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    Saturday, November 29th, 2008
    7:30 pm
    There is a TON of Japanese fanart on this board:

    I can't even link it all, there's so many. :D
    11:52 am

    I found this on the Samurai Troopers mailing list. It hardly has anything on it. I would like to add to it, but I don't consider myself all that knowledgeable anymore. T_T I think that I'll re-watch the series with a friend and see what I can add.
    Thursday, January 24th, 2008
    11:20 am
    Ok, it's an old meme, but I can't remember the site that used to list them all. Besides, it's more fun to do this and list your own.

    You know you watch too much Yoroiden Samurai Troopers When...

    For me:

    -You name your mp3 player 'Armor of Hardrock'.
    -You have a large colored marble for each set of armor, or are searching for the perfect ones to complete your set.
    -You make a hat like Touma/Rowen's in the OVA to wear just for fun.
    -You've cosplayed two of the troopers and use parts of the costume for everyday wear (Shuu's hat, Ryo's t-shirt).
    -When it rains and/or the streets are empty, you imagine that Talpa must be plotting an attack because it's all dark, empty, and gloomy.\
    -You and your best friend shout 'quake with fear' at random during odd moments of silence, then promptly burst into giggles.

    So I'm a dork, sue me. XD I <3 this series.

    Current Mood: amused
    Tuesday, January 15th, 2008
    4:31 pm
    Welcome to Samurai Troopers!
    I'm the mod, Ririka, and um... well, it's nice to meet you! I got into Samurai Troopers with the Sci-fi channel airing Ronin Warriors in the late 90's. I actually still haven't seen the whole thing, but since I've bought the DVDs I've been waiting to see it with a friend. There's no fun like watching it with somebody after all, where you can crack all the jokes you want. XD Some time this year or next, I plan to do some cosplay of Shuu, but I'd like to lose a bit of weight first. If I do, I'll post pictures!

    To kick things off, who's your favorite character? Or rather, who's your favorite good guy, and who's your favorite villain?

    For me it's a tie between Ryo and Shuu. And with the bad guys, probably Rajura. I dunno. I think it's the hair. But I love Shuten-doji. Who doesn't? :P
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