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[30 Jan 2015|10:29am]

From what I've seen, the mods of Game A closed it down (maybe let it die off, idk), waited a month, and made Game B, the same premise but with a new supernatural twist? The mods - the same ones who made Game A revolve around their horde of characters - haven't named themselves either, but are reusing the layout from Game A. And to think I almost held a character at Game B.
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[29 Jan 2015|07:58pm]
Albert Einstein said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I don't want to be insane, but god damn sometimes I miss you.
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[29 Jan 2015|03:29pm]
you join a game you tell me you won't go to with someone else. that's cool.
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[29 Jan 2015|04:51pm]

what a bunch of horrible, shady mods you are, i can't wait to see this community finally crumble. you would absolutely deserve it, get some people skills. being a mod isn't a job, but you are supposed to be approachable and not at asshole with a bad attitude. too bad of the five of you, the good one left and the other decent one is never around.
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[27 Jan 2015|08:05pm]

It's been such a wonderful rush to log in and see your tags. The line is absolutely perfect. Yet the paranoia of my storyline partner flaking is just awful. Please don't die off. It has been refreshing to have a PSL on this server that lasts more than a few tags.
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[24 Jan 2015|12:56pm]

Can't join games because people suck. Can't get PSLs because people flake. WTF am I supposed to do?

Also, how is it that when I put up an ad saying I prefer Het but will write femme for the right line, literally ALL I get are Femme requests, but then I go shopping for an ACTUAL femme line that I do want to write and not one comment?
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[24 Jan 2015|09:36am]

When a female is used to getting hurt, she won't know how it feels when a man starts to appreciate her, so she ends up pushing him away.

You play this kind of character in *EVERY* game that I've seen you in. Stop playing the victim with your character. It's not attractive and it makes you look too desperate as well.
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[22 Jan 2015|07:57pm]

I don't get it. Every time I try to get back into PB, every time I think I've found something, it dies off almost instantly. The line, the game. And then it's like pulling teeth to find a new place or a new line for that character I've grown to love. I am at my wit's end with PB. Is this how it always is?
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[22 Jan 2015|01:00am]

That petty, yet sickening and disheartening feeling you get when you want to play your cast at a game, but the existence of certain players at said game makes looking at the comm unenjoyable. I really want to say, "I was here first. Da fuq are you doing?" but it's not my game, and it's not my place, and they haven't actually done anything wrong (this time), but there's a history there that puts me on edge.

Yes. I am aware this is my problem...
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[22 Jan 2015|02:55pm]
People who delete things because I don't get back to them in two days when I do have offline issues, without even asking if I am still interested. Sorry my RL got in the way of things, it wasn't anything I was expecting either. I'm aware of the flakes around here, but give a person the benefit of the doubt the one time it is real, yeah?
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[22 Jan 2015|12:25am]

Congratulations RP you've won. I give up. After almost getting the lines I most want filled inly for to die without a word after a few days, being ignored, being told my timezone's a problem and having more or less every single line I've tried die on me and without people even admitting they're no longer interested. I don't even mind so much when it's the ten a penny lines, but I don't want those anymore just so I have something to write. I want plot, and feeling, and shippy lines between people who hate romance but love each other psychotically, and sadly incredibly obscure PBs and PB types and the same goes for my themes.

I really didn't think I was asking for that much, but apparently I am.

I give in. I see little point in even trying to get lines filled since no one seems into anything long term.
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[20 Jan 2015|11:53am]

When you stand up for someone but finally get the OTHER side of the story. They were right about you. Stop playing the victim.
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[20 Jan 2015|06:16am]

I will now be retreating back to the safety of PSLs where you shady bitches and shitty mods cannot follow. Thanks for the learning experience, IJ.
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[20 Jan 2015|12:07am]

I try to plot, first thing I got told 'so and so is taken'. I'm not looking for romantic lines, just a line in general. There's more to writing than just romance. Though it would be nice to see some characters brought in that aren't automatically paired up with someone else so those that came in solo have a chance at developing something.
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[19 Jan 2015|11:18pm]

[ mood | sad ]

sigh. every single time i'm ready to maybe ready to approach putting him back into the world and you pop up again. ugh. why must you torment my fandom so?!?!?!

in other notes, also sigh, when you wanna write but circumstances seem to keep preventing that. :( :(

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[19 Jan 2015|10:32am]

I am equal parts pissed the fuck off and so deeply hurt by the way you're behaving right now. like. are you fucking for real with this? after you died on me twice, you're gonna have the audacity to ignore me and get pissed because I chose to have my character move on with the SL you co-signed on? no. fuck you.
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[18 Jan 2015|09:34am]
It's a bit sad that I join a community and I have to wonder just how many of you are all the same writer.

There's just something unsettling about two people writing in 4+ lines with each other.
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[16 Jan 2015|07:35am]

Let's be perfectly clear. You did not stand up for your integrity. You bailed on a commitment because things didn't go exactly your way. I hate to break this to you, but a game is a collaborative effort. People play together. This isn't some high-minded adventure in literary achievement. If that's what you want, then stop applying to games and bailing on people when they don't agree with you. Write your own stuff and don't get people's hopes up.

It was confusing and maybe the whole thing wasn't handled quite the best, but dropping the mic and walking out was flat out not fair to the people (multiple!) you worked with on creating connections. I guess it all boils down to: you do what you gotta do. But please don't be mistaken in thinking that you made a stand for anything but your own selfish interest and you did screw people over in the process and I'm pretty pissed about it.
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[16 Jan 2015|08:54am]
I see you there, using my ideas... I'm not going to do or say anything else about it, tho. The trap has been triggered and the curse set. You'll be your own downfall, and it won't be my name that you curse when you fail. It'll be yours.
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[15 Jan 2015|02:56pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

When a person can tag everyone except you, evidently. That blows.

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