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July 29th, 2009
11:26 pm


What's going on in this cover?

Looking at this 1944 cover for BLUE BOLT COMICS, I have to wonder exactly what is the situation with this woman? Are those all her own children? Maybe, they do seem awful close in age but it wasn't rare to pop out a kid a year back then. If they are hers (and she is married, as would be mandatory for comics cover), is her husband in the service and that's why he's not there? But if he had all these dependants, surely he wouldn't be dratted? Maybe he was already in the service when war heated up and in now somewhere in the Pacific? Possibly he's at work himself at the moment and she's just stirred with patriotism enough to consider dropping the urchins off so she can contribute to the war effort as well.

Or maybe some (or all) of those moppets belong to other women and she's watching them so the mothers can work the swing shift at Lockhood?In any case, it's an interesting cover that stands out among the costumed heroes punching enemy soldiers or goofball funny animals in that year. It does give a hint of how many public service posters and signs were everywhere... "Save Your Scrap To Beat the Jap." "Is This Trip Really Necessary?" "Tin Cans in the Garbage Pile Are Just a Way of Saying Heil," "Buy War Bonds Today"...

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