Sep. 27th, 2008


Icon Dump

My to be posted folder was getting a bit cluttered so there's a wide variety today!

001-004 Torchwood (4)
005-012 Doctor Who (8)
013-020 Amy Acker (8)
021-035 Firefly/Serenity (15)
036-038 Marilyn Monroe (3)
039-042 Doctor Horrible (4)
043-047 Dan Radcliffe (5)
048-054 Equus (7)
055-060 Harry Potter (mostly Harry/Draco) (6)


*Warning* One icon features a 'bad' word and two others are just in poor taste.

all icons under cut )

001-004 were created for [info]dailyicons. 002 won 2nd place and 004 won best colour.

005-012 were created for [info]dwicontest. 006 won Mod's choice and 009 won 2nd place.

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xx use as is or customize if you wish
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Jun. 4th, 2008


Libertines, Serenity, Marilyn Monroe, Les Chansons d'amour

I've been making small batches of icons here and there and keeping forgetting to post, thus there's quite an eclectic group for today.


001-007 Les Chansons d'amour
008-013 Serenity (Jayne, Mal/Jayne)
014-020 Marilyn Monroe
021-029 Libertines

icons here )

xx comments and credit are lovely if you're so inclined
xx please no hotlinking
xx resources can be found in the user info except for the following:

+ Marilyn images were found doing a google image search
+ Libertine images were found thanks to thelibs_daily community on LJ
+ Les Chansons d'amour images were screencapped by me from this video.
+ Serenity images were screencapped by me.