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[08 Dec 2016|03:02pm]
im bored and unhappy with the SL no matter what we try but you often say how much you love it and we're such good ooc friends I don't know what to do :(
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[07 Dec 2016|10:49am]

two separate vents:

#1. this "don't name the comm while advertising!!!" thing is tiresome and stupid, esp when when you post with the character journal that has the comm name right there.

#2. the whitewashing on this server goes above and beyond sometimes.
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[07 Dec 2016|09:27am]

That feeling when you sign into the game and try to scrape up the energy to tag someone... and you can't. You're just so over the whole thing, because somehow it's gone from being fun and diverting to this exhausting, frustrating chore. When there's ten new characters approximately every five minutes because the shipping wars have started- fuck only knows how or why- and every new character has less depth, range, and purpose than the last. And you just can't keep up anymore, and now you feel swamped with guilt... plus the aforementioned exhaustion and frustration.

Ugh. Maybe it's time for a holiday hiatus and a long re-think.
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[07 Dec 2016|04:02am]

we need to talk about something. i'm tired of the ooc ramifications of having a character hurt another character. i'm sick of how defensive writers get ooc. all humans have flaws. all humans have the ability to hurt people, lie, use people for sex, be mean, and dump someone without a "good" reason. so why can't this happen in rp? why can't we play characters who are unreliable narrators or manipulative or cruel to their friends sometimes? i am so tired of fearing that someone will get mad and drop their characters the moment something doesn't work in their favor. i'm tired of hearing "this person ruined our line" or having a writer want to change the way their character acted after finding out something ooc (yes, this happened). no. would you want to watch a tv show featuring adults where everyone got alone and was happy 24/7 and no one ever messed up or grew? f this shit, dude.
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[06 Dec 2016|01:55am]
your presence is spoiling my enjoyment of this game. i wish more people knew what a piece of work you really are
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[05 Dec 2016|12:52pm]

I don't like Chrome but I can't sign onto IJ on firefox for some reason. It just signs me off as soon as I do. It's very frustrating.
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[03 Dec 2016|05:03pm]

I'm so close to rage quitting this game and the lack of communication about things happening that have a direct impact on my characters.
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[02 Dec 2016|12:08pm]

I'm bored because nobody cares about my characters and that leaves no room for development. I get no interaction unless I reach out first. Maybe I'm just over RP.
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[30 Nov 2016|05:48pm]


When you've shown no interested in actually playing your character over the last several months, only show up to update at the very last minute, and can't even be bothered to reply to all the people who wished your kid a happy birthday despite you never being around and generally sucking ass, it's time to MOVE ON. Don't dig your heels in further so no one else can take the role you devote the absolute minimum effort to (and even that feels like being generous), meanwhile the other kid everyone knows you have in the community is an active and little social butterfly. The people who play friends of your person deserve someone who actually wants to be present and interact with them since you no longer care to, but instead you sit on the role, and when you get a whiff of someone wanting to move in who actually wants to play, you do everything you can to keep them out, but still not enough to actually...you know, PLAY the role. (which quite frankly, you're terrible at. You've got her face and you know where she goes and what she does, but it's painfully clear you don't understand the first thing about her personality. Understandable liberties aside, you're playing someone so completely different from who she is, which only makes all of this worse.) There's a reason people don't talk to her anymore, they're stick of your bullshit and can't be bothered, and you alienated the last person who was pushing past it and trying. It's time to go, you're clearly enjoying your other character more anyway.
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[30 Nov 2016|02:58pm]

If you wanna drop, use the drop post. Don't wait until you get swept for not meeting activity. It's annoying.
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[29 Nov 2016|01:38pm]

hey, i get it. it's easier to answer custom banter than it is to respond to a scene so i get why you can respond to custom banter several times a day and only respond to a scene once every few days, however, it's almost been a week since you last responded to our scene. i know you're still around - you're answering customs and ooc chatter. i'm not even really asking for a response to our thread but an explanation would be nice. like "hey, sorry! it's been a busy week, i'm not forgetting about our thread" is all i ask. instead i'm left wondering if my reply just wasn't up to par, if you're losing interest, if you're busy, or if maybe you didn't get the notification. i won't bug you but come on, a little head's up & consideration can go a long way.
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[29 Nov 2016|10:03am]

how many games do you plan on creating this year? this has to be your sixth or seventh, right? what is the common denominator for every game you've created failing? yeah, think it over.
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[28 Nov 2016|09:42am]

I put my contact posts as the very first entry. They're clearly labeled. You actually have to scroll past them to get to other entries you're commenting on. Why?
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[28 Nov 2016|07:22am]
where are the good people on this server? lately i run into the pieces of work.
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[28 Nov 2016|03:50pm]
Look, just because I'm looking for smut with a woman doesn't mean I necessarily want to play a BDSM sub.
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[26 Nov 2016|09:59pm]

So I get caught up in the holidays and don't tag for a day or two and don't reply to your comment about continuing. That makes it okay to post in the comm where we found each other all 'I lost my line, can someone fill it?' Really? I was going to come back to it but I guess I won't, now that you're looking for the exact same thing from someone else.
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[24 Nov 2016|10:48pm]
when you're so into a line you worry about becoming annoying.
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[23 Nov 2016|12:48am]
please, no more buzzfeed quizzes. does no one actually want to write/scene anymore? :(
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[19 Nov 2016|02:57pm]

Is it the norm to have to wait days and days for tags in game communities? Been in a game for a couple of months, and every thread I've been in, the other people involved would only tag back every 3 days or so, if even. Twice there was a whole week between tags. Needless to say, none of the threads ever got even remotely close to being finished before the other person just stopped entirely. Its driving me insane, but I don't want to put in work to find another game if its just going to be the same stuff there too. I admit to being a slow tagger as well, but I usually manage one a day, and if I'm not going to be able to tag promptly, I leave the person a heads up in their contact about it. Leaving someone hanging for more than two days, let alone a whole week, is unimaginable to me, and never would have happened years ago when I used to play in group games before.

Can this be blamed on the new trend of people completely avoiding each other ooc? I miss the days where game cast lists who also listed who played who and their AIM names / emails / etc and people actually spoke to each other OOC. Now it seems that since no one talks OOC / makes friends with anyone, they feel no obligation / guilt about flaking.

Should I just give up? I wanted to try games out again because I was bored and wanted some fun, but now I just feel constantly frustrated when I sign on and see no notifications for days on end. Its killing me!
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[19 Nov 2016|11:00pm]
I sometimes take a bit to reply to a scene. That's all good, no one is objecting and the line is going okay. But I hate not knowing if I will sound like a hypocrite if I gently nudge my slp to check everything's okay if they haven't replied in a bit. It's just hard to know how they'll react, you know?
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