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    Friday, May 8th, 2009
    9:57 pm
    Commercial break!
    Before the next full episode (in which Sackiroth Achieves the Quest for Ultimate Cool), a quick word from your sponsors who are insanely sleep depped already and it's only Friday of a 3 day con OMG. And don't even ask me how I ended up sleeping under the bathroom sink in the hotel room... for a total of about 2 hours all night...)

    Due to the machinations of SackZack's Lethal Powers of Cute shameless cute overload bribery (ahem) "sources", our intrepid photographer has about 2 minutes of internet access! Yes, we're live on the scene at ACen in Chicago for certain iffy definitions of 'live', and if any of you out there in the audience are the people I shanghaied into taking photos with Sackiroth already today, shout outs to the Windy City crew! And shout-outs to everyone else too. Wheeeeee! o-omg neeeed sleeeeeep.

    Anyhow! If you're wandering around video programming and see a straw basket with lilies sticking out of it, come a little closer and get a photo with Sackiroth and crew. SackZack and Jenova'sHead are on the scene, as well as about 3/4 of SackCloud who I won't be able to finish until after the con because I underestimated how much blue I'd need to bring by about 18 inches so I can't finish his second arm! @____@ Or his legs but at least I could have had him peeking out of the basket if he had two arms.)

    I wish I could post some photos tonight because I've gotten some shots of Sackiroth with some incredibly awesome cosplayers today, but I've just about run out of wireless time and need to go crosspost to LJ before I fall on my face. More info after the con - watch this space! :3
    Thursday, April 30th, 2009
    9:24 pm
    Welcome to Sackiroth's world...
    Hello world! )

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