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Thursday, January 24th, 2008

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    Ok, it's an old meme, but I can't remember the site that used to list them all. Besides, it's more fun to do this and list your own.

    You know you watch too much Yoroiden Samurai Troopers When...

    For me:

    -You name your mp3 player 'Armor of Hardrock'.
    -You have a large colored marble for each set of armor, or are searching for the perfect ones to complete your set.
    -You make a hat like Touma/Rowen's in the OVA to wear just for fun.
    -You've cosplayed two of the troopers and use parts of the costume for everyday wear (Shuu's hat, Ryo's t-shirt).
    -When it rains and/or the streets are empty, you imagine that Talpa must be plotting an attack because it's all dark, empty, and gloomy.\
    -You and your best friend shout 'quake with fear' at random during odd moments of silence, then promptly burst into giggles.

    So I'm a dork, sue me. XD I <3 this series.

    Current Mood: amused

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