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Feb. 21st, 2012


Urbanites (Harry Potter Next-Gen)

Date last posted: First time posting!
Name of the Game: Urbanites
Format: Thread and Journal-based on Insanejournal
Genre: Harry Potter (Next-Gen)
Contact Info: urbanitesmods[at]gmail[dot]com
Premise Summary: Set in 2029, Urbanites is a social next-gen Harry Potter game centered around the booming industrialization of Diagon Alley since the war and the urbanites who live and work there.
Age Limit: 18+, please!
Starting date: March 1
Other details:
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Feb. 24th, 2012


Edge of Forever

Date last posted: never
Name of the Game: Edge of Forever
Format: Thread-based on Dreamwidth
Genre: Sci-fi pan-fandom
Contact info: forever.rpg.mods @
Premise Summary: Edge of Forever is a pan-fandom roleplaying game set in a space station with a directed ongoing storyline. The station, while seeming benign, contains many surprises, not all of them pleasant. How your character adapts to these twists and changes is up to you, and may determine how well they survive in this unfamiliar world.
Also, periodically the station will "dock" and allow its residents to travel off it for a while. Characters will have to blend in in whatever world they find themselves, and there will be a contained plot or task for each dock. The game focuses around exploration of the space station and dealing with life in a place where not everything is as it seems.
Age limit: 17+
Starting date: March 1st
Other details: For more information, check out our wiki. The link is behind the cut.
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Jun. 11th, 2010


For the Greater Good RPG (AU Harry Potter)

Date last posted: First time posting
Name of the Game: For the Greater Good
Format: Thread-based on Insanejournal
Genre: Alternative Universe Harry Potter
Contact info:
Premise Summary: In 1930, Gellert Grindelwald killed Albus Dumbledore and took control of the British magical world. Muggleborns are no longer accepted into Hogwarts with laws refusing them the opportunity to learn magic or gain a wand of their own. Now, seventy-years later in 2000, the world is a much different places. Minister Grindelwald told the muggle world about magic in 1950. Now that both worlds are aware of each other, most of the wizarding world refuses to meet in the middle and the muggles live in repression and fear.
Age limit: 18+
Starting date: May 1, 2010
Other details: More Information and Information Links )

Jun. 19th, 2010


Babylon 2.0

Date last posted: First Time
Name of the Game: Babylon 2.0
Format: Forum
Genre: Science-Fiction
Contact info:
Premise Summary: Following the fourth world war, and in the wake of global catastrophe, our cities have become technocratic mirrors of what they once were, beacons of civilization enclosed in great domes where most everything on the outside has been swallowed by radiation and ruin.
Age limit: 18+
Starting date: Jan 2010
Other details: The Boards

Jul. 14th, 2010


Date last posted: Never
Name of the Game: Tangled Time
Format: Third person story book, journals
Genre: Harry Potter Multi-Era
Contact info: or the drop box (top post in the mod journal)
Premise Summary: The year is 1996 and the battle in the Department of Mysteries occurred three days ago. It all happened as we remember it. It started in the Hall of the Prophecies, moved to the Time Room where the Time Turner's broke and then into the Death Chamber. Except what happens if that wasn't the case? What happens if there was a side effect of the Time Turners breaking? What happens if it pulled people out of time and into 1996?
Age limit: 18+
Starting date: With 12 characters (not including NPC's)
Other details: More details )

