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[21 Jul 2018|10:51am]
if you don't want the line, just end it so i can go somewhere else.
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[20 Jul 2018|04:34pm]

I haven't been back in the rp world long at all, yet somehow I managed to snag my unicorn fandom otp and writing my first reply in 3 years had me shook. I am so damn rusty I'm sure it sucked, get your act together brain!
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[20 Jul 2018|03:30pm]

Okay, two things. )
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[19 Jul 2018|11:37pm]

That unexpected time when the only way to accurately explain my feelings is with an emoji that is also a meme.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm )
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[19 Jul 2018|01:57am]

I wish I knew what I did to make you ghost me. I thought we were best friends, but...I guess not? You're rping. You're doing everything except talking to me. It hurts.
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[17 Jul 2018|06:10pm]

People gave you the benefit of the doubt again, but I wasn't risking it. I've watched you blow up two games with your conniving whispering ways, and I wasn't getting sucked back into another place you played. No thank you, I'll sit this game out, good luck to the rest of them, maybe you really have grown up finally.

But, no, now I hear you blew that game up too. Do you ever wonder about the common denominator here?

EDIT: for those asking for PMs, I don't actually know her out of character details beyond the name she's currently going by. But I do know that the last time she posted here about how hard done by she was, about four other people mentioned they had played in games with her where she was awful and that she'd been booted from three in the last six months.
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[16 Jul 2018|10:43pm]

Please accept a jcink rant. Thank you.

Hahahahahahaha hello anxiety. Hello paranoia. Let me sit here and count the ways that everything is going wrong. The admins seem to clearly be taking extra time with my apps, going as far at to approve others that were put in after me. And this latest one is just sitting. And sitting. And I know they looked at it multiple times. Just tell me what's wrong or tell me to fuck off or to scrap the character. Don't make me just sit here for god's sake. I might literally puke.
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[16 Jul 2018|08:29am]

You were awful to me but I miss what the friendship used to be today. I saw you playing with the person who effectively ended everything for us and it made me sad. You probably don't even think twice about it though, so neither will I after this vent. This is the last vent I'll waste on you.

I've barely been rping at all recently except a few select things. None of which are trying to replace what we had, I can't I know that now. I feel a little better about the hobby as a result.
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[16 Jul 2018|10:25am]

That weird place when you're really glad your friend is happy IRL and doing so many great things, but also sad that it means they're never around and don't have time to talk, let alone write.
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[14 Jul 2018|03:22pm]

I miss organic lines. Unsure if they actually exist anymore or if I am just in the wrong rp communities. The best Rp memories I have both 'ship and friendship wise have unanimously been between characters that just happened to start talking one day in game. :/
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[13 Jul 2018|08:46pm]

Old grudges are the hardest to let go and she probably doesn't even remember who I am. It was nearly ten years ago anyway.
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a vent and a psa [12 Jul 2018|09:08pm]

1. i just wanna enjoy this tiny fandom and not have to worry about it. :( most people haven't even seen the new canon but i get nervous playing this character.
2. if you use stylish, it's been invading your privacy. the stylus chrome extension is a great alternative.
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[13 Jul 2018|10:10am]

Look, I haven't checked every single one of my journals since the great IJ fuck-up.

But I do remember it.

So why the fuck are people coming on customs in my journals with other people and commenting? It's creepy and weird and disconcerting as all hell.

Twice in the last week.

There is a screened post in the journals, so surely you'd go to that?
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[12 Jul 2018|12:15am]

I can understand not using capitalization in a text comment or just in IC comments, but in a scene? I'd rather have to respond to a two-sentence tag than read a tag that's in all lowercase.
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[09 Jul 2018|04:42am]

Not even a vent about somebody else, this is about me. I'm way too over eager. I just can't cool it the fuck down about being excited over a line or over being able to talk about things and I'm sick of it because I'm ruining so many good potential friendships by chasing them away by being FUCKING WEIRD. @ME STOP BEING OVER EAGER. NOBODY WANTS 9 PAGE ESSAYS ON A TV SHOW FROM SOMEONE THEY JUST STARTED A LINE WITH YOU'RE JUST PISSING THEM THE FUCK OFF.
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[08 Jul 2018|11:50am]

Why respond to an ad for a storyline if you're just going to die off after we've plotted for three days, and I've taken the time and energy to put up a starter post for us? WHY does this happen to me every. single. time? I must be the RP repellent because let me tell ya, I'm about to give up.
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[07 Jul 2018|07:55pm]
When you said you'd get in touch about a line and then didn't, I was disappointed. Now I see you've joined a game. And I'm glad.

I genuinely hope you've found an slp you enjoy writing with and a line that works for you. I wish you luck.
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[07 Jul 2018|06:57pm]
I'm a little annoyed that you've advertised for the line idea I came up with when we were discussing - I'd planned on using that myself and now if I do, I'll look like I'm ripping your idea off, and I thought that could be a lot of fun to do. I know we might still work it out but considering others have responded, it might not and I don't like it. I feel ripped off, even though I know intellectually that there's nothing new under the sun.
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[06 Jul 2018|08:12am]

Is it really too much to ask for people to read and comprehend in a writing hobby?

Apparently so.
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[06 Jul 2018|01:03am]

you ever notice that some people have to brag about how sexy and hot and smutty everything they do is like sex is the only thing that has ever mattered on the face of the planet? like that one person who you just sit back and think "goddamn..."
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