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[17 Dec 2014|02:37am]

Spend days working on a character to fill a specific line, chatting it all out, working on the biography which, was read and approved by the person I was bringing my character in for only for said person to fall off the face of the earth for almost a month, then come back to tell me the line wasn't what they wanted, they are too busy for it and make up a bunch of BS excuses and one false accusation and pretty much just dropped me in a ditch.

I am about done with RP, it's incredibly rare to find someone to fill a line and keep it without flaking on you. This time is worse because now I have a character in friggen limbo. He has other contacts in game just now I really have no idea where to go with him without the discussed line.

Happy Fucking Christmas to me.
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[17 Dec 2014|01:53am]

Oh that's cool you saw me plotting something in ads with someone but you went ahead and asked for the same character face for someone else. Sure, I haven't been dying for this line or pairing forever anyway.
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[14 Dec 2014|05:42pm]

Dear Internet,

Go fuck yourself. Fuck you and your lack of tonality that manages to fuck everything up. I hate you and I quit.
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[13 Dec 2014|10:22am]

I hate your character. Why? Because it really feels like you took the most obvious traits from my character and regurgitated them out into a clone. At least my character has something going on behind the bad language and attitude. Yours? Seems about as deep as a thimble.
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[13 Dec 2014|04:54pm]

Well, I posted to an open thread in the community and guess how many replies my character has so far? At least I'm enjoying her family connection.
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[13 Dec 2014|03:22am]

sometimes i have those moments where i just want to fold into the universe and become someone else in the rp world.

/winter blues
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[12 Dec 2014|02:07pm]

For the past few months. not a single day has gone by where I haven't said, "I'm too old for this shit."
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[12 Dec 2014|12:02am]

I wish I could tell you how incredibly rude I think you are. How I think you just don't care and that because you told me A I should assume that means B and that you'll be gone for weeks. I don't want to waste my time because I'm sure you wouldn't reply. This is the problem with rp these days.

Did it ever occur to you to message me and let me know you'd be gone longer than you thought? That something came up? Something?! Did it ever occur to you that one ooc comment in over four weeks is horse shit? And that comment said you'd be back next week. That was three weeks ago. I'm really tired of the excuses and bullshit. I'm just done. I don't care about losing the line. I lost my favorite line in the world because my slp was always gone for weeks and said nothing to me until I messaged them which was bullshit. Eventually I was pushed to the point of ending it. What is wrong with people? Do they really not care? Don't give me the holidays bullshit. I understand that, but this has been going on now for three months and I'm so tired of it.
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[11 Dec 2014|10:01pm]

When I put my all into an intro post I get no reply...but if I just shit out a intro I get a psl going. WTF. :|
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[10 Dec 2014|09:19pm]

You and your little friend sabotaged the timeline I had planned. That's okay. I'm feeling I should get out of this line and let someone else fill it for you.
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[09 Dec 2014|10:01pm]

I'd probably feel more inclined to reply your tag, if you didn't make me feel like the end piece in a loaf of bread.
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[09 Dec 2014|06:24pm]

I love how you didn't read any of that. Really, it shows how incompetent of a player you are. Did you just process one word of that potential line and ignore everything else? Because that wasn't even remotely what I asked for.
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[08 Dec 2014|10:47pm]

I hate having ideas for characters but either not having a place for them or the mod skliis to start a game to play them.
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[08 Dec 2014|06:32pm]

Officially done with het lines! I've officially turned to the "dark side" I'm so over the clingy girls in rp.
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[08 Dec 2014|06:58pm]

You're choking the life out of your own game, and you're blaming everyone but the people responsible.

When this many of your best players seem poised to jump ship and you keep hearing the same complaints whenever someone does, maybe it's time to look inward.

You have a stranglehold on every minute aspect of your game. Every single decision, no matter how arbitrary, becomes a struggle between the players and the mods, even ones that really shouldn't matter. You criticize players for doing things that you yourselves do. You say you don't like drama, but you gossip about your players and each other to anyone who will listen. Your job as moderators is to facilitate plot, not to stomp out any plot that isn't exactly what you wanted. You say you want player input and participation, but you make it impossible for anyone to actually do anything that doesn't fit into your singular vision.

We want to write, to plot, and you're making it impossible for us to write anything other than what you want to write. And you expect us to read your damn minds about what that happens to be.

You're so controlling, critical and hypocritical that at this point, most of us are just tired. I used to like this game, and all of you, but your insistence on having every single fucking thing your way without giving players any fucking direction is a serious problem.
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[07 Dec 2014|04:54pm]
Oh, that didn't take long,

There's something malicious about you.
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[06 Dec 2014|05:57pm]

I'm beginning to wonder if this line is even worth it now.

And for this other line, just going to have your way with her a few times and then flake out on the line? I'm starting to think that you're not worth the line now.
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[05 Dec 2014|08:08pm]

Why do I always have to start scenes? Every single scene. I don't mind doing it, but it would be nice to log in and see that you started one. You even described, in great detail, what you wanted to write out... yet you still ask me to start out the scene despite the fact you have a better grasp of how you want the scene to open. It's one of those things that probably shouldn't make a difference but dang, it's just on my last nerve tonight.
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[05 Dec 2014|03:03pm]
role hogs. be around more or gtfo! i want to play your face but can't even though i should be able to because your stupid ass is never around unless it's to update.
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[05 Dec 2014|11:27am]
why can't i get away from you no matter where i go?
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