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3/27/10 05:27 pm - [info]theentwife - The Ostara Hunt is on!

Persephone's Grove is celebrating Ostara, the spring equinox, with a hunt! Search all the parcels of Persephone's Grove, the Merry Meet Inn & Club and Asphodel Meadows for 25 Ostara eggs full of prizes from the merchants here -- buy for 0L and get the goodies inside!

Hunt ends April 12th, so hurry over before the prizes hop away!

6/23/09 02:53 pm - [info]theentwife - Persephone's Grove SL6B exhibit now open to the public

Second Life's official 6th birthday celebration is now open to the public. Go to to visit the exhibit for Persephone's Grove, which includes Voltaire's film "X-Mess Detritus" (used with permission).

1/28/09 02:49 pm - [info]theentwife - The Chinese New Year Hunt has begun!

Gung Hai Fat Choy!

The Year of the Ox has begun and Persephone's Grove is celebrating with a hunt for Chinese New Year. Search all the parcels of Persephone's Grove and the Merry Meet for 25 red envelopes full of prizes from the merchants here -- buy for 0L and get the goodies inside!

Hunt ends February 5th, so hurry over before the pandas eat them all!

10/29/08 07:10 am - [info]theentwife - Dia de los Muertos hunt at Persephone's Grove

The Dia de los Muertos Hunt is on!

Persephone's Grove is celebrating Samhain and Dia de los Muertos with a hunt! Search all the parcels of Persephone's Grove and the Merry Meet for 25 skulls full of prizes from the merchants here -- buy for 0L and get the goodies inside!

Hunt ends November 10th, so hurry over before the prizes vanish back beyond the veil!

7/24/08 07:25 pm - [info]fma_fangrl - Helloo!

I just joined over here and I've been playing SL for a while now and I find that the place is very nice for a person like me, who can play as a digimon or a furry on there and not having to worry about it impacting my REAL life goofiness! XD

So...I usually hang out at the Phantom Jazz Club mostly and I just wanted to drop a "hi! I'm new here!" to say hi!

So, Hi!

4/6/08 03:38 pm - [info]kherber - Exploring: Selene Castle

From the land I own in Gavello, I can see an immense build just across the sim, an awesome castle in the Bavarian style, called Selene Castle. (Click for SLurl). The grounds are huge and actually border on my property, which is nice to know. So today I went for a wander round.

Selene Castle is HUGE. It takes up over 10,000 sq.m. of Gavallo plus another 12,000 in the neighbouring sim. There is a massive garden with waterfalls and a temple, an outdoor ballroom and event space. Inside there's an indoor ballroom and lounge, art gallery, then there's a courtyard and medieval-style market as well.

It's a really beautiful build, reminds me a little of the Gardens of Apollo, so I took some screenshots. Click the thumbnails for fullsize. It definitely beats having spinning "For Sale" towers as neighbours.

1/31/08 05:28 pm - [info]theentwife

First post here.

Thought I'd show off a few pics I took of my land in Second Life -- Persephone's Grove, located at and currently still decorated for winter. I'll be redoing it in a few days and putting up things for Chinese New Year, so I thought I'd share these inworld photos I took. If you want to see it yourself, best hurry, since I'll be putting things away and trotting out the Asian decor after the public Imbolg ritual on 2/2.

Persephone's Grove and the Merry Meet Inn and Club at Yule )

10/6/07 11:50 pm - [info]ceejay_writer - Awesome!!!

Here's the text of an announcement I got today from the "Steampunks of New Babbage" group, which I'm a member of:

This weekend new babbage is closed to everyone but land holders. Over this weekend we are lifting the sim 100m higher than it's current altitude, this is in preparation for the new underwater sim, "vernian sea" This lift will give that sim a true underwater experience, also on our borders with the void sea we hope to construct a lovely "edge of the world" effect with a huge waterfall dumping our ocean into the void ocean below. This height will also open the doors for more exciting sims next year.

*bounce* Sounds like heaps of fun! I can't wait to see all this!

10/2/07 12:08 am - [info]ceejay_writer - Just what I needed after a really stressy day.

Tonight I went to the opening of a friend's art gallery. I admired the various sculptures scattered on the soft warm sand in front of the gallery - she'd put out an open call for artwork and there was quite an impressive display of it! After wandering around admiring the pieces, I headed inside. She'd done a lot of improvements since the last time I'd checked out the gallery progress. There was one particular sculpture I really liked, and I could actually afford it if I had a decent spot to display it.

