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[24 Oct 2014|09:38pm]

Those times when you realize that you've taken a character or a pairing as far as humanly possible and you elect to sever the line. It's the saddest moment--especially when you've written with a partner that makes your tagging life infinitely happy but it's a circle that seems to be turning into a repetitive ring of hell.

Less a rant,
More of an emo reality.
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[24 Oct 2014|12:36am]

Wanting to quit an old game but feeling obligated to stay because of a small handful of remaining friends..

Nearly the entire game feels more like a chore than a game.
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[23 Oct 2014|04:32pm]

You disappeared for three days. No heads up and nothing said to me when you came back. Ok, it was the weekend. Maybe you got busy, had plans or whatever. You disappeared three days later for four days. No heads up and nothing said to me when you came back. You were back for one day and now you've disappeared for five days and counting with no word. That's not counting the various times you've disappeared for two and three days at time since this line began.

What gives? You tell me you really love this line, that you adore my character and me, but here you are treating me like crap. I can't deal with the lack of communication. It's really bothering me. It's even worse that my character is going through some major events in game and the one person that should be there for him hasn't been there at all. Shape up or ship out. I quit playing the waiting and no communication game a while ago.
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They say imitation's the sincerest form of flattery... [22 Oct 2014|05:45pm]

...but you're taking it to a level with which I'm seriously not comfortable. I wish you'd stop.

Unrelated: Hey, could you please proofread your stuff? Your last several tags have been really fragmented, and kind of incoherent. I'm okay waiting a little longer for you to tag if it means I'll be able to understand what you're saying.

Unrelated, again: If you're that busy, then let's put this on hiatus for now. I'm cool with that. Hearing every night the past several weeks about how overworked and tired and cranky you are from all your obligations, and how you don't have any brain to tag, but you're going to do it anyway because you "might as well *sigh*"...how would you feel if someone said that to you all the time? If it's become such a chore, let's take a break, and then decide in a little bit what we want to do.
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[22 Oct 2014|11:01am]

If you don't know that it's canon characters, not cannon characters, then I have no desire to be in your game. If that makes me elitist, so be it. I'm allergic to stupid.
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[21 Oct 2014|12:28pm]

Posting an ad for a line for a community, only to get two people that automatically ask if I'd be interested in a PSL. No, if I wanted a PSL I'd ask for one, thanks.

Also? I'm starting to think that you just like stirring up shit, and bb, it's getting a bit ridiculous.
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[21 Oct 2014|04:00pm]

creating a character for a line, loving him to pieces, then only getting to use him on the rare occasions you get a tag.
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[20 Oct 2014|08:58am]

seriously? fuck my life. i'm so.fucking.over.it. why i even bother is beyond me, and you know what? that pretty much hurts like hell.
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[20 Oct 2014|10:30am]

dear 'mods' please do your removes soon so i can be out of your 'game' by halloween! can't wait to see that place fold by the end of the year. won't be surprised when it does, like the games in the fandom you opened before and ~also horribly failed for most of the same reasons because ya'll never learn~.
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[20 Oct 2014|08:15am]

Why does every second person insist on me getting aim for lines? What's the point? I had aim once, and nothing happened, people rather chat in aim OOC rather than scene, and I find scenes are incredibly too short to get excited or motivated to respond back. I now refuse to use aim but it seems everyone's all "where can I reach you". Whatever happened to threads?
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[19 Oct 2014|09:54am]

I have developed nearly a pathological fear of responding to open posts. I'm always afraid that someone will be disappointed when they receive one of my characters.

And unrelated, but it's both really nice and really awful to suddenly have someone emotionally invested in whether or not I'm part of a game again. It's awful because I just don't know if I can go back to a game that died a year ago under fairly horrible circumstances, but I feel like shit for letting someone that I consider a friend down.

Last night was also the first night that I've actually lost sleep over RP-related stuff in a very long time. I wanted to keep it in a place where I didn't care enough to freaking lose sleep, and then this shit comes up all over again.
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[19 Oct 2014|01:40am]

[ mood | pissed off ]

well, at least one fucking person stands by me when shit's fucking awful. awesome. flips everyone else off on principle.

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[16 Oct 2014|09:03am]

Is it weird that I feel so protective over this PB? She's very rare, and for nearly a year now I've never seen a single ad with her on any comms, nor have I ever seen her taken in any game. I start putting up ads with her and suddenly there's two new ones floating around and I just...I don't like it. I know I have no ownership of her face, but it just makes me feel wrong seeing her on the ad comms now.
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[16 Oct 2014|08:41am]
always a little strange when a community accepts you once and then when you reapply a while later as the same character using the same set of examples, denies you. hmm.
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[16 Oct 2014|03:38am]

getting sick of 'comods' who do nothing, aren't held to the same standards, and basically have contributed absolutely nothing to a game and retain a title...doing absolutely ziltch.
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[15 Oct 2014|08:54pm]

i'm so tired of posting an ad looking for a, b, or c and you reply asking for z! obviously i'm not looking for what you want so why even ask me? i see you doing this to other people too. if someone happens to even mention femme you jump on it like almost instantly.
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[15 Oct 2014|09:33pm]

You are one of the biggest ic/ooc line crosser's I have ever come across. I'm starting to see why no one wants to play with your characters.
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[14 Oct 2014|04:43pm]

when you're super excited about a game but it looks like everyone in the apps has been added but you

if i need to fix something with my app i just want to know :( :(
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[13 Oct 2014|06:24pm]

You're not the first person to drop a thread on me in that game and you won't be the last. What I wish is that you could be an actual adult and talk to me ooc instead of being a big baby ic.
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[13 Oct 2014|06:09pm]

I am so close to saying 'fuck it' and just removing you. You haven't stuck with what you wrote for your character. You have made half (if not more) of the group uncomfortable. You've even managed to basically try to god-mod. I have addressed you once about some things, but I feel like it went over your head. I hate the idea of throwing writers out like this, but you are really starting to feel toxic.

Ok fellow venters, here's the question. When is it okay to remove someone who makes most of your game uncomfortable?
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