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Chapter 32!

It's online, people!

Also found in the Files section.

Contains a Deathly Hallows spoiler - you have been warned.

Enjoy and don't forget to review!

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Chapter 32 nearly ready!

The big climactic finish of YOTC is done! It only remains to finish the scene, and then the chapter will be ready, and once that is up, the story will be NEARLY FINISHED, W00T! It'll just be tying up loose ends, and tbh, I don't want to spend too much time on that.

Upload won't happen tonight - too knackered. I need to go over it and code it properly. But it might be ready tomorrow though. In the mean time, here's a selection of the Best Bits.

Please note, there is a mild DH spoiler in the chapter, which is implied in the trailers. Which means you should HURRY UP AND READ THE BOOK ALREADY.

Chapter 32 trailer - here be spoilers! )

Enjoy, folks. :)

(Likely to be spoilery comments too.)

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Behind The Ice, Caitlin/Hermione, NC17 femmeslash

A/N: This fic was born out of the madness that is the Slytherin Rising List. We were
discussing pairings we'd like to see developed in SR, and, well, this one was suggested. Finger of blame points firmly at Rosmerta for this one. ;)

Before we go any further, let me state in no uncertain terms that THIS IS SLASH.
There will be homosexual activity between two adult women. Yes, that's right. Girl-
on-girl sex. If this freaks you out, read no further.

This was produced in a mad 24 hour period back in April - someone was foolish enough to suggest a Caitlin/Hermione pairing, and I took them at their word. This is what emerged. I took it down after someone falsely accused me of plagiarising their fic. Difficult to see how you can plagiarise something when one of the characters is yours, all yours, but there it is (said author had been reading SR for ages and not said one thing about Caitlin resembling their character before). Anyway, said accusations were groundless, but nevertheless the whole episode upset me sufficiently that I withdrew the fic. However, it's an immutable law that once you're sufficiently well-known, the stuff that everyone hated at first publication will become a sought-after rarity, so owing to popular demand on the Slyth List, I'm republishing. Hope you like it, and if anyone even dares to suggest I have plagiarised their stuff without a damn good reason, I shall flame them like no one has ever flamed anyone in the history of the internet.

Rating: NC-17, although I personally would have made it R.

Disclaimers: I only own one of them! The other is JKR's creation.

This fic owes rather a lot in style to Unquiet's A Different Lesson. The Slytherin Gift
to Virgins is the creation of Sphinx's twisted mind. It's a bizarre and unusual sexual
practice mentioned in her gorgeous Letter From Exile story, more than that I may not
say under pain of Severus getting killed off in the sequel. ;)

Spoilers: Read the first two parts of my Slytherin Rising series FIRST so you'll know
who the OC is. This story is set after the entire series ends, but there's no spoilers for
the real ending. This is what could have happened if SR had ended differently. SR
fans, don't worry. The real ending is not given away here - the real ending's far more

Behind The Ice

by J. L. Matthews

I can't take my eyes off her )

NC17 Chapter 25 Part Two

This is part 2 of Chapter 25. Read Part One first.

THIS part is NC17. If you are under age or would prefer not to read it, please go to ffnet or Schnoogle and read their versions.

YOTC25: Close Encounters of the Marauding Kind, part 2 )

YOTC Ch25 NC17 version

Hi folks! We have an SR first for you – this chapter comes in two versions. One is R-rated. One... is not.

That's right, we have porn. :) Right here, right now. Under the cut. NC17 rated. Filth. Het, vanilla (with a possible BDSM subtext if you look hard enough), consensual. With dirty talking and swearing. Crossgen. Telling you the pairing would be cheating though. You'll have to read and find out.

Anyway, summary: Christmas dinner goes well... unless of course you're a sullen-faced Slytherin fifth year who'd been led to believe a certain someone would be there. Of course, Marlie's not one to take this lying down, but she gets more than she bargains for when she drops in to see just how Lupin's doing.
That's nothing, however, to what happens when Sirius finds out where she was...

NOTE: Due to length reasons, this will have to go into two parts. This part's actually R-rated. Part 2 has the smut.

Chapter 25: Close Encounters of the Marauding Kind )

Want to read the rest? Part Two is this way, but be warned - it has smut.

More darn werewolf pr0n - RL/ML

Het this time though.  Remember the Remus/Marlie close encounter in the library at the end of last chapter (Year of the Cat 17)?  This is what *could* have happened had Lupin been less scrupulous and had his wits about him....  Needless to say, it's NC-17 and should not be read by under 18s (right, like you're going to pay any attention to that).  Rated for dubious consent, underage sexual activity, student/teacher sexual involvement and creative use of Sticking Charms.  Do NOT try this at home, or for that matter at school.  You don't need me to tell you that real life shagging of a teacher is a seriously bad idea, right?

This way for the smut )

Damn, she's a lucky girl...  *smirks* 

YOTC Chapter 27 alternate ending

Happy Birthday [info]divadivine!

Technically, you're not 20 until tomorrow, but that's only a couple of hours away. So here it is, just for you, your present!

It's an alternative ending to Chapter 27. One in which Sirius, not for the first time in his life, finally lets his libido get the better of his principles.

NC17. Alternates between BDSM bondage and mild torture, and sweet and romantic fluffiness.


What might have been )

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This is the mirror comm for the Slytherin Rising community on LJ. At some point I will be adding all the SR spin-off fics I've written (links in the Memories), but for now, this community's basically for you to use. Have fun!

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