Aug. 4th, 2009


Question to the group: I am travelling to Boston and it might be during a time I need to keep the flame. Will be going by plane most likely. What to do? Assuming I cannot pass the flame that week?

Jul. 6th, 2009


I'm keeping the flame going

Anyone interested in a flame shift for July, just comment and I'll grant you a shift. All shifts are up for grabs and I'll keep the flame in all untaken shifts.


May. 17th, 2009


June 1st

June 1st I'm beginning the first flame cycle. Please comment if you would like a shift. Here are the dates:

1st shift - June 1st @ sundown
2nd shift - June 2nd @ sundown
3rd shift - June 3rd @ sundown
4th shift - June 4th @ sundown
5th shift - June 5th @ sundown
6th shift - June 6th @ sundown
7th shift - June 7th @ sundown
8th shift - June 8th @ sundown
9th shift - June 9th @ sundown
10th shift - June 10th @ sundown
11th shift - June 11th @ sundown
12th shift - June 12th @ sundown
13th shift - June 13th @ sundown
14th shift - June 14th @ sundown
15th shift - June 15th @ sundown
16th shift - June 16th @ sundown
17th shift - June 17th @ sundown
18th shift - June 18th @ sundown
19th shift - June 19th @ sundown
20th shift - June 20th @ sundown
21st shift - June 21st @ sundown - the Goddess

Remember the last shift is always kept by Brighid herself. If you would like to tend a shift or two, please comment and let me know.
In the meantime I'll also be posting some prayers and give a focus for the cycle. The focus will be a suggestion of something to concentrate and perhaps petition the Goddess's (or our help on) during the cycle so if anyone has a special request or a prayer to ask for, please post it in the community and we'll make it our focus.

Blessings in the Lady!

Apr. 25th, 2009


We're back!

Wow....fianlly got our ducks in a row and we have internet at home! YAY! THis means that we're ready to start our flameshifts again. We've benn in hiatus for a long time but we are back now. For May I will start the cycle. If anyone wants to choose a shift between May 1st and the 20th, plaase let me know Remember the last day the Lady keeps the flame. I will cover all shifts not taken. I will also be posting soon some background of flamekeeping as a way to revive the community.

Blessed Be.

Sep. 11th, 2008


This community is on hiatus until further notice however the sacred flame still burns and will continue burning. Blessed Be all!

Aug. 18th, 2008


I"m late with the next flame shift.

With the move and I'm getting ready to set up internet at home. I'm tending the flame, changing candles before the old one is totally spent. I'll be posting a new flame shift in a couple of days.

thank you all for your patience.

Blessed Be!

Jul. 10th, 2008


Here's the next schedule

I hope to have this a little bit sooner for the next one.

7/11: [info]chimerawinds
7/12: [info]nanny_ashtoreth
7/13: [info]unaspenser
7/14: [info]ferrellcat
7/15: [info]souls_dance
7/16: [info]chimerawinds
7/17: [info]chimerawinds
7/18: [info]chimerawinds
7/19: [info]chimerawinds
7/20: [info]ferrellcat's daughter
7/21-7/30: [info]chimerawinds
7/31: The Lady

Please email me at if you need a shift change and I'll approve it. I can check email at the office but not blog sites any longer and I am moving so the internet at home if off right now. I'll get messages much more quickly at my yahoo. Love to all and hope you have many bright blessings

Jun. 21st, 2008


Happy Litha to all who celebrate it! Blessings! :)

Jun. 18th, 2008


New schedule

Sorry this is just coming out. I meant to do this last week. Happy Litha to all those who celebrate it! Also want to shout to [info]ferrellcat who will be Confirmed on April 10th with Holy Spirit Episcopal Church. A little early but I'm happy for her.

Without further ado, here is our flame shifts:

June 21st: [info]chimerawinds
June 22nd: [info]nanny_ashtoreth
June 23rd: [info]unaspenser
June 24th: [info]ferrellcat
June 25th: [info]souls_dance
June 26th: [info]chimerawinds
June 27th: [info]chimerawinds
June 28th: [info]chimerawinds
June 29th: [info]chimerawinds
June 30th: [info]ferrellcat's daughter
July 1st - July 9th: [info]chimerawinds
July 10th: The Lady

Everyone, please let me know if this schedule is doable for you. If you can't keep the shift this time, no problem, I'll take care of it. If you need to change a shift, not a problem either.

Blessed Be!

Jun. 3rd, 2008


First Flame

My first flame shift went quite successfully. In a few days, I'll take the flame again and keep it going until I pass it on the 10th. Then I'll take it up again.

Very relaxing and it helps me get in touch with myself and my needs. I said the healings and the blessings that were requested and sent the energy off to the universe. I also feel a deeper connection with the others who tend the flame.

I hope all of you have a joyful experience. As we near the end of this cycle, I'll post the next schedule. Go ahead and post any special requests that you have. If you would like an extra shift let me know or you will be assigned one. I don't want to over burden anyone.

