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RPG List: Game & Character Ads for all.

Herotrials - Final Fantasy VIII Multifandom GPSL

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After the Time Compression war, there was a year of peace and a lot of technological advancement, television came back, theaters started springing up, video games were invented. But then, bad things happen, no matter what you do. You'd think after The War, humanity wouldn't even glance a sorceress way but they saved humanity this time by making it rain and helped them survive a famine/water drought like apocalypse that was on the horizon.

They titled the sorceress that helped known as Novalee, Ambassador at The Gaia Protection Program for human/sorceress relations. If it wasn't for the world's natural resources running out, some of the orphanage game think this would have never happened. Now they're worried humanity has put too much trust in the sorceresses because there's churches in dedication to the deity Hyne and the sorceresses as well.

Rinoa had a psychic dream about death and destruction, before that another predicted it. There's a war on the horizon, the enemy unknown, the time, unsure. It's scary thought but they've all been through this before, they can do it again. The Orphanage gang gets the feeling they'll need more than themselves this time. They're going to need all hands on deck and fight for their freedom. They have to protect humanity, even if they're too blind to see how stupid it is to trust the sorceresses. A religion? Come on... Squall must be dreaming that everyone is a moron these days. But he can't speak up, not right now when there are a lot of sorceresses out there and all, all too powerful.
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