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[13 Dec 2017|10:40pm]
pb and possible age gap psl for till lindemann?
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[13 Dec 2017|09:23pm]

A clean cut preachers son or at least a guy from a strict family for my tattooed bad boy? I have a few ideas but I'm open to brainstorming.
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[12 Dec 2017|11:50pm]

New romance/reunion between two older werewolves? Or a somewhat younger wolf to put a bit more pep in his step?
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[12 Dec 2017|10:41pm]

A mustachioed man to give me guy a ride before bending him over?
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[12 Dec 2017|11:05am]

Santa for a smutry Christmas night with my boy?
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X posted. [12 Dec 2017|01:27am]

[info]rattlesnake Looking for several people for this guys storyline, with them being either romantic or platonic in nature. Line ideas: a roommate, his first boyfriend, a best friend, a fwb (could develop into a relationship), a student he's giving private art lessons to (also could develop into a relationship) and a regular client that he shouldn't be involved with, but he can't seem to stay away from him. PB suggestions: Bill Skarsgård, Chris Evans, Sam Claflin, Max Irons, Robert Pattinson, Josh Whitehouse, Alexander Vlahos, Chris Hemsworth. Please keep in mind that these are just suggestions and you're more than welcome to come up with some of your own. Also, I can offer journal codes and/or icons if needed.
If you're interested, please comment this post, or here in the journal, and let's have some fun! :-)
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[11 Dec 2017|07:33pm]

[info]rattlesnake any interest in this ray of sunshine coming around?
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[11 Dec 2017|03:51pm]

[info]rattlesnake Dominic Sherwood for all the marbles. All of them. If you're coming (or if you're already here), let's find connections? We'd love you here.
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[11 Dec 2017|03:34pm]

apparently i like a good cliche, sue me. could i get a timothée chalamet for a pb line or two? don’t have anything particular in mind but happy to brainstorm. would also be open to playing against a c-boy timotheé.
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[11 Dec 2017|02:28pm]

So I've taken a lot of time off from RP and I'm just getting back into it and want to try something different. I've tried Power Ranger lines a couple times and always end up getting abandoned so let's try this again.

Anyone interested in a PR line? It would be a mash of the 90's original with the Boom Comics run with new fancast PB's, but details can be fudged. It can be pure sex-pollen smut or fluff as well if you'd like. Open to any of the rangers, even gender swapped females. Also okay with making a journal for a different ranger if the story calls for it (I just had Billy premade). Let's talk!
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[11 Dec 2017|01:53pm]

Trying this again with hope for a holiday miracle!

[info]abona is looking for more players! I'm specifically looking for a partner for this elf who loves to make beautiful things (bonus points for a Darren Criss PB). There are a lot of open lines with the characters in play, and everyone is friendly so check it out!
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[10 Dec 2017|09:35pm]

[info]abona could I please get an alpha for this omega witch? The game is really fun and everyone is friendly. I'm not picky about faces either, just someone who likes to write scenes and won't abandon the ship after plotting.
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[10 Dec 2017|08:35pm]

[info]rattlesnake - The Netflix show based on his comic book is now up on Netflix to binge, and I'd really love to have more of the actors on the show in the game. So if you're interested in a faux celeb type line inside of a slash game that has highly active, super friendly players, please take a look!
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[10 Dec 2017|08:19pm]

[info]rattlesnake bring us all of your characters! i have ideas.
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[10 Dec 2017|06:00pm]

[info]abona people his age, fellow Brits, Cillian Murphy, Chris Pine, Michael Fassbender for his best friend or just because.
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[10 Dec 2017|02:44pm]

could i get a jason momoa for a psl? if you're not feeling him, pbs are negotiable.
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[10 Dec 2017|04:53pm]

loOoOoOong shot but liam o'brien or matt mercer for my travis willingham? pb/celeb
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[10 Dec 2017|05:24am]
is there any chance people still play ville valo? if not would someone slash someone against bam margera or johnny knoxville?
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[10 Dec 2017|12:35pm]

Anyone wants to work out an alpha/omega line to take to [info]abona? I would be very tempted to use Justin Hartley or Chris Evans as an omega.
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[10 Dec 2017|05:35am]

[info]hadlowoffice ... More fresh faces for the fresh new polyamorous PSL
This Kit is about to be in a Natalie Dormer/Emilia Clarke sandwich and if JASON MOMOA wants to get in on that, he better get here quickly...
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