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    Saturday, October 17th, 2009
    2:46 pm
    Day 17 - Fic and Art
    Team AU
    Title/Link: Those Dreaming Lies
    Rating: R
    Warnings: Heavy angst. Seriously. BE WARNED.
    Genre: Romance, Angst, Drama
    Word Count: ~24,500
    Summary: Wander no more through figurative mazes/come home to me weary traveler/and follow me into the indigo.
    Prompt: Indigo/Poem

    Title/Link: Your face is getting blurry
    Rating: G?
    Warnings: Implied use of mind-altering beverages
    Genre: Steampunk
    Summary: Always the best of conversations, at least as long as we can hear each other.
    Prompt: Green, poem

    Team Canon
    Title/Link: Ceiling Cracks
    Rating: R
    Warnings: Abuse of Descartes, reminiscing about youthful sexcapades, implied past drug use, unfulfilled dreams.
    Genre:Hurt/Comfort, Angst/Drama
    Word Count: 1,500
    Summary: Sirius isn't sure that he exists. Remus has the memories to prove he does.
    Prompt: Orange Poem

    Title/Link: Good Morning, Sunshine!
    Rating: PG-13
    Warnings: naked torso, scars
    Summary: Sirius wakes Remus up with a kiss
    Prompt: yellow - poem

    Wednesday, October 14th, 2009
    2:47 pm
    Day 14
    Team: AU
    Title: Playdates
    Rating: NC-17
    Warnings: ANGST. Slashysex, mentions pf child abuse.
    Genre(s): General with a dash or two of ANGST
    Word Count: 6850
    Summary: No road is long with good company. ~Turkish Proverb
    Prompt: Orange; Healing and Understanding


    Team: Canon
    Title: Secrecy and How It Leads To Awkward Rooming Situations
    Rating: PG-13
    Warnings: None?
    Genre(s): Fluff/Romance
    Word Count: 6,073
    Summary: One holiday, one secret, five people, three bedrooms.
    Prompt: Green; picture

    Secrecy and How It Leads To Awkward Rooming Situations
    Tuesday, October 13th, 2009
    9:52 pm
    DAY 13 - Fics
    Team: Canon
    Title: When the Guiding Star Fails
    Rating: PG-13
    Warnings: None
    Genre(s): Angst
    Word Count: 2797 (not including words from the prompt)
    Summary: What happens when you can’t trust the man that you love?
    Prompt: Violet Poem – Bahnofstrasse by James Joyce

    Team: AU
    Title: Living Together
    Rating: PG
    Warnings: None, really, unless a bit of light fluff counts, and one very small innuendo.
    Genre(s): Fluff/Romance, Humor
    Word Count: 1597
    Summary: At Harry and Ginny's wedding, Sirius and Remus give the newlyweds a bit of advice on living together.
    Prompt: Turquoise - Picture
    Monday, October 12th, 2009
    11:14 pm
    RS_Games: Day 10 - Fics
    Team Canon
    Title/Link: Of Clocks and Monsters
    Rating: R
    Warnings: Dub con, angst.
    Genre: Angst/Drama
    Word Count: 1,563
    Summary: During OotP, Remus tries to help Sirius, but realizes that he may actually be enabling his pain.
    Prompt: Turquoise poem.

    Team AU
    Title/Link: A Moon In The Life
    Rating: PG
    Warnings: none really
    Genre: Hurt/Comfort I guess
    Word Count: 6227
    Summary: One moon in James' and Sirius' lives.
    Prompt: yellow/picture

    7:04 pm
    DAY 12 - Fic: Canon: Title: peace of mind
    Team: Canon
    Title: peace of mind
    Rating: pg 13
    Warnings: none
    Genre(s): Fluff/Romance, Hurt/Comfort
    Word Count: 1681
    Summary: Sirius gets stuck in his animagus form for seven days and it falls to Remus to look after him. After being so used to living alone, will a 'pet' bring Remus the peace of mind he craves?
    Prompt: indigo - serenity/harmony

    peace of mind
    7:02 pm
    DAY 12 - Fic: Team AU: Title: On Tiptoes
    Title: On Tiptoes
    Team: AU
    Title: On Tiptoes
    Rating: PG-13 for very non-graphic implications of sex.
    Warnings: Choppy flow, too little detail, and overall suckiness.
    Genre(s): Angst/Drama
    Word Count: 7127
    Summary: Believe in the power of second chances.
    Prompt: Red

    On Tiptoes
    Sunday, October 11th, 2009
    5:22 pm
    RS_Games Day 11
    Team: AU
    Title: Keep the Demons Out
    Rating: PG 13
    Warnings: partial nudity
    Genre(s): (mild) angst
    Summary: Remus Lupin is a young writer, who composes obscure poetry to battle his personal demons. His muse is the infamous Sirius Black, who broke with his rich and noble family to live in poverty with R. Lupin. Seemingly careless and arrogant, he has his own issues, always lurking just under the surface ...
    Prompt: Green, poem