After browsing through most of the artwork, I wandered out back to the patio and water fountain area. From there, I could look out at the ocean, and listen to the roar of the waves crashing on the shore. I also heard the voices of a few dozen folk gathering on the sand - this opening party would be entertained by a live band. And they were quite good! And so we danced in the sand, and listened to Telling Stories as they sang us all into our happy places. After a deep orange sunset, the stars came out to sparkle in the night sky. I chatted with a half dozen friends I knew from other places, and it was nice to re-gather in such beautiful surroundings.

Here's a piccie I took of the band playing. And be sure to look for Tammy Connolley's galleries - Phoenix Rising Gallery and Poetry in Pixels!

10/1/07 01:47 pm - [info]ceejay_writer - Oktoberfest at the Crypt!

The world sees us vampire folk as grim demons of the night... and that we are, but it doesn't mean we don't know how to PARTY! Come celebrate Oktoberfest at the Crypt on Tuesday, October 2nd from 4-6pm SLT. Ever see a Vampire Queen in a blue dirndl, chugging beer? Well, you will! All are welcome, demons and mortals alike. Put on your Lederhosen or dirndl and come thirsty! Join us in our own virtual Bavaria at the Crypt, disturbing world (96,174,25)

9/21/07 10:42 pm - [info]kherber - My latest project: Bluff House IV

The fourth incarnation of Bluff House is finished, aside from interior decorating, furnishing and landscaping of the grounds. It's taken me 4 days of work, and a lot of frustration (as seen in the last post) . It's based fairly loosely on the plans of some Spanish villas I found in a holiday brochure and on a website. The textures are all handmade by myself and also are inspired by those Spanish villas. And, amazingly, the entire house is, thanks mainly to sculpty stairs and windows-in-walls textures, around 70 prims, even though it's bigger than Bluff House III. I have some more interior walls to put in upstairs, so it'll probably go up to about 80, plus another 20 or so for the patio and pool. That's well under the previous house. Vig gets his computer back on Monday so it should all be completely finished by the time he gets back inworld.

And here's the pics I promised. More as I progress. 

View from South View from south (front) Kitchen Dining Room


9/21/07 09:39 am - [info]kherber - Three things

1) Crikey. Where did Second Citizen forum go? I was on there only last week.

2) I think I just found out why the last update was compulsory. Seems that someone published a password-stealing hack.   I'm glad LL got onto that right away. A couple of precautions to take: don't use IE as your default browser. And on the Web tab of your Profile, uncheck the "Load web pages automatically" box.

3) Sculpted stairs.  After the problem with my randomly phantom stairs I decided to experiment with sculpty stairs instead of a ramp. Unfortunately you can't actually climb them. I think, because the client detects the height of the prim as the height of the top stair, and not the stairs inbetween. So even though the bottom stair appears low enough to stand on, it's merely an illusion; the height of the whole prim is the height of the top step.  A workaround:  Make the stairs phantom, and insert a solid but invisible ramp over the part where the steps are. Looks great and works perfectly.

9/18/07 04:54 pm - [info]ceejay_writer - Just a picspam post, for fun!

Last night were were decorating our cemetery and Stonehenge above the Crypt Club for our "When Hell Freezes Over" theme party tonight. (You are all invited! 4pm SLT! The Crypt, disturbing world, 96,174,25! Wear your evil winter finest - 400L prize for the bestest!) Of course, things became silly, and soon Lestat Nemeth and Ceejay Writer were in child-form throwing snowballs at everyone!

Silly Adventures in SL )

9/11/07 01:36 pm - [info]ceejay_writer - Why I spent my lunch hour giggling madly.

Being enamored with Victoriana as I am, I fell into this journal entry out at An Engine Fit For My Proceeding, a blog that amuses me immensely.

Second Life Versus Kittens: A Clear Loss

9/10/07 02:15 pm - [info]ceejay_writer - Been a while!

Life got busy for a while there, so I haven't been peeking into [info]second_lifers much. But I think I'm getting a handle on things again, and it feels good to read you all again!

I've gone back to some adventuring and exploring in SL, too - and I have to say I really, really, really love Babbage. I've hauled a friend in to explore with me and he thinks the place is amazing, too! We encountered a couple of builders this weekend, and both were very polite and happy to show us what they were creating. I also stumbled across some free goodies (a War of the Worlds longlegged warship! It doesn't work, but it looks amazing and I can sit in it and pretend!) and while exploring an airship, I poked a bookshelf and got a big handful of digital Victorian books. I have a hard time staying away from Babbage. Being there just makes me feel so happy inside.

