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August 26th, 2009
05:26 pm


What Does Wrecker Like About Carol Danvers?
Greetings True Believers! Here is one page from New Avengers #56 that made me laugh. So what does Wrecker like about Ms. Marvel?

Find out!

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May 21st, 2009
02:27 pm


Dark Reign: The Hood #1 - now with 75% more racism!
Ever since it was announced that Jeff Parker would be scribing the Dark Reign: The Hood mini I've been wondering -- wondering with a sense of terrorized fascination, I should add -- what it was going to be like. Would Parker be able to make the Dormammu!Hood actually seem like a worthy and viable contender to be the Sorcerer Supreme?

CBR has an eight-page preview up.

I now have my answer, and it's a resounding silence fraught with puzzlement and horror.

Because you know what I didn't expect from Jeff Parker's work on this mini?

Straight up racial stereotyping that slides down the slippery slope straight into the ditch of racist tropes.

...Wow. You know what? Kyle Hotz's art only makes this worse.

I can't even believe that Parker wrote this. I love Parker's choice of characters for this; the liberal use of cracky B- and C-listers is very much appreciated. But I really do think that he's made some poor choices as a writer in this particular sequence.

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