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[22 Jul 2016|01:06pm]

Do we really need to know your schedule for the weekend? Just say you won't be around and leave it at that.

EDIT: Thanks for the update post that we didn't need a few hours later.
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[21 Jul 2016|09:22am]

i consider myself a very patient rp partner but weeks between replies? every time i'm promised that your replies will be more regular, there are even longer periods of time than before that i don't hear from you. i almost wish you'd just die off completely so i can move on with my rp life but i love their dynamic/potential too much to call it quits myself.
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[20 Jul 2016|09:12am]

ugh, someone please tell me that im not the only crazy person who gets anxious writing those first couple of tags with a new writer. ive played with the same handful of people for a year or two straight now so im over analyzing each sentence, i feel.
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[19 Jul 2016|07:25pm]

Let's clear something up site-wide:

"Disagreeing with someone" is not bullying them.

"Pointing out when a person has made a gaffe" is not bullying them.

"A second person chiming in to politely reiterate that 'yes, a gaffe has been made!'" is not bullying.

"Using emphatic language to make a point" is not bullying someone.

"Every single time you get your feelings hurt" does not mean you have been bullied.
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[18 Jul 2016|01:00am]

That's the difference between you and me...

And the difference in being shady vs. just a bitch.
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[16 Jul 2016|12:56am]

How are you my favorite when the other one was my favorite? Now I just can't get back into the other one and it's killing my heart one thread at a time. Ughhhh. Just live damnit.
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[15 Jul 2016|01:58pm]
I swear I'm a better writer than this. I just have fibromyalgia and basically all of my energy goes to work, and then washing my face when I get home. You're getting the last 5% of my energy. Which makes me feel super guilty, because my focus blows, my grammar and spelling suffers, and generally I'm just not as creative. I'm doing my best. My best is just 75% of what I used to be able to do.
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[15 Jul 2016|10:12am]

i was super excited for this psl, the muse is loud as fuck for her and the way we talked about the shenanigans they'd get into i was so sure this was going to be a new favorite. however, i can't ooc everything, man. i need to write or if nothing else ic chatter them, because tbh its booooring and pointless otherwise.
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[15 Jul 2016|10:55am]

the bright side of dropped scenes is that it helps me narrow down who I will and won't be scening with again in the future.
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[14 Jul 2016|02:15pm]

im turning into such a flake. i can't even stand myself. its like i start something and turn into a raccoon oh shiny when i see an interesting ad but never follow through because another shiny thing pops up.
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[14 Jul 2016|09:01pm]

Players who don't read the rules then have the mods clear up their errors with their application. It's all there! Make it easy for us all and just read it and do what we ask. It's not that complicated.
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[13 Jul 2016|11:08am]

When the same person disappears every month for weeks at a time but then demands we drop all plots and current goings on to play with her so she doesn't get dropped from the game. How about no.

It's every. month. There's no give and take.
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[13 Jul 2016|02:50am]


No other words...
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[12 Jul 2016|04:00pm]

Feeling like I need to stick with only one psl and no more than two games so I can keep up better because life is getting in the way, and I don't want to be the asshole who only tags my slps once in a blue moon. They all deserve better than me. Not to mention, I feel like I'm burning out my muses this way by playing so many of them, and I hate that feeling. I'm also stressed out in having so many lines but so little time to tag all of them.

*Sigh* Now for the hard part. Letting people know I have to drop lines and hoping they won't get mad at me or think it's something they did wrong, because it's really not. They're all fantastic writers, but they deserve more than someone who can't keep up.
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[12 Jul 2016|01:13pm]
Why am I always that weird kid who gets smacked for trying to give someone a cool gross? thing? Where are the people who'll like me for my dead insect and rodent skull collections, not despite them?
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[12 Jul 2016|01:18pm]

when people complain about stuff rp-related that they have every ability to change/remedy but won't.
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[12 Jul 2016|06:34am]

When you get ALL THE IDEAS for RP things running around in your head when you're supposed to be sleeping and have to wake up to go to work in 4-5 hours. Thanks, brain.
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[12 Jul 2016|07:43pm]

Seeing a vent and wondering if it's addressed to you...
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[11 Jul 2016|07:59am]

Getting excited over something that doesn't end up happening. Why do we set ourselves up for this over and over again?
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Still feeling bitter? [10 Jul 2016|03:27pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

And I'm not sure if I will ever get over it )

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