Jul. 23rd, 2010



Okay people this is getting rather out of hand. If you still intend to be a part of this game and be ACTIVE, please comment to THIS post. We would like our game not to die and for it to be active. Another thing? For the love of god, PLEASE do something with your character journals, customize them! If you don't think you'll be able to be active in this community, also comment here. Please and thank you.

ps, if anyone cares we've gotten a huge plot bunny coming along, as well as a new Elena.

Jul. 19th, 2010


Breeding Plotbunnies for the Save the Carlisle Event

Hi! Unfortunately my pups are less connected to both the Cullens and the vampire world than the other characters. However, I have ideas for working them in. These would work best with a partner or more, if anyone's game. :)

Plot ideas behind cut for those who prefer surprises... )
Jason's response is now up. Please contact me re plot, or just tag in if you have an idea. I'm flexible. :)


Jul. 15th, 2010



Hello my loves.

I come to bring you a CONTACT post. I need everyones AIM accounts, character and OOC. Or an email I can contact you at. I would appreciate it also if you posted here or sent me a PM on this account or the MOD account of the times you're likely to be online? Thanks. We need everyone to have their characters have an AIM account, we have an ENTIRE community based upon In Character conversations for our characters. So please, PLEASE, make a Character AIM account. You can ether post it here OR in the DROP BOX. Thank you so much.


Jul. 14th, 2010


Your resident Edward...

Hey everyone, my name is Skyler and I'll be your formker sparkling vamp. I've read the books and watch two of the films and all that jazz but am excited to play Edward in a different verse. I particularly love VD(lol such a horrible acronym for a good show)

I look forward to getting my Edward on, just hoping to chat with a few key players to fill in some grey areas for the Cullen storyline. I hope I did this introduction thing right, if not let me know.

Jul. 12th, 2010


The one and only Bella Swan

Hey guys!!! My name is Lindsay and I'm bringing in Bella Swan... I JUST watched Eclipse in theaters.... again, so I'm excited to play her again, I have a pretty good amount of experience playing her so I have her down in canon. I'm looking forward to see how much she'll change in this new setting, especially becoming friends with the TVD cast, which I'm so behind in watching... I really should catch up on that show LOL.

So I'm up for any and all storylines with all people, Bella is shy and really hates being new so she'll take some coercing but I'm sure that she'll be fun to be around once you get to know her.

Jul. 10th, 2010


Hi everyone! I'm Mel and bringing in Elena Gilbert. I've been a fan of the Vampire Diaries since the early 90s when they were books, Elena was blonde, Bonnie was a redheaded Irish Druid with the last name McCullough, and Caroline was a redhead. But the twists on the tv series have their upsides! I'm also familiar with the Twilight series and looking forward to seeing these two worlds collide.

Of course, as far as present players go, Bonnie and Damon plot is a must! But Elena would love to meet everyone else as well. And for any characters who have been in Mystic Falls for any period of time, backstory and plot would be loved!

My OOC journal is [info]flickmybic if you'd like to add me. I don't really sign onto AIM that much, but I'm going to put up a contact post so anyone can get in contact even if I'm not on AIM. And PMs are always welcome!

Jul. 8th, 2010


New player, yayz an' stuff....

Hi all! I'm Becca. I game, write speculative fiction and push paper for a public health office. ^_^ I'm coming back to roleplaying after finishing a novel, and am really looking forward to it. Out of character I'm a cuddly, relatively user-friendly goofball. I am reachable on chat at bloodycobbles, mostly at night PST, though I am often invisible to keep chat traffic manageable.

In character, Arienne is a closet Golden Age Science Fiction Hero at heart--very geeky, brave, ethical and idealistic. Unfortunately, she's a bit broken--seems her sire made off with most of her memories, leaving her isolated, undereducated and very VERY wary of her fellow fangsters. Fortunately she's both reasonable and kind-hearted, so I don't imagine that plot will stretch on forever. I also like to keep angst to reasonable levels (see her journal for examples).

Arienne really does believe that Science Will Save the World. She constantly experiments on samples of her blood to determine its potential uses in the field of medicine, and whether she can alter her condition. She uses the hematology lab she works in (Red Cross, routinely testing donations in the back) to conduct these experiments. So far no good, but she was able to determine that her bite is infectious, avoiding some truly tragic consequences.

Anyway, I am open to any plot bunnies anyone wants to send hopping my way. Besides Doctor Amnesia here's background, I'm breeding a few of my own for the interested. :D


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