Thanks and blessed be.

May. 28th, 2008


Just a friendly reminder

The first flame tending for the year by this group begins in 4 days! I have the first shift and will post about it afterwards. If anyone would like a second shift please choose it and let me know what you would like and I'll plug it in. I'll also repost the shift schedule and I will take any shifts myself that are not yet chosen.

blessed be!

If anyone has any special requests for healing, prayers, etc, please post them and we can include them into our flame shifts.

May. 24th, 2008


Very much looking forward to flame tending

If there are a lot of shifts that need to be covered as we get close, I'm going to friends and family to help cover them so the flame stays lit. I know a few of my friends will at least take a temp shift and some may even join us permenently.

What are some of the reasons you tend the flame?

For me, it is because the Goddess Brighid has been so important to my life the past 4-5 years. That's why you'll see me use this icon a lot. Bride as the metalsmith, using fire and forge to transform something from nearly nothing calls to my spirit and defines my life (mundane and spiritual) since I finally moved out of the toxic relationship I had with my family that I was trapped in. My life truly began at the ripe age of 29. I never regretted the years from 18-28 when I should have been on my own, dating, working, forging my own way. My family convinced me that I couldn't make it on my own, I'd never have any money, I wouldn't be able to take care of myself. Never mind that I was perfectly able to take care of them. I was so blind and controlled by them. My fault for letting them have the control, but when it's your mom and grandma (my dad has never been in the picture) who has raised you your whole life, you know they know best. Especially if they have a very controlling, dominatance over you your whole life (I never went to the mall on my own, went to a movie without one of them chaparoning, etc)you just roll with it.

Anyhow, enough of that. The past few years (and I'm still working on it) I've really come out of my shell and I've redefined myself. Like raw material, I've been melted in the forge, and shaped (still being shaped) by the Lady's great forge fires. I've learned a lot about myself and I'm still learning lessons. I know things about myself that while I accept them now, I want to change, I know things about myself to be proud of. I have a confidence in myself that is growing and slowly becoming stronger.

I've also grown and evolved to be more than what I was. I'm a wife and a mother now. I also have an idea of what I want my 3rd phase of my life to be like. I actually have an idea of what my Eldering Ceremony to be like and I wish to embrace my middle years to senior years with grace and confidence. (Though not too soon, LOL)

This is why I tend my flame. For my daughter and for our family, but also to honor the aspects of Lady Brighid that are mirrored within myself.

May. 23rd, 2008


Some background on flame keeping that I promised

The 20 day flame keeping cycle is first recorded (as far I've been able to research) in the 12th century. The Abbess of Kildare who tended the flame of Saint Brighid had passed away so then the 19 remaining Nuns at the Abby took up the task in her honor. The flame has never once been extinguished even today. The Sisters of Kildare even hold a public ceremony on Imbolc each year. On the last night of the cycle, the Sister tending the flame says a simple prayer as she lays the logs enough to keep the fire going: "Brigid, guard your fire. Tonight is Your night."

Even older lore had tell of the Priestesses of Bride keeping an eternal flame with which each year at Imbolc families from the villages beholden to a Temple to Bride would pilgramage with an unlit torch. The would have the Priestess bestow a blessing upon the household for a good rest of the winter and have their lambs blessed. The torch would be lit and then carried back home to the family's hearth to light it and have the spirit of Bride with them. They would feast together in the center of the village with their neighbors all night.

Brighid's Sacred Flame is also known as the Flame of Community. Whether you call her Goddess or Saint, tending the flame is an important task. It reminds us of the ties to community,it is a symbol and an affirmaiton of faith, and it is also a time to reflect and meditate on community, home, family, healing, and transformation.

As this community grows, I'll create other Cills (groups of 19 people to tend the flame together). This Cill is the Silver Oak. You need officially join a cill to keep the flame or take a flame shift, but if you would like, let me know. The Cill is very young yet so as it grows, there will more to offer in the way of ritual and information to Cill Members.

Blessed in the Lady,




Welcome [info]nanny_ashtoreth! I'll post some history and background on flame keeping today. :)

May. 22nd, 2008


Welcome to the Sacred Flame

This is the community for those who wish to tend the sacred flame of Brighid, known as Goddess by some, Saint by others.

I'll be posting the shift schedule soon. Please comment here for a shift request.

June 1st: [info]chimerawinds
June 2nd: [info]nanny_ashtoreth
June 3rd: [info]unaspenser
June 4th: [info]ferrellcat
June 5th:
June 6th:
June 7th:
June 8th:
June 9th: [info]souls_dance
June 10th: [info]ferrellcat's daughter
June 11th:
June 12th:
June 13th:
June 14th:
June 15th:
June 16th:
June 17th:
June 18th:
June 19th:
June 20th: The Lady

As you can see the shifts are pretty much open. Thanks in advance for taking a shift.