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Come play with the Snakes @ [info]rattlesnake [17 Oct 2017|02:13pm]

We have all kinds of fun-loving gorgeous men who are ready to play and make fantasies a reality. I'd love a client or two for this guy here. Old friends (Looking for a Louis Tomlinson or a Niall Horan or Harry) as an ex who he regrets ending things with.

Lots of possibilities so bring your ideas and have some fun.
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[17 Oct 2017|10:49am]

daniel radcliffe, emory cohen, or anyone really for a line at a comm? lots of drama, an unforeseeable future, a somewhat dark past, all the good stuff!
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Negan is back... [16 Oct 2017|03:55pm]

Seeing as how the premiere is just around the corner, I thought I'd take this guy out of retirement. I'm all about fandom cross-overs, and OC's in TWD universe. Het/slash/gen is all fine by me. Some character's I'd love to play him against are Alicia Clark (fear the walking dead), Rosita, Daryl, Rick, Carol, and Carl (gen line only, sorry) to name a few.
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[16 Oct 2017|01:07pm]

something slash for taylor hanson, maybe take it to a community?
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[16 Oct 2017|05:57am]

would someone play frank iero, john nolan, or jesse lacey against adam?
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long shot [16 Oct 2017|05:50am]

elijah or a billy for him?
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[15 Oct 2017|03:38pm]

does anyone or would be willing to pb/celeb davey havok or jeffree star?
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[15 Oct 2017|04:31pm]

Would anyone be interested in playing against a young (~19/20) prostitute? A new customer maybe?

Comments screened.
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[15 Oct 2017|01:03pm]

Dirty customs and needy bottoms for the day? Aim is an option, too.

If anyone plays men in their 30s+ I'd be in love.
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[15 Oct 2017|05:39pm]

So this new [info]thewolvesden game looks interesting and I'd like to give it a shot with my Dylan Sprayberry pb. Would love a Cody Christian and other Teen Wolf guys to tag along! Also open to lines with everyone else going there!
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NEW GAME [14 Oct 2017|06:02pm]

It only took a few weeks for our world to fall. All major cities were destroyed, businesses, hospitals, police stations all lie in ruins. Doctors and scientists were working around the clock in their bunker lab, but the disease had never been seen before. While the death toll is on the rise, so are the pregnancy numbers. While society has fallen, several groups of SURVIVORS have risen amongst the ashes of the old world. Our game revolves around the story of one such group. The Mall of America is the last bastion of humanity in the Minneapolis area with The Wolves' Den nightclub at its heart. Run and protected by the ancient magic, unnaturally powerful allies and an arsenal of modern weapons, this place almost seems like a paradise. Just remember - all that glitters is not gold and everything has a price to pay.


Plot | Species | Rules | Location | Roles | Holds | Apply
an original supernatural game with a twist · inspired by the walking dead · very slash-friendly
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[14 Oct 2017|05:43pm]

can i get a timothee for a psl? we can possibly look into a comm if we click. ftb and no foot fetishes.
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[14 Oct 2017|04:03pm]

would anyone be willing to write a line based on geoffrey and josh's relationship on please like me? (basically a smart, quirky, dorky guy and a handsome, slightly dim but open-hearted handsome type who are pretty opposite and don't work well but keep trying anyway)
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[14 Oct 2017|08:21am]

billy eichner for a pb line against my colton? open to brainstorming
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[14 Oct 2017|12:52am]

shot in the dark but a seifer for my squall? pre-game, post war, or au. just let me love you.
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[13 Oct 2017|08:31pm]

Strange request, but this guy (the IT Manager) has been running a weekly D&D game at the brothel @ [info]rattlesnake and we've lost a few of our members. He'd love to fill his table again. Nerds unite? If you're interested in a slash-only game, it's a lot of fun. I have some faces I'd love to see, but really it could be anyone!
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[13 Oct 2017|08:25pm]

does anyone pb billy eichner?
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[13 Oct 2017|06:46pm]

PB slash lines for my Zacky Vengeance? I'm open to pairings and something that has a good mix of smut and plot.
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[13 Oct 2017|02:34pm]

[info]rattlesnake, adds are tonight. Still going strong and active! Some very popular faces recently available!
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[12 Oct 2017|11:56pm]

[info]reconsider Seeking Eggsy, (as well as Merlin) in game. Plot lines can be negotiated as well as giving them a go before anyone joins. Roxy is there and hoping for Best Friends and Mentor type lines for the two men in question. There's talk of adopting puppies.
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