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Life in Casa Grande: Week 3 [11 Aug 2012|02:42pm]

Good afternoon, everyone.

Look at how casual I am. I don't imagine that I'm seen very often without formal apparel, due to my job...plan to make it a daily occurrence, now that I'm staying down here.

I'm beginning to like it here...a lot.

A part of that being due to a new 'friend' I made.

Thanks, Bryant. I had a wonderful date with you. Hope to do it again soon.

I don't know how many times I need to apologize for not having any idea about what to do for date night. Hope you can forgive me. Hope that you enjoy your gift, too. That record was hard to get!

Aside from that. I have a new picture of Honey. She woke me up this morning, and I got a good picture of her on the couch.

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[02 Aug 2012|05:28pm]


I just found this article.. Dad is going to get in contact with Nick Christofano, and offer up our shop for another fund raiser for his daughter. So to everyone in town on here - how would you like to donate a 100 bucks and a area of skin to help raise money for this cause?

Yea they earned a lot of money already, but hospital bills will keep coming and adding up and she's only at the start of her battle.
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[02 Aug 2012|03:30pm]

Hi! The name's Serena Baker! I just moved here to Casa Grande, AZ. Such a lovely place...very hot too! I'm 32 and I love singing, acting, dancing, drawing, shopping, swimming and the beach. I love to meet new people, so feel free to say HI! :)
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[01 Aug 2012|07:13pm]

So Mari's post on family and such and the fact next Wednesday I am going into the lady doctors to get my eggs sperm-ed, I am gonna make a picture post.

Family pictures )
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[01 Aug 2012|04:16pm]

So a year ago one of my cousins got married on his birthday - a year later I'm here pregnant and uploading pictures from the week I spent in Florida with him and his woman.. and some older ones mixed in since I got them loaded up FINALLY. All of these from trips when I was family.

I'm saving dashes from pictures there is a lot. Seriously A LOT - because i have nothing interesting to say. )
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Life in Casa Grande: Week 2 [31 Jul 2012|04:34pm]

Posted a new blog a little earlier than expected.

But I have a reason why: date night with Bryant is tonight.

First time I've been on a date in YEARS, mind you all.

Leaving the 'princess' home tonight. I'm sure her toy will keep her occupied.

Aside from awaiting the 'big day', I've still been getting comfortable. Moving stuff around, taking walks around with Honey, and just relaxing.

In all honesty, I need to stop being such a hermit and get outside for once.
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[28 Jul 2012|02:17pm]

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[28 Jul 2012|01:08pm]

Oh my god.
So my hours are changing because the head chef got his ass fired for stealing food - I'm now getting two days off instead of one, and a promotion to head chef.

I DO NOT WANT TO BE A MANAGER! We can now add Thursday's to my list of days off.. I am going to poke the owner and as if it could be Monday or Wednesday instead.. neither of those days are busy.
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Life in Casa Grande: Week 1 [26 Jul 2012|02:40pm]

So, one week here in Arizona, and I've finally made myself feel at home as I can get.

I've been staying in an apartment complex called Las Brisas.

They've been going through some renovations as of recent, so the place isn't as glamorous, but it's a place to stay. Good thing they allow pets.

Speaking of pets, I took a picture of Honey with my work camera (since it's not being used for anything else). What a sweet girl.

Need to find some places her and I can take walks. I bet she would like all the space back in Michigan, but going back there anytime soon is unlikely.

I would like venture out and find a nice place to go in the evenings to mingle with others. It's beginning to feel a little lonely, just her and I cooped in the apartment.

Tell me, any ideas?
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[26 Jul 2012|01:49pm]


So about a year ago when I had dyed my hair black while out visiting my parents, my mom attached this longer hair piece to my head and told me I looked pretty.
My sisters thought it would be funny if I posed with it on, and as I am a sucker for making my family laugh..
I added my dads bandanna to hide where the hair piece didn't match up and threw a 'gang-sign' at them. My mom just sent me the picture, so I thought I would share it here. Anyone else got odd embarrassing pictures their not ashamed of?
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Text to Dorian [26 Jul 2012|01:04pm]

Kahvi.. well Rebecca has left town. So has Gabe.. If Thackery runs off, you'll pretty much have work to share me with.
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[24 Jul 2012|07:00pm]

I would do something like this too.

So evil.. I love it. )
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[23 Jul 2012|10:11pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Most brilliant thing I have seen in some age.

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[20 Jul 2012|08:00am]

Well fucking hell. What kind of world is it that someone shoots and kills 12 people because a movie was sold out - doesn't matter what movie. Killing 12 people does not mean the killer will get into seeing the film. It doesn't mean anyone will get into seeing the film.

I'm lighting some candles today, and offering prayers for the families who are having to suffer for this kind of tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.
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[18 Jul 2012|03:33pm]

Well that date was a disaster.
I ended up getting so drunk after it I was late for work today.
God my head hurts.
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Text to Lex [18 Jul 2012|03:30pm]

You are a horrible friend, I asked you to check on me and I end up late for work. ;P Bringing you a cheesecake after work.
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Calling thackery [17 Jul 2012|02:40pm]

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[16 Jul 2012|06:54pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Lex.. I am going on a date tomorrow with a chap from Grindr.

If I do not come back I have left all his information on a note next to my computer. Flay him with my graduation knives.

Please for the love of god, pray this one doesn't puke during dinner.

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Text to thackery: [16 Jul 2012|04:05pm]

I think I really upset Jessie and I didn't mean to :(
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Facebook mobile upload: [15 Jul 2012|02:38pm]


Look how cute he is!
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