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[22 Aug 2017|11:01am]

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Last thing I remembered, I was running for the door
I had to find the passage back to the place I was before
"Relax," said the night man. "We are programmed to receive.
You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave."

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[16 Aug 2017|04:05pm]



The universe is in a fragile and weakened state, nobody knows why or how. With the fabric of space itself damaged, anomalous fissures are beginning to appear. Fissures that could crack and spread, collapsing reality and letting in things that should not exist in our dimension.

Cosmo the space-dog came through the fissures first and ended up at Knowhere. He cleaned up the neighborhood and took charge of things, becoming head of security and the unquestioned leader. Once Cosmo was happy with his progress he sent a communication to Peter Quill and the Guardians inviting them to use Knowhere as their base of operations. Cosmo taught them how to use the Celestial's abilities to watch the universe and teleport to anywhere in space and time instantaneously which increased their Galaxy saving capabilities tenfold.

Now it's up to the Guardians of the Galaxy to investigate these cracks in space and deal with whatever, or whoever, comes out next.


Knowhere is inspired by the Guardians of the Galaxy comics, Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and the TV Shows Fringe and Lost. It is a pan-fandom, action-based roleplaying game that takes place at the edge of the universe. It deals in large universe-altering plots that is a collaborative effort among players. It allows one alternate universe to be created and played in for every canon universe represented. It is rated MA and all muns involved are over the age of 18.

All holds open!
Especially looking for: Peter, Drax, Yondu and Mantis.

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Welcome to Aqora.

It's Los Angeles in the year 2025. It's two years into the apocalypse and things are going all right - if you take into account the fact that you're living surrounded by steel and concrete walls, there are armed sentries at every gate, and there are zombies shambling around in underground parking structures while the community's doctor does experiments trying to find a cure. The government - if it can be called that - is comprised of a small committee of four citizens that seem to have your best interests at heart. But do they? Are they hiding something?

There are always necessary things. Go on runs to grab supplies for the community. Head out to the nearby reservoir to get water. Take up farming. Go out to find more communities. Kill zombies.

While a main point of the game is slice of life in the apocalypse, there are plenty of planned mod plots in the coming months that will keep characters busy. There are big things on the horizon, and the zombies aren't the only enemies you'll have to worry about.

Taken | Reserves | Rules | FAQ | Application

Locations | Aqora Information | NPC Inboxes

OOC | Network | Logs | Lines Requests

code bases by tricklet
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St. Margaret's Academy - A Supernatural High School RPG [13 Aug 2017|08:36pm]

St. Margaret's Academy
not your average boarding school
Rule #1 - Keep your fangs and claws to yourself: no snacking on any of the student body.
Rule #2 - No magic in the hallways.
Rule #3 - A full moon is no excuse for not having made your homework.

The '17 - '18 academic year will commence in less than a month. New students arrive and settle in while others return from summer trips and prepare for whatever challenges that come with a new school year. So unpack your bags and settle into your dorm because at St. Margaret's Academy, there's no such thing as normal.
Open since 2013, St. Margaret's Academy is now looking for more great RPers and fresh faces to add to the fun. We're a fun and laid back group. Enrol your progeny today!
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[10 Aug 2017|03:00pm]


Chapter Two: A Treaty of Rebels

The Third Wizarding War has been raging in the UK for 8 years. Lestrange aims to spread his influence across the English Channel to take Wizarding France under his control. The French Resistance, under the leadership of Olympe Maxime, strikes an accord with Minerva McGonagall to join together as allies against Death Eater oppression. Set in Château Bonaccord, a magical castle in the port town of Calais, McGonagall and Maxime develop a French Sector Program that aligns with that of Hogwarts. Captains, Lieutenants, and Cadets of Hogwarts and Bonaccord will train together, battle together, and its members will have newfound freedom to travel to each other’s boundaries.

United, Witches and Wizards from Hogwarts & Bonaccord Castles will fight to restore peace and prosperity to both magical nations.

Members of the French Wizarding Resistance

Members of the British Wizarding Resistance

Plot - Rules - Holds - Cast - Sectors - FAQ
Reference - Wanted - Apply - Contact - Dropbox

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[09 Aug 2017|08:57pm]


Could you thrive at a school like this?

We live in a world where people are either Mundane, or Gifted - and the Gifted have the ability to control an element, even if only in a small way. It's not a secret. It's not even all that taboo. It's something of a fact of life. The great thing about schools like Islington, is that there's no real emphasis on how different people are. If you're Gifted, you will be taught how to control and use your Gift here, but you won't be made to feel like an outsider, or a freak, like can happen in other places. If you're Mundane, you'll be given just as many opportunities as the Gifted students - they might be different, but they will be just as numerous - and you won't be made to feel less-than.

All magic aside, no matter where your talents and skills lie, there is a place for you here at Islington School.

