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[October 18 2008 / 05:48pm]

Okay, just to be fair since people may be wondering wtf is up, I'm not dead, and I'm not leaving. Hell, I'm not even taking an official hiatus from the game, but I will be a bit slow over the next week or so, at least. I'm registering for school, in the process of trying to get another job, and I'm also opening another game so that requires attention as well. As said, I will be floating around still, just possibly less for a bit.

Oh and I'm dropping Casimir. I love him, but he's not working. D: Huilang, however, has been given a second chance and will have a post soon or something. Oddly enough, I'm still on the hunt for plot with people that I don't have any with!

Back to normal soon.


[September 22 2008 / 02:55am]

Hey everyone! I'm Elisa with Sumire Shirai, of the Scorpion Clan, aka the girl that is engaged to the unfortunate Betrothed. This is a late intro mostly because I was sick the past few days :( But here goes my stab -- I'm pretty horrid at introing, sick or not.

Sumire is kind of a perfect embodiment of a Scorpion, rather manipulative and deceitful. She has an aura and persona of a nice lady (she's pretty good at the whole acting deal), but at heart she's really a tomboy who wants nothing more than to go out and ride a horse. Still, behind her lies and deceit she's really just a tomboyish girl who sincerely wants her clan, the Scorpions, to prosper, and so she agreed to the marriage, as much as she dislikes it.

Anyways, I'd love any and all sorts of plots for her! I'd love someone for her to crush on, solely because I'd think it's hilarious for her to have to be conflicted between her own passions and her family duty.

PS -- the aim is sleepisforsunday! Feel free to abuse it :)

[September 16 2008 / 09:05am]

Hi hi, everyone. I'm Mia and I bring you The Weakling aka Li Yen, aka Fei Yen's twin brother. As the heading tells you, he's very much a frail, slightly cowardly boy with few friends. He's also, obviously, no contender to the rightful heir to the throne and has little by way of ambitions.

I'd love some lines, premade or otherwise and I can't wait to RP with all of you!

[September 15 2008 / 02:24am]

Hello everyone! I guess I'll go first with the "official" introductions, even if everyone else already knows each other way better than me >>. Anywho, I have three kids here (omg they just keep multiplying ;_;).

Huilang is an ex-Crane dancer who married into the Scorpion. But the emperor had her husband executed for treason, so she's pretty pissed. So pissed, that she wants to kill him. A lot. Anyway, she is still a dancer, and isn't actually as much a cold-hearted bitch as she sounds like. So, she needs friends and possibly co-conspirators? Anything, really. <3

Casimir (rose is really just building up her crazy ranks, Casimir is in the middle) is a huge sweetie, mostly. He's very reserved and gentlemanly, but he also suffers from borderline personality disorder, so he has some issues with that. I babbled on about it quite a bit in his profile if you're wanting more details on that. I am looking for a girl for him to crush on but also avoid because he's afraid to scare her off. He's a soldier and member of the Dragon clan, so he pretty much needs all kinds of plots!

Sheng (who is at the top of the crazy list) is the oldest brother of the royal children. He's an amazing fighter, which he has no problems proving to people again and again. Ask Ming Hua for further details. He may or may not have slight anger management issues, and he's pretty much an asshole to everyone he meets. Oh and he's extremely hard on his siblings, but it's out of love even if they can't tell. I'm...also looking for a girl for him (wtf right?), but this plot would be much more involved. And insane. So yes, he's also open for anything!

I'm done babbling at everyone now :D
<3 Rose

Open for business! [September 14 2008 / 04:29pm]

I now declare The City OPEN!

You can all feel free to do an introduction if there's something we don't know you'd like to mention, but otherwise, feel free to get logging! Details on the first plot circle will be posted sometime this week. Also, please update your friend's list!

A few notes:
1.) If you'd like to request a premade, post here with any information you'd like included.
2.) [info]qilin is the NPC account, which will mainly be used for the Emperor and Empress, but also others if needed.
3.) The journaling system is city-wide, with world wide internet. It's like a regular old livejournal, except private entries or private notes to others can go under lj-cuts.
4.) Umm..if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Happy playing!

ooo. members only. [August 27 2008 / 03:06pm]

This community is members only. See [info]siddhartha to join!

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