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[15 Apr 2014|10:55pm]

Kind of losing hope in RPing. I don't know why it's been so hard the past year. It used to be so easy and so exciting to be part of new game, develop new story lines and meet new people. Now I find myself venting and struggling with apping, plotting and just being frustrated with RPing.

Maybe I'm outgrowing RPing. It sucks because I do love writing, plotting and character development. But it just isn't the same anymore.
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[16 Apr 2014|01:16am]

Not knowing what someone means when they ask for a type of line you've never heard of before because you're new to offering psls and being more concerned with looking like an idiot for not knowing rather than asking. So you ignore it. Thus losing a potentially good line. Fail.
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[15 Apr 2014|10:47pm]

Did you seriously just get your damn feelings hurt and pull an sl because I said I wasn't ok with you god modding my characters actions and the things they say? :| ok. That sucks but alrighty then.

On a whole separate matter...

After I get home from work and I want to wind down for my day and i see my awesome slp partners on. I do not. Repeat DO NOT want to have you I'm me. Ask to scene and then do nothing but ooc me for hours with no scene work. Even if I start it off. Better yet. I don't want you to ask me what my chars are up to. I cont want to tell you if it's not gonna get played. I mean the word is in the name it self. Role play. Come on man this is getting old. Rp releases my stress and gets me away from it for a little while talking ooc does not. That's all.
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[15 Apr 2014|04:47pm]
Positive: I have awesome lines, including two that I've been looking for since forever.

Negative: I'm terrified they're all going to die :/. I absolutely hate this feeling.
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Sorry for the reposted. Added something else. [15 Apr 2014|12:18pm]

Okay, so...for a little over a year now, I have been playing one specific actress in the celeb genre. She is not very popular, I don't think, and I picked her up because a friend asked me too. (Granted, I am a huge fan myself so that is not an issue.) However, before this, I had not done celeb RP in YEARS. In fact, I found it wholey difficult to write, overall un-entertaining, and basically...my nitch in it has become picture posts with the occasional blog entry and comments to certain people on her friends list.

Now, when I first started to RP...I did only celeb. Granted, I was young...but I had NO problem playing the girl that I primarily wrote. I could have her date, get her married, have her get pregnant....nothing was an issue. Hell, I could do something completely childish and wipe her clean with a new history and never think twice about it.

That's not the case now. Now, I find it difficult to do anything that the actual person is not doing in real life. IE she was visiting her hometown over the weekend and I find it difficult to make her end up at Coachella, even though I want to. When it comes to PB, I have no problems with anything...but with celeb, I have a wall of "need to be realistic" that I am trying to break through, but it's not working.

Anyone have a sledgehammer that I can borrow?

On a completely unrelated note...

Yes. I, as her writer, am fully aware that my married character is, not only crazy but, turning herself into a cockhop. Really. It is she has evolved into over the last few weeks. My other girls are not like that. I am aware of it. It is only one character.

Now, for the vent part of this, dear self...wtf?!
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[15 Apr 2014|10:12am]

Okay, so I think I've finally figured out how the rp formula works now.

1. Plot out sl with someone.

2. Create journals, aim sns, get amped for your awesome new line.

3. Write a starter. (Inevitably I will always be the one to do this.)

4. Read, enjoy and respond to your new slp's scene reply.

5. Wait a solid 7 - 10 days for another reply.

6. Patiently entertain roughly 8,428 excuses about why they haven't replied yet.

7. Wait another 6 1/2 years for your next reply. You have now spent 6 1/2 years trying to finish one scene.

8. Listen to another 42,312 excuses that become increasingly dramatic in direct proportion to how long it's been between your slp's replies, ranging from I'm really sick right now to my house literally blew up and I am now incarcerated in Bangladesh but I SWEAR I'll have a reply by this weekend!

9. Slowly accept defeat in yet another sl and do your best to shake the disappointing realization that yep, it's happening again.

