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    Monday, August 13th, 2018
    team cap
    what makes you happy by icoulddothisallday [Steve/Bucky, Sam, Natasha]
    The world has changed, and none of us can go back. All we can do is our best, and sometimes the best that we can do is to start over.

    Closed Book by AggressiveWhenStartled [Steve/Bucky, Tony, Natasha]
    Bucky woke up with a headache, a mouth that tasted like something had died in it, and hands-down, swear-to-god, the most beautiful man he had ever seen asleep in his lap...

    Bucky Barnes Is Five Eleven, and Other Lies He Tells Supervillains by AggressiveWhenStartled [Steve/Bucky, Sam]
    Sam Wilson trudged back into the house, dripping with sweat, stumbling out of his running shoes and stripping his shirt off as he went. He made it to the kitchen and pulled a carton of orange juice out of the fridge, got the cap off, and almost wore it instead when Bucky Fucking Barnes smacked him upside the back of the head...

    Soak Them In by Brumeier [Steve/Bucky Avengers]
    In which Steve and the Avengers find a way to help Bucky love himself again.

    So Runs the World Away by Nos4a2no9 [Steve/Bucky] Explicit
    Bucky and Steve reconnect in Wakanda, and Bucky learns something new.

    Ice As Sharp As My Steel Heart by TigressJade [Steve/Bucky]
    Steve Rogers barely escapes the plane he crashed in the ice and spends months hiking through Siberia to get back to the known world. Then he hears word of someone he thought he'd lost forever, renewing his will to fight once more.

    I [Heart] You by writeonclara [Steve/Bucky, Natasha]
    Steve’s been hit with a rather telling curse.

    Current Mood: worried
    Wednesday, August 8th, 2018
    team cap
    Full of Grace by Odsbodkins [Steve/Bucky, Steve/Natasha, Avengers] Mature
    In an alternate universe, Steve Rogers falls from the train and becomes the Winter Soldier. Bucky Barnes crashes the Hydra plane into the Arctic, and is awoken seventy years later to be made Captain America.

    Closer to flying by Odsbodkins [Steve/Sam, Steve/Bucky] Mature
    Sam Wilson had thought he had excellent gaydar. The sort of neighborhood he grew up in, then the military, a near-flawless gaydar was a survival essential. He was going to have to revise it to “has excellent gaydar in person. Because he had never had the slightest inkling that Captain America might be gay.

    we carry our lives around in our memories by biblionerd07 [Steve/Bucky, Avengers]
    James doesn't remember why he has a metal arm. The doctors say he had an accident and has brain damage. Sometimes he wishes he could remember. But every morning he gets to eat breakfast with his friend Steve, so it's not so bad. James thinks he and Steve might be dating, kind of. It's alright if he doesn't remember everything. Steve doesn't mind.

    Thaw by Fyre [Steve/Bucky, Team Cap] Explicit
    Project codename: Thaw
    Target: Captain America. Previously known as Steven Grant Rogers.
    Method: Coercion
    Notes: Target may be diverted due to resemblance to childhood friend. Utilise appearance to destabilise Captain America by any means. Weaken and/or remove if threat. Maintain and enhance affiliation if malleable. Potential ally.
    Timeframe: No upper limit

    Riding Shotgun by Fyre [Sam, Steve, Bucky]
    How Sam Wilson ended up in the front seat of a VW Bug with Captain America.

    MAKE ME CHOOSE: @captainevans by sbstianstan [Steve]

    Current Mood: cold
    Friday, August 3rd, 2018
    team cap
    A Good Man is Hard to Find by EtLaBete [Steve/Bucky, Sam, Avengers] AU
    When one of Sam's V.A. patients enrolled in Tony Stark's bionics trial is having a rough time, Steve accompanies Sam to Stark Tower for moral support.

    crawl home by biblionerd07 [Steve/Bucky Sam]
    By now, the world's learned what Steve Rogers will do for Bucky Barnes. They have no idea about the other way around.

    captain asshole is a morning person by lazulisong [Sam, Steve, Bucky]
    Sam thought he got free of this shit when he retired. Bucky could have told him better.

    and we are finally home by springsoldier [Sam/Natasha, Steve/Bucky]
    The Winter Soldier shows up in Sam's kitchen, one morning. He deals with it.

    of what I am, not what I'll be by camwolfe [Sam, Steve/Bucky] Mature
    Sam's hurt, and it makes sense to stay with Steve while he heals. Of course, that also means staying with Bucky.

    the ghost and the machine by beardsley [Steve/Bucky, Sam, Sharon] Mature
    Retelling of CA:TWS with Steve Rogers as the Winter Soldier.

    Infinity War | I Was Here remake by Lucy'sHeart [Avengers, Guardians]

    Current Mood: dorky
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