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[19 Mar 2018|07:14pm]

looking for a sabretooth/victor creed, whether in xmcu or 616 flavours. taboo is great, always. alpha/omega dynamics too -- though i mean that in pack mentality and not in biology, but i won't be opposed to a/o sex stuff, either.

i'm also open to other characters (crossovers and OCs included) as long as they're 30+ in age. a cyclops ready to remind logan who the real leader of the x-men is through discipline and shit is, ngl, also very appreciated. and so is william stryker
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[18 Mar 2018|03:18pm]
'd love to set up a slash psl for a taika waititi pb. i've got jump-off ideas for organic lines, more established relationship ideas for more structured lines. either way, i'd like something fun with a writer to indulge me in developing more of a healthy, loving, humor-appreciating relationship. you will get bonus points if you tell me you'd be interested in using jemaine clement, bret mckenzie, or jeff goldblum, but it's not a requirement. a pb who is 30+ year old minimum is, though.
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Still looking [20 Mar 2018|04:50pm]
[info]rattlesnake I'd love to work out a menage à trois line with either two tops and my bottom or where everyone is equally versatile/switch. We could start with two characters and find the third one or with all three already involved. Anyone interested? I'm an active, motivated writer.
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[18 Mar 2018|07:46am]
would anyone play another cockyboy or andrew christian model against someone like brandon wilde, mickey taylor, jake bass or max ryder? or another man in general?
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[16 Mar 2018|09:58pm]

I have a few ideas for new slash lines and am hoping to find someone interested in working something out.

1) A Midsummer Night's Dream: A fey creature (or some other supernatural creature) is tasked by his superiors with meddling with the life of a mortal. He is meant to manipulate the mortal to set him on a specific path, destroying the life (and possibly the relationship) he currently knows in favor of something new. The mortal is meant to be little more than a pawn in the games of the fey, that is until the fey develops feelings for the mortal.

I'd be open to playing either role.

2) Three's a Crowd: Less of a story line idea and more inspired by these two pictures. I'd love to play a three-way line. We can focus on two of the three participants and just NPC the third partner.
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[16 Mar 2018|10:53am]
the new avengers trailer is giving me stucky feels again - would anyone write bucky or steve? i'd be happy to write either.

i would love to explore some sort of domestic bliss between them, just sweetness and them trying to adjust to normal life outside the avengers and being super and going back to just being them. comment here or on my journal if interested.
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[16 Mar 2018|10:18pm]

To celebrate the new awesome!!! song release, anyone interested in making some questionable 'choices' with this guy?
PB preferred but celeb also ok. Other Asian faces not at all a necessity.
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[15 Mar 2018|09:47pm]

Bucky Barnes looking for a Steve, Tony, Clint, Rumlow, or maybe something Black Panther related.
...Or an Oliver Queen looking for a Tommy Merlyn, Malcolm Merlyn, or a Slade Wilson.

Open to somewhat dark to very dark storylines. Open to ABO with these fandoms as well as other, maybe more taboo lines.
Open to playing side characters. In my upper-twenties. EST timezone. Prefer to email but can thread.
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[15 Mar 2018|03:21pm]
looking for some journal-based lines that are smut-friendly and kink-filled. more info here. open to most suggestions/lines!
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[15 Mar 2018|01:39pm]

[info]rattlesnake A regular client or two for this snake? Possibly a romantic interest. Even if you are already in the game, feel free to let me know you're interested. Comments are screened.
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[15 Mar 2018|12:44pm]

[info]rattlesnake thinking of taking this Kane Brown there as a country boy trying to turn his life around. Would he be wanted around? Lines he could maybe fill?
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[15 Mar 2018|06:47am]
looking for a long-term slash line, would love a line where both of us play a model (think cockyboys/andrew christian models) or your the owner of a well-known adult industry and my guy is an ex but they still hook-up from time to time. anyone interested?
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rude comments will be deleted, comment the screened post please [15 Mar 2018|05:53am]
something long-term for johnny depp
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[15 Mar 2018|01:35am]

Just finished watching Call Me By Your Name (FINALLY) and desperately want to give Elios and Oliver a second chance at a happily ever after. I would play either character and have ideas for how we could reunite them. Over journals only, please!
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[14 Mar 2018|07:34pm]

[info]rattlesnake more poc! submissive men 40 & older! clients! some faces i would love to see are laurence fishburne, naveen andrews, keanu reeves, chiwetel ejiofor, chadwick boseman, benicio del toro, ken watanabe and javier bardem. i've got ideas for everything so even if you don't fit this criteria hmu
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[14 Mar 2018|10:14am]

on the hunt for a slash psl for a dacre montgomery pb. i'm really on the hunt for something fun in the fluffier, more adventurous sense, with plenty of humor, flirting, and a good balance between chatting + scening.
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Sterek? [12 Mar 2018|02:08pm]

Hey, I'd love a Stiles, or if fandom isn't your thing, I can do OCs with Tyler and Dylan too.

I'd love an ABO au, maybe where they're assassins? Spies? Let's plot!
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[11 Mar 2018|12:38pm]

something for benji madden, i have a screened post in this journal!
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[11 Mar 2018|10:17am]
Looking to start a pb slash game set in a gay-owned apartment complex/resort in San Diego area. A self-contained gay village with restaurants, bars, shops and other businesses. Single characters, couples and families with kids will be all equally welcome. If you are potentially interested in joining, please comment to this entry. I'd like to gauge interest before setting up the game. Also looking for a reliable co-mod.
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[10 Mar 2018|12:01am]

Gotham lines for Bruce? Or maybe a Pacific Rim/Gotham crossover wherein Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth are drift compatible? Happy to entertain either and open to other ideas!
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