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[30 Jul 2015|07:59am]

1. Once a flaker, twice a flaker, always a flaker. I'm annoyed with myself that I gave you a second chance and you flaked on me again. Even after people told me how flakey you are and the fact that you flaked on me before.

2. I hate that I miss our line and still think about it. I wish I could make it go away completely. I wish I could bring myself to delete that journal, but I can't. Sigh.

3. I wish I could find one or two good writers who won't flake in plotting or one week after the first scene. This is becoming impossible.
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[28 Jul 2015|09:10am]

Is it just me, or is there a major malfunction somewhere when a community, and some of the players/characters (both OOC and IC) condemn those who are very active in the comm, and like to post regularly, and comment a lot on people's posts (regardless of what it is - I'm not getting into that discussion, because it's still stemmed from this one)? When did this become a thing, that INactivity was cool, and if you're active, you're attention-seeking, and need to sit down and STFU, and stop being so involved in what's going on in the community? How does this even make sense, for an RP community?
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[28 Jul 2015|10:41am]

[ mood | confused ]

Wanting & trying to roleplay but feeling indecisive as fuck. Do I go to LJ or IJ or Tumblr? Apply to a game or try PSL? Original or Fandom? These decisions use to be easier.

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[27 Jul 2015|08:28pm]

Did I do something? Cause... wanting to get someone to read over your char before you sub them to a comm so they can give good critism...unbiased. that'd be awesome. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. Cause at this point I either did something that I have no idea about or...just ugh pfft! Just ruined my quiet time with that thank you.
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[26 Jul 2015|07:33pm]

In all the years I've played in psls I've never once been able to play the female in a line. I only started playing men in psls to help my confidence in playing male characters in games, but I'd love to play a fucking female just once in a psl. I know the advert I put up will go without a single comment, but if I had done the same one seeking a female I'd have eight people wanting customs in the hour.

I know this is a vent a lot of people have had, but I'm just tired of being forced to play a male just to play for a couple of hours.
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[24 Jul 2015|05:53pm]

It's not as though I don't understand that nobody wants to feel like they have to constantly update an slp on their whereabouts. I have definitely been the person on the other end, where the only response you want to give is "I'm sorry that I have other life responsibilities I have to attend to occasionally," or "Yeah, sometimes I'm just not feeling writing this thing right now." I get that.

But at the same time, it can be really disheartening to feel like you're, I don't know, the human equivalent of an X-Box. Like they really just want to turn you on and off according to what works for them and you're not allowed to need anything in return.
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[23 Jul 2015|04:45am]

I took a chance and joined a game that looked very promising. I put together two awesome characters and really dove into it after years of not finding anything I liked. A few months later, it's starting to look like the game is puttering out and I'm feeling absolutely devastated. Everything was going so well and then people have just stopped replying. I'm holding out hope that maybe, just maybe, it's just hard times hitting all of us at once, but I feel like I'm going to have to face reality by the end of the month and wish the beautiful little thing goodbye. I had fallen in love with it just when I was sure that I was going to have to give up on RP. I don't want to give up. It's really hitting me hard this time. :(
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[24 Jul 2015|04:09am]

did you already fucking flake? ugh.
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[23 Jul 2015|12:09am]

now i get why you only celeb and stick to games that require just a picture or lyric post every couple of weeks -- you're a really shitty writer. good riddance and best of luck to your future slp is all i have to say.
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[23 Jul 2015|02:27pm]

You delete your reply to my advertizing post within half an hour? Seriously, give a person a chance to come online and look, because that is not encouraging me to pursue a line with you.
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[21 Jul 2015|10:49pm]

Knowing a game would be dead before it even got off the ground, but joining anyway because you are dumb and optimistic.
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[21 Jul 2015|06:04pm]

It is coming to a point where the ooc drama and the grief it produces are becoming too overwhelming to handle. In no way being dramatic, but I'm coming to the point of taking a break from all of RP for a while, just to breathe. But I know that I would miss it far too much for my own good. This love/hate relationship, ha. Ugh.
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[21 Jul 2015|01:32pm]
really wish your characters would just move already
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[21 Jul 2015|01:36pm]
I hate getting unsolicited approaches for lines when I put out my journal name in partially anon spaces.

But I'm also a hypocrite. Because all those approaches are for het where I play the male. I'd be far less pissed if once in a while it was for femme or slash, or even a guy offering to play the male for me.
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[21 Jul 2015|09:28am]

What the hell is it with so many people capitalizing HET all the time lately? Seriously it is not needed and feels rude af.
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[20 Jul 2015|02:43pm]

kind of not a vent but... i want to celeb a european actress but i know zero of her native language. what are people's views on someone doing that? should i avoid it at all costs or give it a go?
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[19 Jul 2015|06:17pm]

i swear, every time i find a pairing that i want to play, even a popular one, i struggle to find someone to play it out with. no one bites, or if there is a bite, they will flake really quick.
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[19 Jul 2015|01:47pm]

Nothing worse than feeling like a 'critter' just because you don't have HTML skills and don't type in lowercase. I shouldn't have to change who I am as a writer just to get into a community.
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[18 Jul 2015|09:33pm]

Why hasn't someone created a community for all the people who vent in here about wanting to actually write scenes and watch their characters develop naturally? It seems like a logical solution, that plenty would flock to such a place with bells on while doing a fun little jig.

I wonder if we're all too terrified that no one would actually join.
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[18 Jul 2015|03:27pm]

Am I the only one who prefers organic plots in communities? Am I the only one who finds communities really isolating because of it? And is it me, or do 80% of those secondary SLs never come to fruition anyway?
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