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[01 Sep 2015|04:26pm]

Wondering why people have been dropping like flies at this particular game.

ps why is every thread you post nc17
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[01 Sep 2015|04:35pm]

it seems like whenever i post an ad it's always the same flaky mofo's who reply to me. and why do all of the really great writers i come across always have to die off on me?! so frustrating.
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[31 Aug 2015|05:22pm]

After so long...I'm done. Today was the final straw.
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[31 Aug 2015|11:52am]

So... did you actually want some kind of writer collaboration, or are the rest of us here just to function as your audience? Getting real frustrated feeling like no one but the mods and their groupies are allowed to move the plot... or even have plot, while we're at it.

And don't refer me to that group plot post. We all know that was some BS where you get to sit back and pat yourselves on the backs for being inclusive, except for how you don't actually have sincere interest in taking suggestions that don't make the world revolve around your characters.
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[31 Aug 2015|11:39pm]
once a flake, always a flake. how many times can you talk plot that leads to zero scenes.
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[31 Aug 2015|06:52am]
wait, let me get this straight. your character complains about being stereotyped because of their religion or career choice, but said character just stereotyped an entire demographic? how does that work?
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[29 Aug 2015|06:25pm]
i am honestly really tired of logging into my friends page and seeing a post from your character. i'm really tired of them being sexual in nature. i'm disturbed by it since the character you are writing into your narratives was never in the comm with you at the same time. i'm mostly disturbed by how both characters are actually written by you. didn't the fad of having a sl with yourself go out of style back on gj?
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[29 Aug 2015|03:27pm]

That frustrating feeling when you realize you're the only person left in game who isn't in it for a romance line, and you have the only character who responds realistically to anything going on.
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[29 Aug 2015|12:53pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

I can't take it anymore! You're a terrible writer and an awful player. This post has been dragging on for ages and it's going nowhere, and I need to know at least a vague outcome for other plot reasons. I've tried to write with you because I don't want to be one of those snobby players who will only play with certain people but you're the worst. You won't communicate ooc either, and that makes it difficult to want to play with you or include you in plotting.

I guess a lack of social skills extends to online also. I know RP isn't a job and you're not required to behave a certain way, but it makes it so much nicer when people are at least moderately literate and have decent manners.

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[27 Aug 2015|08:53pm]

when you find that one otp you want to play and can't find the other half.

when you have really bad writers block.
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[27 Aug 2015|07:40am]

I want so badly to get a couple PSLs going, but I haven't seemed to have been able to figure out how to break into it. I don't know if it's, because I don't have solid lines or if I'm just approaching the wrong people.

I sound way angrier than I should. )
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[26 Aug 2015|10:19pm]

when one of your favorite psl's kick you to the curb for their new shiny line that takes all their attention. i know you see me online, i'm tired of being the initiator of it all.
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[25 Aug 2015|10:35pm]

So many people in this game, no one talks, and the page never moves. What the fuck?
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[25 Aug 2015|10:59am]

Ouch. So you very clearly ignored my reply to your character intro in the OOC comm while answering nearly everyone else. And now starting up a group thread that my character would likely be involved in but very clearly excluding them? Awesome. I love feeling this unwanted.

And also, congratulations for missing the subtleties of the character and just making them a gigantic douchebag.
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[25 Aug 2015|08:29am]

You really need to check the attitude and holier than thou martyr complex.


I get the feeling that it's not just me avoiding you. And now I think I know why.
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[25 Aug 2015|01:50am]

I can't believe it's happening. Just my luck. I shouldn't have gotten so attached. I'm literally crying my eyes out. I don't know where else to go with this. Couldn't it wait until we made one year? It's in 5 fucking days. If I lose this line. I will never be the same. Forget every single thing I've ever said about it being just a game. A game shouldn't hurt like this. Prayer circle, please. I don't want it to happen.
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[24 Aug 2015|09:27pm]

I feel like nowadays, all I read are comments and updates about someone's significant other or kids instead of reading something that'll make my character actually want to comment and interact. Am I alone in this?
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[25 Aug 2015|10:42am]

I can't believe you had the nerve to approach me on a different journal after flaking out on me months ago. Okay, maybe I can believe it but there's no way I'm going to agree to write with you again.
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[24 Aug 2015|05:11pm]

This is both a vent and a plea for advice. My celeb just announced she's pregnant again but it has to be when she's not dating anyone IC, hasn't slept with anyone in a while and she's in non romantic terms with her NPC baby daddy ( who isn't famous and that's why he's NPCed ). How the heck do I even go about explaining it?
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[24 Aug 2015|02:12pm]

the only non cast people you reply to are single males, actually the only cast members you reply to as well are single males. thats cute.
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