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[21 Nov 2014|12:14pm]

Does anyone actually WRITE these days? Like INTERACTION or am I just in the wrong for thinking that a RP GAME is for role playing and writing - TOGETHER.

If I wanted to solo RP, I'd just work on my book - thank you.
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[21 Nov 2014|04:08pm]
Why do so few places ever last to first adds any more?
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[20 Nov 2014|10:46am]

If you wanted something/someone specific in response to your "open" thread, why did you make it an open thread? It's pretty obvious when, after responding to yours, you had plenty of time to create a brand new thread, with the same exact topic, with a specific character, and have already responded to the other person's response to that thread... all without having responded to my original response.

So... not cool.

I'm sort of about to just delete my response because... seriously? But that would probably be bitchy.
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[20 Nov 2014|10:47am]


I have just started back on IJ with a single PSL and thought about looking into games again -- but really? Seeing all the shit in here about all the cliquey shit is still the same, no thank you. I will stick to my PSLs.
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[20 Nov 2014|09:32am]

don't pick up the character if you know you're too fucking busy to write. don't be that dick that hogs a character that someone else might want to play. god. i feel like i want to beat my head against a wall.
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[19 Nov 2014|06:53pm]

Sigh, that comm looked like it would've been fun. So sick of places never getting enough interest to open.
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Well played. [17 Nov 2014|10:59pm]

In a good Carrie Underwood song, I would be carving my name into your leather seats right now.

Too bad I don't like country music.
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[17 Nov 2014|07:22pm]
Sorry for posting twice in one day, but I just do not get tumblr rps. wtf is a para based gif chat? how do you thread? why are people so into answering asks as their character? WHAT IS THE POINT? I guess I'm just too old for that shit? I don't like learning new things? I just don't get it.
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[17 Nov 2014|04:42pm]

You just chased off a bunch of brand new players with that crap. *slow clap*
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[17 Nov 2014|05:18pm]
Why is it so damn hard to find a line for a fairly popular fandom character? Just because I don't want to write him in his (unhealthy) canon relationship, doesn't mean I don't want to write him! That's what PSLs are for, isn't it? To explore alternate-canons or AUs or whatever you want to call them. *sigh* It just makes me sad that most people seem to just want to explore the unhealthy relationships of canon, rather than create something healthy and fun.
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[17 Nov 2014|02:14pm]

I swear to god some people need to just stop role playing and not because they're bad writers but because they're bad and obsessive people. You do know this isn't real right? There is actually a person behind whatever picture they've chosen to represent who they are playing. When a story line ends its over and if it ends on a good note where you can be friends OOC and IC please don't torture the other character for moving on. There are many reasons that lines don't work such as they were just tired or bored with you or even something simple like it just wasn't working for them. Writing long, pathetic, story like entries about their character is not going to make them come back to you trust me. It just makes them feel like you're a weird creepy person out of character or that you're trying to ruin what they have now which by the way you won't. Its been over long enough for this not to be happening. Don't try and push another writer out of a game because they won't sleep with your clingy, scary, cheating character. Like really, its YOU that's the problem not every guy that runs from you. Its only logical they leave you since writing with you is like working with an unmedicated bipolar person. No one wants to guess all the time or attempt to read your mind. All those men were fine before you. I was fine before you when you tried to do it to me. Its even crazier because you have a boyfriend IC now! You don't need every man in the game.
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[17 Nov 2014|10:02am]

Protip(s) for any other game you decide to mod.

1. Maybe keep the game from becoming centered around you and another player solely? Every new character you bring in has something to do with that other player. I'm not the only one to notice it, either. Plenty of people see it. You have to share the game. Nobody wants to be a part of your public PSLs.

2. Maybe keep from godmodding, too. I let it go because I kind of did the same thing on accident so it was fair, but you're the damn mod of the game, you should be the last person speaking for other characters. It's the golden rule, dude, Jesus.

3. Players aren't leaving because they don't like the rules, they're leaving because they don't like how you change the rules to suit your characters' needs. When I wanted to try and give my character a little pull in the game, you completely ignored the fact that none of the other characters needed to be nominated to get where they were. And which person got the position I desperately wanted my character to have? If you guessed that same person from the first tip, you win a new caaaaaar!

Overall, the game has completely fallen apart. Two months ago it used to be fun and sexy and exciting, and now it's the same old shit, stupid arguments IC for no damn reason, and your characters are completely untouchable because you're the mod. It's a childish way to run a community, and I think (and hope) the end of it is near. I'm only staying because of the lines I already have.

Unrelated: Anyone know of any good fandom games? I'm itching to play an old character again.
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[17 Nov 2014|08:42am]

i feel like i vent about this all the time, but certain faces, particularly the other half of your otp never being played. especially after you get the line, and get flaked on, and you're stuck with all these ideas, etc.
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feel free to move along. [17 Nov 2014|12:55am]
Totally shallow, and not really a huge deal... it's mostly just a big annoyance but I don't have anywhere else to bitch about it.

When there is a face that I would love to write against (and have wanted to write against for like... ever, because it's a very pretty face and I'm totally not ashamed to say that I like to find my characters' significant others a little attractive so that the writing isn't so forced), but its attached to a terrible character. Or no body wants to fill the line. Ruiner of hopes and dreams, people. Let a small part of me exist that I can live vicariously through.
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[16 Nov 2014|09:11am]

I just love how in a canon game canon relationships are being ignored. I know I've not played her a lot due to real life sucking, but still when those who should include her purposefully don't why the hell would I want to put myself out there with her?
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[16 Nov 2014|12:21pm]

Self vent.

If you're more interested in one pairing, don't offer others. The one you want a little more will be the only pairing no one offers and it will make you less inclined to reply for the other lines. Plus once you have the pairing you're most interested in filled, you can look for a second similar line with another face and you won't feel like you're trawling through molasses for interest.

Unrelated but to save posting twice on the page: Is it weird to not want a line with someone who you know writes kinks you can't stand? I'm talking the really out there, on almost everyone's no thanks lists kinks, and I can't bear the idea of writing against someone who writes that, even though I'm certain they'd respect my limits on the kinks. It's just... not being able to bear the association, which I know is on me, but I just don't know if I can keep it out of my head that they write those kinks, and it would affect my writing. I just don't know if I'm being too picky. I usually ignore or try to say no gently (though the last time I tried that it backfired and upset them). So I've gone back to ignoring their replies, but then it makes it hard to look for the lines with other players, too.
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[14 Nov 2014|09:53am]

Multi-vent. Been saving up, I guess. )
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[14 Nov 2014|03:24am]

Beware of the shady.

yes, you.
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[13 Nov 2014|09:48pm]

It would have been nice to let me know you weren't interested in the line after discussing it. I can see you pimping for another community now.
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[12 Nov 2014|03:59pm]

Two related rants and one unrelated rant.

Rant #1: It would be nice if you read/researched your character/celeb or at least attempted to take the source material seriously. Wikipedia or a fandom wiki is not a fucking source.

Rant #2: There are different interpretations, yes, but characterization is not solely in the eye of the beholder.

Rant #3: When writing a scene, please help to move the action or conversation along. No one appreciates a reactionary-only scene partner.
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