Oh my god. This lost HP fic is driving me insane.
 rule34 - (desiqtie)
08:08pm 18/03/2008
Hi all! I haven't been on here for quite some time, but I was recently reading through some of my favorite HP fictions and it reminded me of this one story that I'd read a very long time ago. Somehow I never put the story in my favorites or bookmarks...even though I loved it. It's been so long that I can barely remember any details about it.

I believe, but I'm not certain, that the story was on ffnet. However, it could easily have been archived somewhere else. From what I remember, it was Harry-centric and set post OOTP. There was a very distinctive scene that I can recall partially:
- Sirius is somehow brought back to life/comes back to life/wasn't dead(?)...I don't remember how this came about exactly but he was alive in the scene.
- He hasn't been cleared, so when he reappears, he's captured by the Ministry and imprisoned.
- Because Sirus had "wronged" Harry...the Ministry (which I believe was trying to get on Harry's good side) asks/invites (not sure exactly...) Harry to come down and see Sirius...
- The Ministry expected Harry to treat Sirius badly and the Ministry's representive, Percy Weasley, is shocked and confused when Harry treats Sirius well and greets him like an old friend.
- In the scene, Sirius is being held in a holding cell in the Ministry and he hasn't been provided with any comforts i.e. a chair. So, when Harry comes in he's (Harry is) offered a chair...but Harry also conjures (or maybe gets Percy to conjure up?) a chair for Sirius.
- I remember that Sirius and Harry's reunion is very moving and also sort of humourous. There were some very distinctive lines and witty banter in this part...but it's been so long that I can't remember them. I remember vaguely that Sirius says something and Harry responds with an amusing comment...something about Sirius being crazy or something? But Harry wasn't being serious with the line, which basically goes like:
Sirius: "blah blah blah"
Harry: "blah blah...check!"
I remember the check part very distinctly but I can't remember what the "blah blah" parts said. :-/! The line was one of the first lines between the two when they see each other. Oh and I just remembered, Harry and Sirius communicate in a sort of code...where Harry is basically telling Sirius that he's learned a "trick" which is referring to the fact that Harry has become an animagus. Also, part of the code is somehow related to or derived from the language/code(?) that werewolfs use (possibly their family/pack structure?). During this part, Harry and Sirius refer to each other with nicknames and codenames? and Harry says something like "also, I've learned the thing...". I'm not sure of the exact wording.
- I think, think but am not completely positive, that during the reunion scene Harry says something about how he had accomplished a lot and it was inspired by Sirius' death. Harry (I think maybe?) also says about how it kind of seems like the accomplishments were in vain? because they were inspired by the need to recover from Sirius' death...but I'm very uncertain on this last bit.

I believe the story was a WIP at the time that I read it. It was well-written and spelling/grammar were both done well. It was also a relatively decent size and contained multiple chapters. I believe it was an independent!Harry type fiction. I can't remember the pairing but I'm pretty sure it was not slash...because at that time the only slash I read was Harry/Sirius. The story also did not seem to contain any Sirry slash up to the scene I described above. I can't remember anything after that scene so I don't know where the story went from there.

It's very frusterating not being able to give you all anymore details. I hope I remember more, but I read the story at least a year ago. I'm pretty sure it was in fact on ffnet. I think I read it near the time that Jbern's To Fight the Coming Darkness was being posted...so sometime between December 3rd, 2005 and November 12th, 2007. I thought that it might have been a scene in that story but I've been reading through it and I haven't come across this scene so it may have been a story with a similar plot?

I know that this is all very little to go on...but I'm hoping that it's enough to jog someone's memory because I really loved this story. Also, I've been having quite a bit of trouble with Firefox's built-in spell checker, so if there are some glaring spelling mistakes I aplogize for that.

Thanks to everyone in advance and I really hope you all can help me find this story!

I'm crossposting this story in various places because I'm hoping that someone somewhere will be able to find it...I apologize if I've just flooded you with the same request.
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Fic Search
 rule34 - (cassikat)
12:08am 03/02/2008
cassikat posting in It exists. So help us find it!
For the Harry Potter fandom.

I think this fic was on FF.net, but it's been so long ago that I've forgotten just about everything about it except that Harry was a summoner or something similar, and there were a lot of bored gods possessing squeaky toys.

Thanks for all your help!
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Fic Search!
 rule34 - (hurathixet)
12:35am 18/01/2008
For the Harry Potter fandom.

Honestly, I can't remember much about the 'fic, but I am pretty certain it was smutty.

