Apr. 6th, 2008


New Multifandom AU RP

☆☆☆☆☆ Kaleidoscope Circus
A multifandom RP on InsaneJournal



Hello stranger.

Allow me to invite you to witness the most amazing spectacle you've ever seen in your life.

Welcome to the Inter-dimensional Five Star Kaleidoscope Circus.

We have travelled along the galaxies to be able to bring you this exclusive show, filled with the most extraordinary characters coming from places you don't even imagine. Come and let yourself be amazed with our wonders.


When you step through the main entrance of this place, you're either a spectator or a performer. If you're the first one, please sit down and enjoy the show.

If not...

You better think twice what is the best for you to do, because there's no escape from this place for you.

But please, rejoice. You have been chosen from among thousands of people for your unique talents, allowed to form part of our growing family and allowing you admire the wonders of thousands of worlds through dimensions that have been only saved for our eyes, whether you want it or not.

My only humble advice for you to take is to not struggle and enjoy your stay because we do not tolerate those who threaten against our home.

The warmest of welcomes to you, our future new stars.

We're a Yaoi/Yuri/Het friendly comm, there are a lot of free spaces for ANY fandom (anime/manga/TVseries/books, you name it); and we would love to see all new players. ♥

[Poested with Mod Permission ♥]

Nov. 25th, 2007


Some Slashy Links

Instead of some pics I want to share with you some wonderful links.

Maybe you know the first one already. I guess a lot slash fans do so. Here it is:

Minotaur's Sex Tips For Slash Writers - http://www.squidge.org/~minotaur/classic/eroc.html (I have to warn everyone under the age of 18, there are some explicit pictures and the content may be not appropiate for minors; follow this link on your own responsibility)

The second link is to "Queer Arts Resource", a site, which wants to "expand the range and depth of knowledge about contemporary and historical queer art, and make this information freely available.

Queer Arts Resource - http://www.queer-arts.org/

The third link is something for anime and yaoi fans:

The Yaoi Collection - www.aarinfantasy.com
(There is a pretty interesting fanart gallery, but I guess you have to register as a member to surf the site.)