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[22 Oct 2017|05:52pm]


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F/F Storyline [21 Oct 2017|04:15pm]


Hello all!

I am looking for two things:

1) A line that would be a female/female love interest line. Trista here (PB: Jennifer Lawrence) is bisexual, but enjoys women and men equally. Her love interest is the opposite of her: shy, lesbian, unsure of herself and nerdy. Trista is the type of woman who goes for what she wants and gets what she wants, which is this other woman. The other woman, while not being confident in herself and not used to dating beautiful women that can pass for straight, not only is shy about it all, but the fact that Trista is bisexual is a source of contention. (PB: Tegan Quin preferably, but will take suggestions).

2) Possibly a community these two could be together in.

If you're interested, please let me know.

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Insta 1 [21 Oct 2017|02:25pm]

Birthday Girl )
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Application [21 Oct 2017|11:33pm]

Examples are not required.

You need an IC journal, that has at least part of the character's name in it. First, last, a combination, it's all fine. Or something like "doctorblake" for a doctor, or a word and the name is also acceptable. Just as long as at least some of the character's name is in there.

We would like a bio. It can be in any form you prefer, from a simple paragraph, to several, to a list of detailed facts about the character. We would like kinks and limits to be included.

Join [info]manylovesic and [info]manylovesooc Please do this before commenting.

Comment to this post with your character journal, with the following information:

Character name
Their connections in game
Their journal name, unlinked.
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Rules [21 Oct 2017|11:21pm]

Do not cross the IC and OOC lines.

Treat other players with respect.

All players, pbs and characters must be over the age of eighteen.

While this is an adult game, please give a heads up if a post contains nsfw material and please cut any explicit images.

This is a polyamorous game. This does not mean that every character will be sexually involved with every other character. We do encourage as much interaction as possible, both sexual and otherwise, but sometimes it won't happen. We all know most of the reasons for this, and they are never personal, so don't take them that way.

The poly lifestyle will be treated with respect within game. That doesn't mean characters can't have issues with it, even if they are a part of it.

All characters in game must come in with two connections, one sexual (or planned to be) in nature and one that doesn't have to be sexual in nature. If you join with a writing partner, and your characters are in a relationship, that can be one of your connections.

The current character limit is three per player.

Characters of all sexual preferences and gender are welcome.

All characters must have some connection to the Mont Noir resort. They can live there on a temporary or permanent basis, work for people who live there, work for the resort, or be an owner of the resort. Please check with the mod before applying to hold a character with a particular job, as it may already be held.

Non-sexual connections can be family, friendship that isn't sexual and isn't planned to be (this can change), work lines that are substantial (check with the mod if in doubt).

We require some kind of activity once a month. This can be a log that has at least some back and forth comments, a discussion post, a narrative, or anything else that is viewable by the other members of the game. Customs will not count for activity.

Please make an IC introductory post to [info]manylovesic within three days of being accepted or your character will be removed. This is also your first month's activity requirement.

Contact Post [21 Oct 2017|09:03am]

Drop me a line here if you want to work something out.
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[20 Oct 2017|02:39pm]

Concept: An established incestuous relationship where a dad/stepdad helps his son get through his heat without mating or knotting him (maybe because they live kind of far from civilization). Then they end up sleeping in the same bed to keep warm because of a storm, the son goes into heat and his dad can't quite exercise as much control.

This can also be done with other older male relatives, or a professor and student. Forbidden relationship, basically.

This line involves dub-con (omega gets fucked awake, general consent issues with heat). Other than underage, blood, and bathroom stuff I'm cool with most kinks. I'm just looking to have a fantastically dirty time in cold weather.

This is a one-shot line but I'm open to adding mpreg if we really get along. Either cboy or non-cboy omegas are fine by me.

I'm happy to play this as the alpha or omega. For the alpha I'd like to use Jeffrey Dean Morgan, for the omega I'm partial to Ezra Miller or Cole Sprouse.

Comments screened.
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Holds [20 Oct 2017|09:23pm]

Holds are good for three days, with an optional extension of 24 hours.

No anonymous holds.

Any proxy holds will need a confirmation from the second player within 24 hours.

All characters and pbs must be eighteen years of age or above.

Feel free to join our lines comm [info]manylines to find connections before joining.

Current holds:

Josephine Jobert
Madchen Amick
Emilia Clarke
Shannyn Sossamon
Henry Cavill
Nick Bateman
Joe Mangianello
Lily James
Zacky Vengeance
Virginia Madsen
Chelsea Spack
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Premise [20 Oct 2017|09:11pm]

Many Loves is a pb polyamorous gpsl, set around the fictional Swiss ski resort of Mont Noir (Mount Black). Mont Noir nestles at the foot of the mountain it was named after, and was founded by two wealthy American male friends from prominent families in the 1920s. Their great-grandchildren run the resort today.

All pb character types are welcome, from faux celeb to wealthy clients of the resort, to permanent guests (suites or luxurious chalets are available for purchase) to workers.

Every winter sport you can think of is available at Mount Noir, or warm up by the fireplaces in every room, take a steam or sauna, a dip in one of the heated pools, or dance the night away in the resort nightclub.

For the workers there are also luxury accommodations, though they are less opulent than the hotel.

Michelin star chefs work in the restaurant and only the finest food and drink is available.

In the summer, Mont Noir offers walking, fishing, horseriding, paragliding, rock climbing, wind surfing, watersports, hang-gliding and golf.
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[19 Oct 2017|08:14pm]
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[18 Oct 2017|08:48pm]

If you don't know, you weren't meant to.
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random info (under construction) [18 Oct 2017|10:05pm]

Hagen Eklund (Alpha, 34)

Kylan Eklund (37)Older brother, Hagen challenged him for the role of Alpha and won. Their relationship is rocky but they can count on each other when it really counts.
Magna Eklund (28) Younger sister, one of the packs best trackers/fighters
Aaric Eklund (25) Younger brother, Aaric idolizes Hagen.

alphas cabin
Eklund Pack Eyes

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[18 Oct 2017|09:38pm]

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[info]theuncrowned [18 Oct 2017|09:56pm]

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screened [16 Oct 2017|08:59pm]
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love & praise post! [16 Oct 2017|03:38am]

love & priase
below are the names of all the people who work at or frequent the ranch! feel free to leave comments beneath the persons name offering some love and praise! i've turned anon on so that you can say what you'd like privately, but please be aware that i will shut it down if anons can't play nice. have fun! comment everyone! this is based on my most up to date friends list. let me know if i missed anyone!
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[15 Oct 2017|07:59pm]

idea #1 - i have to credit this one to someone i had been plotting with, but they died off. it involves my armie pb being a tennis teacher, for example. he was a former tennis pro who had to quit because of an injury, and he became a teacher. your timothee pb is a student of his. their sessions turned into something more. your timothee pb is from a very elite/wealthy family. my armie is well off, too. they more than likely move away from where they met in order to be open about their relationship due to their age difference.

idea #2 - this is inspired by the vampire academy series by richelle mead. you don't need to read the series, just look up what a moroi and dhampir are. i would prefer timothee to be a moroi and armie to be the dhampir assigned to him. my guy died somehow, and your moroi used his magic power, spirit, to bring him back. they are now bound/shadow kissed, and they also happen to be in love, which is very taboo. they more than likely have left the moroi world and started to live in the human world because of their taboo relationship.

idea #3 - you tell me. lets brainstorm. make me a custom.
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OOC [15 Oct 2017|10:32am]
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[01 Oct 2017|04:06pm]
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[14 Oct 2017|11:19am]

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