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Self vent [29 Nov 2014|11:26am]

I know you want to app as that person to that comm, but you know that if you do, you'll have to either do something you don't want to do, or cut off all options in that particular area for them. There isn't a middle ground that's fair to you - or to be fair to the other player either. Maybe this shouldn't be the comm you apply them to - there are other places that could work.
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[27 Nov 2014|09:58am]

The resurfacing of an old RP crowd is just stirring up all the hurt that happened there and making me wonder if I should just throw in the towel entirely. Sad thing is that I'm doing well in a few places that I've had a fresh start, but now I'm starting to wonder how long until it all goes to hell with these new circles.
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[26 Nov 2014|11:42pm]

I hate it when I get jealous over her. My character couldn't give a rats ass, but I am just sitting here like go way you slut!
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[27 Nov 2014|07:00pm]

Wondering if I should be concerned when I see someone I just started a line with advertising for the same line no more than 24 hours later.
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[26 Nov 2014|07:14pm]

Pleasepleaseplease don't flake. You have no idea how much I love this line and how much my heart would break if you do. Maybe if I say it enough times it won't happen.
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[26 Nov 2014|03:21pm]


u started this shit over 6 months ago. u get ur ass butthurt then turn around & say it's every-fucking-body else. ur gonna be the end to ur own motherfucking game. So fuck you. Fuck u undermining how much all of this has hurt everyone else involved and acting like ur the one that got the worst of it. just fucking fuck you.
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[25 Nov 2014|01:47pm]

So if you don't want to write with me, why not just say so? I have SL potential that I have put on hold so I can write with YOU.
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[25 Nov 2014|10:38am]

When you want to try out a new muse, but neither comms or PSLs are the answer. Not enough RL energy for another community role; and 9/10 PSLs fail before they even get a chance to begin.

On top of that, you had to choose that character, didn't you, self? Forever alone, that one.
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[24 Nov 2014|11:39am]

I think I might have RP cooties.

This is the third person to flake within a month's time, and the only common denominator between all three is...well, me.

And this last one had such an awesome premise that I was excited for, too. Sigh sigh.
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[24 Nov 2014|03:07am]

I love how you think all plot has to revolve around your characters. That's sarcasm in case you don't know.
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[23 Nov 2014|11:45pm]

You deleted our plotting thread without giving me a chance to reply. That's not cool. For your information I'm always looking for lines. That doesn't mean I don't want lines I'm plotting out or that I currently have. I love to write and I usually have multiple lines going. Nothing was said about what kind of journals we would use and since you agreed to start the thread and said you would post it in the morning I assumed we would be using the journals we plotted with. If you wanted character journals then you should have said so. I'm not a mind reader. I will agree we didn't really come together in plotting. You didn't really care for any of the pb choices I offered and seemed kind of blah through most of the plotting. Good luck to you.
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[24 Nov 2014|09:57am]
You know, it might help if you tagged your ad for a romantic line with the names of the characters you're looking for, not the portmanteau couple name. Just a tip. Considering I was a fan of that couple and had literally no idea because I avoid portmanteaus like the plague.
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[23 Nov 2014|12:35pm]
That comm looked so good until it said AIM was mandatory.
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[22 Nov 2014|05:48pm]

Sometimes I don't know why I even bother signing in..
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[22 Nov 2014|02:18pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I wish someone would make a community for people looking for slash lines that have actual plot. I get so tired of seeing 'someone for insert actor/scene kid/musician here' or a long list of faces you wish to see bump uglies, or just 'psl?' Really? No. That's so incredibly uninspiring. I'm beginning to believe there aren't many people on here who actually want to write, sadly enough.

The thing is, writing sex is boring if that's all there is. I need to know about who the characters are, their motivations, their past, their feelings. Suck-lick-finger-kiss-thrust-moan doesn't hold my interest if there's nothing with it. I want the build up, the potential complications, the UST that takes a while to culminate.

I'm so frustrated with talking about scenes and then never writing them or starting a thread and having my scene partner vanish into thin air. I don't write starters for my health, people.

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[22 Nov 2014|02:27am]

Quit stalking my webs pages. It's weird.
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[21 Nov 2014|10:21pm]

I'm flaking like a son of a gun because Dragon Age Inquisition. Time to just drop all the lines except the ones I can stand to even look at. Damn that game is addictive. And in retrospect, 90% of lines are just disappointing. It's so much work sometimes and honestly, with having other stuff to do, I don't have the time or patience for it. We either click or I'm gone.
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[21 Nov 2014|12:14pm]

Does anyone actually WRITE these days? Like INTERACTION or am I just in the wrong for thinking that a RP GAME is for role playing and writing - TOGETHER.

If I wanted to solo RP, I'd just work on my book - thank you.
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[21 Nov 2014|04:08pm]
Why do so few places ever last to first adds any more?
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[20 Nov 2014|10:46am]

If you wanted something/someone specific in response to your "open" thread, why did you make it an open thread? It's pretty obvious when, after responding to yours, you had plenty of time to create a brand new thread, with the same exact topic, with a specific character, and have already responded to the other person's response to that thread... all without having responded to my original response.

So... not cool.

I'm sort of about to just delete my response because... seriously? But that would probably be bitchy.
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