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    Monday, February 12th, 2018
    [CW: death] Life Update
    I have been exercising several times a week - Monday night Aerobics, Saturday morning Circuit Training in a local Park, and a Friday afternoon Couch to Five K running group for total beginners, plus two homework sessions for the C25K group. Between that and the volunteering at my local library bookshop, I've been keeping busy and getting out of the house at least five days each week.

    My finances continue to continue, but it feels better to have them settled. I wouldn't say I'm financially secure, but the situation is stable and slowly improving (instead of risky and disintegrating), and I think that's close enough.

    The next part of my plan is to join some arts and crafts groups - Art, Sewing, and Creative Writing. They're all run for free by a local MH charity, and I already have a lot of the kit I'd need, so it's just a matter of scheduling them. I'm looking forward to it, sort of? I don't like meeting new people, but once I get over that, I know I'll be mostly good to go.

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