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[17 Aug 2017|08:26am]

That awkward moment when you realize you might be done with RP and you can't decide if you want to email an old PSL partner to see if you can try to hold on or just let it go.
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[16 Aug 2017|02:27pm]

When your character would respond to something, but you're pretty sure the reaction they were going for WASN'T "lol wut".
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[16 Aug 2017|03:47am]

I don't know, man. Some stuff just cracks me up. No rhyme or reason to it either.

Insanity? Maybe. Oh wait, this is RP after all...

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
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[15 Aug 2017|01:30pm]

When did people get so sensitive? Jesus christ. If you don't like it, that's why it's under a cut with a warning. Don't read it.
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[15 Aug 2017|02:12pm]

So after months of stifled creativity and psychological abuse, I'm somewhere where actually writing is the default instead of handwaving and it's great.

The catch, though? Waiting for the other shoe to drop.
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[14 Aug 2017|05:01pm]
It's the most ridiculous reason to be put off by a comm, but I just can't work with a game with a fantasy-historical family with a name from a TV soap opera. I just can't.
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[10 Aug 2017|06:30am]

Did I just see an ad asking for a what looks like an 8 year old to lose his virginity? Not gonna lie, that's more than a bit creepy.

ETA: Apparently the PB is played as a 12 year old. (Still, nope)
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[09 Aug 2017|06:03pm]
hey, you! yes, you, the person who can't stay out of my threads and keeps correcting me and telling stories about why their rps are all successful.

it's become a liiiiittle creepy. you're my second shadow now. I haven't spoken to you since you brought over your 'published author' bff to criticize my rp without a heads up. find a new fixation. if I block you, you're gonna have a messenger boy/girl ask me 'why'.
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[08 Aug 2017|06:27pm]
If you tell someone constantly that you love them as a person and you love their writing and their characters, then wouldn't you talk to them if you have an issue of some sort? If you love the person so damn much and their writing then why bail without a word? And not just bail, but delete all your journals? Why not just tell them there's an issue and try to work it out? Or just say "hey this isn't working for me anymore"... Something! Anything! It really sucks to be sitting here wondering what the fuck I did wrong! Yes, this is just a game, a hobby. But when you get attached to lines and then they vanish without warning or word, it hurts.
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[07 Aug 2017|11:51am]

Screw you, photobucket! I came up with the perfect pb for that role, and of course the icons for him were hosted by you and are now all a bunch of clock faces or whatever that placeholder image is.

I repeat, screw you, photobucket!
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[06 Aug 2017|05:12pm]

This fandom is so incestuous (ha) that, with the new season happening, people are coming out of the woodworks looking for lines again and I keep running into people who I've died on or who have died on me. Then we do this little dance of 'oops, sorry, yeah, my bad, want to try again, no, you weren't that good anyway, or, yes, please, but I feel guilty for fading'. This has happened like three times in the past few days and I'm just like... can we get some fresh blood up in here, please? Now's the time for it, after all.
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[04 Aug 2017|04:22pm]

This is less of a vent and more of a question. There's this player who always wants to write scenes together, and it's gotten to the point where I just want to say no because they're practically the poster person for parroted and action/reaction writing that is one of my biggest pet peeves because it always forces me to move the scene along, and all they do is give me bare bones, haphazard writing with nothing to respond to, and quite frankly, nothing interesting or pivotal happens in our scenes that makes it worthwhile. Essentially, their character just says "yes" or "no" or "how high" to anything my character says or does. It's gotten so bad that I can't even finish our scenes together because I'm tired of being the only one that keeps the ball rolling and not to mention, their writing isn't that great either (not that I think mine is any better, but there is absolutely no depth or description to their writing, even when I give them a lot to go off of).

So my question is, how do I politely decline doing scenes with them when they keep asking? I don't want to hurt their feelings because it is a public game, and I don't want to cause drama and conflict with other players. Or is this a situation where I have to grin and bear it and play with them anyways because it is a group game? I've been in plenty of games in my days, but this is the first time the writing is so one-sided and bad for me that I genuinely just want to avoid playing with this other player altogether, save for maybe group scenes because I'll have others to count on to help me move the story along and keep things interesting. Thoughts?
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[04 Aug 2017|03:54pm]

It must be so exhausting being you. Like...I'm not even angry with you over all this. I can't be. I just look at you and wonder what it's like to be that negative and angry literally all the time about everything and everyone. I'm not trying to be condescending when I say I feel bad for you. I really do. Because that's no way to live a life and my only hope is that one day you grow out of it or get some help.
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[02 Aug 2017|01:30pm]

Oh. Mercury is going into retrograde. Well, that explains today. And yesterday. And the next two weeks.

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[01 Aug 2017|06:14pm]
what a cesspool. i'm so glad that i realized who you are in time. i can't deal with the passive aggressive behavior you've always displayed whenever i tried a line with you. or your godmodding. watch me bow out.
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[01 Aug 2017|05:53pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

I don't know if you know this, but there aren't supposed to be main characters in an RP community. Especially when "main" equals "played by the mod or their bff".

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[30 Jul 2017|11:10am]

I loathe the loner class of character.

to me, it spells trouble; characters who go out of their way to avoid interaction. cue the player complaining about how unpopular they are. it's even worse when half the cast are reclusive, grouchy and full of angst.
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[28 Jul 2017|09:55am]

games don't last very long if the mods don't take an active interest in actually playing.
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[27 Jul 2017|06:32pm]

So I have a character I love and a pairing I love, right? And I had a really amazing line with the two of them. Fully fleshed out, great writing, practically everything I wanted in a line. It ended, though, and I'm always on the lookout for other lines with these two and found a decent writer who seemed cool with a similar premise. Not exactly the same, of course, because that would be boring, but with the same themes.

But now, well into the first scene, I just feel so meh about it. It's not as good as the first one and as much as I know it's unfair to compare them, especially because of all the differences, I feel like I'm kind of ruined for the pairing now because nothing will ever live up to that first line.

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[27 Jul 2017|01:21pm]

you're such a great writer, yet and at the same time, provide very little substance for my character to respond to.

tags can't/shouldn't be 99% inner dialogue/thoughts and only 1% actual dialogue if you expect the scene to last a while or be interesting - especially when that 1% of dialogue is just a response to my person with very little included for *them* to respond to.

provide some substance and show some actual interest in other characters and more people will want to scene with you.
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