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Skins Gift Exchange! [19 Oct 2009|05:53pm]

I just wanted to spread the word that skins_exchange @ Livejournal -- a new gift exchange community (and a first I believe) -- is taking sign-ups right now. If you have a livejournal account there then that's cool, and if you don't, it's still cool because you can sign up using your insanejournal account (using OpenID) and it won't be a problem.

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[28 Feb 2009|11:35am]


Follow a group of teenagers from Bristol as they experience love, family, death and growing up in a role-play game based off the hit British drama SKINS set during S3.


Most needed: James Cook, Katie Fitch, JJ Jones, Freddie Mclair, Karen Mclair and Thomas Tomone. S1 characters still availible!
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[07 May 2008|05:34pm]

I hope this is okay with the moderator shaped person here but I figure we're all SKIN fans so there is no better place to look for people interested in continuing the skins story (with the original characters).  We're starting a SKINS RP PSL group and we're in desperate need of many of the characters. The only two characters taken at the moment are Jal and Cassie. Everyone else is fair game (including Chris -- yes, you hear me right!). The info is over at [info]pucking. There are no high pressure demands of 5 million examples to prove writing ability. All we're asking for is people who love skins and want to write.  I hope some of you will be heading on over there. Make my night, folks.
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multi-fandom friending meme [19 Mar 2008|05:10pm]

multi-fandom friending meme here
I'd love to see some Skins fans there! :D

let me know if this is not allowed and i'll delete it again
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[16 Mar 2008|05:57pm]

Hello and welcome to [info]skinsfan - IJ's very own e4 series Skins community.

  • Everyone is allowed to post, but please keep it all Skins related. From full-sizing to random questions to posting icons and other graphics - feel free to post it! Please make sure if there's anything extremely large or spoiler-ish that there is a lj-cut involved! We don't mind those multi-fandom friending memes but please don't over do it. Those can get annoying if there's multiple posts on it.

  • All discussions about the show will happen every Friday just in case some people are unable to see it until Thursday or whenever it's posted on youtube. If necessary, we will be posting the links to the youtube if you are incapable of getting the series on your own television.

  • We will be having little Skins-related contests with silly graphics for prizes! Such contests may include graphic designing, caption contest, random questions, and other things! We're going to try to keep this community as active as possible. If there's any type of contest you'd like to see, feel free to leave some options!
  • Have fun [info]skinsfans! :)


    official site
    official myspace
    skins online
    skins gallery (filled with caps!)

    If there's any other sites you have, please let us know! Also, if you have any questions at all, feel free to comment or PM one of the mods.
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