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[13 May 2018|08:34am]

would someone be willing to play zayn malik or another guy against joe jonas?
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[13 May 2018|11:24am]

[info]sanctuarytown is a different kind of ranch game. We are looking for people who enjoy writing in a stress-free, slash-friendly environment more focused on the character development than smut. Yes, we are looking to open soon, as soon as we get more applications to process, so send yours in, what are you waiting for? Bring us your homeless characters. Students at the UD, professionals who either work, volunteer or enjoy all the amenities, sexy cowboys who live nearby. We welcome darker lines and campy, lighthearted plots! We are also Mpreg friendly. If you need ideas for your characters, we would be happy to discuss them with you! Just leave us a word in our dropbox.
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[13 May 2018|11:38am]

Would anyone be interested in working out a long-lasting line with a gay transman? To take to a comm/gpsl!
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[13 May 2018|11:19am]

[info]rattlesnake debating a second character, likely a client on the more dominant end of things. hit me with pb suggestions because i just made guy fieri icons so it's clear that i can't be trusted. also if anyone's looking to enter with a line, lemme know. also, hey. dozer's still looking for lines. also, i love you. clean your room.
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[13 May 2018|02:56pm]
Taking one of the two male owners to [info]samoismod Looking for the second male owner (for an open relationship, preferably but not essentially played bi) and friends who maybe helped him out when he was younger.

Faces I'm considering include Christian Bale, Leonardo Dicaprio, James Marsters, RDJ, Ioan Gruffudd, Clive Owen, Gerard Butler, Christopher Eccleston, and I'm open to suggestions, especially for cliche pairings.
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[13 May 2018|02:25pm]
New adult gpsl, see mod journal for more information. Open for holds.
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[12 May 2018|11:41pm]

Anyone interested in playing Anthony Beauvillier to my Mat Barzal for a community on LJ?
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ignore the journal [12 May 2018|05:06pm]

would anyone be willing to pb or celeb, also slash alexander skarsgard, jake gyllenhaal or charlie hunnam?
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[12 May 2018|07:53pm]

an outlaw mc club member for this chief of police for something secret? thinking of taking this to [info]tucs
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[12 May 2018|10:51am]

[info]rattlesnake i think he'll be a bartender but lines with other employees who aren't snakes, lines with snakes and anything that comes to mind!
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[12 May 2018|09:56am]

[info]sanctuarytown Just apped this Chris Pratt pb as a local guy and volunteer helping around the ranch. I'm looking for his two younger brothers (anywhere between 18 and 30), buddies, people he could know from the Dallas area, former hookups he stayed on friendly terms with. The game is only getting started so let's work something out!
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check the journal [12 May 2018|06:11am]

looking for a line to go somewhere or a psl works too!
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[12 May 2018|08:10am]

Something for Jon?
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[11 May 2018|09:56pm]

A slash line with plot for a solider who has returned home with a bit of PTSD that's gotten him in a really dark place. Would love his younger brothers best friend who ends up being the light for him. Journals or Discord, open to pbs.
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[10 May 2018|10:14pm]

Looking to play Bucky Barnes again. Open to just about any pairing, always up for Steve, Tony, and Clint. Open to a good OMC. The usual. Up for any point in the canon but also have an itch for something around the accords nonsense of CW.

Comment here, journal, or I do have an in character contact post for Bucky Barnes open in this journal if you wanted to try something quick to see if we click.
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[10 May 2018|05:42pm]

Slash line for Brandon Flynn? PB or Celeb either one.
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[10 May 2018|04:42pm]

Looking for the new guy in town (who is possibly the son of a hunter) for my werewolf? More info in the journal if interested.
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[10 May 2018|11:17am]

[info]rattlesnake miguel angel silvestre, michael b jordan, justin baldoni, marlon teixeira, franciso lachowski, jon kortajarena, and franco noriega for specific lines
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weird request [10 May 2018|06:41am]
does anyone pay porn stars, tobias forge, adore delano, alaska, frank iero, ryan shuck, josh dun, or winona ryder?
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Salem City Game - Adults Only - 20+ [10 May 2018|03:37am]

[info]salem_city_mod Supernatural Game for adults 20+ ONLY SLASH - Friendly.

Tons of Holds and PBs/ OCs + Classic characters available!

We're still building, but I gather we will start writing in a week or two? So that gives EVERYONE who gets a hold NOW. To work on their Applications up until we start writing! Rather than only 5 or 6 days!
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