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[25 Apr 2015|11:14pm]

Being terrified you're going to scare really good writing partners away because you're paranoid you talk to them too much or they're just going to up and vanish because they suddenly don't like you. :(
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[25 Apr 2015|05:46pm]

Going so far out of your way to "screw" me just goes to show how much you care. I'm flattered. You do realize you're playing a fake person on the internet, and doing it badly.
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[24 Apr 2015|11:19pm]

I put off studying for exams to write an entry better than any I have to use as an example and still get rejected. Not the first time I've been rejected from there, starting to think you just have something against me. Got in once but never again.
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[24 Apr 2015|01:39pm]

Good SLPs? Check. Amazing community? Check. Playing faces and characters you love? Check, check.

So why the overwhelming sense of boredom and disinterest and an almost violent feeling of I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS????
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[24 Apr 2015|11:37am]

After spending days plotting storylines and history for our characters, my writing partner has flaked. I applied, got in, but now I am without a partner. Why does plotting and flaking happen so often? Reworking his bio to make the history more my own and open a new line for new players. But how long does one wait for an answer to "still with me?" before advertising?
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[22 Apr 2015|05:03pm]

i didn't realize that if she wasn't a country musician or a face from the walking dead, she would be shunned. thanks for making me feel welcomed guys. two thumbs down for you. i wish there was a place where we could write & read testimonials for games (celeb, pb, fandom) just so we would all know where to avoid because really, is there any place on this server that isn't full of stuck up cliques?
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[22 Apr 2015|06:34pm]

5 minutes is an improvement over not at all, I suppose.
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[22 Apr 2015|02:10pm]

Tell me again how any guy who has ever demonstrated any interest in a girl is "canon heterosexual."
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[22 Apr 2015|02:07pm]


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[22 Apr 2015|10:06pm]

You know, if you're not looking for non con, maybe say something to that effect in the journal you're commenting with? I'm not a mind reader and if all your journal has is non-con and dub-con scenarios? I'm going to think that's what you're interested in writing. Which, I hope you find people interested, but I am not, in any way.
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[21 Apr 2015|05:21pm]

Do you have any idea how lucky you are that other people don't treat you the way you treat other people?

If you want more people to write with you try putting half the effort into writing that you do into screwing with people.
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[20 Apr 2015|08:29pm]

I feel like there are more flakes out there than people actually ready to write. Why push for a PSL if you're not going to keep up with it?
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[20 Apr 2015|01:44am]

trying to get back into the swing of role playing and then comes the applying with that fear of rejection getting into a place. i hate being so paranoid and judged that my writing sucks. rp is supposed to be fun and so the rejection completely sucks making it un-fun for me. :/
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[20 Apr 2015|12:41pm]

You know, not everyone hates everything new about that new fandom installment before even seeing how it plays out. Saying you do in an ad? Ensures I wouldn't respond to you if you offered my super-rare OTP. Not that I have a super-rare OTP but seriously. Also general lack of respect for canon annoys the hell out of me.
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[19 Apr 2015|03:44pm]

Literally everyone is on hiatus. Half announced, half unannounced.

How long do you wait before pronouncing a game dead? What's protocol? Because I have other ideas. Different ideas.
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[18 Apr 2015|03:38pm]

This is coming from a frequent visitor of psl communities, so take that as you will, but do you EVER get offline? I've been on this server since 2011 and not a day goes by when I don't see you somewhere on IJ. You are EVERYWHERE. And it's so easy to figure out who you play. There are only so many Niall Horans being slashed, and at this point I avoid him and all of your faces on the off-chance it might be you under (another) new username. I've tried to forgive you for what you did way back in 2012, because I'm not that petty and I don't have the time to worry about you, but seeing you around all the time is a constant reminder of how big of a liar you are, how shady you are, and how dirty you did the first character of mine that I really fell in love with. Basically, you suck, I hate you, and I'll see you tomorrow!
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[17 Apr 2015|10:49pm]

Is it me, or does every female celeb on this server have a wine and Netflix addiction?
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[16 Apr 2015|10:11pm]

Wow, the maturity level you show. I'm amazed by it.
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[16 Apr 2015|02:04pm]
for someone that prides oneself on having the most "realistic" or most manly male character around, why does it always feel like you're trying too hard?
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[15 Apr 2015|06:06pm]

I have zero motivation for that place, at all. Self, either get motivated or leave!
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