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[22 Aug 2014|04:47am]

My girl does not need to know every single one of your characters. Stop harassing me with random ims from all of them, especially the ones not on my list, and only having them talk about themselves. She wants too be asked about too, you know.
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[20 Aug 2014|11:30pm]

Trying to think of the best way to tell someone I'm not interested in writing with them anymore, but in a nice way. It's really frustrating because they're really polite, and we clicked so well OOC, but IC our writing styles don't mesh, and they don't give me anything to go off of. I always feel like they're just reacting instead of being proactive, and I'm left to carry the line. It's not fun because they never surprise me. We have this whole world we build together, and they don't bother to utilize that to their advantage. I rather play with someone who I don't have to handhold and feel like they're making as much of an effort as I am. I just don't know how to tell them that without hurting their feelings.
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[20 Aug 2014|09:05pm]

1. You know, when we're scening, can you actually advance the plot and come up with something new in your replies instead of just repeating back the shit that I just wrote?

2. The less time I have to do this, the pickier I get in terms of playing with people who understand characterization and originality and POV and how to move something along, and I think I'm turning into an elitist dick. Which is not very nice.
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[20 Aug 2014|06:56pm]

there's a new kind of low when you ask someone to join a place for you so you get to have the SL you want and things go really well right up until you find out that they hooked up with someone else. i mean i wouldn't be upset if the person they hooked up with wasn't my character's bandmate/friend. it's all just a fucking game anyway right? but i'm really fucking upset that i got promised something and it was taken away from me. i still till this fucking day don't understand why i do this to myself.
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[20 Aug 2014|04:25pm]

Why am I still here? I feel like a dinosaur for expecting interaction and some kind of acknowledgment that I'm part of this community. When did it become uncool to actually write? I thought that was the point of this thing. Not that when I do anyone comments unless I put a video or shiny gif in. Then it's lets bypass your words and talk about said shiny object. It's sad people are actually begging for friends both in communities with tons of members in them and in rps pleas. It proves I'm not alone but damn. I need a new hobby.
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Venting = Adult Language. [20 Aug 2014|06:29am]

Adds are about 3 times per week...

At least every other set of adds, said player brings in a new character...

Need I say more? Right, I do.

Stop fucking making characters that you don't need!
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[19 Aug 2014|10:24pm]

Last time I checked, rp is a hobby, a fun way to pass the time. Thank you for being so cold and inconsiderate towards my latest bout of depression. Sorry that I caused such an inconvenience for you. Also, I understand that when you leave a game and you had a marriage line that the person might want to find a new husband, but it's kind of creepy and fucked up to just have someone come in and try to play the character I created. Or maybe it's just me.
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[19 Aug 2014|05:27pm]

When you're so excited about a character, and so fearful about them turning down a road you do not want them to go, so frantically wanting to have a safety line SL in place before bringing them in... you unwittingly annoy the crap out of your favorite writing partners because you just know they're the only ones who could handle it properly, and are terrified of an unknown writer coming in and only making things worse.

Yup, nothing like that donning realization that makes you feel like crap and utterly afraid to open your mouth to say (or type) anything.
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[19 Aug 2014|05:59pm]

Not knowing it's someone I don't want to write with - different styles thing, nothing against them as a person - until we're halfway through a scene I was really enjoying sucks so much. For anyone curious this was the person who keeps coming to my pb journals to ask if I celeb and that's only one of the things that puts me off writing with them, another being that their idea of bdsm makes Fifty Shades look healthy - or at least less unhealthy.
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[19 Aug 2014|05:02am]

my kingdom for a vampire role play where not everyone embraced is a 20 year old model
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[18 Aug 2014|10:52pm]

That's the first time I've been rejected from a smut community and a pretty lame reason. LOL I write erotica all the time My SL partner is disappointed that I didn't get in but I'm actually amused by it all.
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[18 Aug 2014|06:52pm]

6 PSL attempts have yielded me one really excellent PSL partner. The sad thing is, that's better than average for this server. Usually the average is more like 10 - 1.
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[18 Aug 2014|04:54pm]

i haven't had the urge to post in here in ages, but i am so frustrated right now that i have to do it. for the second time in about a week, i have had a character removed from a community and have had no idea why. when i questioned the mods, i was told on both occasions that it was because i missed my update/activity check date, which is not the case in either situation. and judging by other comment replies i've seen the mods of this community make in their contact post, this has happened to quite a few other people within the community. i get that mods are not perfect and mistakes will be made, but this sort of thing should NOT be happening this often. if you don't have the time or patience to double check to make sure people are doing what is required to remain in the community (especially when you don't require us to drop off links like some places do these days), you should NOT be modding, period. i am beyond frustrated by this, because at this point i don't want to continue to be part of a community where the mods are so careless (and rarely apologetic when they do make said mistakes), but i've really enjoyed the people i've interacted with.
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[18 Aug 2014|11:21pm]

You have to love mods who complain about inactivity when 50% of their 30 characters wouldn't pass their own check and they don't bother replying to character posts when players are active.
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[17 Aug 2014|07:58pm]

i'm getting really tired of questioning whether or not i actually have any friends on here. wasted way too much energy on wondering if roleplay issues are hurting these friendships already.
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[17 Aug 2014|02:32am]

So not only are you a flake, even after I contacted you OOC to see if you're still interested (which you didn't have the courtesy to tell me, but, then again, I guess that's what flakes do), you have your nerve asking for the a line on ~pslads the same day I called you out on your bullshit. Wow. You're a real piece of work, you know that? I almost feel tempted to pretend I'm interested and then flake on you, see how you like it. But then I realized that is probably your intentions to do yourself anyway, so we'd just be flaking on each other.
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[17 Aug 2014|01:36am]
you say you want to be adults when you go out of your way to judge, assume the worst of so called friends and linecross. let us not forget rallying people to your cause with your wild, unfounded opinions that causes someone to leave a rude comment about people they do not know. i don't understand it and it hurts more than it should. these are not the actions of a friend.
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[15 Aug 2014|06:12pm]

I know who you are. I know you're wrong about everything, but you'll never admit it. Because the problem never actually lies with you. It's everyone else around you. You have yourself so deluded into thinking you're perfect when you're the only problem.

Also known as: you're so vain, you probably won't think this vent is about you.
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[15 Aug 2014|04:20pm]
i'm scared to be here, and it pisses me off. i've been roleplaying for over a decade, i shouldn't have to feel like this. it's high school all over again. clearly, i'm the new kid and you are all a tight group that, while seeming to be friendly, aren't exactly making this easy. give it time, i know. i will. i want to. but now i'm wondering if i'd be better suited as someone else. someone, you know, you all might actually at least pretend to like?

i blame that other place that, without a word, shut down and let us all figure it out for ourselves. you've made me doubt my awesome, and that is unacceptable.
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[15 Aug 2014|09:59pm]


In less capslock rage - PB journals for PB lines, celeb journals (if I celeb the face, sometimes I don't) for celeb lines, and never the twain shall meet.
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