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[02 Jul 2015|10:05am]

Usually it takes time to get a new game on its feet, especially a PB game. Why do people give up on them so quickly? Take a chance, stick it out, see what might happen as more people join and characters and plots develop. So few people who will do that anymore.
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[30 Jun 2015|09:39pm]

Thank you, mother nature for knocking out my net for so long. That bio took forever and I was stoked to play this guy. Now I sit and wait for the tech to fix it all.

Also venting about how bummed I am to be so distraught about it. Calm down, self, it ain't that serious.
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[30 Jun 2015|07:09pm]

Getting really tired of coming up with all the character lines, all the thread settings and writing nearly every damn starter.
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[30 Jun 2015|03:54pm]

Why is every post a question for the masses and a picture of some sort? Does anyone actually write anymore? Also when did making friends become THIS hard? There are a ton of people in this game yet none of my conversations with anyone leads to an actual friendship or the use of a custom they asked for. FAIL! Maybe I'm just getting too old for this. I miss when people actually took pride in what they wrote, loved to comment, and friendships seemed to form over night. If we're not writing anymore or talking to each other what exactly are we doing? I'm fucking lost.
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[30 Jun 2015|09:20am]

[ mood | exanimate ]

It's so hard to get anyone to play anything right now. Summer, you're killing my mojo.

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[30 Jun 2015|10:14pm]

Self, you really don't need another muse. He's cute and his music is good and he'd fit in really well in that pb group but no.

Why do I feel like a Borg is going to tell me about resistance being futile?
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[29 Jun 2015|10:17pm]

why can't communities accept you based on how active you are or how much you want to just play and interact with people or even how passionate you are about your character, instead of making it into a popularity contest and who can write the most? I know my examples are good and of quality, but I feel like I get rejected because they're not "long enough". when did quantity over quality ever pay off in the end?

let's start a new trend of instead of asking for examples, ask for a short bio and facts about the person you want to play so the mods know this the person you're applying as is someone you are interested in more than just someone you picked up to fill a storyline, yeah?
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[29 Jun 2015|10:26am]

just warning everyone that rp is now a work environment and that posting anything sexual on the fp is "sexual harassment" and you will be banned from the community for it

i can't believe that is an actual message i received and they were being 100% serious just what
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[29 Jun 2015|02:44pm]

Wearing a collar is not actually pet play, wtf person I'm discussing with?
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[28 Jun 2015|05:48pm]

Why is basically everyone person that plays a certain 1D member always end up being completely fucking psycho and ruining it for all? All I wanted was for us to click but it turns out you're just like the rest of them and it absolutely just sucks that you make even want to hate him in real life. Congratulations though.
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[28 Jun 2015|11:12am]

I really don't get why people post ads for games, but then make interested players wait days/weeks to put in holds.

Is this a new fad or something? I've seen a few games do this over the past few weeks, and it's kind of a huge turn off. I seriously don't understand the point.

Also, if you're going to do this at least put up the character holds the mods are planning on taking. It would suck to wait for holds to open up just to find out the character you've been mulling over has already been claimed by someone running the game.
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[28 Jun 2015|08:38pm]
People who pay lip service to RL > RP until they start bugging you when you've already told them that you have RL issues and will let them know when things have calmed - and it's two days after you let them know about the RL issues.
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[28 Jun 2015|03:12am]

Ugh to not being able to play my ( one of my ) fandom OTP even though I found someone willing to do it. I just want things to work out so I can have them in my life.
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[27 Jun 2015|11:39pm]

Did....this really just happen?

Them: "I love the idea for this line! Here's a list of guys that I play!"
Me: "Ooh, I love _______ and I think he would be perfect!"
Them: "I will play any other guy but that one because you like him too much. Pick another..."

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[27 Jun 2015|07:47pm]

I dunno if you actually are as great as I think you are or if your elusiveness is what makes you so attractive to me. Sigh...
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[24 Jun 2015|06:15am]

Good thing ; reconnecting with an old friend
Bad thing ; realizing who a certain player is. Thank god I freaking dropped when I did because this one player is super psycho, super half-active-half-not, and has ruined everything they have ever touched. I am blessed.

PS; Have fun with that!
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[23 Jun 2015|11:58pm]

wondering if its time that i should just give up on rp. been going through a shitty period in my life, and now i don't want to sign into a journal in fear of only to read things that will make me feel like a shitty person all over again on a day where i'm feeling good and can be productive. and yet, i am not ready to give it all up.
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[23 Jun 2015|06:33am]

When you post an open post and it doesn't get replies the first time that's fine. The second time? Okay, maybe that wasn't the best one for someone to join. The third time? Now, it's getting quite annoying.

OPEN means you can post a reply without having to plan it out. I shouldn't have to talk out every detail of a line just to interact with someone. The spontaneous reactions of an open post are sometimes more fun than the planned lines.
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[21 Jun 2015|05:15pm]

plagiarism is not a form of flattery, even if you take it to another server.
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[21 Jun 2015|12:09am]
Ahahahaha. Bullshit that you can't trust someone just because you felt uncomfortable over an OTP of yours being broken off. Yeah, your passive aggressive half ass 'apology' means nothing.
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