July 15th, 2010

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Dark Tales★Bk I: The Invisible Chains★Chapter 46: The Previous War

Title: Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse - Book I: The Invisible Chains
Author: [info]eurypon
Format: Novel - Original characters
Length: Chapter: 9 684 words - Total: 375 077 words (July 12th, 2010)
Status: WIP
Rating: NC-17 - M - M/M Slash
Warnings: Violence, incest, rape, non-con, domination may all occur in varying degrees

Chapter 46: The Previous War

Guess who will be very surprised (more than once)?

Lee-Lack Scarminckle investigates the place where the horses were stolen. Anaxantis arrives at the base camp near Dermolhea and gets a surprising invitation. Tarno daydreams. Lee-Lack Scarminckle reconnects with his gang at their hideout in the Pashira Forest. Anaxantis attends a ball organized by the ladies of the Dermolhean Forty where he receives unsettling news. Tenaxos learns that his son has brushed aside his royal charter and is going to war. Volcko of Iramid and his regiment have lost their way. Timishi explains some things to Anaxantis, who understands now what the war is all about.

Link: Ximerion