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22nd March 2008

taeliarose3:31pm: Another question, I suppose
Have you ever played in a production of one of the plays?

As for me, I played Celia in As You Like It once because my Theater teacher guilted me into it.  I'm not much of a actress normally, but it was fun.  The worst part had to be learning all the lines, though I felt worse for the poor guy playing Touchstone.  He had so many lines, and he couldn't remember them for the longest time.  Also, our Rosalind got food poisoning the day before opening night and the substitute had broken her arm and had a huge pink cast on.  Needless to say, it wasn't the best production of As You Like It ever.

(You guys do know that you can post too, right?  LOL)
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19th March 2008

taeliarose3:28pm: Well, I suppose I should get the party started, eh?

What's your favorite Shakespeare play?

My personal favorites are Hamlet and The Tempest. Hamlet is so full of everything that makes a play great: vibrant characters, compelling plot, vivid language, and plenty of style.  It was the first Shakespeare play that I fell in love with after having been bored by Romeo and Juliet and Julius Caesar.  As for The Tempest, I have no idea why I am so ridiculously fond of it.  I know it's not one of the funniest comedies he did, but it makes me laugh every time, especially with Stephano and Trinculo.  Also, Ariel is a perennial favorite of mine to muse over.
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taeliarose1:43pm: First Post
Hello all, and welcome to [info]shakespeareans!  This community was built with one thing in mind: Shakespeare.  If it has anything even remotely to do with him and his works, post it here.  I couldn't help but notice that there was a regrettable lack of such a place on InsaneJournal (not that there is an active on on LJ, either), so I thought I'd take some action and start my very own asylum.

Please be kind to your fellow fans.  When things of a literary nature come up, there are bound to be some differences of opinion.  That is fine, and debate is encouraged.  However, there is really no reason to be rude.  Among things that will not be tolerated are: racism, sexism, homophobia, and excessively foul language.  What defines these things will be determined by the moderators (at current, myself), and are punishable by anything from a warning to the banhammer.  (To clear up the 'excessive language' rule: the occasional curse is permitted.  A few words that get on the mod's nerves, such as the c-word, will be subject to warning)

Finally, have fun!  Feel free to discuss any aspect of Shakespeare, his plays, his poetry, his contemporaries, or anything relating thereto.  I look forward to see you all in the threads!
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