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[13 Aug 2017|03:30pm]

I'd love a Harry Potter themed PSL. I have this guy (PB: Jensen Ackles) who is a former Auror turned professor at Hogwarts (willing to move him to Ilvermorny for American convenience). He also happens to be a werewolf. It's a sort of headcanon/from a gpsl that he was set in a time after Hermione and them were in the Ministry and the rules surrounding werewolves were a bit more slack as long as they were registered and keeping up with their wolfsbane potion to remove any major threats.

Ideally, I'd love him against Misha Collins but I feel like he's a pretty rare face to see around, so I'm definitely open to others, just no students. Preferably, the guy who's making his potion for him, whether it's another professor or even someone connected to Hogsmeade or who just meets with him once a month (or more if they're friends or strike up a friendship). Hopefully, it'd eventually get to them falling in love (or we can start with already budding feelings), willing to play through transformations, maybe your guy stays with him, and any other side effects we can make up around his time to change, etc.
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[13 Aug 2017|02:30pm]

I'm looking for a kinda specific May/December line (I have a few prompt/ideas), if I could interest anyone in it. I'm looking to play the younger partner and though I'd adore a good amount of smut, I don't want it to be the first thing we write. I have a few suggestions for other guys i play besides Dylan, too.
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[13 Aug 2017|12:55pm]

i think it would be fun to see the Vegas part of [info]rattlesnake played up a little more. where are the magicians, cirque performers, aging lounge singers, dueling pianists, celebrity chefs, etc? come on! we want you too!
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[13 Aug 2017|12:06pm]

More active clients to [info]rattlesnake. There's been a lot of specific faces asked for by other people, I can get you a list if you're interested!
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[13 Aug 2017|12:53pm]

andrew rannells?
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[13 Aug 2017|11:33am]

A few more faux celeb types for this line at ~rattlesnake. The show still needs villains, and production people of all sorts.
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[13 Aug 2017|10:27am]

[info]rattlesnake adds and inactivity removals are tonight!
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[13 Aug 2017|06:49am]

does anyone play drag queens anymore or would be willing to try?
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[13 Aug 2017|07:28pm]

Thinking of taking this Jimmy Smits pb to [info]rattlesnake I know he's an unconventional face, anything he could possibly fill?
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[12 Aug 2017|11:52pm]

Thinking of bringing this guy to [info]rattlesnake Not sure what he does yet, if he works at the club or if he just goes there to look at the pretty boys. Anyone have a need for Tom Hardy? Or a line that he could fill?
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[12 Aug 2017|06:09pm]

Looking for friends and clients for this fella.
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[12 Aug 2017|05:11pm]

best friends house sitting over the summer? a chris evans pb would be fantastic.
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[12 Aug 2017|12:31pm]

something long-term and fun for davey havok
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[12 Aug 2017|01:51pm]

Something equal parts fluff and smut for this endearing manchild? I'd love something that could be taken to a community eventually. I would love someone his age (35) or older. Threading only.
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[12 Aug 2017|12:51pm]

If you got style and you know how to please, and a smile that makes me weak in the knees. If you're a guy who is gentle and tough, you might be the man who's man enough. I'm telling you friend, your search is at an end cause I'm the one you're lookin' for. I’ll be your good neighbor.
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[12 Aug 2017|06:08pm]

looking for some long term slash, i have some ideas in my journal. right now i would love a harry potter psl! i want a mix of smut, drama, fluff.
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[12 Aug 2017|03:35pm]

I've a real hankering for a Star Trek slash line at the moment if anybody is interested. I've got an itch to play Bones, or we can make up our own OCs. Hit me up!
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[12 Aug 2017|02:29am]

Keiynan Lonsdale, Tom Cavanagh, Wentworth Miller, Robbie Amell, Echo Kellum, Manu Bennett, Brandon Routh, Franz Drameh, Nick Zano, Arthur Darvill. Get your faces to [info]rattlesnake. I'll give you lines.
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[12 Aug 2017|02:24pm]

[info]rattlesnake Is there any way I could get Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand or Tom Cruise (with Stacee Jaxx look if possible, but I'll take him any way) for something specific?
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[11 Aug 2017|10:54pm]

Any need for a Harry Styles if I bring one to [info]rattlesnake?
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