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Love Is The Power

Title: Love is the Power
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Remus/Harry/Sirius
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Remus and Sirius are both drawn to Harry. What will happen when they find out that giving in to their feelings could be the only thing that will save Harry's life?
Warnings: threesome, dubious consent, chan (Harry is nearly 15), first-time, D/s (nothing severe), werewolf bonding.
Word Count: ~3273




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gatewaygirl [userpic]
Harry/Remus/Sirius story

Hello! I have a new Harry/Remus/Sirius story, Making It Right up at Up To No Good. It's a cross-timeline story, in which Harry is 23, and the Marauders just slightly younger. Harry's intention is to save Sirius from prison, but then Remus is there....

NC-17, with some mild bondage; sequel to another, shorter story.

FIC: The Acolyte's Robe, by Rakina, NC17, 2/2

Headers, etc on Part 1. You're not going straight to part 2 without seeing the disclaimer and warnings, after all...

The Acolyte's Robe, part 2 )

Fic: The Acolyte's Robe, by Rakina, NC17, 1/2

Have some Remarry!
Mods - I'll add the tags once I've posted; Semagic is being silly and won't let me do it at the mo.

Title: The Acolyte's Robe
Author: Rakina
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Remus Lupin/Harry Potter.
Genre: Humour.
Word Count: 12,581
Warning: Under 18 – Harry is 16.
Summary: Harry wants to help Remus, even if it means he loses his virginity and his dignity in the attempt.
Beta: The sublime Hel Bee.
Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognise, and make no profit from this.
Author's Notes: AU, set during HBP, but Sirius is alive! :-D
Written for Valensmut 2008, for [info]darkladyvamp's prompt: romance, happy endings, cross-dressing. The cross-dressing is a little sneaky ;-)

The Acolyte's Robe )

Another entry for Challenge #1

Title: Ozolagnia

Author: LL24ever

Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Remus/Harry/Sirius
Word Count: 3715

Warning(s): Chan (Harry is just 15), dubious consent, slight D/s, Hurt/Comfort, First-Time, Somnophilia, Ozolagnia, werewolf plot device.
Summary: What if, after being attacked by the Dementors, Uncle Vernon had decided to punish Harry instead of trying to kick him out? What if at the same time someone was on the way to rescue Harry?

Author’s Note: This story is from the hp_wintersmut fest. The title is a fetish term that means becoming aroused by certain scents.

Ozolagnia )

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An entry for Challenge #1

Here's a little something for the challenge. I really am hoping someone besides me will post on here eventually. It is nice having another place to put my stories...but that wasn't really the purpose of starting the asylum.


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WELCOME and challenge #1

Hello everyone and welcome to the community. This is a place for fans of Remus/Harry (Remarry), Sirius/Harry (Sirry), and the threesome of Remus/Harry Sirius (Remarrius perhaps?).

Here's the challenge should you accept:


-Post your previously written Remarry, Sirry, and Remarrius (threesome) stories.
-Art would be appreciated however I'm new to modding so I don't know how to archive artwork if anyone has a clue please let me know and then I can take art as well.
-I sounded a little dim before with this message so I decided to edit. Please use tags for your name, pairings, and warnings so the stories are sorted nicely once I figure out the tags can be added to the menu bar. Please include a tag for Challenge #1.
-Post as many stories as you would like (time to re-pimp your work!!)
-The challenge will be open for one week from now until Saturday February 16th at 9pm CST.
-Happy Posting!!


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