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[18 Jan 2018|07:27am]

If it had been anyone else, I would have been an adult and given you that response that you are looking for. I would have told you exactly why I wasn't going to do the line. But because it's you - the same writer who I have come across so many times over the years - I am giving you nothing. You've flaked on me more times than I can count and you didn't even deserve me to tell you that I wasn't going to do the line to begin with. I know it's not me, because I have seen more than me complain about you - and yes, I have come across you in all of your forms, including the stalkery behavior one that lasted for multiple years on AIM. How you are dumb enough to think that people will be around at your will is beyond me. You act like people will stick around or continue to have lines with you when constantly stalk new lines, yet are only popping in and out of the ones that people agree to with you every few months - if that. I'm not wasting my time. Too bad you know all of your shortcomings and change journals every month so that people don't know it's you all of the time - I wouldn't have wasted that time to start with had I.

Unrelated: I know you are going through a rough time in real life. That's the only reason I haven't pushed the issue. But honestly? I should push the issue. Instead, I am just letting you go. From this point on, if you want our lines to work, make them work. Otherwise, I'm not putting in the effort to get zero return.

Also unrelated to either of the top ones: I'd love to know what it is about myself that attracts flakes. I know that's kind of the new standard with IJ roleplayers (or any roleplayers really) these days, but damn...I feel like even SLPs that I've had for years have flaked on me lately. It's rough. I think it's time to keep to the two that stick with me and write solo writings in the meantime.
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[18 Jan 2018|05:37am]
i'm losing interest in this line because you move at a turtle pace with me but put all your energy into your other line. it's hard to sustain interest when you are given so little to work with. why didn't you let me find the line with someone else if you didn't care?
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[16 Jan 2018|05:29pm]

Re: Backstabbing

Just so we are all clear, let the following be stated for the 1,999,999,999th time.

That will be all.


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[15 Jan 2018|08:19pm]
this game would be a million times better if people would just, oh i don't know, not be total fucking assholes. a kind nudge can go so much farther than a snide remark or a dickheaded vent, just saying. but hey, you do you booboo.
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[13 Jan 2018|02:09pm]

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[13 Jan 2018|02:45pm]

do some research. it's not that hard.
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[11 Jan 2018|04:12am]

rant at myself tbqh

why can't i fucking push out a good scene without it killing me? ugh i'm so frustrated at myself.
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[10 Jan 2018|02:46pm]

Old Man Yelling at Cloud Moment:

Discord. How in the hell...? What do I... Huh? I feel like I'm my mother with a new phone trying to use this damn thing.
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[10 Jan 2018|02:02pm]

So after all the shit you put the entire community through, causing you to have almost no friends left in the game, you hit 4 weeks and ALMOST IMMEDIATELY someone registers as the same character, which wouldn't even cause us to bat an eye, except you play a retired athlete that most people (unless you follow that sport) have even heard of. Placeholder huh? It would not even make the radar if you played someone who is in high demand, but you are not. If this is you, in a new reincarnation, I hope to God you are not the same asshole you were before. If this is actually not you, well, when you do finally decide to interact with the community most of us will welcome you, although everyone that was shit on before may, rightly so, be a bit leery.
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[10 Jan 2018|09:02am]

Cut for a worry-ramble. )
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Not my vent, but... [08 Jan 2018|05:37pm]

When someone completely rips off someone else's character. Down to the face.

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[08 Jan 2018|12:30pm]

I wish people didn't have the power in this hobby to make me feel like utter shit.
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[06 Jan 2018|02:47am]

bold af words for a hologram who's never here.
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[05 Jan 2018|04:28pm]

That moment when you ask the mod a question and the refer you to the Faq that doesn't answer the fucking question.

I wouldn't be asking the fucking question if the answer was in the goddamn faq. Jesus fucking Christ on a whore in church.
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[05 Jan 2018|01:09pm]

I mean, you were shit mods anyway (slow, whining about your duties, bitching out your players for unique character concepts, making everyone feel like shit, basically acting as a barrier against a good time instead of a facilitator of it) but closing the game entirely, out of the blue? Dick move.

Edit: So, wait, you said that you were keeping the game closed as a "GPSL" for the characters of the mods to play with each other. But, um, you just let new characters in? They're literally sitting right there, on the friends page, in the OOC comm, getting plot and comments and shit. So, really, you weren't "closing the comm". You were - are - creating your own little sandbox, for characters and players that you like, instead of your loyal players who just want to play in your world, who gave you their all, their creativity, their time. What you did was basically just kick a bunch of people out without having to give reasons. That's the ultimate dick move. What the everloving fuck.

Edit: Apparently, this was just a ploy to get rid of four players from their game! Including me, because I had the audacity to bring in a type of character they said in the rules was 'rare', but didn't exist in the game at all. To everyone who got a PM, good news! The game is still up and running. Bad news: they're shitty fucking people who cull their own members by pretending to "close" the game.
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[03 Jan 2018|01:15am]

apparently my best writing is done when everyone is asleep. I need to work on this
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[02 Jan 2018|02:22am]

Is it really so much to ask for a relaxed game that allows me to tag at my pace without a humongous amount of pressure thrown on my shoulders? One that isn't x-men or harry potter? Or, god forbid, with people who will engage me and want to play with my character without having to beg for the attention?

I had a good thing going with the one game I was in. It was interesting, fun, and I got a decent amount of play. It's just that one of the players started putting pressure on me to entertain them all the time and it became a lot less fun so I bailed. I work too much to be demanded that hard from a hobby.

Maybe I should just get off my ass and write my book, who knows.
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[01 Jan 2018|02:46pm]
The world is not divided into whores and those desperate for some cheap sex. It's a shame that it's the impression that your game gives.
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[30 Dec 2017|10:18pm]

Maybe it's just me, but when games do the noembed in profiles, it turns me off that game. I like to see how active it is (clicking more details to see last post and such). I can see doing it for a character journal, I do it, but why do it for a game?
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[30 Dec 2017|06:34am]
i wish there was a way to get back all the time that i wasted on you
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