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[28 May 2016|11:16am]

I'm so over the fact the mod encouraged me into filling your line, which I was trying to avoid because you seem like you only care about psling with said mod since you haven't made an effort to read anyone's bios except theirs, nor have you tried reaching out to fill other people's perspective lines, despite them making an effort to serve yours, and the fact that this game kind of calls for it given it has premades and all. But now you're ignoring my response back to you and not clarifying if you want the line or not. I remember you were cliquey in the game I ran, and I thought after many years later that would change, but I guess not. Also, I think it's cute you're trying to pretend you don't know the mod, nor have never played in this game before when I have seen your other character that you used there when the game was running before. Shady as fuck.

Which brings me to my next vent: don't play in games if you just want to play with your friends. Go make a psl or gpsl where it's just you guys. There's no point joining a game if you aren't going to step out of your inner circle and play with others.

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[28 May 2016|12:19pm]

I keep getting a reflexive shudder when I see genderbent "character" lately. I don't know if it's because I like the female characters we get in canon for the most part and think it would be more fun to play them, if I feel like it's yet another way to erase women in fandom play - I've never seen requests to genderbend male characters to femme, though I'm sure they exist and I don't know if I'd find that weird or not, or if it's that particularly creepy RPer who wanted to do a genderbent line a while back making me paranoid they haven't disappeared into the ether.
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[27 May 2016|07:18pm]
if you want me to end this line you're doing it right.
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[26 May 2016|09:28am]

Okay. I understand. You want to be a mod. I get it.

Stop nudging me every time my journals get close to the removal date.

Appreciate your concern, but it's annoying. I know when my characters needed to be updated by.

And we don't even have a line, so...stop with it.
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[26 May 2016|01:33am]

No, no, no. Do not start complaining and bitching about the comm I am at. I am having so much fun for the first time in years. I want to ignore what you're saying, because I don't agree, but you keep shoving it down my throat. Worst? You're the first line I've had in, like, a year that hasn't died and has kept it interesting. Please. Don't do this now.
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[26 May 2016|01:49am]

Now would be a good time for this fandom to become popular.

also, in a related but unrelated note, iconning tv shows with crap lighting is so frustrating.
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Pet peeves: [25 May 2016|03:33pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

1. When you tell me you're going to do something (set up a post, respond to a tag, etc) then bail and forget about it, leaving me (and my characters) waiting for days or weeks on end, that's not really cool.

2. If you're not up for something, don't tell me that you are. Just be honest with me. This is exactly the reason I always check it's okay with you before starting a new scene. I might be a little disappointed if you say no, but I won't be angry. But when you actively encourage me to set something up, and I put effort into it, only to have you leave me hanging, that's fucking frustrating.

When I'm stuck in this constant cycle of anticipation and disappointment, it makes me not want to play at all.

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[24 May 2016|03:53pm]

Maybe we could all make a group pact to at least start using the word "trans" instead of "futa" and "cuntboy" if we're going to get off on fetishizing. Honestly.
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[23 May 2016|06:21pm]

When you play a very rare face in the rp world, and suddenly someone else pops up with your beloved character and you just know they are going to do a complete hack job on them to the point you wish you could just ban the internet from ever using that face.
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[22 May 2016|04:03pm]

I'm really tired of people making up excuses for not playing with me. You can only use work and whatever else for so long before it becomes redundant and meaningless. I know you're not too busy because I see you interacting all over the damn place, for one thing. I used to think I was a pretty decent writer and you guys have sucked all the confidence out of me because you can't be honest and adults about the real reasons why you don't want to play and help build writers up instead of making them feel shitty and ignored. Thanks.
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[22 May 2016|02:02pm]

Is it 2013? I could have sworn I saw the same rp with the same mods, and same premise in that year. Thankfully in this case, Tumblr has a better community for roleplaying that.
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[21 May 2016|07:26pm]
I'm not going to do this damsel in distress thing with you. Find another mark.
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[19 May 2016|07:44pm]

I love this community. I love my characters that I have at this community. The problem is, I'm too busy right now to even keep up with the basics. That will probably change soon, but the even bigger problem is...after 3+ years in this genre, I am still TERRIFIED to branch out beyond those who brought me into it. Especially at this community because, even though I have never had a direct problem with them, there are still some real assholes there. I'm not scared of them being an asshole to me when I screw up (because, I will screw up,) but there are also very impressionable people who are likely to believe anything - true or false - they are told.

Also...self, get your shit straight. Please.
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[19 May 2016|05:29pm]

you know what's fucking ludicrous? applying at a comm because it was dumb luck your character happened to be open since they aren't ANYWHERE else and getting denied the first time and when you reapply? ... same examples given but you zoomed way the fuck out and cropped your icons 'correctly' and your accepted.

why are looks more important than your ability in a hobby that revolves around WRITTEN WORD?!

ugh sorry y'all but its fucking annoying. id rather your icons and layout look like my 8 yr old niece did them and have fun!
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[19 May 2016|11:11pm]

People need to stop having the same name. I thought an actor from my country was suddenly very popular in RP circles but it's just another athlete.
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[19 May 2016|08:51am]

You ever have that one player who let into your game/group who just makes you want to leave and start over somewhere new without telling them? That's where I'm at right now. I won't, it wouldn't be fair to the other players although many of them have told me how much you annoy them as well. I just wish I had a legitimate reason to kick you out but sadly being dense and annoying aren't against the rules.
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[18 May 2016|11:05pm]

How do you push through depression and still manage storylines? My inspiration is shot.
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[18 May 2016|09:29pm]
are you already bored of this line that you have to make duplicate characters? i can't remember the last time you initiated a thread and honestly now *i* am getting bored. i want to write.
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[18 May 2016|07:03am]

Insert a fancy gif and two lines as an update and get over 100 comments. Write more than a paragraph and maybe you'll get five. When did this stop being a writing hobby? Way to make people feel welcome or wanted. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I didn't already feel banished from the cool table for some reason as it is. I'm not sorry I like to write or that I'm active. When did that become such a crime? RP Gods please send me an active SLP I can laugh all this away with.
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[18 May 2016|10:21am]

your =/= you're. please stop mixing them up, or teach your phone to write that shit correctly.
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