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May 7th, 2009
12:02 am


What's all this Bojeffries business, then?

Here's a few pages from WARRIOR# 12, August 1983, part of the ongoing Bojeffries Saga by Alan Moore and Steve Parkhouse. (I see the collected stories are available on eBay and not a bad way to use some expendable income.) These remind me of Henry Kuttner's classic Hogben series, which ran in 1940s pulps. Those involved a hillbilly family whose members had a mind-blowing array of unusual traits and powers; because of the print medium, much was left suggested to let the readers' imaginations supply some details. I don't know if Alan Moore ever read the Kuttner stories, and the resemblance is not overwhelming but it would be nice to know if he ever mentioned the influence in any interviews.

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May 5th, 2009
09:11 pm


Quality badges in colour! (and a link)

This is from the back cover of WARRIOR# 12, August 1983. Some of the characters depicted are well known today, but others have fallen into obscurity. (Although you never know with fictional characters-- some may be revived and become more popular than before). The V FOR VENDETTA symbol and the accompanying Guy Fawkes mask would be good choices if you could somehow mail a money order for 65p back twenty-six years. The one with the bowler, umbrella handle and rose was for BIG BEN ('the Man With No Time For Crime') but people would almost certainly take it to be John Steed ("Oh, I love THE AVENGERS! Mrs Peel was just so cool!")

Pronably the funniest to wear (and one that works on a metatextual level) would be either of the Pressbutton badges. (Bloodsplattered or clean). Axel Pressbutton himself is shown on badge U. He was a psychotic cyborg, a former florist whose body was almost entirely eaten away by a telepathic plant. His robot body substituted a large button on his chest that, when pressed, stimulated all his pleasure centers. (Considering he had a large cleaver on his left arm, this was not always a safe thing to do.) Anyway, actuaslly wearing a "Press" button opens several different conversational gambits.

Then we have this link to something called TEXTS FROM LAST NIGHT. This is not comics related, but I thought denizens of scans_daily might find it amusing in a horrifying sort of way.


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