We're still working to build a regular crowd in our nightclub, too (The Crypt, disturbing world, 96,174,25) but the three of us running the place keep having timezone problems. I'm in the US, the other two are in the UK and Bavaria. We're trying to bring in some regular hosts to run events at various times, but so far only one has been any sort of reliable. One host simply stopped coming in at all, and when he was politely poked via IM to see if he was all right, we were promptly removed from his friends list. Yikes! I found that to be an uncalled for, abrupt way of quitting. We will continue trying to find a few more hosts so we don't feel tied to staying in the club at all hours. More exploring time is definitely craved. I wanna go see the Greenies again soon too!

8/29/07 10:27 pm - [info]kherber - Identity Verification

So after some talk about it in the past, Second Life are going ahead with identity verification. The short story is, that in order to access all parts of the grid, it will be necessary to provide a third-party company (which specialises in fraud prevention) with one of the following items: (a) Passport number (b) driving license number, (c) social security number. Nothing else is acceptable.

Never mind that in some countries it's actually illegal to give that information to anyone, and in countries where it isn't illegal, well it bloodywell should be. Any one of these three items can be used by criminals for the purposes of identity theft and fraud, which ironically is what they're trying to prevent.

The article says that the verification would be a simple online procedure, residents just type in the number and bingo. Done. What happens next? That data packet containing my passport number goes on around 30 or so "hops" from one internet server to another, between here and Lindenlabs (or other company I've never heard of before today). Any one of those stages is vulnerable to hacking, interception, screen-scraping, or just an unscrupulous employee at some random internet provider looking at a screen. If the worst does happen and my identity is stolen, I've also effectively given away any possible recourse for compensation, simply by being stupid enough to give my passport/social security details online. No lawyer in the land would be able to defend me.

Um. No thanks.

So what does this mean for me? Well. Given that residents with "adult sites" will be expected to ban non-verified residents, I guess that means I won't be able to go in any sex clubs, bdsm dungeons etc. Hmm. Not like I ever go in places like that anyway. I have a sex-gen mattress in my SL home, and the hottest stud in the game to share it with, I don't NEED anything else. No biggie, if I'm banned from places I never visit anyway.

Except, there's one place. Mission Beach, which is my favourite gay hangout. Mission Beach has been my home-from-home for over a year. I love that place, I love all the guys that hang out there, many of my best friends in the whole game are from that beach. Now when the idea was first suggested by LL a few months ago, Boots was much in favour of making the beach age-verified only. I'm not sure that he fully understands the implifications of doing that. He seemed to be under the impression that the only reasons that anyone would choose not to verify was that they're either a griefer or underage. I'm neither, but I'm still unwilling to risk my personal details to the insecurity of the 'net. That makes me a citizen that apparently can no longer be trusted. I guess if Boots does choose to the beach to non-verifieds, I just won't be able to visit any more, but I shall be very sad to lose that contact with a place and a crowd that I've loved so much.

EDIT: Someone suggested that it's no different from giving your credit card number to make a purchase online, but it's not. If I make a purchase online, and my credit card number is hacked and stolen, and someone uses it to make fraudulent purchases, I can cancel my credit card and get my money back.

If I give my social security number and someone hacks that, they get ALL my personal details. If they use that to commit fraud under my identity, I can't get my social security number changed. If that person commits a crime using my personal details, it could well be me that gets arrested for it.

8/22/07 05:59 pm - [info]kaos - Vamp Night at Le Cimetiere

Hey all. I'm a refugee from livejournal & I've been in SL for a couple of years now. I'm an owner of Le Cimetiere island-- a freak friendly place to dance & shop

Every Wed. night at Le Cimetiere island we have DJ Emi Brissot's vamp night, so come on by & check us out :)

8/20/07 10:28 pm - [info]kherber - Welcome!

Welcome to the new Second Life community for Insane Journal.

Rez up a chair, kick off your prim-shoes and relax. Feel free to post on anything related to Second Life.

I'm your friendly furry neigh-bourhood mod, Karl Herber inworld and kherber on Livejournal and here. Just look out for the big blue horse.

Edit: I created this community about twenty minutes ago and already we have new members. Welcome to all of you.
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