Aug. 26th, 2010


MDC_Multiverse on LJ

Date last posted: A year ago, maybe.
Name of the Game: Marvel/DC Multiverse
Format: Journal, AIM
Genre: Crossover, comics.
Contact info: (Mod can also be reach on MSN through that email)
Premise Summary: MDC is set in a world based on and following the story of the events of the Marvel vs DC and Amalgam Age comics. We've put our own spin on it however, in that in the nanosecond before the merge, all of the characters decided subconsciously if they wanted to become amalgams again or remain as they were. What this means for you is that you can play cannon DC or Marvel characters, or you can use the Amalgam system to make something new and interesting (or to play an existing amalgam character of course). The setting is fairly flexible, and we allow movieverse and animated versions of characters as well. If a person wants to boost their knowledge of a character by reading the wiki entry on them, it's encouraged but not required.
Age limit: 14 and up
Starting date: N/A
Other details: The timeline is mostly continuous. And we try to have community wide events for all characters to have access to, either by direct participation or as something to reference in idle conversation. The last one was called Summer's End, and currently there's an event going on involving some characters mysteriously going missing, the most noticeable of which is Professor Xavier.
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Jan. 2nd, 2011


Date last posted: First time poster.
Name of the Game: Resisto!
Format: A community with a firm emphasis on interaction taking place between characters through both journal entries and threading.
Genre: Harry Potter
Contact info: [info]resisto PM the mod account or leave a comment on one of the entries in the mod journal.
Premise Summary: A first war MWPP game because seriously, not enough marauder love in the world right now.
Age limit: Due to there being mature and dark themes in the game we ask that everyone please be at least 18 years of age in order to apply
Starting date: January 9th!
Other details:
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Jan. 25th, 2011


Enter the Wastelands

Date last posted: Never (for this game)
Name of the Game: Enter the Wastelands
Format: community/thread
Genre: supernatural/post-nuclear fallout
Contact info:
Premise Summary: Pan-fandom, post-nuclear fallout RPG. See info below cut.
Age limit: 18+
Starting date: as soon as we have 10 approve-able characters
Other details: see ad
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Jan. 27th, 2011


Date last posted: Never
Name of the Game: LXH; Legion of Extraordinary Heroes
Format: Threading, Journal
Genre: Original Superheroes, Supernaturals, Etc. PB Multi-Genre
Contact info: [info]lxhmods
Premise Summary: LXH (League of Extraordinary Heroes) is a pulp-based, multi-genre RPG. Set in modern times, in fictional Avalon City, it features good, bad, and that hazy grey area in dealing with superheroes, supervillains, mystics, demons, enhanced humans, and everything in between. If you can think it up, it probably lives here in Avalon. We're looking for recruits with an eye for the unusual, and a rich style of character creation. Turmoil will constantly be on the horizon, as the mods aim to throw a wrench into the works every now again, for good guys and bad guys alike. Evil NPC elements will pop up from time to time, as well as squeaky clean heroes. Keep an eye out for advertisements in the Avalon Herald for wanted "guns for hire", or seek out the leaders of various factions within the city yourself. Feel free to start a personality from scratch, or take an existing character from your favourite canon and re-work them into an original character. In this game, as with Avalon City itself, anything goes...
Age limit: 18+
Starting date: First 8 players.
Other details:
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Feb. 13th, 2011



Date last posted: First time!
Name of the Game:
Format: LJ-community based
Genre: Mythology
Contact info: Here!
Premise Summary: Reincarnated Gods, why are they back? Why did they die? They think they live normal lives but...They weren't supposed to die - but worry not, for death is not an end. Their mortal shells hold their immortal souls, a new beginning each turn of the wheel. They bleed. They die. - Khaos collects.
Age limit: 16+
Starting date: OPEN
Other details: Reserves open from the 9th to the 16th of every month! Egyptian, Hindu and Aztec pantheons open in March.

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Mar. 2nd, 2011


Date last posted: First time poster
Name of the Game: Boston Mafia
Format: AIM/journal/threading
Genre: Original, Mafia based
Contact info: AIM: skittlesxrayn or PM the mod journal, [info]bostonmafia_mod
Premise Summary: Boston, Massachusetts. A town known for its great food, great bars, and baseball fans, has a much darker side to it. There is a way this town is run, and it isn't by local merchants or even the government. No, this town runs on an entirely different system. That system is known around here as the Murphy Family. Since the late 1950's, this town has been run by the Irish family.

