Sep. 22nd, 2006



Original poster: joanwilder

Titles: "Momentum"
Author: RaeWhit [info]joanwilder
Word Count: 100
Rating: NC-17 (drabble and image)
Challenge: Number 24 "Images"
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: It all belongs to JKR.

Artist/Image: The Moment by Undun [info]undunoops

A/N: I've always loved the energy of this piece: Severus' raw tension contrasted by Harry's intent concentration. And I've imagined that, when it came to sex, this would be Harry's special talent.

Momentum )

Sep. 26th, 2006



Original poster: svartalfur

Image: New Life by [info]rexluscus
Title: Resurrection
Author: Anders Svartalfurinn
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG13
Challenge: #24, Images
A/N: Of course I can't do it justice. But I thought the whole day of this beautiful picture. And I simply had to write.


Naughty Girl

Original poster: the_con_cept

TITLE: Naughty Girl


DISCLAIMER: Belongs to J.K. Rowling.

NOTES: For the [info]snarry100 challenge #24: Images; based on [info]masterofmercury’s filthy, dirty, ohsogood pic: "Naughty Girl."  PLEASE DO NOT ACCESS IF YOU ARE UNDERAGE. Here by the blessings of [info]alisanne, because it’s 300 words, but she loves me enough to allow it. *g*

WARNINGS: Spanking, cross-dressing, dirty knickers, implied exhibitionism. VERY DIRTY.

SUMMARY: “Now, Mr Potter, show your classmates what a naughty girl such as yourself deserves for speaking up in class.”

Sep. 25th, 2006


Together, by Rakina, PG

Original poster: rakina

Title: Together
Author: Rakina
Summary: Severus and Harry, joined.
Rating: PG for implied slash
Pairings: Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Warnings: Love is angsty but good for these two.
Author Notes: Written for [info]snarry100 prompt: Images. This was inspired by [info]ac1d6urn's piece, In Between (triptych), specifically the right panel. Please look at and appreciate her wonderful art to truly understand what I'm trying to say. And, even better, tell her how much you like it and that I sent you.
Disclaimer: The world of Harry Potter, its characters and settings are the copyrighted works of J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros., her publishing companies and affiliates. No profit was made from the writing of this story.

Cut to give you time to find the picture before you read... )

Sep. 24th, 2006


Much Better Than Usual

Original poster: allifer

Title: Much Better Than Usual
Author: [info]allifer
Word Count: 100
Rating(s): NC-17
Challenge: #24 - Images
Image: Lust Drunk by [info]lizardspots (image NWS)
Author's Note: I love everything Lizard draws, but I've always particularly loved this piece, because I just love Snape's expression.

Much Better Than Usual )



Original poster: chaeche

Title: Inferi
Disclaimer: I am not convinced these do any good. It's fair use IMHO.
Author: [info]chaeche
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Warnings: Character death
Challenge: #24 - Images
Image: Woes in the Graveyard by [info]pnkrockbigmouth for the [info]snarry_olympics.
Author’s Note: I loved this piece. I love black, red, and white. I just had to share my version of the backstory.

Inferi )


Home is where the heart is

Original poster: synn

Title: Home is Where the Heart is
Author: ThreeSidedOrchid
Rating: G/PG
Disclaimer: don't own them, just playing w/ them.
Prompt: #24, image -- inspired by [info]chupachup's absolutely beautiful [info]snarry_olympics entry, Home is Where the Heart is.
Author's Notes: This piece was so lovely I'm not sure it's possible to do it justice in 100 words, but it made me want to write, and it presented an excellent challenge. I used the same title b/c it was part of what I loved about the piece, and was apropriate to the drabble.


Original poster: coeur_de_ma_vie

Title: Tableau
Disclaimer: The characters are not my own.
Author: Spirit
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Warnings: none
Challenge: #24 - Images
Image: [info]yukipon's Rain for the [info]snarry_olympics.
Author’s Note: I close my eyes and see this in replay.

Tableau )

Sep. 21st, 2006


Erised - prompt 24: image

Original poster: synn

Title: Erised
Author: Threesidedorchid (synn)
Rating: pg-13
Word count: 100
Disclaimer: Don't own them, just playing, have no money.
Warnings: Harry might be under 16 in the artwork, not sure.
Challenge: #24 - image
Image: By [info]yukipon, Many many thanks to Yukipon for uploading it here: so that there would be a direct link available.
Author's Notes: This is probably my favorite Snarry artwork, and often ends up as my wallpaper b/c I really can just sit and stare at it for long periods of time. It makes my heart ache.

Erised )

Sep. 23rd, 2006


Lamentation for the Dead

Original poster: sev1970

Title: Lamentation for the Dead
Author: [info]sev1970
Word Count: 100 words
Rating: PG-13
Challenge 24: Images
Warnings: angst, character death
A/N: Inspired by Song for the Dead - an entry in the Snarry Olympics by [info]_odella_ - heed my warnings above!