    Keep the Demons Out

    Team: Team Canon
    Title: No Shame
    Rating: R
    Warnings: Undressing and nude torsos
    Genre(s): Angst
    Summary: There are many years, and much hurt and misunderstanding between them, when Sirius comes to lie low at Lupin's.
    Prompt: Pink, poem

    No Shame

    Team: AU
    Title: A Safe Place
    Rating: NC-17
    Warnings: Mild angst. Swearing. Mild description of rimming and other sexual acts.
    Genre(s): Fluff/Romance
    Word Count: 35 615
    Summary: Someone is determined to see Remus Lupin, Head of the Dark Creature Legislation and Control Department, dead. Auror Sirius Black is assigned to protect him and in the process, both men find something they never expected. Thanks to my wonderful Beta's, D. and R. for your help with this bodice-ripper style fic!
    Prompt: Sexuality/Love

    A Safe Place

    Team: Canon
    Title: Assurance
    Rating: PG-13
    Warnings: Profanity, implied sex.
    Genre(s): Angst, Hurt/Comfort.
    Word Count: 1597
    Summary: Remus is brooding over the approaching full moon and whether he can keep Sirius' love. A cold, rainy hike with Sirius is, oddly, just what he needs.
    Prompt: Yellow picture

    Friday, October 9th, 2009
    1:32 pm
    Day 9 - Fic: Team Canon: Whatever you want
    Team: Team Canon
    Title: Whatever you want
    Rating: NC-17
    Warnings: Swearing, alcohol, mild bondage, explicit sex, rimming.
    Genre: Drama, Romance.
    Word Count: ~4200
    Summary: In which Remus is much too reserved, the answer to one’s relationship problems can be found in Soho, and shepherds know fuck all about werewolves.
    Prompt: Orange/Image

    Whatever you want
    1:30 pm
    Day 9 - Fic: Team AU: Winter Song
    Team: Team AU
    Title: Winter Song
    Rating: PG-13
    Warnings: includes thoughts of suicide
    Genre: hurt/comfort, angst/drama
    Word Count: ~7500
    Summary: “You’ve already done everything you can. You’ve done more than you should have, really.” Remus watched as Sirius stepped over to the desk, picked up a pencil and began playing with it. Nervously, Remus dug his nails into the palms of his hands and added, “Plus, it’s really not that bad.”

    “Rubbish, Remus.” Sirius snapped the pencil he was holding in two and flung the halves into their garbage can before continuing, “Do you really think that you can get away with saying that? How long have we known each other?”

    “You’re right.” Remus sighed and dug his nails harder into his palms, so much so that they began to bleed slightly. “So it is pretty bad. But there’s nothing you can do about it, unfortunately.”
    Prompt: Orange/Healing; Understanding

    Winter Song
    Thursday, October 8th, 2009
    1:35 pm
    Day 8 - Fic: Team AU: As We Say Our Long Goodbye
    Team: Team AU
    Title: As We Say Our Long Goodbye
    Rating: PG-13
    Warnings: References abound – to 1. Ursula Le Guin’s Left Hand of Darkness, 2. Vladimir Nabokov’s Spring in Fialta, 3. Stars’ First Five Times, and 4. Muse’s Undisclosed Desires – seemingly unnecessary, and really, am necessary to plot, *sheepish smile*.
    Slightly wonky narrative structure, but I think – I hope – still followable.
    Genre: Romance, Small dosages of Angst
    Word Count: ~6,100
    Summary: In an England where Magic has been made public knowledge since 1934, and in a time of political tensions, two young men, each grappling with his own magic, too powerful and too expectant, meet in Hecademus University – as student, and teaching assistant – and learn not to want to say goodbye, and perhaps to love.
    Prompt: Indigo/Poem

    As We Say Our Long Goodbye
    1:31 pm
    Day 8 - Fic: Team Canon: The Bed We Lie In
    Team: Team Canon
    Title: The Bed We Lie In
    Rating: PG
    Warnings: Sad children, overly poetic language for a 12-year-old, possible misuse of 60s slang.
    Genre: Angst
    Word Count: ~2,500
    Summary: There is nothing Remus Lupin likes better than the dawn, but if he had known what the light would reveal, he would have hidden in the dark forever.
    Prompt: Red/Image

    The Bed We Lie In
    Wednesday, October 7th, 2009
    3:36 pm
    Team: AU
    Title: Clouds and their Linings
    Rating: PG (one swear)
    Warnings: Sad themes.
    Genre(s): If anything, this falls under Hurt/Comfort
    Word Count: 3915
    Summary: Every cloud has a lining. But sometimes it's harder to see.
    Prompt: Indigo - picture

    Clouds and their Linings

    Team: Canon
    Title: Running Red
    Rating: PG-13
    Warnings: One or two bad words
    Genre(s): Fluff/Romance
    Word Count: about 1700
    Summary: If one's life could be said to be a river, then Remus's would have run red.
    Prompt: Red, Life/Strength
    Poem credit: Pablo Neruda

    Running Red
    Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
    9:35 pm
    DAY 6 - Art: Team AU: Title: The one thing he didn't forget ...
    Title: The one thing he didn't forget ...
    Warning(s): Extreme AU, hurtful bits of history.
    A/N:My scanner hates me and I apologize for the crappy lighting that I was forced to use when I took the pictures of this. One is lighted with the flash, the other isn't, and I hope (that if you squint your eyes) you'll be able to see all the little details ... even though the shading isn't as visible as I'd have liked. Thanks to the dork who gave me the idea for this in the first place and the awesome AU mods who humoured me and my inane questions :)
    Prompt: Red: Poem "If you forget me."

