Jul. 7th, 2006


Honeymoon ~ NC-17

Original poster: oftruthandlies

Title: Honeymoon
Author: [info]oftruthandlies
Word Count: 100
Rating(s): NC-17
Challenge: Challenge 13: Marking the Moment
Warning(s): Slash
A/N: This is my first drabble and also my first time doing a challenge. Con-crit encouraged!

The wedding is over… )

Jul. 10th, 2006


The Mark of a Year

Original poster: the_con_cept


Title: The Mark of a Year
Author: AbstractConcept ([info]the_con_cept)
Word Count:100
Rating(s): PG-13
Challenge: Challenge 13: Marking the Moment
Summary: It’s been a year since Harry defeated Voldemort, and that year has left its mark.

The Mark of a Year


A year can change a lot.

Not Harry’s appearance; he’s still on the short side, has mussy hair, sports a vivid scar in the middle of his forehead.

Not Snape’s appearance; he’s still vulture-like, hook-nosed and sallow, carries the dark mark on his forearm.

It’s changed the way they see each other, treat each other, reach for and touch and want each other.

It’s been a year since Voldemort died, but though the scars he left behind are still evident, they no longer matter.

It’s been a year, and Harry and Severus have left their own marks–on one another’s hearts.


In Forgiveness

Original poster: cs_whitewolf

Title: In Forgiveness...

Author: [info]cs_whitewolf

Rating(s): R-Rated.

Challenge: #13: Marking the Moment.

Warning(s): Angst; Character Death.

Summary: A bitter reunion between those who once were.


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Jul. 8th, 2006



Original poster: yura_slash

Title: Christening
Author: yurathewicked
Word Count: 100
Rating(s): R
Challenge: Marking the Moment
Warning(s): sexual situations
A/N: Not my best drabble ever, but my first Snarry drabble. So here goes!

Christening )

Jul. 6th, 2006


Moments in a Lifetime - A Series of 5 Drabbles

Original poster: gauriel

Title: Moments of a Lifetime (A series of 5 drabbles)
Author: [info]gauriel
Word Count: 100 for each drabble
Rating: PG-13 overall
Challenge: Marking the Moment
Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognize, I just like to have a bit of fun.
Summary: A series of special moments in Harry and Severus’ lives together, for better or for worse. (Please read them in order.)
Warnings: some implied gore and implied Mpreg, unnamed character death.

( Silence )

( Perfection )

( Empty Nest Syndrome )

( Forever )

( Anniversary )

Jul. 8th, 2006


The Gift

Original poster: celandineb

Title: The Gift
Author: [info]celandineb
Rating: general
Challenge: Marking the Moment

The Gift )

Jul. 7th, 2006



Original poster: madtuesday

Title: Celebration
Author: [info]madtuesday
Rating: PG
Challenge: 13: Marking the Moment

Harry and Severus stood in front of Hogwarts. Harry grabbed Severus' hand tightly, and they turned to survey the damage wrought by the Final Battle, but even the sight of the dead couldn't dampen their happiness. Severus carefully put his arms around Harry and Harry's fingers traced lazy patterns over Severus' forearm -- his bare, blank forearm. Snape leaned down and quickly kissed Harry on the lips, because with the death of Voldemort they could kiss now without fear, and he could give all of himself without rejection. The Dark Mark had disappeared, and Harry stroked Severus's arm in celebration.


June & Anniversary

Original poster: snapesgirl_62

Titles:June, and Anniversary
Rating: PG
Challenge: Marking the moment
A/N: two different moments in Harry and Severus' life

June, and Anniversary



Original poster: medawyn

Title: Bound
Author: Medawyn
Rating: G
Challenge: #13: Marking the Moment

Harry watched Severus’ face carefully, but there was no change of expression or glimmer of pain. Glancing down at the bandage on his own wrist, Harry’s admiration rose a notch.

A satisfied grunt indicated that the procedure was complete. Harry loosely grasped Severus’ arm and examined the green snake winding up the sword. A muttered incantation animated the image, and the red ink in the hilt glittered like rubies.

Harry could not repress a grin. Severus might not acquiesce to a public bonding ceremony, but this made it unnecessary. Sharing a mark told the whole world that they belonged together.


Fire - Two Drabbles

Original poster: svartalfur

Title: Fire
Author: Anders Svartalfurinn
Word Count: 100 words (x 2)
Rating(s): PG-13
Challenge: Challenge 13: Marking the Moment
Warning(s): Character Death



Coming Out Day ~ PG-13

Original poster: magdelena1969

Title: Coming Out Day
Author: Magdelena
Word Count: 100 words (x 2)
Rating(s): PG-13
Challenge: Challenge 13: Marking the Moment
Warning(s): Adult language
A/N: Thanks to Sev1970 for the quick beta.


Coming Out Day )

Jul. 6th, 2006


Private Celebration

Original poster: alisanne

Title: Private Celebration
Author: [info]alisanne
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Challenge: #13: Marking the Moment
Warnings: None
Beta reader: [info]sevfan

Private Celebration )


Challenge 13: Marking the Moment

Original poster: medawyn

Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for... the new challenge!

Challenge 13: Marking the Moment It's the end of the war or their anniversary or a celebration of a new job or receiving an award or... or... or... How do Harry and Severus mark the momentous occasions in their lives?

Welcome to new members, and have fun!

Please remember to put NC-17 drabbles behind a cut, as well as any drabbles with warning.

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