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Date: 7th-December-2018 16:49
Subject: thus begins the long return
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Location:Redondo Beach
Mood:so tired - too busy
Music:Happy by Pharrell

First post, just a:
- quick howdy to all who still follow me,
- a quick we're both doing fairly well but aren't anywhere near where we'd like to be in getting things sorted in our lives atm (but who is?)
and a quick note to say I'll be seeing you all here a bit more as Tumblr may boot me out and I need a soft place to land. *oof*

That said, I bring you some female-presenting nipples (Tumblr's ridiculous example of what they think is wrong about posts which means they either missed the alt-right Nazi posts starting to proliferate the last couple years or they like them but whatevs)

under the cut )

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