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[26 Nov 2015|03:35pm]

The one person I didn't want to come back to an abandoned celeb game I'm in the process of trying to revive is interested in returning. Of course they are.
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[25 Nov 2015|05:09pm]

We do know it's you. Never stop spamming comms, or we wouldn't figure it was you and to ignore on sight. Or you can, if you go away forever, but we know you're not doing that. So never stop being you so we can avoid.
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[24 Nov 2015|10:54am]

i miss organic lines. do they even exist anymore?
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[24 Nov 2015|05:26am]
Shouldnt have fallen for it. Knew it wouldnt last. Whats going to distract me now?
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[22 Nov 2015|08:30am]

here's the thing: i'm pretty used to flakes by now, so when you flaked, even after several months, i was only a little surprised. despite the fact that you told me how much you loved the line, how you would always be honest, etc. it happens. what really irked me, however, was the fact that after flaking, you deleted our mixtapes and styles, pretty much disregarding the idea that i might like to go back and look at them, enjoy them and reminisce. it was pretty out of left field, since nothing ic or ooc prompted this, but that's what i get for setting my expectations just a smidgen too high. my bad.
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[22 Nov 2015|12:28am]

Feeling very disheartened and frustrated with rp. I know everyone vents about flakers and I have too, but it's honestly getting beyond ridiculous. In the last four weeks I've put up three ads. One ad received seven replies in less than two days. Every single person that replied to that ad has flaked on me except one. The second ad I posted got three replies and all three flaked. The third ad got one reply and I set up a custom which they haven't touched in a week. Sigh. I'm feeling so done with it all. Does anyone actually write anymore? Or is it about seeing how many people you can flake on?
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[21 Nov 2015|04:13pm]

RP is my escape, and I just want to chime in and say I'm grateful for my games not mentioning any of the events happening in Europe right now.
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[21 Nov 2015|01:41pm]

RP is tiring. A lot more than it should be.

Edit: Well, fuck. I left, and only one person has said good bye, let alone' thank you for the hard work' to me. That player is someone I didn't even talk to outside of our rp thread.

I wish I could get back in contact with them, but the other staff were quick to archive my accounts. Welp.
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[19 Nov 2015|09:08am]

I am not your personal reminder system to tag your characters. You are in a game of your own chosing. I'm waiting on you for over two and a half weeks now so I'm moving on. Simple as that. Be offended all you like but I sent you enough reminders in the past. This is not a slow paced psl this is a fast moving game and you know it.
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[18 Nov 2015|08:05pm]

Having all of these ideas for different characters but can never seem to find the motivation to actual put them into play. Maybe it's just time to quit.
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[18 Nov 2015|04:55pm]
sometimes i wish there was a place to warn players not to get their hopes up for a line because the player they're discussing with is a flake.
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[16 Nov 2015|11:37pm]

Boo. Perfectionism really is the death of creativity. The fuck, self.
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[17 Nov 2015|02:25pm]
Trying to figure out how to say "no, you can't hold for a friend" is surprisingly difficult.
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[14 Nov 2015|09:57pm]
i hope they don't think i'm a cockhop. i don't need a man to play her in game. i'm just trying to interact outside her circle.
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[15 Nov 2015|01:51pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

When you have lost faith in the RP community because people are so precious and can't be relied on to hold an attention span better than a goldfish's.

Also sick of MCU invading non-MCU fandom circles. If I wanted pan fandom or cross over I'd ask for it.

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[14 Nov 2015|09:30pm]

Three longterm lines lost in three weeks. Does this mean it's time for me to quit RP?
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[13 Nov 2015|09:29pm]

Not sure if these are so much vents as they are questions. Maybe both.
If a slp partner hasn't replied to a scene for a month and hasn't replied to your OOC comments for nearly a month is it safe to presume they've flaked? I'm thinking they've flaked and it upsets me because I love the line.

Also, why is it that people keep your journal friended when you end a line with them? I don't understand this. I don't know what purpose it serves.
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[12 Nov 2015|11:05pm]

It's difficult to get any sense of continuity and connections for your character when scenes tend to go unfinished. I like to dig in and establish, feel all the feelings, make friends and enemies and acquaintances and sometimes ships... tough to do when everything's so surface and half of the people barely participate. Frustrating.
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[12 Nov 2015|09:29am]
Tattoo Artist. Since when did that become the new glamorous career for all these characters.
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[11 Nov 2015|09:54am]

Even psls aren't sanctuaries anymore...

Thank you to the people who agree to lines but don't read them and thank you to the two/three flakes that reply to every advertisement, no matter what it is.

The sarcasm of this post is real, my friends. I have about had it with IJ.
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