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[18 Sep 2018|06:41am]

I think I'm finally in the upswing of my bipolar disorder, I just hope it lasts. I'm going to see my therapist tomorrow and see if I can get my meds adjusted. I'm scared to tell them I've been depressed, last time I told a therapist I was depressed they decided to admit me for 72 hours in inpatient.
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[17 Sep 2018|10:46pm]

Really, it's a good idea to have a game's rules sorted before you open up to apps. Just saying.
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[16 Sep 2018|09:22am]

You two deserve each other.
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[16 Sep 2018|10:29am]

jesus christ, stop following me.
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[15 Sep 2018|04:46pm]

I'll link to it in case you don't want to read the bad language
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[15 Sep 2018|05:36am]

not so much a vent but a question: aside tumblr (tumblr rp confuses me and i have no idea how to do it) is there anywhere else to rp? im frustrated as fuck at the level of shenanigans ooc that seem to have infested this server as of late.
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this is so repetitive that all i'm down to is this expression [14 Sep 2018|10:27pm]

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[12 Sep 2018|12:52am]

Being jealous of someone elses storyline sucks. Ugh I can't even get CLOSE to that and I've had this character for five freaking years.
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[11 Sep 2018|09:45pm]

My insecurity is driving me up the wall.
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[10 Sep 2018|05:38pm]

The hell did I miss in a certain comm that's being threatened with deletion? Damnit work why do you make me miss the good stuff?
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[09 Sep 2018|12:18am]

Eeeveryone can see what you're doing. You slip in, volunteer as new staff, immediately start reorganizing and 'fixing' things. Then you start overriding holds to slot your friends in when things are already decided by the game creator or trying to change the lore or combating people over everything. You think you're subtle, but you're not. You're about as subtle as a brick to the face.

Disclaimer: Jcink.
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[06 Sep 2018|09:21pm]
can every single person who pbs andre hamann please stop using the same fucking icons. at this point, you're using pictures that are 5+ years old. you all literally look the same.
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[06 Sep 2018|06:00pm]

Just an FYI that I am not blind and I can clearly see you tagging it up while my thread is forgotten about and left in the dust. Just tell me you're not interested so I can move on to bigger and better things, ty.
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[05 Sep 2018|10:13am]

I'm so petty
Oh so petty
Let me show you how petty I am
I don't pity your crazy ass today.
La la la la la la la la.

Sung to the tune of "I'm so pretty"
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[03 Sep 2018|01:43pm]

Congratulations. You've finally ruined the hobby for me. Go fuck yourselves, you psychotic bitches.
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[03 Sep 2018|10:29am]

that was super shady af, especially for being a mod. trust me, I know you don't want me around. too damn bad.
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[03 Sep 2018|11:28am]

It's a bit odd to see multiple people looking for game lines - only to see that game deleted.

edited for words.
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[03 Sep 2018|10:57pm]
The absolute last thing I need when getting into a shiny new fandom is to find that you, of all people, play in it.

So creepy and awful and of course I should have known, it is a superhero canon and he's canonically queer in the comics.

I haven't even got to his episodes and I want to rescue him from you. Ick.

Not to mention what you'd do against the character I want to play.
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[02 Sep 2018|01:32pm]

i give it a week before it gets boring and there's something new and shiny. no way am i wasting my time. been there, done that.
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Insert principal Skinner "no, it's the children who are wrong" .gif [01 Sep 2018|12:42pm]

So, I'm back RPing after a years long break. And it's so different. I know I'll get used to it and find my footing. I mean I don't even think that any real external signs that I'm in a state of wtf are showing, but damn.

The no AIM thing feels a bit like playing with one hand tied behind my back. the movement toward more customized journals is not something I'm really into. And the trend toward a format closer to microblogging is especially tough. Before I left most of my writing was sceneing and writing long ass IC journal entries which were honestly probably sort of going out of style when I was still writing. I could keep bitching but really I think I just feel like an old person on the internet.

But I want to write so adaptation ahoy.
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