Feb. 1st, 2008



When I've checked my flist the other day I found something that piqued my slashy interest. It was a post about two actors who happen to be best friends and who acted together in a movie called "Y tu mamá también" in which there was some hot man on man action. Fans will already know which actors I'm referring to, for everyone else, I'm talking about Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal as seen on the picture below:

(Click on the thumbnail for a bigger version.)

They are cuties, aren't they?

In "Y tu mamá también" there was a hot and steamy kiss between those two, watch the slashy hotness here.

Well, I think I have to keep an eye on those two! They have so much slashy potential, don't you think?!

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Oct. 10th, 2007


House video

This is a link to a video of House and Wilson from the show House. I don't think any explanation is needed as to why it is slashy, but I'll just explain the situation. One of House's patients had a near-death experience and tried to re-create it by sticking a metal knife into an electrical socket. House tried it, and now he is a patient in the hospital. Wilson is worried about him, of course.