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[23 Mar 2017|10:11am]

How many virgins do I need to sacrifice to get a line filled these days!? Its not even anything weird. Ugh.
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[21 Mar 2017|11:08am]

please don't complain about not getting scenes when you barely tag on the scenes you have.
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[20 Mar 2017|01:49am]

this new sleep schedule for my new job is lonely.
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[19 Mar 2017|01:38am]

Normally, I don't mind the occasional typo or missing punctuation or weird grammar, because we all have fingers that move too fast, or autocorrect, or simple mistakes. But when every single post and comment you make contains a typo - no matter the character - it really just hurts my eyes and I feel less inclined to play with you.

Also - you are destroying one of my favorite characters and I will never forgive you for that.
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[16 Mar 2017|05:19pm]
I'm interested in bringing him to that celeb comm, but how do I say I don't want a romantic line with your celeb? I just don't ship it. It's not an RL couple, which you'd think would make it easier but no such luck.

Would it be a dick move to take him there anyway?
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[12 Mar 2017|08:38pm]

Feeling really paranoid that my slp in-game is starting to lose interest in our line and have interest in another. I'm fine with them having more lines. But the fact we don't talk as much (my replies even get ignored sometimes) and tags are not as frequent as they use to be (in spite of them tagging others fast), it makes me paranoid and depressed. But I don't want to bring it up in case I'm just overthinking things, and I don't want them to think I'm crazy or possessive, because I'm not. That's not what this is about. I just hate feeling like second best or a last resort, and I could see the signs starting to happen. I hate feeling like this all the time.
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[12 Mar 2017|11:35pm]

You left without warning and you gone for months. You came back and made me think you were going to stick around. And then you died after one scene, leaving me having to make up excuses for his absence again. Ugh.
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[11 Mar 2017|03:38am]

I feel like the IJ hiatus made the feeling I've been having lately more clear to me: I don't understand what it is people want out of RP lately, and I think it's why I've been getting more and more frustrated.

This is a hobby where you have to put in some effort. For all people give piles of excuses - "I'm shy" or "I get nervous talking to new people", "lol sorry I'm just bad at plot" or "my character would be a wallflower": you are going to have to get over that, because you have to be able to talk to people to do this. It is not fanfic. You need a partner. That means sometimes you have to be the one who talks first. You have to put something on the table.

People complain they can't get anything going, but when we make customs or request customs, how often do you come into them with no ideas? How often is the opener "So what were you thinking?" instead of "Here are some specific things I was thinking could be cool, but I'd like your thoughts, too!" Join comms and we so rarely reach out to anyone to suggest a scene. We so rarely ping mods with plot suggestions. So rarely is initiative taken, even if that's just having your character send another a random message to springboard conversation, or coming to someone with a specific idea of what the two of you could write. How often have you all seen people post something like "bring me all your plots!" and then sit back and wait for someone else to do all the work instead of going to players with ideas?

And you can't work with that. You can't be the only one in a psl doing the driving. You can't keep a comm open if your members refuse to interact with each other - because even as the mod, you can only have so many threads going on at one time, whether the comm lives or dies cannot hinge entirely on one member's activity.

I see so many complaints in here about people saying "RP isn't the way it used to be" and if it's ever going to change, that's the thing that's going to have to shift: I think it's that many of us have gotten lazy and complacent and aren't willing to put in the effort it takes. Because it's a hobby, yes, but it's not a great hobby if you refuse to try to be a giver.
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[09 Mar 2017|08:42pm]

After a 2 year hiatus from rp, it's really difficult to get back into the swing of things when no one wants to give your characters lines or a chance.
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[09 Mar 2017|01:56pm]

Can I just vent about the whole AIM issue? As if the IJ crash wasn't enough lol, the 28th creeps closer and I have no idea how I want to remedy the AIM issue, either.

What options are you all considering? Most of the people I ask either aren't even aware of what's going on, or also don't know what they want to do...

