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[25 Jun 2017|02:26am]

Loving an actor and their delightful face but associating them with a character you have a love/hate relationship with is hard.

I'd love to use him for something but I'm not sure I can get past it.
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[24 Jun 2017|11:36pm]

If you're going to play a fandom character, at least be passably in your familiarity with the fandom - or the rest of us are going to die of secondhand embarrassment.
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[21 Jun 2017|11:09pm]

Dude, you're not fooling anyone. :/ C'mon, get a new tune already.
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[21 Jun 2017|12:47pm]

When an SL partner reacts in a way that triggers and reminds you of an abusive ex. A first for me and not really sure how to process it right now...
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[20 Jun 2017|04:40pm]

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[19 Jun 2017|10:21pm]

when did this platform become tumblr? i'm all for calling out problematic behavior, but if i wanted to watch or even be on the receiving end of a highly unnecessary social justice witch hunt, i would still be using that website. what really gets me about it is how goddamn hard some of you are reaching just to be able to "hand out receipts" - hey, guess what? role-play is a fictional writing hobby. it's escapism from the every day bullshit we can't escape from our social media feeds and personal lives, so you bringing that bullshit over here? knock it off. this has nothing to do with privilege and everything to do with "social justice" as a front for cyberbullying. hell, most of you can't even do it off anon in the first place.

also, pro tip: if you want to educate someone on something, you'll be more effective by having a civil conversation with that person rather than aggressively attacking them for not meeting your own standards. just an adult thought.
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[19 Jun 2017|04:48pm]

Leaving a game where you had awesome lines and knowing that those lines are being replaced. Not the best feeling in the world but moving on was for the best.
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[19 Jun 2017|11:52am]
I don't hate you two nearly as much I hate myself for giving people second chances, especially those people that shouldn't have ever deserved them. When I already got burnt, you'd think I would learn but I guess I'm too good and think people could change, especially in the rp thinking that maybe the timing is wrong sometimes, maybe it's the muses.

So I post an ad to find someone for my character in a game and when you reply to it, I know it's you but still. I think maybe I'll give you a benefit of a doubt as a writer and that another line with you might work out better. Only to find out you'd been scheming behind my back all the time and working things out with others in your character's favor. So when your character suddenly dumps mine, I'm clueless at why and how a change of heart could happen so fast. It doesn't matter and that's not even the worst.

The worst is that I was also the one who found and brought in the other character - your character's new baby daddy. I basically dug my own character's early grave with my own hands by asking that player to bring their guy in for my other character. If I only had known, I never would have because it certainly wasn't for your two characters to end up together. Sure, shit happens organically but if neither of you had your characters in the game, it would not have.

I have my other lines in other games that are amazing and that I should focus on instead, I know that. I could just forget but what makes it pretty much impossible is because the two you are writing? It's my fucking OTP that I used to enjoy. So not only my other characters got screwed, you've also managed to ruin my other line for me. I hope you're fucking happy. Karma is a bitch though, and one day? even if it's in five years from now, when you least expect, you should remember that.
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[18 Jun 2017|04:28pm]
i get that it sucks when things don't go your way. but what good does it do to try to make me feel guilty for something that happened organically? i won't feel guilty for enjoying my character and what is happening with them. try all you want. you won't succeed.
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[18 Jun 2017|09:39am]

im such a shitty petty butthurt over nothing slp with this one line is pathetic. Grr self.
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[17 Jun 2017|08:25pm]

adjective: pathetic

arousing pity, especially through vulnerability or sadness.

ˈrip ˌôf/
noun: ripoff

an inferior imitation of something.

Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder (or a group of disorders) marked by severely impaired thinking, emotions, and behaviors.
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[17 Jun 2017|06:10pm]

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[15 Jun 2017|07:32am]

You play such a well known char so can you try and get them even SLIGHTLY ic? It hurts watching you play them.
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[13 Jun 2017|01:29pm]
We all have our preferences as to how we play. Some prefer AIM, some journals, some a mix. It's all good. I might get disappointed if I really like the ad and there's a mention of AIM only, but I shrug and move on and even sometimes post my own journals only ad for the same thing if I really get inspired. So why do I have so many people, on an ad that clearly says "journals only" asking if I would use AIM? Seriously? When I've already said it?
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[10 Jun 2017|11:41pm]

I'm so bored late at night. I wish I could find another partner that is a night owl like me. I miss writing until my eyes hurt and I have to force myself to go to bed.
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[10 Jun 2017|05:34pm]

As expected, the aforementioned Regina George has turned against Gretchen. Imma sit back with my popcorn and watch the show.
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[08 Jun 2017|06:33pm]

Pretty much sums up how I feel right now.

I'm so done.
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[09 Jun 2017|01:36am]

Fix your fucking html and quit ruining my f-list god damn. I can't see shit.
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[06 Jun 2017|06:52pm]
Sorry not sorry. My attention span is way too short for those who don't make any efforts, to begin with. Forgetting about the scene when you've tagged in your other lines is just a huge sign of how (dis)interested you were in ours in the first place. So why should I even bother?

Also, to those who say Manchester, London or other incidents should not be mentioned in the games. I guess it depends on what kind of game and what's being said but if it's a real world town game, I have no problem with mentioning it. On the contrary, acting as if absolutely nothing happened, everything is fine, and ignoring the subject completely is disrespectful.
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[06 Jun 2017|07:49am]

I'm learning to really, really despise petty people. The ones who think everything has to be exactly *LIKE THIS.* Only, when it's not, they turn to complaining and trying to gain sympathy with "whoa is me" type remarks.

The world does not revolve around you. It's not your way or the highway.
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