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Oct. 10th, 2019 @ 03:36 pm
I'm only really on here anymore to post ads for my games, oops, but ANYWAY, if anybody is looking for a Potterverse-ish game set in the modern day and in America, I present for your consideration [info]thedirector. It's set in the present day in the magical version of Hollywood and follows the cast and crew of a set of TV shows based around Arthurian legends. (Which, as you guys may or may not know, I am a huuuge medieval and King Arthur nerd and so this game hits my buttons in all kinds of fun ways!) There will be drama both on screen and behind the scenes, press leaks and surprise reveals, excitement for the upcoming awards season, sabotage on set, possibly a curse or two... The game opens October 18 and meme/intro week starts tomorrow. I have a few characters all ready to go and would love to offer storylines to anybody, so please let me know if you might be interested :) I would especially be tickled by:

🌟 actors to round out the cast of Camelot Rising (reincarnation of Arthurian characters on a college campus). I play Tony, who plays Lancelot, and would love to have some more knights around as main or recurring characters, and especially Elaine of Astolat/the Lady of Shalott for a particular storyline.
🌟 crew and other staff on Trial By Water (Chicago-set lawyer drama where the lawyer is the Lady of the Lake). I have Deonte, the wardrobe supervisor for the show, and would love to have maybe a makeup person, a wardrobe PA to be his lackey, set costumers, etc. etc. for fun behind-the-scenes nonsense!
🌟 members of the press. I play Violet, the Wizzywood Warbler, who writes a gossip column and would love coworkers and/or professional rivals to break all the gossipy scoops, or to write *real* trade news I GUESS, if they MUST.
🌟 BASICALLY ANYBODY ELSE! There are plenty of options/ideas on the holds page and the wanted list, so please check them out if you're so inclined.

Oct. 8th, 2019 @ 11:42 pm
image host

Pretty much my life motto, tbh.

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