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[24 Apr 2017|09:56pm]

I am starting to think you may be a little too much for me.
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[24 Apr 2017|09:03pm]

sorry you didn't get what you wanted.

maybe next time, consider ... asking?
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[23 Apr 2017|05:24pm]

This shit sucks. You weren't supposed to die.
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[22 Apr 2017|08:25pm]
when people see my rp guys and think yum tasty manmeat let's hop onboard it makes me want to give them all baby dick. that epeen isn't for you it's for my slp why can't we be friends or fam? this is why i psl :(
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[22 Apr 2017|04:56pm]

Looking back at old logs from 2012-2013 or so while trying to revive an old muse... and wondering where that writer went. The one that was so confident in herself. The one that unabashedly wrote her problematic characters in character instead of constantly holding them back out of fear of the judgement of others. The one that didn't feel so tired and so stupid and so unbelievably incapable. The one who could use more intelligent words.

Sure, some of it's getting older and some of it's the way real life has a way of grinding you down like a stone. But then there's what this community does to you, too. The things that happen behind the scenes in communities, the words that get said OOC between us all, the in fighting and the avoidance of drama that just leads to more drama, the double-talking.

It all just needs to stop. We all just need to learn to be kinder and more truthful with each other, and with ourselves.
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[20 Apr 2017|08:53pm]

When you one up with a great character idea on the spot, give into impulse and then immediately regret it because no one else seems to be interested.
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[20 Apr 2017|06:25pm]

i don't have a problem with customs for plotting when we've established basic details/an idea, but it's just so awkward to me to have someone pitch their entire idea in a custom. what if it's not something i'm interested in? the stress of saying i'm not interested is amplified 1000% /: not everything deserves a custom!
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[20 Apr 2017|01:08pm]

I think my job has sucked my creativity out.
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[20 Apr 2017|08:29am]

The way you respond makes me think you don't even read the conversation we're having. Ready to give up on you
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[18 Apr 2017|08:09pm]

Come on real life, get it together. You're interrupting my fun time.
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[18 Apr 2017|03:49pm]

when has this ever worked?
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[17 Apr 2017|05:56pm]

self-sabotaging a line because you were butthurt and insecure over your slp devoting more time to tagging with other people and not your own scenes together. it'd be great to not be attached to a line or character, but if you're not attached, why invest the time?
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[17 Apr 2017|08:26am]
it'd be cool if there was a way to opt out of receiving pms. it'd be even cooler if there was a list of uns that tend to send people shitty anonymous pms so they could be ban_set.
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[16 Apr 2017|09:39pm]

Does no one do fandom anymore? I've been advertising like crazy and gotten exactly no bites, and all the panfan games seem to have the same people at all of them.
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[16 Apr 2017|08:05pm]

An in-character complaint about your game's world setting is not the same as a player's complaint. Not even remotely close. Try to find your chill.
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[15 Apr 2017|07:00am]

Put on a unwanted hiatus. Nobody around to write with. So bored.
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[15 Apr 2017|09:08pm]

You know, if there are rules about things in your community, it would be a good idea to have them posted somewhere it's easy to find by a quick search. Just a tip.
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[14 Apr 2017|05:36pm]

And that's what you get for trying to join a game.
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[14 Apr 2017|03:34pm]

"Why didn't you nudge me to reply?!" Uh, I guess because I am not in charge of anyone's tags but my own? Because I operate on the assumption that if you had wanted to tag, you would have? Or that if you weren't liking the scene but wanted to try something else, you would have told me? Or possibly that if you genuinely did forget that you owed a tag - seems fake, but okay - you would still know it had been awhile since we talked and you would have reached out to me with any of the three forms of immediate communication that are available to you, like your custom or my AIM or my email?

It's not rocket science. If you actually want to be writing with a person who is entirely reachable, you would be, and I'm not thirsty enough to beg for it.
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[14 Apr 2017|11:10am]

Oh, my dear RP partner. I like you - quite a bit, actually - we vibe well, we have a lot in common, you seem like legitimately good people. I love all the complex, layered world-building that we've done and you've really made me stretch my legs as a creator. But friend, buddy, pal, your writing is exhaustingly over-complicated. You use twelve words when three would do just fine. Your sentence structure is completely freaking whack and nothing at all like your casual speaking structure. Do us both a solid and stop trying to mimic people with decades more experience than you who have perfected this style of writing and just write like you. I like you. Stop writing like a dick.
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