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[22 Oct 2017|07:37pm]

I miss you and what we used to have so much at times.
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[21 Oct 2017|08:42pm]

You've been accused of ghosting before and took offense to it, only for the criticism to prove genuine. You drop friends when you get in with a new crowd, but accuse others of abandoning you first. You drop pre-established lines when something newer or shinier comes along and still expect that original line to be your fallback option later, or to be told that your attitude is acceptable; because it's all just a game, right? Except no one is allowed to do that to you. Feels crappy, doesn't it? You make excuses and point the finger elsewhere because you can't own up to your own shitty behavior or accept responsibility for your part in things. You complain about things that people do or just about how people are behind their back but backpedal when you're called out for it. You claim to have all of these problems with your SLP but didn't bother to communicate them, thus leaving them unknown and unresolved - but somehow that's never your fault. Tell me, how can a person fix a problem they aren't aware of?

Pot, meet kettle. You goddamn hypocrite. I hope you don't pull the same on others, but I know you will. Grow the hell up.
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[22 Oct 2017|12:48pm]
Why, when people say they're sick of a particular type of game not existing, do they not come to the games that people make of that type? I've had this happen, and I've also seen it happen to other games. You wanted it, it's there, why is it not enough? Yes, I know, mods have to be active and invested and so on, but beyond that, why not? Players need to be invested, too, at least in playing in the ones that exist, or mods will figure that's why the games don't work, no one's interested.
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[21 Oct 2017|12:58am]

My best friend has stage four melanoma bone cancer. So I'd rather be writing as a distraction than dealing with it. But I hate that I can't be motivated to tag or to put out an ad. I hate that no matter how often I workout and try to work past it, I can't. I hate that I feel so powerless both creatively and as a friend. I'm torn & conflicted, because I need a distraction. But I'm so drained at the end of my conversations with her to want to write. I just don't know what to do.
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[19 Oct 2017|08:23am]

The new iOS update apparently fucks up quotation marks, no longer making it possible to link usernames and communities in html format. Bruh.
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[19 Oct 2017|10:13am]

Your characters fail the Bechdel test so often that it's giving me second hand embarrassment.
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[18 Oct 2017|03:28am]

I’m not the same person I was all those years/months ago.

Yet there are people out there who like to remind me of my past immature choice of words and actions. etc whenever I try to advertise for storylines.
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[17 Oct 2017|08:33pm]

One of my old, favorite characters is stuck in this sad space. That's where I left her last fall, I fished her out for a while when I really needed to write to take my mind off shitty life things, and then somehow, recently, I got stuck revisiting where she was before. I kind of get it. It's more interesting to explore how she'd react to all that. But I always like to happily ever after my old characters, and I liked hers.

I tried to find that pdf book converter so I could just delete her journals and be done with it, but it converted a whole five entries and that's not helpful. If I have to do it by hand, I'll not be the happiest person on the block.
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[17 Oct 2017|06:12pm]

Today's mood is brought to you by...this. Hope you don't do others the way you've done me...but I probably can promise there is a 99.9% chance you will.

Adios...mother f-er. Hope that new "gpsl" really works out for ya...
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[16 Oct 2017|09:28pm]

When you try to be this person:

And end up being this person:

[edited due to first half of vent looking like it was in response to something it was not]
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[16 Oct 2017|09:59am]

when a comm looks super interesting... then one aspect of it puts you totally off of applying...

when another comm looks super interesting... then you notice 85% of the "writing" is on the 'network' rather than actual in actual threading scenes. mehhhhhhhhhhhhh.
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[16 Oct 2017|07:56am]

In case anyone is wondering what taking an RP beef too far looks like, this is what I just woke up to.

Cut for image; contains sexist slurs and suicide mention. )

Good thing my boss is technologically inept and has me monitor his email.
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[16 Oct 2017|12:17am]

That feeling when you really, really, really want to write, but things keep getting in the way. Things like lack of time, lack of muse, lack of comms to join, lack of characters you want to play in comms, lack of other players' interest in your fandoms, etc.

I can never seem to get the right timing down.
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[15 Oct 2017|08:11pm]

I realize your game has been around for a while, but maaaaaaaaaaybe don't advertise it weeks after the location was the site of a horrific massacre.
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[15 Oct 2017|03:52pm]

Being stalked and harassed from place to place to place is getting real fucking tiring.
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[15 Oct 2017|01:23pm]

I feel like I'm constantly suffering blue balls here. I have lines hovering in limbo and its driving me nuts. I want so much to be included but its just not happening. So frustrated. :(
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[15 Oct 2017|09:34am]

What happened to all the people that started playing in RP for the sake of writing? Why doesn't anyone do this anymore? And the ones that do... WHERE ARE YOU????
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[13 Oct 2017|02:02pm]

wow. another game deleted due entirely to your drama? that has to be a record.
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[12 Oct 2017|07:32pm]

No more weird cannibal porn and people having to leave group chats early or drop characters because you're a creepy, aggressive, narcissistic, godmodding, whiny miasma of drama? However will we survive.
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[12 Oct 2017|05:29pm]

I was at work when they did the last round of accepting journals into the comms and missed the window, so now I'm sat here days later wondering if something went wrong and it didn't go through or if they're just being lazy.

It's killing my excitement to play, to sit here waiting so long... I was already accepted, just let me come in and intro my character PLEASE.
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