Islington School has been completely revamped and retooled! It is a het and fem/slash friendly, original character roleplaying game on InsaneJournal, set in a boarding school environment with a supernatural twist. This game will focus on character development, especially on the way the Gifted are perceived by the Mundane and vice versa, but there will also be non-supernatural issues based in and around boarding school life, as well as some larger plot. We are looking for writers who are 18+ and who enjoy seeing their characters grow as people!

Opening soon!
Full Premise // FAQ // Rules // Apply!
Mod Journal // IC Journal // OOC Journal
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GLEEKS! [02 Aug 2017|06:03pm]

Hey, Glee fans, wanna take a little bit of a darker turn with your faves? They're out of high school now and finding out that the dreams they dreamed in Glee Club come with a prices worse than a slushie to the face!
Check out Day Dream Believers!
Lots of your faves are still open and they accepts OCs too!

Daydream Believers is a dark fame and psychological AU Glee RPG seeking fellow serious writers to join our slow growing family. We're a literate, multi-para up to novella length, dark based RPG. There are roles open other than the ones pictured below. Come and apply today!

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[29 Jul 2017|03:53pm]

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Sometimes literally.
Las Vegas has always been a city that draws people in. The lights, the shows, the freedom...

But something strange has started to happen. The city has begun to pull strange people, people from different universes. Even people who had died but have seemingly found new life under the bright lights.

Pitboss is a panfandom game that welcomes fandom OCs.

The Mandalay BayVegas NetworkMandalay Lobby
Rules | Taken | Holds | Application | Wanted | FAQ | Dropbox
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[28 Jul 2017|04:57pm]



Wizarding War III Rages On

Most Wanted: Fred Weasley II, Hugo Weasley, Victoire Weasley, Louis Weasley, Lorcan Scamander, Hannah Longbottom, Oliver Wood. CADETS.

Plot  Holds  Cast  Sectors  FAQ  Wanted  Apply  Dropbox

*Game in play, but an excellent time for new Lieutenants & Cadets to jump in!
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John Adams Prep - a preternatural high school game [24 Jul 2017|01:32am]

On the surface, John Adams Preparatory School boasts an impressive and competitive academic program for the children of the 1%. What people don't know is that half, if not most of the students are preternatural. The school has more brewing beneath the surface than an old order of preternatural hunters alive and well among the student populace.

They brought across the pond hundreds of years ago. Something that's been asleep for a long time. That something is waking up and soon these teenagers will have more to worry about than who to vote for as Homecoming court.


John Adams Prep is a preternatural-themed roleplaying game set in an upscale private school in New York City. It blends concepts from the works of L. J. Smith, Kim Harrison, and others while utilizing premades to encourage a colorful variety of characters. This game is slash and femslash friendly and meant for players 18+.
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[23 Jul 2017|11:56pm]


The Quidditch Pitch

Coming off it's most successful year in a century, the British & Irish Quiddich League 2007 season has just started. Just a few short weeks before the season opener, the Quidditch world is rocked by scandal. It has been exposed that members of last season's champions, the Kenmare Kestrels, were taking illegal performance enhancing potions, calling their historic undefeated season into question.

Those involved in the scandal, including players and team administration, have been removed from the active duty, pending investigation. The Kenmare Kestrels are hastily filling the newly opened positions in time for the start of the season. New calls for increased Ministry oversight of the BIL have emerged, citing this most recent incident.

Meanwhile, the Chudley Cannons are pinning their hopes on a new international player that will finally ensure (they hope) that the team will finish any place but last this season. The Holyhead Harpies have signed their first openly transgender player, causing a ripple among the Quidditch world. The Wimbourne Wasps have been bought by a new owner, who recently won a WWN contest that made dreams come true.

Game Now Open

MOST WANTED: Players for Appleby Arrows, Caerphilly Catapults, Chudley Cannons, Pride of Portree, Tutshill Tornados, Wigtown Wanderers, and Wimboure Wasps; Team Support and Reserve Players (all teams); Journalists


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[21 Jul 2017|08:33pm]


What would you sacrifice to get one of the best educations in the country? Your dignity? Your freedom? Your body? Would you lord your power over others? Or would you treat them as equals? What choices will you make?

[info]gardnermods/Gardner University is a modern slave/master RPG.
the history
the rules
the holds
the dropbox
the wanted
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[21 Jul 2017|08:23pm]



[info]mountzenith [info]zenithrp [info]zenithooc
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When Darkness Falls: A Multi-City Supernatural RPG [19 Jul 2017|02:30pm]



When Darkness Falls is a multi-location original character role-playing game set in the iconic ciies of New Orleans, Louisiana and Boston, Massachusetts. The story began in November 2012 when supernatural beings were still hidden from the public, living alongside unsuspecting humans who were never the wiser. Werewolves, vampires, shape-shifters, gifted humans, and others struggled to keep their secrets, while still maintaining relatively "normal" lives.

In 2014 a group of humans, bent on exposing the supernaturals for what they are, began cropping up in cities across the globe including New Orleans and Boston. Their cause grew quickly, and despite resistance the supernatural community was exposed to the world in grand fashion.

