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[18 Jul 2018|01:31pm]

Any other Sense 8 men out there for a comm line with him?
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[17 Jul 2018|06:56pm]

looking for a long-term slash line, i have a specific face i want to use. would anyone be down to brainstorm?
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[17 Jul 2018|03:31pm]

John Cho, psl-possibly comm line.
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[16 Jul 2018|10:21pm]

Down on his luck, he returns to his small town to try and get on his feet again and runs into a ghost from his past. Old friend, reformed bully, older guy he had a crush on. Open to ideas! Not opposed to a supernatural twist.
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[16 Jul 2018|09:34pm]
[info]provincetownma I'd like to work out a somewhat dramatic and emotionally charged line to take here. Two exes reunite several years after a breakup and realize against all odds that they've always been meant to be soulmates. May/december dynamics would be loved (I would prefer to play the younger one.) Daddy kink and kink friendly in general but exclusive (no cheating lines, please.)
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[15 Jul 2018|11:34pm]
Looking for a writer who would be interested in trying out a threesome line.
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Supernatural slash lines [15 Jul 2018|09:36am]

After some time away, I would love to get back into rping with this necromancer. I had a great line with a Derek Theler face once upon a time and could love to play against his face again but I’m definitely open to other faces.

I have some storyline ideas in my journal that I’d love to play out.
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[15 Jul 2018|09:41am]

Anyone interested in a little line with a tall, goofy, nerdy, hyperactive guy who talks a mile a minute, has enthusiasm for days, and has been single for like, five years?

(I've been mildly obsessed with his YouTube channel and am dying to play him / PB him or a similar character. Other YouTubers welcome, or not - originals or RPS, I don't mind what!)
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[15 Jul 2018|01:20pm]

I'm taking this guy to [info]samoismod as the head chef. Would love some or all of his restaurant staff, people for him to always bring food to (he's a nurturer like that), maybe his ex boyfriend for something messy? Gotham castmates and anyone from any version of Star Trek would be adored.
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[14 Jul 2018|10:12pm]

A guy for my Amish boy to meet during rumspringa and lose his virginity to? Would love for this to be a long term line that we can brainstorm on for something smutty with plot. Journals or discord.
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[14 Jul 2018|01:25pm]
[info]provincetownma who is wanted? anyone want to go with?
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[14 Jul 2018|08:00am]

Looking to possibly rekindle an arranged marriage for this guy at [info]provincetownma
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[13 Jul 2018|09:56pm]

Looking for any marvel men, wanting to explore a slash poly relationship? Sex, plot, fun. Happy to work on dynamics. Open to others too.
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Harry Potter Slash Lines [13 Jul 2018|06:10pm]

I'm looking for a range of new slash based lines. I'm up for the conventional and unconventional, a range of different eras, and crossing timelines. I play Draco, Sirius, Remus, James, as well as a range of other lesser known characters. World-building and extras are a plus!
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[13 Jul 2018|10:20am]

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[12 Jul 2018|12:28pm]

warning for incest )
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[11 Jul 2018|02:42pm]

Slash for Caputo or a Nick Sandow pb?
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[10 Jul 2018|08:17pm]

[info]provincetownma looking for some fun lines for this guy. Even if you are not really interested in a line with him, you should still give this friendly gpsl a try!
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[10 Jul 2018|06:03pm]

Revamped my lines and am open to filling as many of them as possible. Check the journal for info.
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[11 Jul 2018|01:05am]
Always looking for more players and check out our wanted lines page if you'd like to find lines to join with.
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