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[06 Jul 2020|12:58am]

More single gay men over to [info]illville, please and thank you.
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[05 Jul 2020|07:24pm]

Seeking dad on dad bod fuckery and romance for this rascal. Check the journal for a quick rundown of his overall and let me know if up to the challenge.
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[05 Jul 2020|09:22am]

An unusual slash line? A nice mixture between romance and drama? Nothing set in stone but I would love to write.
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[04 Jul 2020|08:30am]

something long term and slash for robert
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[03 Jul 2020|08:23pm]

1. Character A and B have been best friends for fifteen years. Character A recently got engaged and it has thrown character B for a loop. All his held in feelings for A over the years are compiled with his fear of losing A forever. The line will explore how the engagement affects their friendship. I would like for them to eventually get together, but that's not set in stone. Lets brainstorm and see what we can come up with. I'm open to playing A or B.

2. Character A is a loner, more of an introvert. He's been this way most of his life. He has a few "friends", but he spends most of his time alone scribbling away on a book he dreams of publishing someday, listening to music or painting. Enter character B. He's the opposite of A. Outgoing, charismatic, charming and worldly. The two are opposites, but there's an attraction. The line will explore their relationship. I prefer to play A.
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[03 Jul 2020|06:09pm]

Lines for Jimin?
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[03 Jul 2020|05:28am]
can i get something slash for tommy lee?
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[02 Jul 2020|07:28pm]

still looking for a pete for my patrick
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[01 Jul 2020|09:49pm]

Something romantic for this closeted workaholic? An old friend that comes back into his life. A co-worker. Something fluffy with some smut thrown in.
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[01 Jul 2020|06:33am]

would someone be willing to play pete for me?
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[30 Jun 2020|11:47am]

Slash or gen lines for Remy Lebeau/Gambit? I play him out of the comics but I'm cool discussing throwing him into MCU canon, too. Wolverine/Logan would be awesome but I'm open to write against a lot of characters.
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[30 Jun 2020|11:57am]

He has just went through a break up and sees an ad online for a pride gay bear/daddy and lovers resort weekend or cruise decides to go because he's always been interested in older men etc. Ends up meeting some of the guys and getting used. Things could continue outside the weekend/cruise if we'd like to keep things going as well. Looking for someone to play some daddy bears for this? Would love something long term, laid back, and fun.
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[29 Jun 2020|08:40pm]

[info]frequent kid cudi, winston duke, jason momoa, oscar isaac, josh brolin, armie hammer
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[29 Jun 2020|11:24pm]

[info]frequent late night people for scenes and customs
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[29 Jun 2020|07:27pm]

Park Jimin for a psl? Serious writers only, please.
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[29 Jun 2020|02:16pm]
What faces under 30 are especially wanted at [info]isleroyale?
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[28 Jun 2020|10:38pm]
Looking for a writer who would write two alphas (or one alpha character and one npc alpha) for my omega. What I'm looking for is double penetration, breeding and pregnancy kinks in particular. A long-term line would be lovely.
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[28 Jun 2020|05:17pm]

[info]frequent mgk and yungblud, pls. bring me men who like weird, stoners
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[28 Jun 2020|04:20pm]

Slash lines for Captain Boomerang from Suicide Squad?
Canons, crossovers, I'd be down for anything really.
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[28 Jun 2020|04:28pm]
Looking for an alpha for a cute, romantic line to take to [info]isleroyale. Or maybe an existing alpha player who's currently single?
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