Oct. 4th, 2007


Follow The Rules

R U L E S:

#1 You are allowed to post nearly everything that can be considered slashy, this includes:

+ picspams, photos, icons of men/women
+ videos, fanvids, clips
+ reviews of books, movies, tv-series, songs, animes, mangas, comics (that are or can be considered slashy)
+ historical facts (i.e. about Alexander The Great, Greek Love)
+ legends, fairy tales, myths
+ Tell us why you think a certain pairing is slashy (i.e. Spike and Xander, or Spock and Kirk etc)
+ meta about homosexuality, slash, unresolved sexual tension
+ talks about slashy movies, tv-series, characters, mangas, animes, songs
+ gossip
+ interesting links to slashy stuff


+ No fanfics!
+ No NC-17 or NOT-work-safe material and no porn where you can see the genitals, body fluids etc.

#3 Picspams, single pics over 480x250 and very long posts must go under a cut. You may post up to three teaser icons on icon posts, but the rest must also go under a cut.

#4 The asylum is organized by tags and the memory section. Please make sure to apply tags to your posts, they help others to browse through the asylum! At the moment the mods are the only ones who can create new tags. Only tags that have already been created can be added by the member. So if you need a new tag to add to your post, please let us know. You can do so by commenting on the tag post.

#5 Make sure to give your post a proper title (in the subject bar). This makes browsing through the entries of this aslyum a lot easier.

#6 If you want to pimp your asylum/journal, comment here. There you will also find further information.

#7 No bashing, harassing or whatsoever of others! Be nice, have fun, enjoy your time! This asylum is supposed to be a cosy place.

#8 If you violate any of these rules, you will be warned. If you, after the third warning, still don't follow the rules, you will be banned! In case you harass others here, are terribly rude, start flame wars or any other of these unforgivable things, you will be banned immediately, without warning!


S T A F F:

MAINTAINER: [info]reijamira. Email: reijamira[at]insanejournal[dot]com
CO-MAINTANER: [info]only_gremo. Email: only_gremo[at]insanejournal[dot]com

Please don’t be afraid to contact us over at our journals or just email us if you have any questions, suggestions, troubles etc.
In case you're not sure whether what you want to post is allowed here or not, don't hesitate to ask us!