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[25 Feb 2018|09:10pm]

An Armie (pb or celeb) for this Timothee (pb or celeb). In the mood for something darker - a little bit of dub-con, maybe? D/s relationship, where the age gap between the characters is felt and isn't just brushed away as a kind of inconvenience that they can get around by the maturity of the Timothee face/character. Open to ABO as well.

Plenty of ideas and open to ideas - hit up the screened post!
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[25 Feb 2018|03:11pm]
would love some slash or femme Dom(me)/sub lines! dom/dom, sub/sub work too. would also be into alpha/omega, alpha/alpha or omega/omega.

another thing that could be fun is including any of that in a faux celeb line or a celeb line!
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[25 Feb 2018|02:50pm]

switching up to the psl route, so looking for a fun & active slash line with plenty of adventure. the screened post is open to the shy/private.
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[25 Feb 2018|01:53pm]

Looking for fun, inventive slash lines for Dean here. Hit up the screened post if interested.
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[24 Feb 2018|12:32pm]

[info]gayworld Would anyone be interested in working out a line to take there?
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[24 Feb 2018|01:44am]

Okay, the Olympics have me in the sporting mood again. Can I get a pb line or two in the realm of: Olympic teammates, hockey/soccer teammates, mma fighters in a training camp, any other suggestions that include sports I'm moderately versed in? Open to most faces and scenarios, let's talk.
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[23 Feb 2018|08:36pm]

is there a channing tatum around that would like to have some fun with matt? also open to some other man, maybe even a poly line.
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[23 Feb 2018|07:28pm]

[info]gayworld brand spanking new slash city game with a twist! now taking holds and applications.
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[23 Feb 2018|07:16pm]

Home for this mostly blank slate Brandon Urie pb? Lines are great, too! Looking for bigger city games. Thanks!
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[23 Feb 2018|05:35pm]
Looking for a Tom Hiddleston to be celeb'd (loosely) against a pb character (I have a few ideas, but nothing definite). Slash and journals only, please.
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[23 Feb 2018|04:19pm]

i have fallen into the kpop world and would love some psls! active and fun lines where we can really get into things with plenty of extras.

BTS: park jimin, min yoongi (suga), kim taehyung (v), kim namjoon (rm).

EXO: zhang yixing (lay), suho, suhun, kai, chanyeol

INFINITE: kim myung-soo (l).

still deciding on someone from: monsta x, kard, blackpink, bap, nct, block b and shinee. i am more than willing to pick others up and from kdramas too! very open to suggestions. throw your otps at me.

comments are screened.
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[23 Feb 2018|03:31pm]
looking for some smut heavy lines but with plot to them! some ideas in the journal but up for brainstorming. mostly, looking for dedicated writers.
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[23 Feb 2018|10:58am]

Come be a part of [personal profile] ziggystardst, an active, fun, and inclusive celeb community, reminiscent of the way things used to be in RP with no elitist bullshit.

[community profile] life_on_mars - Main Community
[community profile] diamond_dogs - Wanted List
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[22 Feb 2018|11:53pm]

The man he's been secretly in love with for years is about to get married. Afraid of losing him forever my guy makes a bold move the night before (or after if you really love drama) that changes their dynamic forever... Looking for the so far unrequited love of his life in a long-term thread oriented psl, whether that's a friend, co-worker, bitter rival or family member is up to you, so long as they have a detailed history to play off of.
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x-posted [22 Feb 2018|05:50pm]

A slash line for Frank Iero with a mix of fluff, smut, and drama. I'm open to who is he paired with but a Gerard Way or Zacky Vengeance would be amazing.
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[22 Feb 2018|10:50am]
Wondering if anyone might be interested in a rp where a cop (human or augmented through tech) gets paired with a psychic (if you've seen Electric Dreams, kinda like one of the episodes, but a little darker), in a V-For-Vendetta/Blade Runner/like world and well, feelings, drama, a long-term, overarching mission, etc.

I'm looking to play the psychic if that helps!

Additionally, if anyone is into Fate Stay Night I'd love to play a mage against a Servant during the Holy Grail War.
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[21 Feb 2018|04:45pm]

Freddie Smith? Storyline with all the cuteness of Wilson. A community line.
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[21 Feb 2018|05:16am]

something for russell brand
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[20 Feb 2018|09:34pm]

[info]rattlesnake More lines would be great!
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[20 Feb 2018|05:47pm]

Looking for both fandom and pb storylines at the moment. More information, themes, and ideas in the journal. Wanting to brainstorm potentially long term lines. Comments screened here and in the journal.
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