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3rd-Feb-2008 11:46 pm (UTC)
Heee! tru_faith_lost again! I ♥ you soooo much! Squee! I was gonna ask you a really stupid question about where I type the text in that I want to show up in the box, but heheh, my blonde hair isn't as much of a handicap as you'd think. I totally figured it out. Though, at the moment it still says Text in Baroque, lol. I have to come back and put my fun stuff in there.

As for the dark filigree, I don't see it on your preview or on the individual images that you loaded to photobucket. I only see it in the screenshot of the layout you have on photobucket. Is that my browser? And I see you have the zip file available. If I download that will those images have the dark filigree or are they the same images I already have?
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