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[24 Oct 2016|11:45am]

When the pool of writers in a small fandom runs dry. You've already played with all of them and either they've flaked or you've flaked for various reasons, and now there's no one else to have lines with.

And, again, playing the fandom Skylar White doesn't help. Neither does playing a dwarf.
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[23 Oct 2016|10:57pm]
I'm speechless. I know this happens but this is the first time I've known it to happen to me. I was talking with someone about a line. We had a great planning session, it felt really right, and I set up the scene for us. I didn't hear back, but it was late, so I figured, no problem, sleeping or offline. Life being life, it's a few days before I have the chance to log in myself and check and... journal's deleted. WTF? They never commented me to ask if I was still interested (I was). Never did anything beyond the initial planning. At least I can use the journal for other lines, I guess.
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[23 Oct 2016|05:19pm]
I'm so nervous about this that it's silly. I was reading an old journal scene and remembered how much I loved it. Life took over (in a really awful way, sadly) so I never got to go back to the line. I took a chance and emailed/commented the player just to see if they might still be around and want to play - something new or the old line. And now I wait. There's nothing I can do if they don't reply, and I'm only giving them a couple of days of "I hope they do reply" before moving on - it has been four years. I just don't know, right this moment, if I'm more nervous of them replying or not replying.
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[22 Oct 2016|10:58am]

I'm not sure why I bothered. After finally reaching out to the friend I was doing a pairing with, she assured me she was still interested. Problem is, I felt like I had to rip the answer from her to even get her to tell me anything. I still feel like she's told me she still wants to do it just to please me, and that doesn't please me at all. I'm not a ship pusher. If she doesn't want it then I'm not going to make her. Simple as that. I even told her as much. But you'd figure that someone who wants to do a pairing with you would actually communicate with you instead of ignoring your attempts to plot or touch base. But nope. All I'm getting is silence or emotes when I try to talk to her. It's getting really frustrating.

This is such a no-win scenario where I feel like I'm chasing my own tail. What the hell do I do?
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[21 Oct 2016|11:14pm]

When you're so bloody tired of playing heterosexual men for all your slps.
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[21 Oct 2016|05:48pm]

Man, I'm starting to remember why I hate group games.

1. People who ask for lines but tell you nothing about their character. How am I suppose to offer you anything if I don't have an idea on what your character is like?

2. People who ask for certain faces but don't specify what for. This only makes me think you just want a pretty face to bone or look at, like?

3. People who ask for lines but don't respond to the person underneath them who is also asking for lines to the same place as you. Is it that hard to respond to them, yet you expect people to respond to your comment?

4. People who are eager to fill potential romance lines if they get to play the girl, but the one who is looking for a boy for their girl never gets anything despite their constant attempts.

5. People who never contribute to ideas, like you ask them "So what do you need?" And their response is "I don't know. Anything!" Ain't nobody got time to do all the thinking for you and decide what your character needs in life. I don't play them. I don't know their wants and ambitions. You have to meet the person halfway. Get your shit together.

6. Lastly, and probably the worst, people who fill lines and disappear on you or vice versa, you fill the line and they disappear. Do you yourself a favor, if you don't have the decency to commit or at least tell a person you're leaving, don't ask or fill specific lines. Don't be that person. Everyone hates that person.
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[20 Oct 2016|10:45am]

When your life stress keeps killing any and all actual ability to write and it's like... but can I just have one sweet, interesting line? Just for escapism?
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[20 Oct 2016|12:49pm]

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

At least this time I got you figured out before she opened her damn fool mouth again.
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[19 Oct 2016|07:35pm]

that feeling when your very favorite line isn't your slps favorite
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[18 Oct 2016|11:50pm]
i'm tired of rp making me feel stupid. i'm tired of putting the effort in for no return.
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[18 Oct 2016|12:59pm]
1. Having a million ideas and lines you'd like to play but having no motivation to do so.

2. Being in that extra comfy spot with an slp and you don't want to branch out and play these 2973 ideas because you've been playing with someone for so long you have a bit of weird anxiety at the prospect of writing with someone unfamiliar with how you write/a stranger in general.
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[18 Oct 2016|02:17am]

question for mods. where do you draw the line at in game/in character drama? because to me, when a player in a gpsl has caused all of the other players in the gpsl to be miserable and not want to play because there is so much ig/ic drama...it's not just an ig/ic problem anymore.

i admit that i took extreme measures and that yes, they were probably childish to a degree. but i felt like for everybody's sanity they needed to be done. no matter what, i was going to be the bad guy..fine...but i don't feel like my other option would have done any good at all.
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[17 Oct 2016|05:50pm]
I refuse (politely but honestly) your pb slash line and that's enough to make you delete your journal two seconds later? That's weird, right? It's not just me?

Unrelated, so you turn up again. So not shocked.
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[17 Oct 2016|02:18am]
characters who are only active when update time comes around and only comment their significant other and clique. this drives me crazy. i don't know why the mods let it stand.
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[15 Oct 2016|09:04pm]


I knew you would flake through customs, but this is priceless. I don't know if you truly forget that easily, or you really don't pay attention to people's names or what, but you always manage to find me and everyone else who could possibly have the slightest interest in femme. It's so obvious you have no intentions of joining a game, since you only seem to write psls, and the blaring fact that you only seem to be interested in one thing, and that is getting your character laid because all you could say in response to my (unromantic) line was, "So can we do femme?" Like, seriously? That's all that interests you? No other input into the plot, character bio, backstory, and etc that I offered. I'm not even mad because, like I said, I remember you, and I know you have no intentions of joining because that would require effort, but I thought I'd humor you just to see what you'd say this time before you disappeared.

Granted, I'm surprised you found someone you haven't flaked on, but it's funny you didn't have the line for a full month before they called it quits on you.

I'll see you in a few months when you message me again on another one of your many alts, asking the for the same mediocre femme line with the only two pbs you seem to play.

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[15 Oct 2016|10:15pm]

You seriously just pulled on me what you bitched about everyone doing to you. It's okay, though. I kinda knew it was going to happen. And as sad as I am for my characters? I wish you nothing but the best. I'm just giving myself closure.
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[15 Oct 2016|10:12pm]

I'm not your therapist. At some point, you're going to have to accept that and start taking care of yourself, rather than expecting me to take care of you. You're wearing me down.

Roleplay is a two way street, and I'm tired of you putting up one-way signs.
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[14 Oct 2016|06:10pm]

That moment when you want to do ALL THE THINGS with all of your characters, and RL picks that exact moment to become very busy. I should probably write these ideas down in a gdoc while they're still fresh in my mind. I know if I don't, I'll forget them all when I do have plenty of spare time for RP.
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[12 Oct 2016|09:55am]

When you can't decide if it's even worth bringing something up to another writer. I have a feeling that the resolution wouldn't be the least bit satisfying.
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[12 Oct 2016|09:46am]

you die off and finally after months, i hear from you again asking if we can continue with our line. real life comes first and yada yada so i agree to it. i was pretty excited too. it's been days now since i replied and agreed and i haven't heard a word from you since. what's the deal? i just hope you had a really busy week or something and that you haven't dropped off the face of the planet again.
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