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[25 Aug 2016|08:09pm]

That feel when you make plans with someone for a line but their life is too hectic to play so you put it on hold for a few months and after those few months you reach out to them via email and they don't reply back.

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[25 Aug 2016|08:01am]

I just took a week off from you because of your pettiness. If I have to do it again, I won't be back. I hope you and your friends are having fun with it.
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[23 Aug 2016|11:50am]
Well, that's definitely a kink to put on my limits list.

I would've thought that was something you opt into, not bring up before discussion even starts.
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[22 Aug 2016|03:23pm]

when you just want to lose yourself in rp because RL sucks at the moment but nothing sticks or is so slow.

i really dislike slps that brag about how active they are/will say something if things aren't working and neither is true. nrgh.

edit/question -- how rude is it to use a un that was purchased for you for a psl for something else if the slp has died off on you? like should i give it back?
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[21 Aug 2016|06:06pm]
when rp feels more like work than fun. it's time to quit.
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[21 Aug 2016|03:15pm]

If I'd known "let's take a break from these characters for a while" meant "let's take a break from these characters for a while and I'm not going to respond to any OOC questions or communication whatsoever until I decide I want something from you again," I would have just said goodbye. Get a PlayStation, because I don't have an on/off switch.
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[21 Aug 2016|02:34am]

When ya just need to calm yo tits but it's impossible because no one else's tits are.
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[20 Aug 2016|10:50pm]

When someone comes back into a game after a few months of being gone and you get a story line going with them only to have them leave for good a month and a half later. Thee years of build up down the drain. I'm at a loss of what to do because it'd make no sense for them to break up. There's also the fact that he's the father of her child and that's not something I can rewrite. HALP.
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[19 Aug 2016|01:31pm]
When RP drama has you feeling defeated but you have to act like everything's fine IRL because the people around you just wouldn't get it.
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[19 Aug 2016|07:54am]

i feel like 70% if not more of my time spent on this server has become searching for lines and waiting on random ass anons who never pm. is it a psl thing? like, its been years since ive attempted to truly live at a comm but im starting to think i should attempt it again..
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[17 Aug 2016|01:47pm]

[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Uh... Call me paranoid, but how fucking creepy is it to have someone comment on a journal you've never used and never posted anywhere with, adding that I haven't played in any games OR posted asking for lines anywhere in 4 years with ANY of my journals, and ask me if I still roleplayed and if I wanted to SL. And when I responded asking if they were someone I played with and how did they find that journal, they never answered back. Like, wtf is that shit?

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[16 Aug 2016|09:38am]
I give up.
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[14 Aug 2016|10:04pm]

I literally haven't played in years. I really want to start back up again, but I'm so out of touch with communities today. Anyone want to kindly explain to me like I'm five what things in the rp world are like now-a-days? When I played we used AIM (storybook and "texting/chatting" IC) and threads in journals. Now I see customs (I know what they are, but how are they used?) and character journals with bio posts that go something like name/customs/scenes/ooc and they are all linked to different days? And mods that ask for an IC and OOC post in your journal before being added. What do they expect for those posts (if you already, let's say, have a bio entry written)? I feel like I'm stupid for not being able to figure it all out.
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[14 Aug 2016|11:47am]
when people wants to play the submissive weakling all the damn time. stop, just stop.

when people don't care what you write. I said in my ad that certain things are required, so please don't go 'I was wondering if you could reconsider this, lol, i dont like --------'. you have your limits and I have mine.

did anyone see that ad? about kids? stop this planet, I want to jump off.
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[13 Aug 2016|07:01pm]

I thought after people grew older they'd stop thinking they were the exception to the rules. I was wrong. Bummer.
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[13 Aug 2016|06:00pm]

Dear IJ;

I appreciate written entries that are blocked and set out with the nice font. I just don't understand why I have to zoom in 150% just to read them. Take care of the old people on this server. Don't use tiny font.

Old person in a city-based game.
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[13 Aug 2016|01:03am]

The CONSTANT URGE to comment someone, "Where the FUCK are you?! PLEASE don't die!"
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[11 Aug 2016|04:52pm]

I thought my back just itched. Turns out it's the knife you stuck in my back. Thanks for that.
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[09 Aug 2016|06:17pm]

It blows my mind the childish antics that goes on on this server, especially in this particular game. You're nothing but a bunch of drama whores who feel the need to start shit with and between other characters, then sit back and watch how it rips friendships and relationships apart while claiming to be an innocent party. The ic/ooc line crossing is astonishing really. Rest assured, karma is a bitch and will come around to bite the lot of you on the ass. However the saddest part about all of this is that I actually considered one of these people to be a friend.
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[06 Aug 2016|05:09pm]
I am frustrated because I wanted to do some organic romance and instead you made a character for him to fall in love with. And now I feel pushed.
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