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[31 Aug 2014|10:48pm]

When I first came to your community, there would be at least 75-80 secrets submitted weekly and the comments on those secrets would hit 500 easily.

Now, you can't even get 15 submissions in a week, and comments on the weekly secrets post has dropped to less than 50.

Posts get no comments. No one talks on AIM, or rather, no one initiates a conversation on AIM, unless it is within their cliquish social circle. Branch out a little people. You might meet a fantastic new friend!

It's sad watching a community die, and you have to sit back and decided if you should leave before it does, or stick around just in case they have hit a slow patch. And, if you do decide to leave, you have that dread of finding a new place and starting all over again.
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[30 Aug 2014|02:38am]

I really want more backstory for this canon character. I don't dare make up stuff because there is an episode in the newest season that is going to reveal it. I just really hate waiting.

There is so much I want to play. So many character inspirations. I wish I was a good mod. I'm grateful for what I have. I just wish I could stop getting ideas.
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[30 Aug 2014|02:25am]

Nothing like the feeling of finding the perfect writing partner, and then loyally waiting, and waiting, and waiting... and waiting... and waiting some more... for their real life issues to let up... only to find out they're writing with other people, but not with you, while saying the whole time that they miss your lines so much, but just don't have time for them.

I can't fucking stand liars.

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[29 Aug 2014|02:37pm]

I prefer to play male characters. Just works better for me but sometimes it would be nice to get to play a female character. Who are all these players who "only write females?"
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[29 Aug 2014|02:54am]
Can we make a secret community that you only learn about through word of mouth where only people who actually take time to develop their characters and let their relationships grow organically are allowed to play?

I hate forcing a line. You asked me if I would do it, I said we'll see how it goes. That does not give you permission to go to a third party and complain about me when our characters aren't madly in love instantaneously. There has to be chemistry. I can't make that shit up or else this becomes a chore. I don't like making roleplay chore. Is this too much to ask?

I'm serious about that community though. Rec to all the writers you know write well and have awesome characters? Yes please.
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[28 Aug 2014|12:55pm]

commenting every post on the friend's page so no one feels ignored only to then have your own post ignored when you update, cool.
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[27 Aug 2014|03:06pm]

pretty shady of you to clone our current sl and claim that you haven't played said person in ages. i'm so close to being done.
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[27 Aug 2014|05:10am]

Losing motivation for a game you once loved but can't seem to anymore after a buttload of drama flattened any writing inspiration there. Yet, I have friends there still. It would suck to actually leave. There isn't much by way of making it better considering one of the moderators started the drama..
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[26 Aug 2014|04:38pm]

Seriously, just app a character already. Stop holding, then dropping holds like it's going out of style.
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[26 Aug 2014|05:30pm]

Creating a character for a line that fell through in the planning stages (which sucks, but that's a whole different vent) and wanting to post for lines with him because he got stuck in my head... however, his pb is one that people throw themselves at all the time. The pb was chosen because the character required a certain look and body type, not for his popularity, but I'm not sure how to word a post in somewhere like ~slashsls that would separate the people who would want a line just based on the pb and the people who think the concept would be interesting and would want to delve deeply into a line that I think has a lot of fun plotty potential. Outright saying 'please don't respond if you just want to jump on his dick' sounds pretentious and off-putting (even though, arguably, it shouldn't), so I'm at a loss.
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[26 Aug 2014|01:08am]

.......... arrrrrrrrrrrgh. i hate waiting games.

i also hate people who insist on throwing themselves all over people like cheap polyester on an ugly suit. -_-
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[26 Aug 2014|01:47am]

when people ask for "big sean", i'm so out of touch that i think that's a nickname for sean bean.
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[25 Aug 2014|11:16am]

If you want people to include your character in shit, write a character people want to include.

Writing the flattest possible version of your character, doing nothing for months and then complaining when other people don't want you to be part of their plots is bull shit. Especially when you do nothing with the plots you're actually given.

You and your characters are both so ridiculously self-involved I can't even deal.

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[24 Aug 2014|11:19am]

1. I feel like everything I write is uncreative.
2. Wanting to try a smut comm, but… not? :/
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[23 Aug 2014|02:50pm]

You know. I don't know about you, but I figure if a character would do something, then they should just write that they did it, instead.

This is the kind of crap I see in MMO's that puts RPer's on my ignore list, how did this follow me to IJ?
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[22 Aug 2014|09:16pm]

1. You know what? You haven't had internet like, ALL of August. Take a hiatus already and stop dicking us all around.

2. RP is not fluff 24/7/365. It's just not. If you refuse to write anything that isn't rainbows, butterflies and smiley faces, I'm going to have to seriously consider not writing with you anymore.

3. If you don't want to play your character anymore? Fine, don't. That doesn't, however, give you the right to tell other people to either drop their characters outright or put conditions on them staying in the game. You really don't. Your character already looks bad to several people in the game and has for years, realistically, so get over it.
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[22 Aug 2014|10:45pm]

i am so glad i know you are toxic so i can avoid you in all these communities
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[22 Aug 2014|04:47am]

My girl does not need to know every single one of your characters. Stop harassing me with random ims from all of them, especially the ones not on my list, and only having them talk about themselves. She wants too be asked about too, you know.
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[20 Aug 2014|11:30pm]

Trying to think of the best way to tell someone I'm not interested in writing with them anymore, but in a nice way. It's really frustrating because they're really polite, and we clicked so well OOC, but IC our writing styles don't mesh, and they don't give me anything to go off of. I always feel like they're just reacting instead of being proactive, and I'm left to carry the line. It's not fun because they never surprise me. We have this whole world we build together, and they don't bother to utilize that to their advantage. I rather play with someone who I don't have to handhold and feel like they're making as much of an effort as I am. I just don't know how to tell them that without hurting their feelings.
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[20 Aug 2014|09:05pm]

1. You know, when we're scening, can you actually advance the plot and come up with something new in your replies instead of just repeating back the shit that I just wrote?

2. The less time I have to do this, the pickier I get in terms of playing with people who understand characterization and originality and POV and how to move something along, and I think I'm turning into an elitist dick. Which is not very nice.
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