RPG List: Game & Character Ads for all.

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RPG List: Game & Character Ads for all.


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Greetings! We are an active 18+ Once Upon A Time (OUAT) role-play group on the MeWe platform. In fact, we're the largest OUAT role-play group on MeWe as well as the most active. And we're looking for more writers to join our family - more specifically you! Many of your favorite Fairy Tale characters live in the land of Evermore so pop on over to our Application Site and fill out an app.

Our Played Characters

  • Killian Jones / Captain Hook / Detective Rogers (Admin)
  • Rumpelstiltskin / Mr. Gold / Detective Weaver (Admin)
  • Evil Queen / Regina Mills / Roni
  • Belle French-Gold / Lacey
  • Emma Swan / The Savior
  • Red / Ruby
  • Zelena Mills
  • Alice / Tilly
  • Elsa
  • Baelfire / Neal
  • Jiminy Cricket / Dr Archie Hopper
  • Jefferson
  • Ariel
  • Cruella DeVille

But wait - you're probably wondering just who you can be when you join the fun at Evermore. Our current open and most wanted characters are listed below, but if they're from OUAT and not listed below, feel free to apply with them.

Our Wanted Characters
  • Snow White / Mary Margaret
  • Charming / David Nolan
  • Henry Mills (must be able to play him as a child and as an adult)
  • Maleficent
  • Robin Hood (Sr)
  • Gideon Gold
  • Mulan
  • August Booth
  • Doctor Facilier
  • Cora Mills
  • Will Scarlet
  • Roland Hood (adult for Season 7)
  • And many more
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