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[29 May 2017|01:46pm]
Trying to decide if I feel weird that an slp is using a deceased actor in a fandom line, even though they did play the character and the character is not deceased. Private line, and I'm not having an issue with it personally, but I just remember all those vents about pbing deceased actors. But they did play that character in the movie, and it's over a decade and they're only using movie icons. Opinions?
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[24 May 2017|08:29am]

Disappointed in you. You went as far as to app my characters best friend but then never bothered to post, so now you're just character squatting on someone I've been excited for. Don't do that shit.
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[23 May 2017|11:47pm]
on the pb finding front: how does someones religion come into play when deciding if they could fit as a sibling of two fictional original characters? we're using their faces, not their life history. also, stop suggesting people just because they are of the same ethnicity - not every [insert ethnicity] person looks like another! i get you're trying to be pc and all, but you're making yourself look ignorant.
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[23 May 2017|05:31pm]

It's just awesome how you just went and made an issue another character was having, part of their plot, all about your character. Stop stepping on plots that aren't yours and go plot your own stuff. I'd go back to PSL's but I don't know anyone anymore...
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[23 May 2017|03:12pm]

Waiting for a tag on an open thread like SOMEONE COME LOVE ME.
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[23 May 2017|09:03am]

Let's get one thing straight. Stop assuming you know everywhere I play, and who I play. It's frustrating when you stand corrected, and it's stalkery on the very few occasions you're right. I hate feeling like I'm being put on trial because I haven't told you every little rp I'm currently involved in that has nothing to do with our line. The only thing that concerns you is our line. That's it. And maybe I wouldn't mind if you didn't assume I play these characters if you said it like a general question because you're curious and not as a fact, as if you "caught" me in something, when in fact you just end up looking like a presumptuous psycho that was dead wrong in your unproven theories that you base off of trendy layouts that plenty of people other than me use, and a name that other people on this server also go by.
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[22 May 2017|10:14pm]

ugh. really? thanks, that's welcoming.
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[23 May 2017|12:01pm]
You're the mod? Well, after the experience I had modding something with you, I went and deleted the hold I had. No freaking way am I going near you again, in games or gpsls. Damn.
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[20 May 2017|11:45am]

I get that sometimes lines don't work out. Whether it's something as simple as a scheduling conflict between writers or if characters simply don't click, that's fine. I can deal. But ignoring my ooc and ic comments and taking up our line with someone else? Not cool, man. Instead of pushing me into the dark, at least drop me a note like, "I don't think this is working out, sorry!" I feel like that dude from Office Space who is always looking for his stapler.
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[20 May 2017|01:21am]

Who invited you?

Presumptuous writers are not cool.
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[19 May 2017|12:55pm]

Did I miss the RP memo that when someone is searching for a long term line it really means for only three days? And that's if you even get to a scene/ic customs.
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[18 May 2017|08:08pm]

i never really understood how people could have three different scenes going on for one character on three different days. What if something dramatic and life altering happens in the earlier scene to affect them later? Or are threads so boring and predictable now that people aren't worried about continuity? Also angst is great but omg she's become so annoying with the self pity.
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[17 May 2017|09:38pm]

Wow....I never thought I'd actually meet Regina George and Gretchen Weiners in rpland, but I did.
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[17 May 2017|10:17am]

When there's a new game out and you're looking through the cast list and it's just like, oh, okay, there's where my PSL partners have gone. Sniffles.

Edit: And now I'm thinking of actually joining this game and, wow, nervous. I haven't been in a game for years but this one looks really good, even though panfans usually intimidate the shit out of me.
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[16 May 2017|09:33pm]

Some people need to remember that at the end of the day, this is just RP, and we are all writing fiction. None of it is real. So 👏 stop 👏 taking 👏 things 👏 so 👏 damn 👏 seriously. Let people write what they want to write. There are bigger problems in the world.
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[17 May 2017|12:16am]

the feeling when you want to join a community but you don't feel like getting stalked by a certain someone / having them actively try to sabotage you ooc / having to make sure anon commenting isn't enabled just so you don't get spammed with hateful albeit spineless anon comments.
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[16 May 2017|12:31pm]

Having a cast comprised entirely of characters who are minors in an explicit smut game will never not be creepy as fuck. Just sayin'.

Edit: Just a note, it's only the characters who are minors. The PBs are all legal.
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[16 May 2017|05:42am]

Maybe I'm turning into a prude in my advanced age (I sure hope not), but I'm getting mildly tired of seeing explicit sex ads in advertising comms that are not the sex-based advertising comms? And I'm someone who enjoys writing sex, so I don't feel like I'm coming at this with a particularly firm "any time kissing is publicly discussed it should be behind a cut-tag" mindset, but I feel like I've been seeing this a looooot lately, and it keeps making me do a double-take.

I get wanting to be clear and upfront about what you're looking for in a partner. I understand that posting to one of the sex comms can carry the vague implication that you're not looking for any sort of actual narrative, when the intent is probably closer to "I would like this line to not be mostly sex like the bulk of these ads are looking for. I would just like to make it clear that I would like for there to sometimes be sex."

But yikes. Am I being a grandma here? Like - can we not just say "I'd like to bring in NSFW elements" or something, in a regular ad comm?
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[16 May 2017|01:33pm]

Please don't tell me you're quitting RP then post looking for a new game a few hours later. How thick do you think I am?

It's shit like this that makes me want to quit RP. Just tell me the truth!
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[16 May 2017|05:04am]
I took a break from the internet today and it felt great, but it reminded me that regardless of what we tell ourselves (this is a hobby, etc.), we are expected to be active, and present, and dedicated all the time. I cherish the people who don't mind a few days to a week between replies, or who don't mind a little radio science in ooc chatter. So many of my online/rp relationships have gone south because people expect a level of commitment from me that I'm just not interested in. This is a hobby; we should all disconnect from technology every once in a while :/ At least IJ is a little less anal about it than Tumblr...

If you're reading this and needed an excuse to catch up on your favourite tv show, take a walk, read a book, disconnect- go. Enjoy! You deserve it.
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