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Knockturn Alley

Original poster: riabhach

Title: Knockturn Alley
Author: Riabhach
Word Count: 100 x 3 drabbles - OK I had a lot to say! :)
Rating(s): G
Challenge:24 Drabble for Pix on the Snarry Olympics
Warning(s): (if needed) none?
A/N: (if needed) ??

Thanks to help from - alisanne
My take on : KNOCKTURN ALLEY by Perselus -

Drabble 1:
Harry smiled, contemplating the bag in his hands. Severus would LOVE it! He looked around as he stepped out of the shop and into Knockturn Alley.

Naturally, Severus would be furious with him for being here, but it didn't matter. He needed this anniversary gift, and he would take Severus's punishment.

Harry wasn't paying attention as he entered the alley, or he would have been aware of the man that pushed him against the wall.

"What have I said about coming here alone?" a voice asked.

Drabble 2
Harry looked up, "Severus, I was just getting something...." Harry started as Severus pushed him further into the stone wall, moving his trousered leg in between Harry's denim clad ones.

"It is not safe for you in Knockturn Alley, no matter what you were getting."

Harry held up the bag, "It's for you. I was going to wait until tonight."

Severus raised an eyebrow in question but did not take the bag, instead he leaned into Harry and replied, "I should punish you for your transgressions."

Harry's eyes show wide, "Sev......"

Harry was stalled by Severus pushing him firmly against the wall and Severus's thin lips attacking his with such fierce possession.

Drabble 3
Harry felt like he was melting right there. It took all he had to hang onto the handle of the bag and not drop the gift. He could feel Severus's arm surrounding him, hear the flutter of paper on the dirty street and hear the harrumphing of disapproval from passerby's. He didn't care, he'd gladly take Severus's punishments if they were like this, no matter who saw. If they didn't approve, well they didn't need to look.

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