10. End the sl and get ready for the next cycle of flaking and excuses. Except this time, I think I've finally reached the end of my rope after the last 4 sls I've tried to write have ended this way, so I'm officially done.
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[14 Apr 2014|11:04pm]

What is the point of telling someone to go ahead and toss up a thread if your only going to tag it once and never finish?
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[14 Apr 2014|05:32pm]

[ mood | nauseated ]

I'm not the RPer who only cares about journal layout and icons that don't show anyone's forehead.

That being said, your non-standard size, poorly cropped, blurry icons are awful. You don't have to know how to make icons yourself to RP, you know. There are tons of communities that offer gorgeous, clear 100 x 100 icons of nearly anyone you'd want. All you have to do is credit them, which is simple.

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[14 Apr 2014|01:45am]

I have storyline ideas! I have scene ideas! I have things that I've plotted with people! So...why don't I have any lines?

Also, for about .05 seconds I was excited about plotting something for a comm but then I realized 100% of the people in that comm have ridiculously spruced up journals. That makes me think my very basic and simple journal could get me rejected so why even bother? It sucks!
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[12 Apr 2014|08:28pm]

If I see one more community intro about zombies I may scream.
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[12 Apr 2014|03:59pm]

i have a strange feeling that i am being set up.
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[12 Apr 2014|08:02am]

Already have serious concerns for the fate of this game.

I'm just saying, a lack of mod presence and not answering hold requests for days doesn't leave a very good impression, nor does it inspire hope that the game won't die.
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[12 Apr 2014|07:26pm]

I used to adore this game so much, I've never been in a game for so long before but now whenever I look at it I just want to tear my hair out over how it has become recently.
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[11 Apr 2014|10:36pm]

you're a two-faced little witch. you bitch and complain to me about these people, yet you turn around and be all buddy buddy with them. makes me wonder what you say about me when my back is turned.
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[11 Apr 2014|03:36pm]
what is it about faux celeb that encourages cliques and bullying? no wonder new people never stick around these days.
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[10 Apr 2014|11:46pm]

I asked if you wanted to continue our scene and you said yes. You told me you were working on another reply and to give you a minute. An hour and forty minutes later you still hadn't tagged me back...That's douchey. Not to mention rude. If you didn't want to continue the scene or were busy then just say that! What's so hard about being honest?! Don't even go for the you got busy or some bullshit. You did the same thing to me the day before. Your character messaged mine to talk and then you went silent for three hours. You then messaged me like you'd never stopped talking. Uh no, thanks. I don't want to be the person you come to after your characters significant other has signed off and you're bored. People like you make me want to quit rp.
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[10 Apr 2014|09:13pm]

Okay. So this is what I want. And it's probably way too much to ask. What I want is a place to play my characters where people will actually interact with them. And I don't just mean a random comment tag here or there. I mean, I actually want a place to play my 5+ years fully developed characters (who have friends that I have NO INTENTION of writing out of their life for your stupid game rules) where somebody will actually scene with me. So I can PLAY them instead of updating their journal occasionally just to fulfill some stupid quota (yet another of your damn rules). I understand that it's confusing to have faces of people not in the game flashing all over my character's journals but that's just how life goes. It's like being at work with a group of co-workers who have no idea who your friends outside of the building are and yet getting a phone call or a random visit by one of those friends. That's called real life. AND IT HAPPENS!

Are there any games out there like that? Are there any games that are supposed to be 'reality' based that actually follow the real rules of life? And are there any games out there where people actually PLAY THEIR CHARACTERS?! Or did RP just become about journaling in my two year absence? Cause if that's the case, I wonder why I bothered to come back at all.
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[10 Apr 2014|05:56pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

great. that kinda shit makes me want to be done. and maybe, i should just walk away.

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[09 Apr 2014|07:08pm]

In the 5 years that I have been RP'ing, I have never been rejected from a game. I know the quality of my writing, and I also know that I am currently in games with much higher standards, so there's no way that rejection was warranted at all, least of all based on the provided examples. Enjoy the view from your ivory tower though.
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[10 Apr 2014|07:05am]

I don't feel like I belong. Anywhere.
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