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[24 Jun 2017|01:14pm]

could i get something slash for ian, maybe take it somewhere?
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[25 Jun 2017|04:48am]

[info]chidatemods Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks, Lady Gaga, Liam Hemsworth, Sam Claflin, Matt Bomer.
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[24 Jun 2017|11:34am]

would anyone try playing a drag queen or trans-person against someone specific i had in mind? or play darren criss, daniel radcliffe, cameron dallas, nick jonas, zayn malik or colton haynes against someone?
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[24 Jun 2017|11:27am]


Is anyone interested in developing a slash psl with this character based on the above setting? I'm looking for something high-fantasy with magic, swords, dragons and everything else that makes that genre so much fun. Mazin here was created with loose Dungeon & Dragons guidelines in mind but you don't need to have any knowledge or experience with D&D (no need to role dice of anything). Members of his team would be great (exsisting or new) so give me your thieves, treasure hunters, warriors and resistance members, but I'd be equally as happy with the smuggler they hire to get them into/out of a city, a prisoner they need to break out because he knows the way to some lost ruin thy need to find, the loyal Sovereignty agent that has been working as a mole in the resistance, or anyone else that you can think of. I'd be happy with any race (human, dwarf, elf, half-orc, tiefling or even dragon), I just want to write a fantasy adventure.
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ignore the journal [24 Jun 2017|11:00am]

two things does anyone know who death valley high, orgy or vampires everywhere are? the next thing is would anyone play chris brown or someone of color against justin bieber in an interracial relationship?
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[24 Jun 2017|11:14am]

lines? would love to brainstorm but i also have some starter ideas i can share
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[24 Jun 2017|09:08pm]
Looking to take an older (30+, no upper limit on ages) married or long term together couple to [info]chidatemods who go on app-related dates to return home and tell their partner all about it. They occasionally graduate to threesomes if the one off dates go well. Very open on pbs. Open to doing a test scene to ensure writer chemistry and compatibility.
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[24 Jun 2017|04:21pm]

A dragon or two misses the taste of human. Are there any willing (or not) village sacrifices? Male or female, it doesn't matter, but prey with some fight in it is a favorite.
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CW Flashverse wanted! [24 Jun 2017|09:57am]

Handsome, snarky villain-turned-ally seeking a Barry Allen or Cisco Ramon for banter and objectification. Head to toe leather has always been a thing for Hartley.

Apply via the comments. Hartley reserves the right to interview applicants.
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[23 Jun 2017|04:25pm]
looking for a long-term line, anyone down to discuss something?
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[23 Jun 2017|03:44pm]

ignore the icon, but would anyone be interested in a historical or au line involving pirates and desert islands and the like? i don't really have a premise in mind, but i would love to brainstorm something fun with smut and plot.
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[23 Jun 2017|11:56pm]

Reviving this country turned city boy for [info]chidatemods. His bio is in his journal, but will be heavily tweaked for the new game. I'd love an Adam Levine for something that could turn romantic or be the most epic bromance ever, and other country music or The Voice related faces would be loved. Please note, I am not a fade to black writer.
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[23 Jun 2017|05:47am]

Slash. Celeb/PB. Dd/lb, ageplay or just diaper play lines for any of the guys in my icons? (open to playing others) Screened here and in the journal.
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[22 Jun 2017|05:43pm]

I just want to play something. Anyone looking for a line? Got anything for any of the PBs in my icons, got someone else who you've been wanting to pb against or anything you've been wanting to do?

Slash. Fluff is good, smut is better. Most kinks are great. Hit me with your best shot, fire away.
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[21 Jun 2017|10:39pm]

Taking this guy to [info]chidatemods as the owner of the local bar. I'm up for any lines I can work out! Exes, casual fwb, people who work for him, etc?
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[21 Jun 2017|06:00pm]

any chance someone would be able to portray a brian kinney (queer as folk character) for me. or a vampire somewhat like lestat or eric northman from true blood slash?
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[22 Jun 2017|08:01am]

looking for slash lines for joel, if only because i'm all dried out from het shipping. cross-canon and OCs welcome! really fucked up things welcome! and if you'd rather i find a PB for joel instead of using video game icons, i could. i personally don't care if your character's animated or live-action, honestly.

if you're cool with no shipping, though, i'd be happy to play platonic lines with anyone. joel having a found family would be sweet, especially in a post-apocalyptic world full of infected people. or i could just au him into other scenarios, if you don't want to do horror!

also, if there's anyone out there who plays nathan drake and wants to give shipping a shot, i am all ears.
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[21 Jun 2017|12:28pm]

looking for a long-term slash line
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[21 Jun 2017|11:01am]

would anyone be interested in pbing a troye sivan, tom holland, ansel elgort, or another smaller, lithe type guy against a bigger, muscular guy?
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[21 Jun 2017|05:04am]

Contemplating on joining [info]shadowmen. I'm looking for either a) twincest b) a secret or public relationship or c) exes that still might have feelings for each other.
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