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1st-Feb-2008 07:58 pm - For Paid/Permanant Users using a Theme Layer
This is for Blue Shoes (Traquility II)

Create Theme Layer
Tutorial by [info]carriep63:
Creating a theme layer (using Livejournal new customize journal area)
Tutorials by [info]scotchosur:
Creating a Theme Layer (for InsaneJournal users)

Note: This is here for my benefit and bad memory but I didn't add everything under the sun for the blue shoes layer but if you want more extras, try these:

Add these into theme layer

Link to: Original Source
Adding Usericons in the Recent Entries view

Taken from: Original Source
Adding Additional Links

Look inside and find this line of code to add links to your navigation menu:
$links = $links + "<li><a href=\"urladdhere\">nameoflink</a></li>";

*replace "urladdhere" with your own your url and "nameoflink" with the link's name.

To add a new link, simply repeat it.
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