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Layout .03 - S2 Tranquility II : Blue Shoes 
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27th-Jan-2008 09:56 pm
With minor up and downs, mostly on IE side I have enjoyed skimming Tranquility II. I would like to thank so much [info]babyelefant at Everything_LJ as always for patient help to get this layout working properly and not banging my brains against the monitor.

Blue Shoes was created for Livejournal base layout Tranquility II.
Free: Cascading Style Sheet
Paid/Permanent: Theme Layer (includes metadata to the left and tags in sidebar.)

Preview of Blue Shoes Layout
[Click Here for Free Preview]
[Click Here for Paid Preview]

Press for bigger size of Blue Shoes Layout

layout available: left-side navbar position only
custom colors : in stylesheet and theme layer
best view: : 1024x768 or higher (unknown with lower res)
browser checked : firefox 2.11, internet explorer 7(decent with IE6, unknown with lower)
works with : free, paid, nav bar (decent with plus)
available at :
original design by : scotchsour
images used : scotchsour, sweetie


How to Style? (using the LiveJournal new customize journal area)
Before you start, make sure you're in the correct journal. At the very top, in Customization Area>Choose Journal Style use the drop down menu to choose.
1. In livejournal's navigational menu, go to journal > customize or press the link.
1a. The first page you see is Journal Display that shows four tabs. The first is highlighted as Basics. Look below for Style System and make sure the radio button is highlighted for:
S2 - For users who don't know HTML or CSS, or make only minor alterations.
2. Under (2. Select a New Theme), go the search box and type tranquility ii and press search. Once the layouts appear go to the bottom and in the drop down choose (show all).
3. Find and press (apply theme) to Tranquility II - Plain Theme by Matthew Vince" and then press (apply theme) then press (customize).
4. Under Customize Your Theme, press (custom css).
5. Under custom css > page > where it states: ("Use layout's "Base Weblog" stylesheet") say no. Under that, Custom external stylesheet URL should be blank.
6. Add the LiveJournal "Blue Shoes" Cascading Style Sheet for Free Users into the custom stylesheet textarea.
7. Press "save changes".
8. Go to the blue box on the page that displays your current journal and press your identity link.
9. You should be done.
10. Thank you for trying this layout.

Implement CCS into Theme Layer
(Paid/Permanent Users)
If I offer a theme layer, follow any of the links below on how to implement into any of mine into your journal. Thank you.
[info]s2bloggish Tutorials by [info]carriep63:
1. Creating a Theme Layer(using Livejournal new customized area)
2. Using CSS with a Theme Layer
[info]scotchbonnet Tutorials by [info]scotchosur:
1. Creating a Theme Layer(for InsaneJournal users)
2. Create a Style(Coming Later...)

CSS Code
LiveJournal Cascading Style Sheet for Free Users

CSS Code
LiveJournal Theme Layer for Paid Users

For Paid/Permanent Accounts
If you wish to have tags and metadata function to work in your journal, please click here for extra code.

If using, please don't hotlink. Upload to another storage online, try photobucket.

Please upload to your site or use photobucket to host.

Main Images
shoe banner | logo | blockquote shoes | big box | title box | menu
background 1 | background 2

Mini Images
security image : friends lock | privacy image : private lock
(all in one)user/comm/news

This layout is not to be changed, I spent a lot of time to get the graphics, colors and text right that I don't want to see it broken.

If you keep the image in the layout (logo), then it isn't necessary to have a link in the sidebar. However, if you wish to remove the the image then I would appreciate it.

If you have questions, please ask in comments. I'll try my best to get to you.
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