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[25 Jun 2016|04:42pm]
i feel like the only one who cares about this storyline and i am close to quitting. there are others i can be focusing on.
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[25 Jun 2016|07:06am]

My brain feels like a deflated balloon sometimes, especially when I'm staring at this log, and there is just no inspiration.
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[25 Jun 2016|01:18pm]
When the place you're in is in its death throes, but you can't quite get the pulse of whether it's likely to revive, because it has before, or if you should consider making a new one with the people you're talking about it with, but you can't make a move because the concept is unique enough that it might cause bad blood among the others who are staying active.
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[24 Jun 2016|12:42pm]

im just going to sit here and continue to watch the fp not move and everyone jibber jabbering about rabbit instead of actually talking to people and long for the days of corbis, glam, and hell, even fireandwater.

i miss having ACTIVE options le sigh
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[23 Jun 2016|07:13pm]

Fuck Bangtang Boys. I've got writing to do you son of a bitches. I can't spend hours watching youtube videos of your goddamn adorable faces, sweet dance moves and dope beats...and yet here I am.

Oh shi-- just found the Fire dance practice video. Gotta go.
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[22 Jun 2016|11:26pm]

I really enjoy our line. But I am tired of being the only one putting the effort in it.
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[22 Jun 2016|07:51pm]

Feeling like I have to explain what's going on in my ooc life so people know why I'm being somewhat erratic and overly sensitive lately... because I don't want them to think I'm a crazy bitch.
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[22 Jun 2016|02:15pm]

and this is why you don't get attached to a line that's flaked once. you wake up to a tooootally locked journal. two months this go around, daily interactions, and ooc skypes and you couldn't even say something?
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[22 Jun 2016|09:13am]

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question [21 Jun 2016|06:16am]

Hopefully this is allowed, if not, I'll delete later. But damnit.. all my work/bios on Scribbld is gone! Does anyone know a way to recover the pages that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? I tried wayback machine, too, and that was a no go. PLEASE HELP D:
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[20 Jun 2016|10:45pm]

I honestly despise being lied to and not only lied to, but I hate when someone sets out with the purpose of deceiving another person. Until tonight, I never had any reason to mbox the journals but I did and they're the same mbox. Is there anyway to search by mbox to see what other journals I should avoid?
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[19 Jun 2016|12:06am]

So, wait...

What you, Mod, are telling me is...EVERYTHING my character speaks about MUST be referenced to in a publicly viewable by the ENTIRE COMMUNITY entry BEFORE she talks about it?

Come again?

So..I can't have her talk or update about what my character did when she went home to visit her NPC parents last week unless I...what...write a narrative? I can't talk about that time she scrapped her knee on the monkey bars when she was 5 because it isn't written in her bio? She and her best friend can't talk about the bad double date they had last year because it's an idea the other writer and I just came up with yesterday?

Please, for the love of God, tell me I have lost my fucking mind...otherwise, fucking really?!

Get a grip.
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[19 Jun 2016|12:22pm]

One tag a week is killing me.
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[15 Jun 2016|09:42am]

why do you tag on a scene you have no intention of furthering/making something happen? if your character isn't going to interact gtfo. so tired of feeling like my character always has to initiate/keep the conversation going because you can't be bothered to do anything more but give minimal responses that leave me NOTHING to work with.

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[14 Jun 2016|10:35am]

You know, I realize these things are subjective, but if someone says they're looking for an older character for a line, regardless of the age of their character or pb in RL, I'm going to presume I should be looking at pbs who are over 40 in RL. Not so much a vent as a puzzlement, to be honest.
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[14 Jun 2016|10:22am]

No, do not presume that because I, the writer, have taken some time to reply, that it means anything within the custom! All it is is that I have RL! Don't presume anything about my character due to it! ARGH!

Edit: And if it's a cutesy nudge? You could have done it OOC! We have a custom for that too.
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[12 Jun 2016|10:52am]

Saying no is much simpler than getting someone's hopes up. Unrelated but I hate how one of my favorite pastimes has become more stressful than it's worth. I give!
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[11 Jun 2016|11:28pm]

what's with the italic trend? i just don't get it.
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[11 Jun 2016|08:19pm]
Where did you go? You asked me to come back and play this difficult line, and then you disappeared.
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[12 Jun 2016|11:12am]

it's been a few days since the other writer replied. not long, I know, but I have this nagging feeling that they have flaked already. rp just isn't worth the effort anymore. you can invest as much or as little as you want and you get the same results every damn time.

p.s: it is always nice when your partners say they understand, personal health comes first, but when you come back after a week and everyone has gone. it's crushing.
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