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[10 Dec 2017|08:19pm]

[info]rattlesnake bring us all of your characters! i have ideas.
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[10 Dec 2017|06:00pm]

[info]abona people his age, fellow Brits, Cillian Murphy, Chris Pine, Michael Fassbender for his best friend or just because.
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[10 Dec 2017|02:44pm]

could i get a jason momoa for a psl? if you're not feeling him, pbs are negotiable.
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[10 Dec 2017|04:53pm]

loOoOoOong shot but liam o'brien or matt mercer for my travis willingham? pb/celeb
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[10 Dec 2017|05:24am]
is there any chance people still play ville valo? if not would someone slash someone against bam margera or johnny knoxville?
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[10 Dec 2017|12:35pm]

Anyone wants to work out an alpha/omega line to take to [info]abona? I would be very tempted to use Justin Hartley or Chris Evans as an omega.
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[10 Dec 2017|05:35am]

[info]hadlowoffice ... More fresh faces for the fresh new polyamorous PSL
This Kit is about to be in a Natalie Dormer/Emilia Clarke sandwich and if JASON MOMOA wants to get in on that, he better get here quickly...
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[09 Dec 2017|08:02pm]

[info]rattlesnake someone to play dev on the pride, the netflix show that just premiered in game. the opening scene of series two (filming to start in february/march) is a sex scene between this guy and dev, so i'd love to see this character fill before then for some fun times on set.
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[09 Dec 2017|09:35pm]

A complicated, slightly dramatic line where passions are intense and emotions run high. Two lovers reuniting. Exploring forgiveness and second chances. I'd like an older, more experienced and perhaps more jaded man for him whose heart he could melt. Not looking for pwp.
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[09 Dec 2017|09:58pm]

Some super cliche old friends/high school reunion/bully trying to make amends after decades kind of line? Happy to write either role!
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X-posted [09 Dec 2017|08:58pm]

Looking for some Spideypool!

- Willing to play Wade or Peter
- Not really into underage kink
- Rp over Discord or Gdocs
- I plot best over Hangouts or Discord.
- Comments screened.
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[09 Dec 2017|08:38pm]
Would anyone be interested in working out an interracial slash line to take to a comm? Kinks and preferences are in this journal.

EDIT: If you are going to suggest ~rattlesnake, I would only consider bringing in a bottom/sub so please be aware, thanks.
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[09 Dec 2017|01:46pm]

[info]rattlesnake know you want to
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[09 Dec 2017|03:43am]

[info]rattlesnake anyone wanna take a couple there? who is wanted around?
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[09 Dec 2017|12:21am]

Looking for a line somewhat along these veins---

Two brother-types (can be blood brothers, stepbrothers, best friends as close as brothers, etc but I want a strong family dynamic vibe). Mine is the younger one, smartass, always in trouble. Oh and he's half-demon. He and his older brother (who is fully human) grew up on the run fending for themselves and my character has slowly begun to realize he's losing the fight against his genes as he gets older. It'd be cool if they were demon hunters or something similar, etc.

I'm open to talk about faces, specifics, background tweaking, etc. I'd really like some hurt/angst/comfort/tension dynamics, with slash and whatnot thrown in. No fade to black, please.

Looking for OC, no fandom please unless you know who Cal and Niko Leandros are and want to do that. ;)

I'm super experienced and not a flake at all. Usually tag 3-4 times a day.

Hit me up here if you're interested in discussing. :)
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[09 Dec 2017|03:45pm]
Poly gpsl, set on an English estate that is in the process of being repaired. All sexualities welcome, see journal for more information.
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[08 Dec 2017|06:14pm]

[info]rattlesnake Dominic Sherwood for all the tea in China (and the American South and maybe Britain), Leo DiCaprio just because, lines with fellow snakes to build this boy friendships, clients who've hired him either one on one or for multiple partners.
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[08 Dec 2017|04:19am]

something for ed
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[07 Dec 2017|10:31pm]

I'm bringing him into [info]rattlesnake I'd love more lines for him. A current boyfriend.. or a former boyfriend? Maybe someone in the porn industry along with him. I love plotting so that will be a lot of fun. I'll make customs.
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[07 Dec 2017|06:44pm]

FP Jones to show me a real snake charmer and other things.
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