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[18 Aug 2017|12:51am]

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[18 Aug 2017|12:11am]

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[17 Aug 2017|05:19pm]

Comments screened. Leave a custom or ask for one.
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contact [16 Aug 2017|07:14pm]

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One of those questions that always needs asking, [info]wears [16 Aug 2017|10:27am]

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[16 Aug 2017|10:26am]

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[15 Aug 2017|10:17am]
Trying to gauge interest for an A/B/O gpsl. Comment here to be added to the plotting post.
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spam. JUST CALL ME AARON, [info]rattlesnake! [14 Aug 2017|11:28pm]

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OOC contact.& comments screened. [14 Aug 2017|11:18pm]


any and all ooc - love letters, hate letters, customs, scenes, etc.
kinsey scale: 6.
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[14 Aug 2017|03:33pm]
moved to [info]impetuous
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Open thread #2 [13 Aug 2017|11:31pm]

Nate may have been an adult with a job and his own apartment, but he still loved going home to visit his father. The two had a special bond and were closer then most, despite the fact that Nate has had some... difficulties. He was an omega, but his first heat never came at 16 like it did with all the other omega boys he knew, nor did it come in any consecutive year either. At 25, Nate had come to accept the fact that maybe he was just defective.

That night, as he lay in bed, he felt different. He was restless, tossing back and forth, feeling way too hot in his skin. In fact, Nate felt like he was burning up, his body hyper sensitive, so much so that the thin sheet covering him and the white briefs he was wearing felt too heavy. To make matters worse, his dick was harder then it had ever been and leaking freely. No amount of jacking off would bring it down either. His ass felt strange also, the crevice between his cheeks wet with slick, and there was a pressure deep inside, one that no amount of writhing and grinding would subside. He also had an over whelming urge to have something inside him to relieve that pressure.

Nate had no idea what was going on, but he knew someone who would be able to help. He slid out of bed and made his way down the short hallway to his fathers room, and he slipped inside. As soon as he did, the scent within made everything he was feeling intensify. With a whimper, he gripped the base of his cock and gave it a squeeze, pleasure shooting through him as he did so. He crept over to his fathers bedside, the older mans strong scent making his body pulse with heat, and he sank to his knees, reaching out to shake his father with one hand.

"Dad, dad," He begged. "I need help, please. Help me."
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[13 Aug 2017|07:24pm]

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[13 Aug 2017|02:04pm]
screened ✌️
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[12 Aug 2017|11:10pm]

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screened [11 Aug 2017|09:51pm]

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plot & stuff [09 Aug 2017|02:00pm]

the grandmother that's been raising my kid since his parents died has just passed away. the older brother he hardly knows has stepped up to take custody of him so he doesn't get put in the foster care system. it's going to be a struggle, getting to know one another with so many years between them, learning to trust and love and live together. my kid knows he's some nerdy teenager interrupting his cool big brother's awesome life and probably cockblocking him by surfing on his couch. but they are all the family they have left now. they have to stick together, no matter what.

*long term psl preferred, threading only, ic customs upon first thread completion, ages & pbs negotiable (suggestions for mine in icons and big brother below), equal parts fluff/smut/plot

[08 Aug 2017|03:28pm]


Hey y'all. Time for some fun I think. Confession/Question time perhaps?

Post your name if you want to hear confessions or have questions asked to you.

If you're shy, post your confession/questions anonymously.

Keep it fun though, nobody likes a spoil sport.
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[08 Aug 2017|04:59pm]

Name:Liam Zachary Hale
Nickname(s): LI
Date of Birth:August 29th 1993
Location: LA
Occupation: Liam works part time at the local zoo cleaning the animal enclosures. He waits tables evening and weekends while training to be a bartender when he turned 21.

Height: 6'
Hair: Dirty blond
Eyes: Brown
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Application [06 Aug 2017|07:15pm]

NAME: Sean Cassidy
AGE: 1993-09-21(23)
ROLE: stripper, sex worker
LINK TO SAMPLES: mine is in the blue)
PB:Zayn Malik
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[06 Aug 2017|07:34am]

I'm hoping to find a slash psl for this character.

Supernatural line details here )

Alternatively, I have a basic bio and some potential lines already listed in the journal here if anyone is interested in a different version of Benedict.
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