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[22 May 2015|06:04pm]
kit harington. one r.
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[22 May 2015|03:36pm]

You fight tooth and nail to play a prime character in the game's plot and, after joining, you tag once and flake. No comment, no head's up, nothing. Then I see you pimp for lines as another character in another game. What gives?
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[21 May 2015|08:35pm]
Dictator mods who are at least 5 different characters in their own game that break their own rules of 2 max characters, mandatory member interaction and IC/OOC crossing are not my favorite thing. Especially when you've gotten to know one of them personally (as in exchanged texts and phone calls) but are still deceptive about who they're playing and what they are doing and blatantly lie to you when you ask them about it. I really wish it was like GJ where I can name names and show screen caps and logs to expose them of their bullshit.
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[21 May 2015|08:06pm]
I don't understand truly anonymous comments. Like you have to answer a bot challenge. Is it really worth the effort to make someone feel bad? And then to comment on non-screened posts when I don't unscreen and/or respond to your first half dozen anon comments on my OOC post...what is your damage?
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[21 May 2015|07:38pm]

Enough with the random IMs about your IRL. I do not care. We have each others OOCs for plotting, not IRL chatting.
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[21 May 2015|02:47pm]

i asked you kindly to remove me from the game. instead you ignore me, delete my comment and keep me added. so rather than my friend of list getting smaller, it continues to grow. i'm not entirely sure what you're trying to prove mods but you really don't need me around for numbers.
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[19 May 2015|08:07pm]

I can't understand why people join games, do a few tags and then drop off the face of the earth. How can you have decided in that short amount of time, when the game is just getting started, that it isn't for you? Bonus points if you fill someone's line, thus leaving them hanging when you vanish.

Then there's the people who hold and then never app, over and over again. I see you there. Do you get a virtual hard-on from placing holds all over IJ and never following up?
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[19 May 2015|01:06pm]

Cum in sex scenes - not my favourite thing but I can deal.

Cum when it is actually supposed to be come (as in "come over here")? Did no one ever teach you the difference?
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[18 May 2015|02:16pm]

I don't get it! In place of begging for lines why not answer the pleas before yours? It's an easy way to make friends and no one feels ignored. That and once you plot try acting on it and writing with the person. Ugh, rp how do you even work now? No wonder games close before they really have a chance to open. Without interaction what's the point?
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[18 May 2015|10:33am]

Sometimes I feel like I should quietly step out of all other fandoms. I can never make people flail as hard as they make me, outside of my main fandom. Starting to feel like there's something wrong with me, even though they say my characterization is wonderful. Doesn't mean I get tags or spazzing, and I KNOW I'm playing them how I should be.

It's really no wonder I'm feeling a little jealous and very inadequate.
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[18 May 2015|09:46am]

Sometimes I think my characters could post that they have cancer, and also "what's your favorite Disney character?" and people would just respond with their favorite Disney character.
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[18 May 2015|02:38pm]

IJ is very small. There are people I want to avoid and people I want to write with. But why is it always the same few people, who I already have lines with, who respond to my new character journals? I mean, surely there are other people writing on here? It's not always the same type of character or dynamic either.
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[17 May 2015|04:36am]

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[16 May 2015|12:32pm]
I felt bad about rejecting the hold, until I realized you hadn't even read the information in the post you were replying to.
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[14 May 2015|09:20am]

Yep. I've become one of those people I actually use to hate. But I can't help to roll my eyes with every new one that comes into the community. Help me. I hate this.
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[12 May 2015|09:06pm]

How long does it take to get over losing one of your favorite ships? My character is still hurting. D:
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[12 May 2015|11:55pm]

If you're going to kvetch about players who "don't do their damn research," then you should probably be more faithful about doing it yourself.
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[12 May 2015|09:33pm]

People who talk about flakers who flaked on them and how they hate that then they turn around and flake on you. Ugh.
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[12 May 2015|11:29am]

When will the fad of playing two characters in the same community so that one character can find out information for the other die out? Asking for a friend.
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[11 May 2015|08:30pm]
why do mods show excitement when a friend holds but go all generic otherwise? just because you don't know me doesn't mean i'm not worth a hell yeah!
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