Monday, January 11th, 2016

Generator Layout Directory

Any layouts posted to [info]s1generator will be added to our layout directory with a link to your original post! Let us know if you ever need your links changed or want your layouts removed. If all or some of your layouts are missing from the directory, go ahead and leave us a comment on this entry with the [info]s1generator post links! And don't forget, you can always cross-post your layouts, questions, and tutorials at our sister community, [info]rpresources!


LAST UPDATED: 5.3.2016
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Sunday, January 10th, 2016

Community Guidelines

Be respectful to or, at the very least, civil with each other and the mods. Treat others how you would like to be treated and all that. If an issue arises, feel free to contact us on this post and we'll try to help. Comments are screened.
Please do not post anything unrelated to S1 Generator.
Use the tags when posting so that members can filter by what they're looking for. There are only three member tags, and they are: layouts, questions, and tutorials.
Entry Content:
Please use the lj-cut code for any lengthy or image heavy posts. An above-cut preview image for layouts and tutorials is fine!
Entry Settings:
Please do not lock your posts or screen your post's comments. This community is a resource for everyone; not just you. With question/help posts especially, other people may be looking for the same answers you are, and if you lock or screen your post's contents, or delete your post after getting an answer to your question, they won't be able to find the answers they need.
Layout Theft I:
Do not post requests asking for help ripping layouts from other users' accounts. If there is no post offering the layout coding, or the owner of the layout isn't answering you or tells you it's not up for grabs, you need to respect that.

Posting a link to someone's layout as an example asking how to achieve a certain effect/positioning/etc. is, however, fine.
Layout Theft II:
Any layouts or tutorials you post need to be of your own creation. Do not post content you don't have explicit permission to post (ie. edits of layouts other people have made.)
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