This town has lived in comfortable fear of the Murphy family for years. Pay your debts on time, don't cause trouble in the wrong parts of town, and you'll be left alone. If you stick your nose where it doesn't belong, you pay the consequences. Members of the police force had learned to look the other way when it came to the crimes of the Murphy family. They participated in the age old 'I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine' mentality. The town lived like that for years, and nobody cared to do anything about it. That was of course, until ten years ago. The Luciano family from Western Massachusetts, an Italian family equally ruthless and looking to take over the gold mine of business that the Murphy family had cultivated over the last few decades. They moved in with force, but what they didn't count on was the allegiances that had formed in the reign of the Murphys.

Blood was shed on both sides, and the Luciano family made it undeniably clear they weren't going anywhere. Loyalties began to waver, people began to pick sides, lives were lost, and hatred rose to a boiling point. This is when the State Troopers decided to step in. They had long since monitored the dealings going on in Boston, but nothing ever rose high enough to take action until the Luciano family stepped in. Now the Troopers are determined to bring down not only the Irish, but the Italian mob families that seem intent on ripping the family apart. They could trust very few in the police department, for most had been involved with the Murphy family from the beginning. They began to set up camp around the town, infiltrating where they could, opening new businesses and playing along with the facade of the families until they can make their move.

The Murphy and Luciano families have bigger problems now. Last year, the Russian mafia, decided they wanted in on the action. The Rasputin’s once followed under the laws the Murphy family set up. They have been living in Boston and the surrounding cities for five years. The Rasputins paid their dues and didn’t ask questions. So, why the change of heart?

Now the town that once lived in content anxiety has been ripped apart by a war no one asked for. There is no taking refuge with the law. They are out for blood just as much as anyone else. Boston is running rampant with criminals both petty and big time. Nobody in this town has a clean conscience. Everyone obeys one side or another, there is no middle ground.

Age limit: 17+
Starting date: February 2010

Other details: We are a mafia based RPG, centered in Boston and the surrounding cities. There are three main families, with a fourth that is completely open to all positions, including the boss. We would love to see more of the Italian family filled, along with more law enforcement.

We need some dirty cops for the old "I scratch your back, you scratch mine". We would love for some older characters, some that have been in the game for a while and have experience. Maybe a FBI agent who has been tracking the families every move and is going slightly mental over his obsession? We welcome all types of characters and the cap on civilians will be lifted soon!

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Apr. 1st, 2011


Deceptive Perception - A Supernatural-themed RP - Re-opening April 1st

Date last posted: Unknown—Can't find last post. 2010-ish.
Name of the Game: Deceptive Perception.
Format: Threads/Logs/Journals
Genre: Original; Supernatural; Vampire/Lycan/Demon
Contact info: / [info]dpmod
Premise Summary: The kingdom of Inora is in peril. )
Age limit: Preferred 18+ due to possible adult situations.
Starting date: April 1st.
Other details: The game has be restructured in order to change up the original game premise and add conflict. The original premise seemed too dry and there wasn't enough that could be done with it.
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May. 19th, 2011


Pax Letale: a modern myth game

Date last posted: First time, baby. ;)
Name of the Game: Pax Letale
Format: Journal/IJ
Genre: Mythology.
Contact info: paxnarrator [at] gmail [dot] com.
Premise Summary: Ancient gods are reborn, inhabiting the bodies of mortal humans living in Pax Letale, an apartment building in Southern California. Something sinister may or may not be afoot.
Age limit: 18+ only.
Starting date: June 1, 2011
Other details: Click here. )

May. 23rd, 2011


Date last posted: N/A
Name of the Game: Into The Fire
Format: Jounal
Genre: Fandom
Contact info: [info]fire_mods
Premise Summary: At the end of the Second War, the Order of the Phoenix slowly fell apart, no longer needed to offer a secret fight against Voldemort and his followers...

