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[26 Mar 2015|08:45pm]

Okay, on a PSL, lasts a long time, everybody gets close, then half the players turn on the other half, game closes. It's ugly, it's personal, the heart hurts and a lot of long time RP and stories are lost. There's a wound, if I can be dramatic for a moment.
Other games are had, but nothing really sticks. Other stories are told, new characters come and go but there's that wound, right? Well, suddenly, hatchets are buried and the PSL comes back as a bigger game and hope springs eternal.
Until another player turns on you once more and you're summarily forced out of the game.
What I'm getting as is this: what do you do when your trust is shot to shit but you still want to find a game? Every game I look at I wonder, are they going to hate me too? Am I going to expend energy and time on a game that will eventually kick me out? If I don't post 24-7, will I be banned or unliked or worse?
It sucks because RP provides a beautiful escape from crappy RL and when it is good, it's fucking great. But every application I look at I wonder if this is as far as it's ever going to go. I post openings and venture into conversation and if it's not open arms, I think everyone hates me, better quit now before that wound comes back.
Am I just paranoid? Has this happened to anyone else?
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[26 Mar 2015|10:05pm]

How is it that every single time your character meets a character of the opposite sex, she ends up sleeping with him?

If you want to do porn without plot, take it to a PSL and stop clogging up communities with your badly-written smut.
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[26 Mar 2015|12:16pm]
you know, i didn't pour days of effort into layouts so that you could swipe them in a second. frustrating but so common these days.
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[25 Mar 2015|06:40pm]

RP is fantastic for escaping Real Life, but.. you kind of need the energy for said escape. Fuck it all.

Semi-related: disillusioned self, whee! It's been a while.
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[25 Mar 2015|09:24am]

You practically ruin any chance of finding a good long-lasting slash line on the server in general, and now you're moving into my favorite fandom?
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[24 Mar 2015|12:47pm]

wanting to revive a character but not able to take her to the comm you want her in due to past 'issues'.

also - regretting her leaving to begin with. :(
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[24 Mar 2015|05:56pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

When people have no soul and flake out on you.

Was it the line? was it me? was the RP not sparkly enough for you? smh because people play the Houdini trick after three days or nine months playing with you.

then you see them looking for lines in other comms.

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[24 Mar 2015|02:49pm]
So frustrating to see someone commenting around when you commented to them an hour ago for a custom. Even an "I'm mobile, could you make it?" would be better than not being responded to at all.
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[23 Mar 2015|06:50pm]

this is probably the wrong place for this, but it's kind of a vent? how do you get back into things after several long months of struggling to remain interested? this is directed more at rp in general than a specific line. i miss rp, i miss writing, but i don't even know where to begin. games are a little more than i want to try and jump into at the moment and it might sound stupid, but i'm afraid to try a psl with someone i don't know and/or don't instantly connect with. i want that surge of inspiration, but i'm afraid of getting a taste of it only to have it killed just as quickly. why so serious, rp?
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[23 Mar 2015|01:10am]

i legit don't think i have the energy for this.
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[22 Mar 2015|09:22pm]

Absolutely not hating on your creativity or even your writing ability. But, lady, you need to back off the holier than thou B.S. No one wants your gpsl in a public comm. Take that shit elsewhere, you know, like to an actual gpsl.

On another similarly related note - you're an idiot if you think you should put that much effort into something but it not be counted as activity. Think about it.
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[22 Mar 2015|07:38pm]

being bored while on hiatus but knowing that if you came back early, you'd still be just as bored.
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[22 Mar 2015|07:24pm]

When a member's in-character interactions do not match up with the examples they submitted upon applying to your game. I'm not talking about a few typos or an occasional lack of capitalization in comments, I can handle that. I'm talking about a dramatic drop in quality that could possibly make other writers uncomfortable. I just don't understand why someone would put effort into their examples but lack the same effort in actual threading. Or is there something I'm missing? I just haven't been in this kind of situation and I'm unsure of what to do, it's so awkward.
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[22 Mar 2015|04:07pm]
it is so hard to get lines filled anymore, no matter how specific or generic they may be
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[22 Mar 2015|11:37am]

Dear players: I love, love, love writing with you all, but please write with each other too. I hate seeing open threads and knowing that I'll be the only one to tag in. I'm sure people are getting sick of my characters being involved in just about every thread posted to the comm.

And you two-disappearing for almost two weeks with no word isn't kosher. Is it that hard to send an email saying 'hey, busy, but still interested.'

This game was so much fun and literally saved my faith in RP over the last few months, but now I'm afraid that it may die.
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[20 Mar 2015|07:45pm]
omg why do you have to make one of the most interesting characters in this fandom so fucking boring and basic? TAKE A CHANCE FOR FUCK'S SAKE.
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[19 Mar 2015|10:33pm]

Super excited about new lines, but scared to death most (or all) of my slps will end up flaking on me. I was in this same boat at the end of December. Lot's of new shiny lines and all but one flaked out on me.
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[19 Mar 2015|10:57am]

I'm not sure if it makes me happy or sad, the success I'm having in RP without you.

Half happy, half sad, I think.
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[19 Mar 2015|09:25am]
has it become common practice to just ignore responses to filling a line because you don't like the face in an icon? i feel like because i don't often use common faces anymore i get literally skipped over in responses because i am not using who's hot right now.
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[19 Mar 2015|09:12am]

That post was laughable. You know what's going on because you're the one doing it. People have complained to you. You ignore it because you're part of it. You're just regretting it because now people see how fucking shady as hell you are and guess what? They're calling you on it. Times are changing.
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