(for those that aren't aware, AIM will be cutting off service to users outside of the US other than with the desktop site, AND they are removing 3rd party app access for ALL users for a number of those apps, Adium being one of them, questionable on Trillian atm.)
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[09 Mar 2017|11:37am]

Refreshing fandom_psls like 'come ooooon, give me something interesting'. I think I'm still in my rut.
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mod post - please read! [06 Mar 2017|06:50pm]

hello everyone! now that ij is back, i thought i'd take the time to post a reminder of our rules:

rule #1 don't be an asshole.
rule #1b this means not outwardly naming communities and/or players.
rule #2 don't disable or screen comments or freeze threads.
rule #3 for the time being, we will not be accepting any obvious IC journals.

before the great downtime of 2017, we had an incident with people deleting comments in a post. while deleting comments is not expressly against the rules, be mindful of the "don't be an asshole" rule. if you post here to incite a response from another person, don't rage when you get one. if anyone is harassing you, however, bring it to our ([info]sword and [info]billings) attention via our screened posts or a pm and we'll handle it quickly and to the best of our abilities. in order for any incident to be resolved quickly, please message both of us as we have different schedules. don't pm ~rpvents as we won't get those messages.

if you are unable to see/post/comment anything in ~rpvents, remove yourself and rejoin. we'll be going over these requests tonight and as we receive them on a case-by-case basis. empty journals that don't have anything in them generally don't get approved as we view them as sock journals. if you have another journal added to the comm or are rejoining, please send a private message or leave a comment. as a reminder of rule #3, we do not accept any obvious in-character journals. character directory journals are fine.

also, over the next few days, [info]billings and i will begin to go through the memberlist and remove any deleted journals. we had already discussed this happening with the purge, and we will continue to do it once the purge occurs again.

thank you for your time! if you have any questions regarding anything, don't hesitate to reach out. ♥
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[25 Feb 2017|11:14pm]

I don't have time for you right now, new character. Go away for a little while.

No longer having access to the email I used to use sucks. I know I have some great usernames that I'm going to lose in the purge.
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[25 Feb 2017|10:34am]
I've always hated telling someone when a line just isn't working anymore. But I always try to because I don't want to flake like so many have done to me. But the problem with telling someone the line isn't working is that they turn crazy. No matter how gently you break the news to them, no matter how nice you are, they always go cray cray. Even after they've stated that they want the truth and there would be no hard feelings. Yet they either start crying, begging and pleading with you not to drop the line or they go batshit crazy and start yelling at you and calling you names. Sigh, unfortunately, it's people like this that make people flake without saying a word. They don't want to deal with the crazy. I swear, I think I'm too nice sometimes.
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[25 Feb 2017|02:53pm]
For some reason, the moment anyone says that they want to genderbend a female character, I'm just out of there. It's such a squick for me and I don't know why. I thought it was really rare but I've had about six in the last month - before it was maybe one a month if that.

I haven't had anyone ask, so I'm not sure how I feel about males genderbent to female. Or casts genderbent in theory. But genderbend a female to male? A hard, squicked, no way.
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[24 Feb 2017|10:51am]

Let's get something straight...

It's not about your obvious crazy. It's about your obvious lack of intelligence.

FYI? Ignorance isn't cool.

Proceed with your day.
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[23 Feb 2017|06:37pm]
I miss you.
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[23 Feb 2017|03:11pm]

Seriously? Seriously. This is the second surprise! Your character has a new family member that NO ONE TALKED TO YOU ABOUT. I just. I'm done. There is zero communication even after talking to a mod the first time this happened, and I'm over the whole thing now. I cannot write in a place that apparently gives zero fucks about appropriate communication/collaboration between players.
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[23 Feb 2017|03:00am]

Just kind of tired of being the second line. Or the after thought. Or dying to write and finding out the other person is only kind of into it.
This is supposed to be fun, not upsetting, and I just want to write, not talk about writing.
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[21 Feb 2017|06:58pm]
there are four posts in a row for this comm in this ads comm but low and behold every single person who posted is you aka the mod aka crazypants who calls everyone a stalker and bans people from commenting the mod journal, logs ip addresses, and effectively kills any other comm in the same fandom because you can't handle anyone else having fun.

and did you seriously harass someone else so much ooc that they deleted their ooc journal????

you're the one who should go away.
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