Now, four years on, the world has been turned upside down by the murder of The Minister of Magic and Death Eaters are starting to move. The Phoenix needs to rise from its ashes! But most of the former members are no longer alive or suited to fight...

Age limit: 18
Starting date: 1st June 2011
Other details:
Full Ad )

Jul. 22nd, 2011


Generation Justice RPG (DC Universe)

Date Last Posted: first time post
Name of the Game: Generation Justice
Format: personal journal and community based
Genre: next-gen/superhero/DCU
Contacts info: contact the Mods
vespertila | please contact via personal LJ @
nightfall | please contact via personal LJ @
Premise Summary: A group of kids. What do they plan to do when they grow up? Save the world. And they start now.
Age Limit: 13+
Starting Date: 2011-05-26

Other details:More details: )

Oct. 13th, 2011


Date last posted: never
Name of the Game: Wilted Willows
Format: threading
Genre: school/zombies
Contact info: Mod journal here, mod email
Premise Summary: Wilted Willows is an Original Character RPG exploring the idea of a boarding school full of pupils and staff who are the only uninfected humans for miles around in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.
Age limit: 18+
Starting date: TBA: Game opens with 12 characters.
Other details:
More details )

Oct. 14th, 2011


Date last posted: Never
Name of the Game: Confundo!
Format: Journal/Thread Based
Genre: Harry Potter, MWPP Era, Hogwarts
Contact info: [info]confundomod
Premise Summary: 1977. You know your muggle culture-- Punk music. Star Wars. Saturday Night Fever. But the culture of the wizarding world in 1977 is a different story entirely, a story that's just waiting to be told...

On 1 November, 1977, Headmaster Dumbledore will announce an addition to the Hogwarts journal systems-- the anonymous journal. Essentially, it will be a journal available to everyone in the school, where you can post anything you want, anonymously. Now, don't get too excited-- it isn't just a method to freely insult your enemies. Posts may be anonymous to the students, but Professors can and will be monitoring, and can break the anonymity if the need for taking points arises. But it shouldn't come to that, of course...

Confundo! is a Marauders Era game set in 1977, focusing on Hogwarts students, their culture, and their reactions to the upcoming war.
Age limit: 18+, please
Starting date: 10 Characters

Oct. 29th, 2011


Date last posted: Never
Name of the Game: The Reincarnates
Format: Journal
Genre: Panfandom
Contact info: reincarnatemod[@]gmail[dot]com
Premise Summary: Fictional characters are reincarnated and sharing brains with regular people. Because of this, a war is breaking out amongst the Reincarnates between different factions (Camelot and the Resistance). Which side will YOU choose?
Age limit: 18+
Starting date: 05/2010
Other details: Extremely friendly players, highly approachable mods, and a lot of fun.
More details )

Jan. 18th, 2012


The Washington Irving Academy

Date last posted: Never
Name of the Game: The Washington Irving Academy
Format: Journal mostly, also accepts docs and AIM logs
Genre: Harry Potter world, Original characters only
Contact info: wiamods [@] gmail [dot] com or the Mod Journal
Premise Summary: Premise here
Age limit: 18 + please
Starting date: January, 20th 2012
Other details:
More details )

May. 19th, 2010


The Alley: An HP Next-Gen Game

Date last posted: First time posting
Name of the Game: The Alley
Format: Majority will be thread based, though the game will have "" journals
Genre: Next-Gen Harry Potter
Contact info:
Premise Summary: The year is 2030 and over the past two and a half decades the line between technology and magic has been blurring. With the invention of tvs, movies, computers, cell phones, mp3 players for wizards, tradition is beginning to be forgotten. And some people are not happy about it. The game will open in early June, with the major plot set to begin July 1st.
Age limit: 18+
Starting date: June 12th, 2010
Other details: Full Premise All characters needed! Next-gen only available for casting.

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