: tayefeth

Title: Go For It
Author: tayefeth
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Challenge: #16 Conversations with a third party
Warning: slash
Author's Note: This is a snippet from before The San Francisco Effect starts.
Disclaimer: JKR owns all the world of HP.  Nothing and nobody are mine. Least of all San Francisco.

Harry rolled up the letter. The glamour he’d cast showed passers-by a Muggle offer letter, but the parchment still wanted to roll, not fold. “Letter from... my school.”

Lee looked at Harry, who refused to meet his eyes, a slight downward pull to his mouth. “Ah.”

Harry traced the seal on the outside of the scroll with a gentle finger. “I... Look, remember the guy I told you about? The one...”

“The one Chris says you’ve been trying to find in all the guys you’ve dated since you moved here?”

Harry rewarded him with a thin smile. “Yeah, him. Severus.”

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