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[21 Nov 2017|11:58pm]

It's nice to see players maturing.
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[21 Nov 2017|10:34am]

Seeing THAT game plastered all over pbads has me...

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[21 Nov 2017|05:47pm]
This is kind of a longer take on the post just below mine.

I'm kind of... exasperated by how RP works on Tumblr. On IJ, things are fairly clear: if you don't reply in a week or two, I can poke and that's not weird and if you don't reply then you're no longer interested. If you're a long-term SLP, then maybe you've worked out your own rules.

Tumblr is not like that. I've been waiting on a reply for a tag that is barely 300 words long. I've been waiting for three weeks. And I've asked them. They say 'oh my mood is so bad. i'm so sorry. no muse for writing. it's not you!'

But that's not true. They've been replying to others. They are online everyday. And what prompted me to post this, what prompted me to vent, was that one of them has had enough muse to start a RPG.

Flaking is not new. But what is new about Tumblr to me is the emotional manipulation. They reblog stuff like 'if you're my RP partner, I don't mind waiting 1000 years for you to reply.' Which... no.

In another RP I have on another server, we regularly go 700-900 words. It's somewhat high-concept. In that case, I don't mind waiting three weeks or a month or even longer. I totally get it.

But when the RP is just a smutty, lighthearted thing with very brief replies? Two weeks seems more than reasonable. And I'm not a bad person for expecting that. What's new about Tumblr RP, others like it perhaps, is that the sense of 'you are a bad person. i'll get to it when i get to it but don't be afraid to be a pest and poke me because sometimes i forget!!!'

I'm kind of bitter here. Sorry. I'm just kind of pissed about the lack of honesty. What do I do here? I fucking hate to poke because when you don't reply in to 200 words in a month, it's clear. But they are good enough writers that I want to try.
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[20 Nov 2017|09:16pm]

How long do you wait for a response from your SLP who has gone quiet before you poke them to gauge interest? A few days? A week or more? Trying to find that fine line between not being a pest and wanting to keep the momentum going.
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[20 Nov 2017|07:04pm]

Even though you say you didn't throw the RL issues I've been dealing with back in my face, you did. And coming from you especially, that hurts because you're supposed to be my friend.

I'm done talking to people OOC.
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[19 Nov 2017|05:24pm]

Yeaaaaah, I'm going to pass on the less then subtle undertones of white supremacy y'all are rockin there. Time to go back to fandom.
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[19 Nov 2017|08:42am]

I love smut as much as the next person (probably more, tbh) but why why why join a game with a lot of plotting and in-game events if the only thing you're planning to do is write smut and flirting?

Idk whether to call people out on this or not but it's really beginning to bug me -_-
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[19 Nov 2017|04:35pm]
It's possible that something I've had in rp for years is coming to an end. I'm sad, but a part of me is relieved as well. I think I tried to hang on a little longer than I should have through life changes. I'm giving it a month to really decide and if I do stick around in some capacity, I'm going to have to cut way down on the time I give it, but I'm okay with it. I almost want to just rip the bandaid off and resign now, but I feel I need to give things one more chance after so many years before making that final cut. There are definitely some aspects I won't miss, too.
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[18 Nov 2017|11:12pm]

just let this one thing work out for me, please :(
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[18 Nov 2017|08:35pm]

if all the men you play are straight, and all the women you play are pansexual ...

i'm never writing a woman against one of your characters, let's put it that way.
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[16 Nov 2017|06:07pm]

What is that saying, about the definition of insanity?

Its not like I have great expectations anymore, the pb scene is nothing but the same cliches, over and over at this point. Not interested, even if my lines are slow to nonexistant its better then getting excited over nothing. Which is where you all are, and I'm not around to be blamed this time. Maybe, just maybe the problem was...not me. Sorry, this piece of shit isn't giving you someone to devalue and ignore. Although I'm sure you are more then capable of ignoring this.
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[16 Nov 2017|01:46pm]

So because the ENTIRE COMM doesn’t want to revolve around you and a plot from a past game, you decide to throw a hissy fit, talk shit and start something new so that there is a comm that will revolve around you and yours. A plot, btw, which involved other characters and an action that would’ve involved punishment. Newsflash: in character actions have in character consequences. If you don’t want your characters in trouble, don’t have them doing shit that gets them in trouble. You haven’t changed at all. And this comm will die just like all the others you’ve tried to start.
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[15 Nov 2017|08:44pm]
As sad as it is, I'm glad it's over. The back and forth was too much. It was too painful. For both of us. I will miss you and our friendship, but it's healthier, I think for it to be done. I am grateful to have had you in my life and gotten to know you. I hope you do well in all you try for.
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[15 Nov 2017|08:25am]

Did you know that, if you stay in group DMs on Discord, someone can contact you through them even if they aren't on your friends list? Fun fact I learned last night when this dickhead of an admin from a site I left (on bad terms, because he's a gaslighting megalomaniac and I got sick of his shit) contacted me last night. First he tried to add me as a friend, and when I didn't respond to that, he used an old group DM. Names changed to follow the rpvents rules.
Cut for vertical length )
So this dude only reached out to me so he could gloat about a site that closed recently, which he had been creeping on while we were open. He actually put dummy accounts into our Discord server so he could get the Discord ID tags of our players to friend request them and snipe them for his own site. It's a recruitment tactic he loves to employ. Our site closed because the admin had unexpected work complications which will take him out of the hobby scene for the next few months, btw. I guess this means he doesn't know yet about the site I and a group of others from the dead site created so we could continue playing. Good news for us, at least until we start advertising.

Neither of these games are on IJ, but if anyone's in the superhero fandom scene on Jcink, I don't mind PMing who he is and his site.
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[15 Nov 2017|05:44am]

I'm starting to get real tired of closed minded people. And it's funny, they are not even capable of seeing the own hypocrisy in themselves that they are quick to point out elsewhere.
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[13 Nov 2017|03:56pm]

when did panfandom become the new norm?
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[10 Nov 2017|03:12am]

Under the cut for middle of the night, rambling nonsense. )
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[08 Nov 2017|07:34pm]

you just screwed yourself over and it was cringeworthy to watch. God speed, asshole.
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[07 Nov 2017|07:53pm]
i just want a pb comm set in washington dc (that i don't have to set up myself)
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[07 Nov 2017|03:53pm]

That feeling when you've been replaced. You still exist in the game, but the people who claim to want to write with you won't and only write with eachother.
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