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[22 Jun 2018|05:19pm]

It's pretty disappointing when you spend so much time and energy into a line, only to know in the very back of your mind you're the only one truly interested. What's even better is when you start plotting with a different character, and have a feeling it's the same person on the other end.. and now you're hoping you don't end up with two one-sided lines.

Maybe I just shouldn't get so excited over playing things out anymore.
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[22 Jun 2018|10:21pm]

i really do like this comm! i do! but everybody plays boring blonde american girls and literally everybody is straight. claiming each other's characters before they're even in game instead of roleplaying it and whatnot is just...not that fun for me? i don't know if i'm doing this rp thing wrong, but before i decide two characters want to fuck (over whoever they're into in their canon, too) i like to at least roleplay out how they interact? is this just not how things work anymore because people are generally busier or am i probably just really not liked? (they're probably both true, in all likelihood)
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[20 Jun 2018|11:48pm]

I haven't RPed on this site since last fall, after I dropped 90% of my lines due to Bad Experiences with Bad People. (IE folks getting angry at me for not replying, despite knowing I was dealing with Harvey flooding, lol.) I told myself that I was better off finding RP elsewhere.

... Yet here I am again, looking for new lines.

I feel like I deserve it if everything goes to shit this time, since I keep coming back!
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[20 Jun 2018|12:54am]

Dear body,
I do not appreciate coming home from work and having plans and ideas of things to do only to be plagued by hives. Now, I have to take benadryl and fall asleep early. This was not what I wanted to do.
With great irritation,
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[19 Jun 2018|11:16pm]

It's sad when people think they are communicating and they really really aren't.

Sad. Just terribly sad.
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[19 Jun 2018|05:31pm]

As an early riser for work, being a night owl isn't possible most days. Yet all the exciting events seem to happen at night. I always seem to end up joining the party when the cleaning crews are sweeping up. It can be a little frustrating at times.
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[18 Jun 2018|10:23pm]

my physical health has gone to absolute shit, my personal life is a disaster and I'm only worried about the fact I can barely hold my own in my lines. I am so sorry, I'm trying!
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[14 Jun 2018|07:33pm]

1. y'all are just control freaks
2. it's really obvious sometimes when white people are playing black people on this server.
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[14 Jun 2018|01:43am]

i feel like there's no point to rping unless you already have a clique in the game. it's so imposssible to get romance or even friendship lines that the other person actually wants to keep unless you're 'in'. you can't just join a game and get lines anymore, even if you ask for them or offer them.

I also just feel like such a failure lately. I can't get lines. I can't play my characters properly. RP is pretty much my only escape and I'm shit at it compared to a lot of people out there.
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[13 Jun 2018|06:57pm]

Sorry to post so close together, but damn... This is getting out of hand and I don't know how to get a handle on it.
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[13 Jun 2018|03:32pm]

I understand having a comfort zone in characters. I get it.

But holy redundant characters, Batman. I honestly feel like I'm interacting with the same character no matter who responds.

It would be different if some of them were written well, but the ones that are so painfully OOC just make it even worse.

And I realize how catty this might sound, but gosh darn.
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[13 Jun 2018|10:05pm]

separate rants.

You don't care about me at all.

And you, I'm not reminding you of every tag you owe. I'm tired of holding hands. Play your character or don't. If it ends, then it ends.

Communication people, that's literally all it takes to make me happy. I'm not putting up with inconsiderate people anymore.if you're busy, fine just let me know. Takes two seconds for people to send a message these days.
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[12 Jun 2018|10:45pm]

I wish there was an app writing service. Someone to take what I want and turn it into what I need. I just want to write the character but when I sit down to do the app, I just delete everything
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[12 Jun 2018|05:53pm]

Self vent. I thought I was well past this, and randomly my brain decides to make me dream about past RP sadness and loss so I wake up with the weight of memories on my shoulders. I know this is just a hobby, but I'm not sure hobbies are supposed to haunt you. Or maybe I'm being maudlin.
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[12 Jun 2018|09:11am]

it's been over two years and I still have nightmares about modding that gpsl.
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[11 Jun 2018|09:00pm]

Customs are fun and all, I do love gif bombing and funny stuff is also awesome, but why does no one write anymore? I'm definitely going to stop starting threads on my own and linking someone to them without asking if they actually want to write out plans between characters, so I don't get bummed when the writer/character ghosts me/my character, and comments like crazy other places. If you don't want to write the scene I'm totally okay with that, but don't just ghost me, geeze.
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[11 Jun 2018|03:08pm]
When you join a game that's brand new and shiny and then it takes forever for it to actually get going :|
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[10 Jun 2018|04:05pm]

If you can't handle comm business in a timely manner, maybe it's time you got some help, closed the place, or changed things back to the way they used to be. No wonder the place is dead.
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[09 Jun 2018|06:33pm]
Me at me/my characters lately. )
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[08 Jun 2018|09:17pm]

I feel this ridiculous urge to start a game. There's just two major problems with me being a mod:

1. I'm a terrible mod and easily get overwhelmed trying to actually mod a game outside of lists. I struggle with event posts and progressing a story since I love setting up a game and letting people frolick in it. As long as they're not rule breakers, squatting, or being skeevy I'm a-okay with what's going on. I'm just bloody awful at anything besides updating the taken page and playing my characters.

2. What kinds of premises do people even like in their games here? I see so much of the same thing (not that there's anything wrong with that) but like. If I'm not interested in it, how many other people feel the same? I'd want to do something more out of the box, but knowing what's acceptable here is a little out of my league.

Uhg. I wouldn't even entertain the idea if I didn't go from one extreme to the other. I went from super fast to super slow and I'm flailing because I just want to rp and do fun things on my days off and there's nothing going on. Two tags a week maximum just doesn't feel like enough.
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