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two for one vent [20 Jul 2017|09:15am]

1: well there's playing with yourself and then there's playing with yourself playing with yourself. good luck with that.

2: thanks depression for being a little bitch and fucking things up as usual.
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[20 Jul 2017|02:37pm]

I'm over the pettiness of this server. Why can't we all act like the adults we are?
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[19 Jul 2017|06:11pm]

That feel when you don't know if the game you're interested in is dead or not.
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[18 Jul 2017|02:51pm]

Is it too much of a hassle to tell me that you weren't feeling the line? Apparently so.

And on another server, your character played with my character's emotions, getting her hopes up of them getting back together, only to back away and then jump into a new relationship. Plus, you said that your character needed time to be themselves. Contradiction much?
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[18 Jul 2017|12:58pm]

that feeling when someone you have two scenes going on with, suddenly tells you they can't tag because they're sick and then you go and see game ad journals filled with their posts, their comments to others and their bio in a brand new game posted all on the same date.

EDIT: Thank you! You've done me a huge favor. Good luck with your game.
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[17 Jul 2017|03:54pm]

when you have high hopes that a scene will be interesting but then it's just.... not.
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[17 Jul 2017|01:10pm]

I'm not quitting. I refuse. You can railroad me all you want but, at this point, I'll stay out of sheer spite before I let you make me drop.
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[16 Jul 2017|12:24pm]
when you use other characters to write about and discuss situations that are currently happening in another of your character's lives...that's stepping real close to that line crossing line

Edit: well it seems I can't reply to comments because docents doesn't list me as a friend but these characters are not even close to being in the same circles
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[14 Jul 2017|03:49pm]

Literally every game I join with you in it you become untouchable and I don't want to even try playing with you. Well done. Don't know why I thought this would be different.
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[11 Jul 2017|04:07pm]

Oh so based on my storyline post asking for lines, you thought my character was not worthy of your game, so you just removed my post, my hold without a word and refused to answer my dropbox question on why you did that. Great modding.. I did not even get a chance to apply, after asking a second time in your dropbox, I got a short replied saying: 'This is not first come, first served kind of game. Based on your storylines post your character would not be accepted in the game.' Well thanks mods, good luck with keeping that game around..
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[10 Jul 2017|05:52pm]

There's no limit to the amount of things you want to ruin for us, is there? I'm beginning to think it's intentional at this point and all because you're petty, selfish, and self-absorbed.
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[10 Jul 2017|12:44pm]

I'm so ridiculously frustrated with myself where it comes to rp, so this is sort of a vent on myself I guess. Basically life kicked me around for a year and I found myself stuck in my old hometown being miserable in a shitty dead end job. I like my coworkers but I only get paid minimum wage even though I work full time.

Enter my problem. Because I'm so busy and frustrated with work, I can't seem to bring myself to do more than vegetate or play video games when I have off time. I miss rp so terribly and I miss writing, but my brain for it and my attention span have gone down the crapper. How do I get back into something when I have no time for it? How can I bring muses out, when I can't even think? I feel so guilty about all the lines I've dropped, all the psl tags that sit in my inbox staring at me, judging me because I can't think to write them. If I was paid above $7.25 I wouldn't mind working part time, but I need all the hours they'll give me or else I can't pay my bills and eat, but I also can't get any enjoyment out of life the way I used to love to do.

What the hell do I do? How do I get back into rp slowly when any game I join just dies or puts pressure on me that I can't handle? How do I bring myself to tag to psls or memes long term, when all I'm thinking about is how much I'm disappointing my partner by being so damn slow?
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[09 Jul 2017|12:12am]

Working retail has really messed with my feet and legs to the point where sometimes I can't get comfortable unless I'm laying down. I feel like I'm failing people when I go to bed early.
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[06 Jul 2017|11:23pm]

This may not actually go here, but still. I just want to say a giant screw you to photobucket right now.
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[06 Jul 2017|04:40pm]
every time you try to open a comm it fails. maybe that's saying something about the way you mod.
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[06 Jul 2017|02:26pm]

Fairly sure im an asshole or a weirdo but seeing your character clone for some reason totally made me lose interest in our line.
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[06 Jul 2017|03:08pm]

[ mood | confused ]

no, see, I don't want """"CR"""" to look pretty on my character's profile, I want to actually write him. if you don't want to rp with me, you can just... say that.

edit because apparently I can't comment on my own post: don't worry, it took me a million years too. back in my day we used to call it, y'know, interacting and it was kind of the whole point, but now I guess it's some kind of pretend currency that you hoard and don't do anything with.

I'm not bitter.

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[05 Jul 2017|09:45pm]

Wow. Wow. Thank you so much. So was it like... you knew this would hurt my feelings and you just decided you didn't give a shit? Or was it mostly an "honestly, I'd just totally written you off as a person" thing?

Fuck this site sometimes. Jesus.
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[05 Jul 2017|07:51pm]

For the first time in years, I am in a legitimate community - well, maybe it is better to call it a gpsl. Regardless, it is a community of characters that mine have no real affiliation with aside from a few connections made prior to joining. And I feel like I am sucking already... I'm not a boomerang commenter so everything I reply to seems...late?
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[05 Jul 2017|01:39pm]
if only you knew that we took votes on how long it would take you to ask for a pregnancy line once your pb announced she was pregnant. congrats, you made it almost two months.
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