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How the story goes. [Tuesday
March 31st, 2009 at 5:03am]

Ok, so I'm Rin (aka Tara player) and I'm over-hauling the comm.

If your character has not been active in the past two months and you have not spoken with me, your character has been dropped from the comm. If you would like your character to be reinstated, please speak with me in private and we will talk about what can be done.

Character drops:

If a OC has been dropped from the listings, the the OC has been shipped off to another training facility (Where ever Principle Wood is taking care of his group of girls) and will remain there because he needs the extra help.

If a cannon has been dropped then options are available. IF the new player wants to continue lines then the current cannon information may be kept, but as far as I am currently concerned, all cannon lines will be dropped. If your character hung out with Buffy? Now the hung out with someone else. Buffy/Willow/who ever was supposed to teach a class? Nope, it was taught by someone else now.

New Rules:

*There is now an activity requirement - Each character must be involved in a MINIMUM of 1 thread per month. More activity is strongly encouraged.

*Character limit restrictions - All players MUST keep all of their characters active. If the activity requirement is not filled, then the player will receive up to two warnings. After the second warning the character will be dropped from the game if another two weeks goes by with no activity from the player. A new player is allowed one character initially. As game progresses they will be allowed to bring in more characters as long as they can keep up with the activity requirements posed for each character.

*RS is no longer gay only - all characters of all sexual orientations will be accepted, however, all characters, unless part of some evil plot, MUST be gay friendly and accepting.

*RS is no longer friends only, all posts will be open for the public to see (excluding contact information) - but only members of the comm can post.

*Plot lines will no longer be discussed. - Plot threads will be put up with a notice (which will be found as a disclaimer in the title of the post, or as a disclaimer in the cut) saying that the thread is going to contain plot line elements. However, what percisely is going on in the thread will have to be discovered by whatever players want to adventure into plot. NOTE: I WILL NOT kill anyone's player without their permission, EVER. If any harm or major problems are to befall a certain character, they will be discussed with the player controlling the character and only that player.

More Rules will be forth coming.
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Possible NPC's for EEEEVVVVIIIILLLLLLL!!! (Go Go evil Debi go! xD) [Monday
September 29th, 2008 at 11:38pm]

Michelle Woolf:



The incredibly True adventure of two girls in love:


Bound - Corky




Better then chocolate:



Nancy McKeon



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This is the Way That We Live [Monday
August 25th, 2008 at 1:28pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

So, I had this idea and thought I would get everyones input on it. I'm going to be throwing together a vid specifically for the good gals of RS and their relationships. Now, who wants in? I know the usual suspects but I wanna be sure about that to start. Here's my list of suspects. If you want somebody added (or subtracted?), let me know. I've just included the most frequently posted characters imo ^.^;


>.> Did I forget anyone? ::crosses fingers:: Ok, I'm assuming I have you interested. Why am I bringing this idea up you say? Well, I thought it would be awesome if you got to choose what clip or images of your character you want in the vid. I've figured it out roughly and based on this list, it leaves 4 seconds per character to fit everything into the song's time frame (I've also included the alloted time span for the current ships we have going which are Buffy/Faith, Willow/Tara (sorta?), Em/Kel, Kat/Kai). Is any of this making sense? Oh Goddess, I've started babbling again. Bother. Anyway, thoughts? Suggestions?

Added Ard to the list (not adding Angel/Cordi cause there are enough YouTube videos of them anyway. Don't believe me? Go look =P). Now that phase one is complete I'd like to get you all more involved. I've been thinking about certain characters for specific parts of the song I'm going to use. Here's a list of what I have written down.

Emma (chicks driving fast)
Iden (long, love, lust)
Tara (women who give)
Buffy (laughing)
Kelsey (fighting)
Faith (drinking)
Willow (winning)
W&T (Kissing)

This is subject to change of course. I'll be posting lyrics at the very end here so you can mull it over. What I'd like from all of you is an idea of what you want to do with your 4 seconds per character. Links to YouTube clips you might want to use, movie or show information or (if you can't find anything better) stills. I'm avoiding stills and placing them as a last resort. Anyhow, I look forward to your ideas and will take every single one into consideration. Have a great day ^.^

Girls in tight dresses
Who drag with mustaches
Chicks drivin' fast
Ingenues with long lashes
Women who long, love, lust
Women who give
This is the way
It’s the way that we live

Talking, laughing, loving, breathing,
fighting, fucking, crying, drinking,
riding, winning, losing, cheating,
kissing, thinking, dreaming.

This is the way
It’s the way that we live
It’s the way that we live
And love

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Heads up (Hyperion residence please read) [Sunday
August 10th, 2008 at 8:38am]

[ mood | busy ]

First off, anyone in the Hyperion Hotel should keep Thursday afternoon (2pm-3pm) free. I'm currently tracking down my Sy muse so she can get her class thread up. I'd like to know who all will be joining the class as Sylas will be having an activity. I'll be listing the items here (next to each character's name) for the activity once I know who will be attending.

Edit: Course outline up for those who haven't seen it =P Work has been kicking me tail; many, many, many apologies x.x But, tomorrow evening I get to do tags! So yays! I swear I will get to you all. The muses have been outlining posts the last few days and everything ~.^ I miss chatting with you all and hope you're having a wonderful morning, day or evening (whichever fits).

~ Mel ~

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January 23rd, 2008 at 2:32am]


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