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[04 Dec 2019|09:56pm]

at this point, i can’t help but think you’re a pedophile. every character you’ve written about is always underage and always gets involved with older men or suffers child sex abuse. and/or abuse in general.

you’ve got fucking problems and i can’t fathom how anyone on this server still writes with you.
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[02 Dec 2019|11:29pm]

nothing like knowing you've talked shit behind my back - repeatedly - and then your fake ass is asking me about my day? nope, not playing that game. you can fuck all the way off.
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[02 Dec 2019|05:11am]

Finish what you wanted to start.
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[30 Nov 2019|01:08am]

I'm not sure which is worse at this point.

The petty behavior or the shade going on that was always assured would never happen.

I've reached a point where I'm questioning whether it's worth the stress in staying, or if I should just be thankful for the good time I've had and quietly take my leave.
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[29 Nov 2019|07:25pm]
Do not come to my male faces only psl journal, which I haven't even used in over a year, accusing me of playing an abuser because of one damn icon that I haven't used in a lot longer than a year, especially when there is no damn proof he is even the abuser his ex was talking about.

I know abuse is a touchy topic, but still, the details don't add up to it having been him that I've seen. I don't even play him any more.

ETA: Not all the details add up - but regardless I'm not him and don't really need to be yelled at for a damn icon on a journal.

ETA 2: I apologize for appearing to defend an abuser. I wasn't, and was hoping it might not be them, but I shouldn't have said what I did and just kept to the RP related part of the vent.

I'm not sure if editing the post is allowed but I would do that if it were to remove the defense.
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[27 Nov 2019|06:22pm]

Can you please just go away? You spewed your homophobic hate all over this site and now you're suddenly here looking for slash lines, pretending like you're a better person. Your game is just as terrible as all the other ones you made. NOTHING has changed.
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[26 Nov 2019|01:24pm]

1. Thinking about my past behavior as a writer and cringing so hard. Like, wow, I really was like that, huh? My characters were really Like That!!! Oh fuck. That sucks. I didn't think I was emotionally invested in those storylines, but I was and that reflected in my character interactions and I hope to never do that again. Truly hoping that not everyone I wrote with had a bad fucking time x-amount of years ago.

2. Creating your own lore and making up small towns and cities is one of the MOST annoying things, but I can't properly visualize it otherwise. Sure, I could use New Orleans, but I've never BEEN there (in spite of only living 5 hours away from it) and I need to feel like to know the ins and outs so that makes worldbuilding a Process and I hate it so much but am also really into it.
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[26 Nov 2019|09:32am]

Please please please don’t die off. I’m pretty sure it’s happening and I get it, but ugh. He’s never going to be as happy or trust as easily again and it was so hard to get him here. /pathetic
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[25 Nov 2019|04:56pm]

If you could you not post all of your characters in a row all talking about the same subject and taking up an entire page, that would be great. Try spacing them out or, I don't know, commenting to other people. I swear you just spam the page once every few months or weeks when you're not busy then fade away again. Why are you even in the game? And why on Earth are your girls from Sweden and the UK talking about American Thanksgiving?
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[23 Nov 2019|01:33am]

Hot and cold (yet much more the latter), in and out, on and off, and if we never scened again they’d be happy as a clam. What’s the point of RP if the “writers” don’t write? What happened to brainstorming, or god forbid character growth and development? Guess it went down the toilet with the insane amount of effort that no one puts forth anymore.
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[19 Nov 2019|10:23pm]

I haven't done a panfandom in like 10 actual years, but I'm realizing I will have to in order to play the characters I'm most interested in. AND YET, instead of jumping in, I'm paralyzed with anxiety.

They intimidate me. But they're where all the activity is. But there's so much more pressure. But I'd actually get lines. But I have no idea where to even look or what their culture is like. But--

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[19 Nov 2019|02:52pm]

This game has literally been open for about a week. Everyone has offered you lines. I have offered you lines. You're in multiple threads, more than anyone else in the community. So, you're really going to complain about how nobody will play or plot with you? You have to put some work in, too. It can't just be us telling you how great you are and that your characters are awesome and that we'll give you all our plots forever because that's not fair. You're mad that people have come into the game with pre-established lines. I'm pretty sure that happens at most games, and these people with pre-established lines are STILL trying to plot with you. You were kicked out of another game for causing drama, and making people uncomfortable, and you're about to get kicked out of this one for the same reasons.

EDIT: You also held characters under two different names. WHAT.
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[18 Nov 2019|09:06am]

Another day, another comm that's actually a psl with a discord chat that might as well be you and your friend's DMs

Multiplayer writing collaboration, where art thou?

Edit~~ got around to all the pms.
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[16 Nov 2019|06:03pm]

jfc, at least change your characters' names before you rip off the game you were kicked out of/dramatically quit.
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[16 Nov 2019|04:01pm]

It's time for a Jcink vent 'cause man...

Don't recruit someone to a game you've recently become staff for if you're just going to constantly shit talk the other admins and complain in DMs. Why did you even drag me over here?!
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[15 Nov 2019|10:23pm]

Before you complain about drama llamas, make sure you yourself do not own a llama farm.
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[14 Nov 2019|07:11pm]

this is an odd one and probably silly on my part but... working out a line and being encouraged to make a particular choice because the alternative could be problematic. except i'm apart of the group in question and i thought the reasoning was contrived/performative. i felt too uncomfortable to say that though because i'm generally a private person when it comes to rp, especially with new partners, and i didn't like the idea of potentially having to prove my race/ethnicity just to make a point. so i went along with it and ultimately it's a small thing that doesn't (hugely) change the line's potential but i'm still kind of annoyed because i felt boxed in. then i feel bad because this person was coming from a good place and given how often i come across people who are totally insensitive to these issues, i should probably be grateful. but ... blah. i'm mostly writing this out in hopes that i can get myself to stop dwelling on it.
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[13 Nov 2019|02:06am]

Here’s the thing.

You said in your rules that “non-canon” relationships have to be “developed believably” and that “if it hasn’t happened in canon, there’s probably a reason”. And this is because you want believability and realism. Right.

You then questioned a player on their reasoning for listing their character as bisexual and what canon support that had, while at the same time trying to say that previous game history was reason enough to try to force the character to ignore her discomfort with and disdain for another character who 1) murdered people, 2) stalked her, 3) was abusive, 4) did just so many horrible things. In spite of the fact that she didn’t share this previous game history. So a bisexual woman is unrealistic but handwaving an abuser’s behavior and forcing his victim to accept and tolerate him is totally fine?

Yeah. This is definitely about realism and believability. It’s just convenient that most “non-canon” ships just happen to be LGBT.

Especially when you’ve thrown together cross-fandom het ships with practically no development.

And on a different note, talking about people behind their backs in your own journal, while simultaneously acting high and mighty because you aren’t RPVenting doesn’t make you morally superior. It just makes you a hypocrite.
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[11 Nov 2019|01:18pm]

You seriously tried to argue that Hermione couldn't be a woman of colour because her parents were dentists and it's unrealistic to think black people could be dentists.

Just let that sink in, everyone.
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[10 Nov 2019|07:05am]

One minute you're hot and talking to me, the next you're ice cold and blatantly ignoring me. I don't know what to do with that.
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