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[29 Jul 2014|08:18pm]

i feel useless and that's a terrible feeling to have when you're just trying to have fun
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[29 Jul 2014|09:12pm]

my desire to write interesting lines is at an all time high. i'm tired of people telling me who to avoid and who can be a "great partner". here's a hint; the people you've set me up with? suck. you're acting as if writing is nothing more than a huge clique.

i'm done with listening to suggestions of who i shouldn't and should not write with. all i want is people who are willing to build lines, to seen threads (GASP. even if it takes awhile to write it out!) and want to plot interesting lines.

but then there's the problem...i have been trying for a week and no one is interested in writing. it's all about filling up a storyline space...whether the character talks or not. i'm feeling empty on this. i guess it's mainly psls for me now.
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[29 Jul 2014|05:09pm]

I'm not sure where this role-play anxiety came from. I wish it would leave, it's overstayed it's welcome.
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[29 Jul 2014|02:23am]

Hear the sound of that death rattle? It's your game. You lasted longer than anyone thought since you treat your players like crap, but it's satisfying to see that the way you keep revolving everything around yourself is finally screwing you over. They have nothing to tie them in so you can't attract new players or keep your old ones. Enjoy your psl!
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[29 Jul 2014|12:28am]

Can people please stop just deleting their journals when they're bored of a line. I mean come on now!
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[27 Jul 2014|04:18pm]
it's so frustratingly impossible to find a slash psl?
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[26 Jul 2014|11:07pm]
I see you, with your pb-hoarding and your shady-ass indefinite member holds. No wonder your games all fail.
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[25 Jul 2014|04:10pm]

Comms with mods that can't explain why you're application is not accepted sounds like one of two things:
1) Laziness
2) Personal issues.
While it states in your rules that rejected applications will be deleted and you're free to try again with the fixed issues. If you won't explain the issues obviously they can't be fixed, and then to delete the comment that asks why without any acknowledgement? Ok. Woosaw for me.
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pt. 2 of my last vent [25 Jul 2014|10:47am]

wow. I originally called the community dying at a week and a half but this has to be a new record. two days after first adds. wow. it would be hilarious to watch the pimping slowly trickle off and die if it wasn't so frustrating and disheartening to begin with. I hope the mods are dedicated. I really do. were I in their shoes, I'd clean house after the first week and start over until I had what proved to be a crop of involved writers.
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[25 Jul 2014|10:05am]

i'm reminded why i don't like starting group threads.
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Ugh [25 Jul 2014|07:36am]

So I should have learned my lesson about getting too close to other RP'ers OOC.

I have a situation because of the fact the other player now hates me based on lies and rumors made in the game. Player says they can no longer write with me and no longer trusts me. Thing is our two characters have a GREAT story line in a large established community on another server. Other player said they will still be in the game but probably not interact much with my girl, his wife. And left it up to me to decide whether to play them still married and living separate lives, doing what they want, or get a divorce. They just got married in December and have a baby.

Personally neither option is what I want. But I don't know what I want. I don't want OOC personal feelings interfering with the game. I can still write our characters together but the other player cannot.
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[25 Jul 2014|12:43am]

It was never about who you are or aren't shipping your character with. I don't care. What I do care about is that we talked about building a friendship with our characters and instead literally ALL of the friendship development and threads are happening with your favorite player. Yet you would miss it if I dropped the character? Really? We haven't written together in MONTHS. Not actual, honest to god threading.

Which is fine, but don't tell me you want a character around if you don't actually want to interact with them. It's just fucking depressing because whatever I do is going to mean that someone's unhappy. Which kind of sucks in a hobby that's supposed to be fun.
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[25 Jul 2014|12:33am]
people shouldn't be shamed because they have a specific otp they want filled. and wanting play one half of them over the other isn't a crime either. just saying.

also: flakes. flakes are the reason rp is dying.
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[24 Jul 2014|07:20pm]
Maybe it's just me. But when I see people asking for who is wanted and for lines that they can fill. I always find it a turn off when they name of a list of people that are wanted for lines but don't specify the line. What is it particularly that they are wanted for?
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[24 Jul 2014|02:26am]

not about a roleplay, but at least it's rp related: i left IJ for a rather extensive period of time and came back to find that scribbld is offline and all of my hosted character profiles/creative entries/rp-related content are gone. what. is this really happening. why. y? is anyone else experiencing the same head-spinning horror that i am over this? has anyone figured out a way to get this material back? this is bullshit.
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[24 Jul 2014|03:46am]

I don't think it counts as 'game-wide plot' when the majority of it revolves around your sets of characters. It's all becoming more of a group-PSL every day.
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[23 Jul 2014|07:20pm]

I edit my (pleasant, non-flounce) going away post to include some write-outs for characters the mods personally dislike, and it gets "accidentally" deleted. That's not shady at all.

ETA: It's worth mentioning dropped characters in this game can be killed off if not written out.
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[23 Jul 2014|10:27am]

Why, oh why oh whyyyyy... does every person on this server feel the need to LIE?! Even the people who I confirm are not the Great Flakers, and who talk and plot and say they want to be OOC friends, who seem genuinely interested (yes, I know), and who go on and on about not being flakes... WHY YOU BITCHES ALL GOTTA LIE, THEN? Just fucking SAY you are not interested anymore!

It really burns my butt when people do this! And I'm not stupid. I know WHY. Because in both cases we talked about playing, we don't have as much in common for play, you assumed you would get no other people to play with, but then I'm sure that changed. That is FINE! REALLY! But why is it that decent-seeming people feel that it is so OK to just block you, not reply to your comment inquiring if things are OK, and wash their hands of it? Am I the ONLY person on this server who bothers to actually tell someone when I think it's not going to work out, or if I suddenly cannot or do not want to stick with something I started?

COURTESY, PEOPLE! It is a good thing! No, really! You should try it some time.
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[22 Jul 2014|11:52pm]

Seeing a celebrity baby game around again makes me miss my celeb baby that I played a few years ago. Unfortunately I'm really not sure if he would fit in there and that makes me sad. I'd love a PSL with him too but I also doubt that would happen. Boo.
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[22 Jul 2014|09:35pm]

Why the need to make an OOC post when you're character is only going to be gone 2 days. The community will not fall apart without you. I also like how you mention the other 2 characters you play in the post. So three people out of all the ones we have will not be around for 2 days..I think the rest of us can cover your absence.

Personally if I play more than one person in a community, I sure don't let that be known. It seems a little like line crossing to me.
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