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[23 Feb 2020|07:51pm]

I don't mind waiting... okay, that's a slight lie because I'm relatively impatient and want quick gratification... but what I can't stand is constantly being ignored by people when I reach out, or after initial contact. Please at least say you're not interested, because, guess what, I'm going to be cool with it and I'm going to wish you nothing but good tidings for the future.

I believe my ideas have potential, I know I'm reliable, and I like to think that I'm at least a decent writer. Trying to find partners makes me worry that I'm being too desperate or something, and maybe I am. I guess I just figured that finding creative satisfaction going the PSL route instead of the group route would be easier.
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[21 Feb 2020|06:27pm]

You are walking over someone who is too nice to report you and I don't think you even realize it. I really hope you try and do it again with someone who will actually go to the mods so you can finally learn your lesson.

Edited in later: Oops guess that someone is me. Whatever happens now is your own fault.
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[17 Feb 2020|05:33am]

You live in a fantasy land where you think you caused no harm. But friend, that would be wrong. I've cut ties with the guy who called me stupid, but then would be sweet to me. I know it's for the best that we don't talk or rp together anymore but damn if it doesn't hurt. So many wasted nights with this.

I'd like to say I'm fine and I'll move on, but I don't know how.

Boy whom I thought was my friend, let's never meet again.
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[16 Feb 2020|01:05pm]

This is a pet peeve of mine, but like.

If you don't know a player well/aren't communicating with that player, threatening their characters with violence and/or insulting them behind a "filter" said character can't see/respond to mostly just makes you a jerk.
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[14 Feb 2020|04:22pm]

Edit: ok I think my maths was off. I don't agree with the pairing but it's not as gross as I thought
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[06 Feb 2020|12:32pm]

If you're not into them anymore, please just tell me and stop making me overanalyze everything you say/do-- it all it seems so obvious. You swear you're all in, but you sure are sending me totally opposite vibes. Consistency with what you say and do, whether you're in or not, would really be nice because mind games are exhausting and I am out of patience.
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[04 Feb 2020|11:13pm]

Pretty sure I now know where I stand. Once more picking myself up to try and find enjoyment in this hobby again.

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[05 Feb 2020|02:51pm]

This isn't so much a vent as me being a bit puzzled about things.

So when I started RPing on here, a while ago, PB was really separate from celeb. Like I think it was frowned upon - with good reason! - to use faces that had done really awful things in rl (my "I would never pb against them" was Mel Gibson for example) and usually dead celebrities were out even in pb, again for understandable reasons. But it was always under the understanding that PB was about the face, not about what the person was or did in rl.

So why did I get a 'friendly reminder' comment to my screened contact about pbing someone who is gay irl in a het relationship? They are actually not straight - all my characters are bi even if their in game relationship is het, but I do acknowledge that it can just look like they are het if that's the relationship they're in. It wasn't blasting me or anything, I'm just puzzled about what it is to do with anything.

I don't get it? It has nothing to do with the celeb in any way at all. Yes, the celeb is very out, and I would never play them in a het relationship in celeb if I played this particular person in celeb, but this character is a pb. I'm using the face for cliché purposes more than anything. I'm just... really wtf right now.
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[30 Jan 2020|01:44am]

I knew you would flake. I called it. Damn. I wish it didn't hurt, but it does.
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[29 Jan 2020|10:51pm]

Press F to pay your respects.
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[30 Jan 2020|09:21am]

I wish I could just care about roleplay. I miss the days when it was exciting.
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[27 Jan 2020|10:09am]

Not so much a rant but a warning.

Remember this? She's back but using a different name.
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[26 Jan 2020|06:56pm]

I never want to read another personality section that talks about a "redhead" having a "Fiery temper" ever again.
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[24 Jan 2020|08:48pm]

lol imagine coming here into ~rpvents to complain non-stop about your line (that for some reason you won't end) not giving you the attention and response you want, then turning around and completely ghosting the friends who have been there listening to your complaints and giving you advice (and making you icons). We see you in ~rps. We know you're still active. But we were just disposable to you? cool cool cool.

Your line sucks because you're a piece of shit and it's what you deserve.
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[24 Jan 2020|10:16am]

I think it's been about 2 years since I last RPed on this server. Have I just become too busy? Do I not enjoy the hobby like I used to? Probably both.

It also doesn't help that when I do see a game that slightly piques my interest I find out it's run by them.
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[23 Jan 2020|09:47am]

can you not do that?

like, definitely do not do that.
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[21 Jan 2020|08:59pm]

That moment when you realize you've spent just as much time checking RPVents as the game you're actually in this week, and should proooooobably crawl back to your lair to lurk in comforting, subtly Netflix-mood-lit darkness for another couple months. Because you have a problem and get a tiddle loo invested in anonymous people's shenanigans, even though you're well aware that people on IJ are actually generally cool even if you don't get along with them all the time.

Or, you know, just me? Probably just me. Does anyone remember what my life looks like? I feel like I should toss it up on the back of a milk carton (is that still a thing?).

cut for gif )
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[20 Jan 2020|07:51pm]

Can you ban a player who hasn't really done anything offensive solely on the basis that they have no idea what they're doing, need constant hand-holding, keep accidentally creating more work for you, and are just... really, really bad at RP?
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[19 Jan 2020|05:20pm]

Please, for the love of all things RP-related, please learn how to use commas. Half of your sentences make no sense, and it makes my eyeballs want to bleed.
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[15 Jan 2020|03:11pm]

Behind a cut for mentions of homophobia, rape and other triggery/toxic things )
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