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[19 Aug 2017|01:34am]

Would anyone play an Athlete or Wrestler against a celeb?
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[19 Aug 2017|01:24am]

Slash for a Daniel Franzese pb? Perhaps to take to a game?
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[19 Aug 2017|05:06am]

DD/lb Teen Wolf lines? Slash. Journals. Looking to play Scott in either role. Would love to play him against Chris Argent, Derek, Jackson, Issac, Liam or of course Stiles. Screened here and in the journal.
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[18 Aug 2017|11:23pm]

his twin brother for something light-hearted and custom heavy?
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[18 Aug 2017|10:17pm]

[info]rattlesnake. Other army connections, returning vets who work as bodyguards at his private security firm, big wigs who his teams protect, a personal assistant or secretary for the office. Faces wide open, though Ryan Hurst would be amazing.
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[18 Aug 2017|09:38pm]

Looking for private pb lines, see journal for details.
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[18 Aug 2017|05:51pm]
looking for a long-term slash line, maybe eventually take it somewhere?
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[18 Aug 2017|03:13pm]

Anyone interested in bringing someone 30+ in for a May/December line at a celeb community? I have a basic idea we can build on!
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[18 Aug 2017|02:08pm]

Looking for a Jeffrey Dean Morgan for my Norman Reedus. Pb only. No solid ideas. Looking to brainstorm ideas. Journals please.
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[18 Aug 2017|08:55pm]

anyone want to take a slash line to [info]highborns a game of thrones inspired game?
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[18 Aug 2017|04:25pm]

willem dafoe, john noble, derek jacobi, ed begley jr for a psl, ideally based in a sci-fi or supernatural setting, any ratio of smut-to-plot.
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[18 Aug 2017|09:06am]

Something for a pb Samuel L Jackson, Miguel Silvestre, Nick Offerman, Nick Bateman, Jay Ellis, Ryan Guzman, John Boyega or Rahul Kohli?

Someone in their 20s or 30s would be ace.
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[17 Aug 2017|10:27pm]

I need to dust this fella off a bit. Something sweet and sexy for a Mousa Kraish pb?
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[17 Aug 2017|05:22pm]

Looking for somebody pretty to lavish with attention.

Or maybe two somebodies. Twins?

Screened post on the journal, leave me a custom.
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[17 Aug 2017|03:38pm]

[info]rattlesnake adds are tonight!
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[17 Aug 2017|11:10am]

A younger man for Luke Evans. Daddy kink, medical play, no non-con. Threading and/or customs. PB only. Long term preferred.
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[16 Aug 2017|10:26pm]

Would anyone pb Idris Elba in a long-lasting slash line with my guy? I'd love a good mix of plot, fluff and smut, not just pwp. Abo preferred. I'd like to use Sebastian Stan, Brian j. Smith, Chris Pine or Chris Pratt.
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[16 Aug 2017|06:25pm]

[info]rattlesnake a bodyguard and entourage for ~grantc to party with, hugh jackman and jude law for ~luckd to love on, and more unconventional faces to join the fun
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[16 Aug 2017|08:49pm]

Looking for something MCU. I generally play slash mostly, 1-3 tags a day on my end. I live in the EST timezone of the US. I like to play by email but I can thread for the right line

I play:
Bucky Barnes and I am looking for Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Clint Barton, other Avengers, SHIELD, or HYDRA agents, OCs, very open to ideas
Stephen Strange and I am looking for Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, OCs, or others very open to ideas
Tony Stark and I am looking for Steve, Rhodey, haven't played him in a long time, probably some OCs, let me know if you want him
Deadpool and I am looking for Spiderman, some of the X-men, OCs, Or others.
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[16 Aug 2017|05:04pm]

would someone attempt to portray a brian kinney character or play against one? or randy against gale? or even anyone against gale?
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