Hermione's botched Polyjuice Potion leaves lasting effects on her, including making her go into heat (I think) at one point. There were other traits, too, I just can't remember them.

Thank you all for your help!

Xposted to other sites too.
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(no subject)
 rule34 - (drkcherry)
11:21pm 01/11/2007
I own a multiple fandom archive. A person contacted me looking for a specific story that they thought I housed. I don't. The following is the information they gave me:

It's a fanfic about Andrew from BTVS and he crosses tons of universes mostly set in X-men but then he travels to Voyager and picks up some Borg kids and adopts them, then he goes back to X-men and he's married and an artificial womb and all sorts of really cool stuff and I know that it's this huge series.

Anyone know of this story?

Thanks for any help.

ETA: The person looking found the story. It is housed at Beyondcanon, written by multimapper and is called The Hhurtcomfort series.
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help me win a bet... [bleach]
 rule34 - (dropsofviolet)
11:58am 07/09/2007
My boyfriend is not wise to the ways of the intrawebs and bet me that I couldn't find a fic for any pairing.... like, for example, Ichigo/Yachiru from Bleach. I told him a backrub would go to the winner and headed out to surf the internets, sure that they wouldn't fail me.

Well, they are. And I'm terrible at giving backrubs. So, can anyone rec me ANY sort of Ichigo/Yachiru fic? Hopefully not hard porn, but really anything noticably shippy.
tags: *recme
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Kingdom Hearts - rec me?
 rule34 - (wrenwatcher)
08:04pm 15/08/2007
Pervy KH fan seeks Maleficent/Riku fic(s) for power struggles, kinky sex, and long walks on the beach.
mood: hopeful
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Bart Allen fics?
 rule34 - (qem_chibati)
11:26pm 12/08/2007
Qem posting in It exists. So help us find it!
Hmm. Bart Allen (Impulse, Kid flash) is my favourite DCU character apart from the batcrew. :)

Does anyone have any fanfic recommendations for someone who has read, pretty much all of Impulse, bits and pieces of Young Justice and general feel for DCU universe is, spoiled like hell, and hopelessly lost?

Um, http://del.icio.us/qem/bart_allen is the fanfics I've read and enjoyed so far I think.
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Pitch Black/SG-1
 rule34 - (drkcherry)
08:51am 08/08/2007
Anyone know where I can find a rare pair of Riddick/Cameron Mitchell?

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Tour of Duty?
 rule34 - (emilie_burns)
07:57pm 01/08/2007
Zanne Chaos posting in It exists. So help us find it!
I normally don't look for specifically gen stuff, but I really am not interested in pairingfic for Tour of Duty. (I was barely interested in the canon subplots and I actually like het.)

Does anyone have any recs or self-pimps for some good gen Tour of Duty fics? Either short story or multichaptered is fine, any rating level is also fine. My preferred season is admittedly the first.

I'm willing to admit that maybe Rule 34 will fail me here because I'm not looking for porn, and the series predates any real activity on the Internet that wasn't done by hardcore geeks. But hope springs eternal. D:
mood: curious
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Any Harry Potter fans?
 rule34 - (qem_chibati)
09:36pm 01/08/2007
Qem posting in It exists. So help us find it!
Anyone have any Deathly Hollows compliant fanfics they'd like to recommend.

To help reduce redundancy, most of the ones I've read and enjoyed so far are listed here:


I'm particularly interested in post epilogue; or character centric behind the scene glances.
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Looking for some good Robot fanfic. :)
 rule34 - (qem_chibati)
01:08am 31/07/2007
Qem posting in It exists. So help us find it!
I'm not that much of a transformers fan, but I just saw the movie and it was a lot of fun.

I know that there is a lot of mechaslash fanfics out there, and some are quite good, so was hoping people could help point me in the right direction.

In addition, any good Kyou Kara Maou fanfic anyone would like to recommend?
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Screened post
 rule34 - (qem_chibati)
12:46pm 30/07/2007
Qem posting in It exists. So help us find it!
Are you interested in being a moderator of [info]rule34?

Want to try and attract the attention of a mod, in a more private manner?

All comments here are screened.

To apply as a moderator please fill in the following details:

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Scary Mod First Post:
 rule34 - (qem_chibati)
12:46pm 30/07/2007
Qem posting in It exists. So help us find it!
Rules are available in the profile.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here. :)

Affiliations are most welcome with any fandom community. :)

Want to apply as a moderator?
Go here:

Also if you want to attract the attention f a moderator in a more private manner;
All comments are screened here:
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