In New Orleans the initial reaction was to condemn supernaturals, to lock them away and to keep their kind away from humans. This proved futile, however, as the supernaturals banded together and fought back. The war between the human and supernatural worlds did not last long, however, before the government began to intervene.

In Boston the news of the supernatural world was swallowed with a bit more ease, though unrest was soon apparent. While no fighting broke out there was a push to separate supernaturals from human beings for safety reasons, a movement that was quickly squelched out when the government stepped in to run the show.

Presently the world is still making a shift toward a new era, where supernaturals and humans can co-exist together in a world no longer segregated by lack of knowledge. There are those who still oppose this movement, though laws and regulations are now in place to protect the interests of all parties. While humans must learn to cope with the new world order, supernaturals must learn to adjust to no longer lurking in the shadows; darkness is no longer their ally.

Opened in November of 2012 and currently seeking new, active players for both New Orleans and our new city: Boston!
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Parallel Lines [16 Jul 2017|12:12pm]

a murder mystery on social media
PARALLEL LINES is a brand new original character game!

Fandom is a beautiful thing, an escape from reality. A chance to chat to people from all around the world about a shared passion.

In this case, your love of the show Parallel. The new season is about to start and the online community you are part of is hotting up once again.

The Parallel community is a tight one, especially the little corner you have found. Active forums that spread out across a range of social media. Regular meetups that take place throughout the year, for those who want to get away from the screen.

Only, there's a darkness stalking this corner of the 'net and people are starting to die. There's a killer in your midst and you have no idea who will be next.


Looking for:
Diverse cast of characters
Active players
People who want something a bit different


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[14 Jul 2017|07:39pm]

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Sometimes literally.
Las Vegas has always been a city that draws people in. The lights, the shows, the freedom...

But something strange has started to happen. The city has begun to pull strange people, people from different universes. Even people who had died but have seemingly found new life under the bright lights.

Pitboss is a panfandom game that welcomes fandom OCs.

The Mandalay BayVegas NetworkMandalay Lobby
Rules | Taken | Holds | Application | Wanted | FAQ | Dropbox
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[13 Jul 2017|05:18pm]



King Orion of House Black is dying, and with both of his sons disowned, the five most powerful families in the magical United Kingdom are vying for his throne. Some want to keep things as they are, with Muggleborns in servitude and half-bloods unable to hold the most important jobs in society, while others want equality - or to rid the country of the throne altogether. As they fight among themselves and wait for the king to die, a rebellion quietly grows stronger, and when the time comes for war, no one knows who will ascend - and who will fall.

In a game of magic and crowns, the ruthless will rise, and the brave are in for the fights of their lives.

Plot | Rules | Holds | Taken | Apply
Houses | FAQ | Wanted | OOC | Dropbox

A Harry Potter AU set in 2001
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[12 Jul 2017|03:24pm]


[info]matchedic | [info]matchmod

Premise | Rules & FAQ | Application | Taken | Dropbox

Matched is a panfandom game with inspiration drawn heavily from Lois Lowry's The Giver and Ally Condie's Matched. With a twist: players will be sorted into their in-game marriage by an outside party. The goal of Matched is to encourage OOC communication and mix up fandoms before gameplay begins.

First adds will be Monday, July 17th, and gameplay will begin two days after on Wednesday, July 19th.
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[07 Jul 2017|10:14pm]


When your eyes open you're staring up at an unfamiliar ceiling. The world is hazy and you feel as though you’ve been in this place a long time. Slowly, awareness filters in. You’re lying in a strange bed, an IV in your arm. You wear a hospital gown and a bracelet identifying you as a subject number.

Not patient.
Subject. This is all wrong.

You sit up and take in your surroundings. You are in a room tailored to your tastes. With a jolt of alarm, you realize a camera points at you from the ceiling. You are being watched. On the floor near the bed sits a cardboard box. Slowly you make your way to it and find whatever clothing you were wearing last.

You remember now. You’d been going about your daily life when someone approached you. You had a moment’s warning that you were in danger, and then—nothing. You opened your eyes and found yourself staring up at fluorescent lights. Something vaguely like a hospital room. The feel of restraints upon your wrists. Those restraints are gone now. There's nothing else for it: you must open the door.

Mount Zenith is an original psychological horror game centering around the abduction of a seemingly random group of people, and the experiments they are subjected to. Every day the characters will be tested against strange scenarios and harsh stimuli. They will have no choice but to live and work with one another in the strange town they have been placed in. Play by the rules and be rewarded. Refuse, and be punished. They have no contact with their captors, but one thing is apparent: escape is impossible.

Through the course of gameplay the characters will come to realize their selection for this involuntary experiment isn’t random at all. Each and every one of them has something in common - a secret that’s been kept from them their whole lives...

limited character space
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[05 Jul 2017|09:42pm]

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