Lamentation for the Dead )

Sep. 22nd, 2006



Original poster: ac1d6urn

Title: Distraction
Author: [info]ac1d6urn
Rating(s): PG
Challenge: Images: [info]stellamoon's Distraction for [info]snarry_olympics
A/N: I wanted to write something for that image ever since I saw it posted. Stella did such a great job portraying the chemistry between those two.

Distraction )



Original poster: lilliputian722

Title:  Lumos
Author:  [info]lilliputian722
Word Count:  100 words
Ratings:  PG
Challenge 24:  Images
Warnings:  Artwork is NWS per artist.
A/N:  I really don't like this drabble...I'm very unsatisfied with it. just feels unfinished.

Inspired by the 'Lumos' artwork by: [info]swtalmnd for the snarry_olympics.    

Lumos )

Sep. 21st, 2006



Original poster: irisgirl12000

Title: Hurry
Author: [info]irisgirl12000
Rating: R for this drabble, but the artwork to which it is linked is NC-17
Word Count: 100
Warnings: slash, nudity
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine, sadly. Nor is the gorgeous art that inspired it.
Challenge: #24 - Image
Image: Moonlit by Rex Luscus.
Author’s Note: I love this artwork. I don't normally follow fanart as religiously as I do fanfiction, but this? I ogle it again and again. The shading, their hair, the shadows.

Hurry )

Sep. 22nd, 2006


Knockturn Alley

Original poster: riabhach

Title: Knockturn Alley
Author: Riabhach
Word Count: 100 x 3 drabbles - OK I had a lot to say! :)
Rating(s): G
Challenge:24 Drabble for Pix on the Snarry Olympics
Warning(s): (if needed) none?
A/N: (if needed) ??

Thanks to help from - alisanne
My take on : KNOCKTURN ALLEY by Perselus -

Drabble 1:
Harry smiled, contemplating the bag in his hands. Severus would LOVE it! He looked around as he stepped out of the shop and into Knockturn Alley.

Naturally, Severus would be furious with him for being here, but it didn't matter. He needed this anniversary gift, and he would take Severus's punishment.

Harry wasn't paying attention as he entered the alley, or he would have been aware of the man that pushed him against the wall.

"What have I said about coming here alone?" a voice asked.

Drabble 2
Harry looked up, "Severus, I was just getting something...." Harry started as Severus pushed him further into the stone wall, moving his trousered leg in between Harry's denim clad ones.

"It is not safe for you in Knockturn Alley, no matter what you were getting."

Harry held up the bag, "It's for you. I was going to wait until tonight."

Severus raised an eyebrow in question but did not take the bag, instead he leaned into Harry and replied, "I should punish you for your transgressions."

Harry's eyes show wide, "Sev......"

Harry was stalled by Severus pushing him firmly against the wall and Severus's thin lips attacking his with such fierce possession.

Drabble 3
Harry felt like he was melting right there. It took all he had to hang onto the handle of the bag and not drop the gift. He could feel Severus's arm surrounding him, hear the flutter of paper on the dirty street and hear the harrumphing of disapproval from passerby's. He didn't care, he'd gladly take Severus's punishments if they were like this, no matter who saw. If they didn't approve, well they didn't need to look.

Sep. 21st, 2006


Not Snow White

Original poster: svartalfur

Image: No Love Lost by [info]xuxunette
Title: Not Snow White
Author: Anders Svartalfurinn
Word Count: 100
Rating: R
Challenge: #24, Images
Warning: Violence


Original poster: coeur_de_ma_vie

Title: His Touch
Disclaimer: The characters are not my own.
Author: Spirit
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Warnings: Harry is 16.
Challenge: #24 - Image
Image: Haze of Sensuality by [info]lizardspots.
Author’s Note: I had to.

His Touch )



Original poster: alisanne

Title: Overcome
Author: [info]alisanne
Rating: PG
Challenge: #24: Images
Word Count: 100
Genre: Romance
Warnings: N/A
Inspiration picture: The banner for the Snarry Reader by [info]ac1d6urn.
A/N: This remains one of my very favorite Snarry images of all time. I have sat and stared at this image for hours...
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

Overcome )


[info]snarry100 Challenge #24: Images - Snort

Original poster: lilyeyes

Author: [info]lilyeyes
Rating: PGish
Word Count:100
Warnings: MPreg, language
Challenge: #24: Images
Disclaimer: Not mine – just playing with them
Another in the Breathe series
Image Art: A gift icon from [info]irisgirl12000

Snort )


Challenge 24: Images

Original poster: medawyn

Happy Thursday, everyone! We had a fantastic drabble week; there were some very interesting firsts memorialized in drabbles. Aren't new things fun? This week's challenge is inspired by the [info]snarry_olympics, which if you aren't watching for the gorgeous art, you should be!

Challenge 24: Images
     There are some amazingly talented fanartists in fandom, and many of them create beautiful Snarry images for us to gaze at in awe. This week choose your favorite Snarry fanart and write a drabble to accompany it. Please include the link to the art you picked so that everyone can admire the beautiful pictures!

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