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[20 Oct 2017|10:12pm]


I would still love the minor faux celebs who are filming these roles for a series based off his novels.

Also, I'd kill for a Darren Criss or Frankie Alvarez or Raúl Castillo as his childhood BFFL, and Russell Tovey for his publisher or publicist or literally anything. Hamilton faces also would be adored by all!
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Psl's maybe a comm? [21 Oct 2017|12:02am]

Hi there, I got room for 1-2 more psl's or a community. I'm looking to play Johnny Yong Bosch. I play him anywhere from 17 to 41.
I play any of the characters he's played, preferably ~ Adam Park (Power Rangers), Jack (Broken Path), Ryu (Hellbinders). There's tons of videos on youtube if you want to see badass action scenes (warning, Broken Path is as gory as a Saw movie, you have been warned.)<3

Happy to just use him as a PB, too for any plot you might have.

Anyone interested in planning something fun? Or want me to fill a line for you in a community with him?
I play in 3rd POV past tense. 2-3 paragraphs per reply. Love chatting OOC (not a requirement though!) Kink and smut friendly. Versatile. Love horror, action & supernatural themes.

Got tons of time to waste and would prefer long term. I'm very active and reply several times a day.

I'll play over any medium you want.
Reply here or hit me up on AIM (hotdamncade)
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[20 Oct 2017|06:53am]

would someone play another model against jake bass? i'd love a justin bieber, zayn malik, joe jonas or nick jonas if no one else plays cocky boys, but that's what i'm looking for! I also play Brandon Wilde and Max Ryder. someone older would work too! I will ALWAYS play someone against Jake as well, been searching for someone that plays him as well
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[20 Oct 2017|10:50am]
Total shot in the dark, would anyone be interested in a historical line against a Jack Huston pb? I have a few ideas and then some!
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[19 Oct 2017|11:41pm]

Original supernatural lines because it's totally the season? I'd just really love to plot a little with someone. I have ideas, but I'm really into expanding those off of others or just playing out original ideas any partners might have. Werewolves, vampires, magic usuers. I've got more than a few character sketches we can work with. PB's are totally negotiable but I mostly like to see guys with at least a little meat on their bones if we're talking aesthetics.

Comment here or my Dropbox and maybe we can make some magic happen?
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[19 Oct 2017|11:09pm]

original lines for kol mikaelson?
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[19 Oct 2017|05:38pm]

So pretty much off the wall, but would anyone be interested in a Sebastian Vettel/Lewis Hamilton slash line?
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[19 Oct 2017|02:51pm]

This is a little bit of a strange request, but this guy is running a weekly D&D game @ [info]rattlesnake (yes, it's actually written out with player input, etc.... we know it's very nerdy of us!) and there are some free spaces at his table that he'd really love to have played and taken! I'm sure there are lots of other lines people will throw at you, so bring me your nerds! We love them.
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[19 Oct 2017|11:37am]

Can I get a Sebastian Stan for a psl?
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[19 Oct 2017|09:38am]
is anyone familiar with brandon wilde and would be up for a line?
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[19 Oct 2017|08:35am]

It appears like one of my lines might be over so I'd love to find a new line for this sorcerer. Something against a werewolf would be great, maybe against a wolf that has a pack but the pack doesn't love the idea of one of their own being bonded to a sorcerer or maybe a lone wolf that has some control issues and my sorcerer is the only one that can calm him down (à la Black Widow and Hulk). This could work just as well if your character is bound to a demon or some other creature that takes over his body when he's in a heightened emotional state. I'd also be happy with another sorcerer, a human, or any other supernatural creature that you can think of.

Slash and threading please. Traditionally I've been playing Max here as a member of the Arcane Circle, a group's of the world's most powerful sorcerers that work to keep peace in this dimension and protect it against other dimensions. He's something of the golden child and has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders so he needs someone that can distract him, make him laugh and feel normal.
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[19 Oct 2017|08:00am]

with joe being engaged now, would anyone possibly play him in a secret line against cole? if not joe, maybe nick?
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[19 Oct 2017|09:19am]

Desperately searching for someone over the age of 50 for his husband over at [info]orchards. I have no real face preference, just the age requirement.
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[info]rattlesnake [19 Oct 2017|08:29am]

Bringing in this strapping Armie Hammer. He is an FBI agent working for a special money laundering unit. He first came to the ranch many years ago, likely investigating some wealthier and sketchier clients of the place, where he ended up meeting and eventually marrying one of the snakes there. The marriage didn’t last long (at most a year). He’s back now, more for personal reasons than business though who knows maybe those lines intersect again?

Some line ideas I’d love to have filled
- his snake ex husband (maybe still a snake, maybe now a client or staff?)
- people who have been at the ranch a while and remember him (they likely didn’t know he was FBI, or someone who did know and may have been an informant)
- snakes he is currently seeing
- friends, obviously

Totally open to other ideas, this is all just very general.

Personality wise I am still considering what he’s like. Give me a minute!!!! Lol.
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[18 Oct 2017|09:41pm]

A 17/18 yo human for a human/werewolf slash line. Thinking he'd be the son of a hunter whose family has just moved to a small mountain town that has a pack of werewolves that mine is the alpha to and he ends up imprinting on the human as his mate. I have a few more ideas and would love to discuss. I'm also willing to the play the human if playing the wolf appeals to you more.
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[18 Oct 2017|05:24pm]

I've been itching to play Taron Egerton here as a transman and looking for someone who would be interested in a line with him in a comm.
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[18 Oct 2017|10:34am]

would anyone consider playing a drag queen or have any experience playing one?
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[18 Oct 2017|12:36pm]

joe manganiello, alex skarsgard, rick gonzalez, jdm, or brad pitt for a tense, dramatic break-up line.
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[18 Oct 2017|09:58am]

[info]rattlesnake more bears, more daddies, silver foxes, a drag queen client who is looking to pop a tuck now and then after this guy slings some drinks, people who like climbing trees, and someone who loves found footage horror as much as this guy.
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[17 Oct 2017|02:56pm]

[info]seduces mark strong to help me keep taron in line.
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