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    Monday, October 27th, 2008
    8:08 pm
    First to the post...
    The large oak doors of the school seemed so daunting, as all new doors seemed to. Raven couldn't help but stand on the threshold of the keep and admire the towering fortress. The architecture was stunning, for a school. It seemed such a shame that this place had been abandoned not so long ago, but even more that only very priviledged people would now be the only ones allowed to view its splendor. The large front doors were framed by large blocks of carved stone, symmetrical and heavily detailed. On the door was a large brass knocker in the shape of a griffin's head. It gave off a penetrating stare...

    Raven swallowed slowly. He hated new places. It was just the thought that he would know no - one and they wouldn't know him, and his problems. In the last school he attended, he had had hardly any friends. They found him to difficult to talk to. And the only person who could help him was his brother, Seth, and he was even worse at socializing. But, hopefully, it would all change...this time...
    Saturday, October 25th, 2008
    11:55 am
    New Term, new start
    The school creaked noisily, settling itself back into a comfortable stance. Dust drifted silently out of the open door, the pale sun filtering in past it, illuminating the hard stone floor of the school, the crumbling stonework, the fading pictures upon the walls, and a rather tall, slender woman dressed all in black.

    Headmistress Bell was making her final routine checks about the place before the new term started. Any day now students from all across the globe will be pushing the way through the solid doors into the ancient heart of the school, ready to learn. Everything had to be just right. Her heels clicked rhythmically on the stone clad floor as she marched along the now deserted corridors, clipboard in hand and pen in the other. The summer had been a long and busy one, sorting out new staff for the term, checking that the old abandoned hall which the school now occupied was fit to withstand the bustle of school life, and anaylising all the students forms to check they were alligiable for her school.

    When she was satisfied, Mistress Bell returned to her office to finish up her paperwork and wait for the first arrivals.
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