October 2011



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Oct. 3rd, 2011


Anyone still here?

Hey, Megan and i had a short thread going, but we're wondering if anyone is still around.

If so, does anyone want to plot?

Sep. 1st, 2011


First post~

The first post is up over here and you can use it as a space to show your characters initial reactions or mingle and complain along with everyone else. Dehner will also have her own post on there if you'd like to ask her anything (though I'm sure you don't want to haha).

Posting is now open as well. We're also working on a post guide but here are the basics: Mark your post as open or closed and tag your character name to the post.

Have Fun~

Aug. 25th, 2011


Beginning plot and start date

Our goal was to have most of the main cast fleshed out before starting but I think we should just move forward with getting the game going. We're aiming for a stat date of September 1st.

The initial plot will involve Elizabeth Dehner, a Starfleet psychologist, who is stationed on the ship for one purpose: to evaluate the crew after the devastation of the Nero attack and assess whether or not they are able to continue their duties in the wake of a tragedy. While the well trained and prepared crew of the Enterprise is capable of handing situations like this and continuing their work, there is an ulterior motive here on Starfleet Command’s end. There are a large number of people who would like to take command of the best ship in the fleet from Captain James T Kirk, the hotshot recent graduate. Due to protocol they cannot touch him without getting documentation of his slip ups, and a psycho-analysis and assessment of the crew’s capabilities is just the way to get it. Perhaps the crew realizes what’s going on, perhaps Kirk will realize the various Admirals that once praised him are now trying to undermine him, but Dehner might just be a pawn.

If you guys have any input on how to move the plot forward or if you want to plan interactions with Dehner please leave a comment here. While she is a plot character she will be played by Lauren (Spock & Riley’s mun). Also if you have any ideas for introduction posts or would like to plot or discuss characters in any way please use this post. This is your plotting and interaction encouragement!