    The one thing he didn't forget ...
    9:35 pm
    DAY 6 - Art: Team Canon: Title: echoing around me
    Team: CANON
    Title: echoing around me
    Rating: PG
    Warnings: See genre
    Genre: Angst
    Medium: Photoshop
    Summary: Everywhere is empty when the fullest part of your life has been locked away.
    Prompt: Turquoise + Poem

    echoing around me
    9:35 pm
    DAY 6 - Fic: Team AU: Title Les Yeux du Loup (The Eyes of the Wolf)
    Team: AU
    Title: Les Yeux du Loup (The Eyes of the Wolf)
    Rating: NC-17
    Warnings: Swearing (young men & crusty Aurors will swear); mutual wanking; oral & anal sex; character death mentioned, though not shown. Alastor Moody says there’s something nigh on to bestiality in this, but that’s up to you to decide.
    Genre(s): Hurt/Comfort
    Word Count: I pushed the limit: 39,127 words (give or take a word or two)
    Summary: An ancient spell robs Remus of his human mind and memory, leaving only the wolf. Can Sirius help him find his way back to his humanity?
    Prompt: Turquoise Picture prompt—Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles

    Les Yeux du Loup (The Eyes of the Wolf)
    9:34 pm
    DAY 6 - Fic: Team Canon: Title: Moonlight Sonata
    Team: Canon.
    Title: Moonlight Sonata
    Rating: PG-13.
    Warnings: I suppose the only thing I see that should be warned for is heavy angst, h/c and a tad bit of fluff.
    Genre(s): Hurt/Comfort and Romance.
    Word Count: 4,744
    Summary: Cooped up at Grimmauld place, Sirius becomes more and more shut off from the rest of the world. In a desperate attempt to cheer him up, repair their quickly deteriorating friendship, and perhaps finish what they had started many years ago, Remus takes Sirius to a very special place...
    Prompt: Yellow/Picture

    Moonlight Sonata
    Monday, October 5th, 2009
    9:43 pm
    RS_Games: Day 5 - Fics
    Team: AU
    Title: The Bite That Bleeds
    Rating: Very light PG-13
    Warnings: Mild Swearing, slight violence
    Genre(s): Romance/Angst
    Word Count: 3,775
    Summary: “My life has been a very filled one, full of love, lust, pain and death. I’ve done so many things I’m ashamed of and a lot that I’ve never been more proud of.”
    Prompt: Love/Sexuality
    A/N: The large part in the middle that’s in italics is taken from the book this is based off as I felt that it’s the best way to write it.
    Disclaimer: I don’t own any of it. Harry Potter belongs to J.K Rowling and Cirque Du Freak belongs to Darren Shan.

    The Bite That Bleeds

    Team: Canon
    Title: Portrait of a Young Man
    Warnings: Mild swearing
    Genre(s):Fluff, humour
    Word Count: 3,700
    Summary:“But Padfoot, it is the National Gallery, I’m pretty sure two minutes in and you’ll want to beat yourself to death with the Mona Lisa,” Remus states, chewing his bottom lip slightly
    Prompt: Turquoise, magic/art

    Portrait of a Young Man
    Sunday, October 4th, 2009
    1:25 am
    Day 3 - Fic: Team Canon: Come Home To Me Weary Traveler
    Team: Canon
    Title: Come Home To Me Weary Traveler
    Rating: R (light)
    Warnings: drunkenness
    Genre: Angst/bit of Fluff
    Word Count: 6120
    Summary: Sirius needs serenity, Remus is his guide.
    Prompt: Indigo/Poem (title taken from poem)

    Come Home To Me Weary Traveler
    1:18 am
    Day 3 - Fic: Team AU: Back to You
    Team: Team AU
    Title: Back to You
    Rating: R
    Warnings: --
    Genre: Fluff/Romance
    Word Count: 14, 451
    Summary: When Sirius decided to leave Hogwarts, he thought Remus would never forgive him for the Prank with Snape, but distance makes the heart grow fonder.
    Prompt: Red/Picture

    Back to You
    Friday, October 2nd, 2009
    1:11 pm
    Day 2 - Fic: Team AU: A Pale Horse
    Team: Team AU
    Title: A Pale Horse
    Rating: R
    Warnings: Infidelity, mature – and very sad - subject
    Genre(s): Angst
    Word Count: 5,786
    Summary: All it takes is one time. One single time, which you may hardly even remember, but which will nonetheless change your life forever.
    Prompt: Red/Words

    A Pale Horse
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